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  1. I am looking forward to see your interpretation of the Nomad Princess For some time I have been trying to find a Handmaiden of the Everqueen to use as Nomad Princess for my Wanderers. Has anyone else done this? I would like to see some photos, because I think she would fit very well with the rest of our Units.
  2. A personal guilty pleasure force of mine would be feral and wild Aelves adorned with Warpaint and converted from many different Boxes. Essentially they are some sort of tribe riding Horses or similar Beasts (Dark Rider Horses / Fenrisian Wolves) They either would be a Band of Badass Warrior-Nomads who compete with Beasts and other Factions in Ghur with their cliche Code of Honour or some kind of Aelves who are all about the God of the Hunt - fighting Chaos in his Name. There is a Topic in the painting Section here on TGA called "Storm Aelves of Ghur" which embodies my Ideas - the Reavers there are just beautiful. Boxes that would be needed include: Fenriasian Wolves Sisters of the Thorn/Wild Riders, Dark Eldar Wyches (they even have Nets and I would love to expand on the Monster Hunting theme) Dark Riders /Doomfire Warlocks Glade Guard (to build my own mounted archers with Wild Rider legs and Glade Guard Bits, also MORE Aelf-Heads to customize every Model) etc... What prevented me was: -I was just starting Warhammer a year ago and this seemed like too much of a project for my first tabletop Army ever -Money -The Units: Reavers, Wild Riders, Glade Riders, Old Wood Aelf Heroes, etc. they all have an unsure Situation considering the Future of AoS -Having no overview on what Bits and Pieces exist in the wide range of modeling, inexperience shopping for Bits, -buying out of print models like Glade Riders Alternatively an Army of Hunting obsessed Aelves consisting solely of Waywatchers (compendium Unit) with Glade Guard as Battleline, Hunting Hounds and various Aelf Heroes on foot. Again everything kit-bashed and cobbled together. I have always had a soft spot for everything being mounted or being on foot, don't know why
  3. This is just amazing 😯 You can really imagine these Reavers galloping alongside a stormy shore or something How are their fur cloaks done? I wish I could kit-bash that well.
  4. I started around a year ago with my first Warhammer Army ever: Wanderers ^^ 30x Glade Guard 30x Sisters of the Watch 20x Eternal Guard 10x Sisters of the Thorn 1x Spellweaver 1x Waywatcher (Hero) 1x kitbashed Waywatcher Hero 1x Wayfinder 1x kitbashed Wayfinder 1x kitbashed Dragon Noble 1x Archmage 1x Nomad Prince Also there are a Box of Black Guard and Idoneth Namarti Reavers lying around which I plundered for bits. Now I am anxiously awaiting new Ulgu- or Hysh- Aelves and simultaneously restraining myself from buying more Eternal Guard and Sisters of the Watch. 😬 If High Aelves would not be in this current state of disarray I would probably own: Swordmasters, Reavers, Bolt Throwers, High Elf Archers, Silverhelms and various Heroes.
  5. Turn the Horn 90 degrees = Shadow Aelves confirmed? ^^ Seriously, I would loooove some attention towards Wanderers or Hysh-Aelves. Glad to see so many people speculating about Wanderers. However my first mental Image was some kind of Instrument for the supposed "Light-Aelves" - whatever they may look like
  6. I can only remember using precise shots once or twice during the last year. My Waywatcher killed a Skaven Arch-Warlock who was down to 4 wounds with precise shots. In another Battle I really wanted to kill a Khorgorath and used precise shots more as a "show of force" and out of an impulse to do something different I guess ^^
  7. I would like to add a sketchy Battle Report to the List: Had a game against two Friends who brought me into Warhammer - One was Playing Khorne, the other Clan Skryre. Apologies if it becomes too incoherent. As an aside: It was my first time playing the Waystone Pathfinder Battalion and we may have got the deployment rules wrong. In the description it says: "(...)instead of setting up the Units in this Batalion on the battlefield you can place them to one side. In your first Movement Phase set up all of these Units wholly within 6" of the edges of the Battlefield and more than 9" from any enemy Models. (...)" Now my Interpretation always was that I could only place all the Battalion's Units to one side of the Battlefield and I was always confused that it read "edges" rather than edge - because I was under the impression to choose just one edge in my first Movement Phase. Maybe not having English as Native Language is a factor in that misunderstanding. Anyway my friends said that I would be able to theoretically deploy wholly within 6" of all the edges of the Battlefield - more on that later. The Unit Composition My 2380 Points vs their 1200 Points Khorne Mix and 1260 Skryre Army My Units: (I'll spare you the composition of my opponents Armies) Prince (Viridiscent Shawl) Waywatcher (General, Stalker of the Hidden Paths) Spellweaver Waystrider (Forget me Not) Wayfinder Dragon Noble on Steed (Shield and enchanted Polearm) (Allies) Eldritch Council Archmage on Foot (Allies) 30 Glade Guard 20 SotW 10 SotW 20 Eternal Guard 5 Sisters of the Thorn 5 Sisters of the Thorn Waystone Pathfinders Quicksilver Swords We played the Treasure Hunt Scenario from the Open War Cards (each player sets up 3 Treasure Markers in their own deployment Zone and is allowed to roll at the beginning of each of their phases (on a 6 the Treasure is found -all other markers are removed- and the Winner is whoever holds the treasure at the end of the 5th battleround.) I deployed my Archmage on one Objective in Cover Then followed the Dragonnoble on Steed between the two other Markers I let my opponents just deploy the rest of their army and said that my battalion would come in in my Movement Phase, because I just wanted to see what they would do. Three Skaven jezzails blocked all the edges at their Backside - and together with a Warplighning Cannon they had some good firing archs to threaten me later on. Khorne Guy just deployed evreything upfront, Bloodthrone, Slaughterpriest, 30 Bloodletters, 3 Skullcrushers and 1 Khorgorath on one Flank and 2x5 Bloodwarriors, 3 Mighty Skullcrushers on the Other. Meanwhile 10 Skryre Acolytes secured their center, 3 Stormfiends with Missile Weapons deployed just behind the Bloodcrushers, Warlock Bombardier and the Archwarlock general in the center, Warlock Engineer grouped with the Stormfiends. Now my Deployment - everything was too spread out in hindsight, but I wanted to roll 3 times in my first Turn to potentially dig up the Treasure in my Territory and deal some damage. Needless to say I didn't roll a 6 ^^ I deployed 20 SotW Within Range of the Bloodletters and Bloodthrone (which was in Cover), 10 SotW (in Cover beside them), Waywatcher, Waystrider, Wayfinder for support next to them. Prince and the Block of 20 EG deployed between the two markers next to the Dragon Noble. Then a Unit of SotT to assist the EG later on. Now it gets dumb: Spellweaver and 5 SotT and GG deployed on the other edge to potentially secure my third "Treasure Site" - (they were mostly useless the whole time) 1st Turn: I had a Hero Phase thanks to my Allied Heroes and the Archmage failed to cast the Quicksilver Swords. I advanced my Dragon Noble to later charge the 30 strong Bloodletter Unit, GG wandered to safety because I was afraid of 3 Mighty Skullcrushers (I had deployed poorly ) Then I focused my heroes fire to kill of the Salughterpriest who hid in cover (his Prayers are scary) - first threat eliminated The Heroes also put one Wound on a Khorgorath 10 squad and 20 squad of SotW killed the Bloodthrone and most of the 30 Bloodletters Then The Dragon Noble wanted to finish the Bloodletters but failed his 9" charged even with a reroll. Their Turn: The treasure is found in the midst of Chaos territory....great^^ Skaven Hero cast the Skaven Endless Spell which creates 3 Warplightning Vortexes (this thing has a casting range of 24" or something!) : this did 9 Mortal Wounds in total to the Waywatcher, NP, Waysrider, EG and the 10 SotW (but no heroes died "yet") .... (Spellweaver and Archmage were both out of Position .. Dragon noble was Obliterated by Warlock Bombardier and 1 Jezzail Squad Remaining Bloodletters charged the 20 SotW and the Overwatch still did not finish them off. Bloodcrushers and Khorgorath advanced but both failed their charge Meanwhile the other flank was just outmaneuvering , cause I had run both my Spellweaver and Archmage towards the main fighting before Skaven Stormfiend with mortar killed 2 or 3 SotW out of the Big Unit, I won the roll off and could finish off the Bloodcrushers who were just within 12" for the Protective Volley, Lord of the Deepwood Host and the Waywatchers Command ability go off - I managed to dispell the Warplightning Vortex with my Archmage who finally had arrived on the main fighting scene. Due to fighting with the Bloodletters the 20 Man unit of SotW was just a tiny bit out of position to profit from my Stalker of the hidden paths trait. EG advance forming a nice crescent moon around my Wounded heroes and Archers, SotT advance as well, (Shield of Thorns failed btw) My Heroes shoot at the Stormfiends and Khorgorath but fail to finish anything off. My memory gets hazy - anyhow the Warplightning Cannon kills my Waywatcher - now I have lost the Bonus of his Command ability and the Jezzails pick of one Hero after the other and inflict casualties on my Units with their superior range - but I have to advance. Nomad Prince still lives at this point though. However - the Stormfiends with ranged Weapons are buffed and just obliterate my EG ( 1 Fiend with a Ratling Gun Killing 17) the others whitle down my SotW and SotT. then Khorgorath and Fiends Charge - killing my 2 Wound Wayfidner and the Rest of the EG. Prince whiffs his attacks against the Khorgorath later and is Eaten. We call it off at this point. I failed to get off any Spells save 1 Elemental Shield which did nothing, Quicksilver Swords either didn't go off or were dispelled. I did not intend to do a write up at all - but somehow I found the leisure and was tempted, thanks for the read
  8. @martinwolf: My painting is not very sophisticated atm ^^ For Hoods and Cloaks I use: Base: Waagh! Flesh --> Shade Biel Tan Green --> Highlight with Elysian Green (or in rare cases Ogryn Camo) --> I also applied "Waywatcher Glaze" on some Minis after this, however I did not like the actual shiny appereance of it - 🙄 Sometimes it is: Base Waagh! Flesh --> Layer Elysian Green --> Shade, Athonian Camoshade, --> Highlight Ogryn Camo
  9. So with the recent change to Wild Rider Shields - how would you feel about a similar Change where the Eternal Guard gets a small Bonus when played without shields? Currently they receive reroll save rolls of 1 and rerolls of 1&2 if in cover. I am not that creative on the rule design side of things: +2" Movement ? 😛makes no sense to me, reroll hit rolls of 1 when they attack? piling in when in fortress of Boughs? etc.... It would be quite cool regardless ^^
  10. Well as a Wanderer Fan-Boy I already quite like how they perform on the Battlefield. I am all for the lore supporting aspect to give as many armies as possible a different flavor . As far as representing the Lore on the Field of Battle, one could say on the one hand: There is barely any lore for Wanderers - except that they show a tendency of running away from their problems. They die easily and they tend to "melt away" [pun might be intended] (their Allegiance ability) to shoot you even more. On the other Hand - they often get underestimated and then for example the Nomad Prince shreds through the enemy lines with his Starlight Spear. However the contra points include: (Many points have already been addressed in the "Wanderers Wish-listing Thread".) -dying easily is okay - but Wanderers should focus on small Unit Counts (troops of 10-20 models) -Stormcast Vanguard Guys have some neat little tricks that i would like Wanderers to have (run and shoot for ex.) -against an enemy who wants to be in your face asap the Wanderers should be able to evade -of course if Wanderers where to receive more tricks, that would require thinking, they would pay for them with point increasings Further positive points include: Wanderers are more brave than average (as Aelves should be), all but two Units have a shooting attack - its nice to experience this kind of "otherness", personally I like that they have no large Centerpiece Model - it makes them feel like a humble Warband travelling on hidden Pathways, their magic is thematic and quite good (viridescent shawl artifact is really strong) , the Sisters of the Thorn are one of the few normal units to have the Wizard Keyword - again useful and fluffy, etc.. In the lore they are Underdogs and so they are on the table ^^
  11. Exactly! 😀 My Opponents often try to talk me into adding more Melee Units into my Army to "screen" . ..... There also have been teasing comments along the Lines of: "If you like so much shooting, why don't you play 40k instead? ".... However I just don't like the mental image of throwing the lives of "My Dudes" away, because they are exactly that: my little toy soldiers whom I care about^^ You described my occasional thoughts about the Wanderers perfectly, although I was tempted to fit a block of Eternal Guard into my Pathfinder Battalion I never have been really fond of the Idea. Thanks for changing my mind actually.
  12. Finished these two today: Also the ranks are steadily growing My aim is to finish 30 Glade Guard, currently I am painting up number 14 ^^ These 2 Glade Guards here are perhaps a good example for the overall scheme: Incubi Darkness plays the role of a dark blue / dark green unifying colour, since the blue is also prevalent in the Watchbows. I try to mix vibrant greens with the dominating dark green colours. (Since I fell in love with the Biel Tan Green Shade ) I also experimented with sewing threads He is a little bit too sure of himself: Bonus: Someone Special arrived a couple of days ago: Overall the whole Warband has become more dark and brooding and I might get rid of the whole Hysh origin- since with the recent surfacing of the Gloomspite and the Beasts of Chaos respectively I am slightly hopeful that Wanderers might be getting a bit of focus too. Therefore I wanted to paint them a bit more "classic" with green being the main colour. Simultaneously I wanted to emphasize a bit of a grim attitude with all the dark leather and the occasional showy dagger pose. I also have a personal grudge against Wildstalker Beastmen, so perhaps these Wanderers are determined to hunt them? However this topic might be reserved for the time when I'll base the whole wandering bunch of little green people.
  13. @Aelfric I like your Ideas even more, thank you Yeah it makes perfect sense to build an Identity around concepts rather than abstract Concepts of Realms.
  14. @Gwill_of_the_Woods Sometimes I also made up my mind around kindreds from different realms - although my thinking revolved around rather simple concepts. For example when I saw a Wanderers Army painted in a Red and Black Scheme I got Images in my head of a wild ferocious bunch of Aelves who want to show the world how they are better than anyone else - they could also be described as a Band of Jesters who may challenge you to single combat and let you believe to be on even terms only to slay you mercilessly. What are the quintessential tenets of each Deepkin enclaves? I only can remember loose concepts -Fue Than: agressive -Ionrach: Most open minded -Dom Hain: creepy ? many Namarthi -Briomdar: ambush tactics -enclave in Ghur: tame many beasts Anyway, lets see what we have: (I'll just list concepts and words that come to my mind and try to apply characteristics to them): Ghyran: limitless life, Healing, sprawling vegetation, -as you said Gwill, more Synergy with Sylvaneth, - maybe also a root for more conflict, because the Sylvaneth may be jealous and try to sabotage a route that could lead Alarielle to forgive these Wanderers. -Wanderers from Ghyran could be the most ambitious, as they are in Alarielles own realm? Maybe they follow a code of behavior to honor Alarielle? Aqshy: Aggression, passion, brashness, passion, - Wanderers from Aqshy could have knowledge of dangerous pathways that are so hazardous that other Wanderers would fear to take them , - Hysh: hidden meaning, symmetry, riddles(?), scholarly pursuit, academia(?), -easily my favorite Realm, as it is described as a Realm where many Aelves found shelter and it was implied it did not get completley overrun by Chaos (don't remember where I read this though) -Wanderers here mingled with other Aelves more closely Ulgu: Illusions, Secrets, loneliness (?), -Wanderers here could follow the doctrine: "stay hidden and survive as long as we remain unseen we can overcome all odds" Ghur: instincts, hunter and prey, survival, -as you said: Wild Hunt!! - these poor Aelves have to face countless threats that try to eat them - everything and everyone has more muscle but most certainly less brain-cells and they love it! -Ghur seems to revolve much around eating - (Gobbos drink spider venom, Beastclaw Raiders and Other Ogors eat anything, Bonespliters split bones to eat the marrow, etc .... - Maybe these Wanderers have a tradition of consuming/eating .... something? (I wnated to get away from the stereotypical vegetarian wood-elf) Chamon: crafting, etc..?? Shyish: ?? cant really wrap my head around this one, Mainly by thinking about the Background for my Wanderers I came up with certain aspects and traits that I imagined would be fitting for Aelves who dwelt in Hysh. --> They are a bit more magically inclined; (not a ferocious charge with wildwood Rangers - rather trickery and magic to get the job done), a specialty in abjuration- and warding magic to cleanse the lands from Chaos, - they might seem more aloof and speak in riddles -eager to lend a helping hand and answer your questions but they always want something in return
  15. Some Sisters of the Thorn: Handmaiden and "Banner"-Bearer with Heartwood-Staff Also I did not like that the Hornblower was not outfitted with a Staff of her own and I adjusted a little - anyway I couldn't squeeze a throwing spear in there ^^ It looks more like she is regaining her balance than an actual spear throw but I tried
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