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  1. Aloth_Corfiser

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    @Warboss Gorbolg I think the Art I have seen used to promote the audiobook is recycled: It depicts a Glade Lord who is also on the Cover of the latest old Wood Elves Codex and the other Artwork shows a crouching Waywatcher This new Art has something else to its style - the armor is different, (just look at this gorgeous leg armor) the antlers at the Helmet are more subtle, he even carries a small bag ❤️ Actually it wasn't my good Eyesight but rather the Age of Sigmar Wanderer Facebook Group that spotted this. ?
  2. Aloth_Corfiser

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    I will definitely buy this Anthology, I just can't believe there is Artwork featuring Wanderers!! ? This has to be Prince Maesa More Infos here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/11/04/4th-nov-black-library-weekender-the-revealsgw-homepage-post-4/?fbclid=IwAR1ExcUqRWt5Nz8nTzLdrHP2WSaPjwB9NEzjQVBbnlU03ilb0q84dnJPNO4
  3. Aloth_Corfiser

    The Ultimate guide to High Aelves in AoS2

    I love your approach, however I am also just another casual player and I have only lost to my opponents. ? I would however try to find a replacement for the Glade Guard - the fact that they are hitting and wounding on 4+ often means that they just wont get a single wound through an opponent with a 4+ Save. I am not sure if you would like to bring 20 Glade Guard to get the 3+ to hit with them. As another Wanderer Player once put it, the Glade Guard are like a gentle rain - nothing more. The Models are cool though! ^^ But I guess I just wanted to say that one shoud not expect too much from them in a unit of 10. However by dropping the Glade Guard you would need another Battleline Unit I think. Perhaps you could have a look at Darkling Coven Dreadspears or Bleakswords? The Models are intimadating and beautiful and both cost 100 Points. You could even add the Quicksilver Swords Endless Spell. The Hydra is fine I think - it would certainly sacre me ^^
  4. Aloth_Corfiser

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Hi (Forest)-folks, just a quick Question coming in: Do you know if Alarielle has any sort of "new official Symbol" or Rune? Would be interesting to know and my Warband of Wanderers needs a fitting Banner to signal their intent on redeeming themselves. There is of course the Symbol of the Tears of Isha with a stylised tree and teardrops falling down however this belongs to the World that Was I would say. Maybe the same could be said about the Heart iconography.
  5. Aloth_Corfiser

    Some inspirational art

    My favourite would be the Hydra in the mists. As an onlooker you just don't know what masses hide behind these swirling clouds and I always imagine the sounds during these scenario. Although the Beast is miles away you would still be terrified and hear its movements, roaring, .....It would probably drive you mad. Just a massive thing that alters the very landscape as it passes. Bonuspoints for the overall humidity of the piece, the landscape just seems unpleasant in a good way: cold and windy. Rain and perhaps a thunderstorm could come down any moment. Just imagine the Hydra being struck by lighting and set loose on a rampage.
  6. Aloth_Corfiser

    Wanderers of the Realms: A TGA Community Living Wishlist

    I always liked the small animal companions like the hawks that are accompanying the Wayfinder and the Nomad Prince. Even the prospect of adding Aetherwings to my army is tempting. ^^ The Daughters of Khaine Type of expansion would really be the best outcome. As you have put it @adrealthe difference between classical Wood Elves and Wanderers are quite apparent and I would welcome a further distinction towards GWs own Wanderers in AoS. What caught my eye when I read through the Core Book and the Ghyran Lore section was a remark about the Sylvaneth and their War against Nurgle's Forces during the Age of Chaos. There it was hinted that the Sylvaneth fought hard and successful at first alongside Aelves which are called Wanderers. (Afterwards the story moves on to the Wanderers leaving Ghyran etc.) I always assumed they were called (or named themselves) Wanderers after the betrayal / diaspora occurred. However my Core Book is not in English so it might be due to that or due to myself just nitpicking. ^^
  7. Aloth_Corfiser

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    When I was frustrated about my first Glade Guard I bought Sisters of the Watch, then I glued the next Unit of GG together in one day and now I love them ❤️ Will just have to paint all my Units at some point though. That sounds really cool. To see them fully arrayed would be awesome.
  8. Aloth_Corfiser

    The Faithful of Eloni

    Please don't be discouraged You inspired me a great deal with your Idea of an Order and it's sub-organisations. Your light-green and yellow colour scheme on the customized Glade Guard is really beautiful. It influenced my own painting decisions and your kitbashes are always a pleasure to look at! May I ask what kind of Cloak you used on your Custom Spellweaver? She combines old High-Elf and Wood Elf Aesthetics really well and personally I am a fan of that. Cheers
  9. Aloth_Corfiser

    Is it possible to get a fan fiction section on the forums?

    I am hesitant to post a story that I wrote several months ago, so I would very much support a section where everyone could share stories.
  10. Aloth_Corfiser

    Using twigs/pine cones for scenery

    It is not much, but I used a small stone out of the woods to fit on the base, unfortunately I want to rebase them to oval bases at some point. However the process was quite simple, as I was and still am inexperienced with terrain and bases, I just glued the rock using Citadel Plastic glue. It still holds on to the base very well against all expectations. Apologies for the poor Camera-Quality.
  11. Aloth_Corfiser

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Regarding Tactics: Currently I am on the way to complete my List by using the Pathfinder Battalion. However Dion as you said: A Gunline approach could also be viable and if I had to build one it would be in allying in Dryads. Sisters of the Watch and / or Glade Guard behind them shielded by an Archmage and Sisters of the Thorn. I kinda want to try it out since Dryads have bigger bases^^ The Archmage actually saved a handful of lives preventing all the Damage coming from a trio of Plaguedrones and saved my SotW - then the next game he always failed to cast anything. I just like him. Do you think an Archmage in general is worth his Points?
  12. Aloth_Corfiser

    Wanderers of the Realms: A TGA Community Living Wishlist

    I am more of a reader than a poster, anyway I wanted to "revive" this Thread a little as I really like the concepts you shared over here. In fact I read this topic a few months ago when I got started in March 2018 now i have perused it again just for fun. ? I wanted to touch a bit on points already brought up: -Wanderers embracing Harmony and Balance in the Realms -this striving for Balance fittingly fleshed out in their goal to gain forgiveness by Alarielle -the use of Fae-Creatures Building upon the little lore we have I continuously thought about our defining feature: The Wandering and Pathfinding and to an extent the Survival Aspect. Some of you have beautifully summarized the motivation(s) for Groups of Wanderers to get by as they do - be it search for forgiveness, the thrill of the Hunt, etc. I got inspired by Unit Quotes out of the Game Dawn of War (never played it that much though) there is this unit of Eldar Rangers and they keep saying things like: "We yearn to wander." "You can not imagine what we have seen with our eyes." "We have traveled much darker paths." etc.. What I got from this was a sense of arrogance and pride on the one hand but also a sense of duty, confidence and inspiring spirit coming naturally to Aelven Kindreds. This Elements could very well be fitted into gameplay as a focus on the Bravery stat. Wanderers already have the "Defiant Hunters" trait - there could be so much more. (But I fail to come up with any precise Ideas at the Moment.) When looking at the Wanderers from the perspective of the City dwelling Aelves I always imagine it along these prejudices and wishes: -Wanderers are perceived as being either cowards or adventurous hot headed fools not adding anything to the fight against Chaos -Maybe a bit too "primitive" (we got Archmages, Loremasters, etc.. ) -Directionless and meandering -Maybe a hidden desire to life the Life of a Wanderer and be adventurous, romanticizing Ideas of "getting away" When in fact Wanderers are fighting the most difficult fight of all: -No refuge means high alertness all the time -When they die they are gone (No Reforging) --> By the way: Where do Aelf Souls go? Is there still a hidden relation to Waystones and Soulstones that Aleves carry with them? -These Aelves have been to places and have seen Horrors beyond compare (I just love the almost callous sentiment of "You can't imagine what we have been through" vibe.) -They have traveled all the Realms and in a philosophical sense they "serve the Realms" as they want to keep them clear from Chaos, there is also no desire for owning Land Regarding these musings, I just wanted to emphasize the reliance on cleverness and Experience that any Wanderer-Warband has to have in order to survive. As some of you already said the addition of all sorts of creatures is vastly tempting, however I would also be perfectly fine to continue on the path of an underdog Aelven-Force. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. So where should I end my ramblings? Maybe with some concepts that do not fit anywhere: -The Trait "Singer of Spells" is fluffy and valuable, why not expand the Singing on to Wanderer Units or to a Battalion? Having Oral Tradition or weaving new Leylines through Spell-Singing this could well be a defining feature for us. It is a bit Tolkien-Inspired but Singing when wandering through any wild Enviroment is so relatable. ---> Wanderer Units could have a ward against Mortal Wounds when Singing a certain Song. I am also inspired by the Fyreslayer Runes here, where a Player can activate each Rune only once per game. -However Wanderers being stealthy and then having the Singing-Element? -It would be an ironic twist to somehow buff the Wanderers Bravery, since they fled during the Age of Chaos. Now they are determined - they may retreat but only to hunt down their foes later. -What do you think about an Infantry Skirmishing Unit carrying Javelines and (Short)-Swords?
  13. Aloth_Corfiser

    AoS 2 - Wanderers Discussion

    Hi Thenord welcome , I like that list, however I am not that experienced to give good advice. The only thing I would consider is using the SotW as objective holders and let their ability to shoot twice shine. This could be vital in Games where you need to stay at objectives with respective heroes. I think places of Power is one such particular Scenario. you could add a Spellweaver to your Sisters of the Watch that either heals them or your Wild Riders (which is even better). You could catch your opponent off guard by rushing forward with your Wild Riders, denying enemy units that want to grab objectives, also advance quickly with the Sisters of the Watch and the Spellweaver to support the Riders and heal them. What I perceive as especially useful is that you could have effectively 2 Task-forces each consisting of 1x SotW, 1x Wild Rider, 1x Spellweaver. Of course your Waywatchers and the Sisters of the Thorn need to support them. (Buffing the Wildriders with the Shield of Thorns maybe) @GM_MonkeyI once lost the game when fighting in Aqshy, because every terrain Piece emitted trails of smoke and units could not see each other when they were positioned in certain angles. I forgot the exact specifications, nonetheless it was frustrating, but it could have also been in my favor had we rolled for the -1 rend effect in Aqshy.
  14. Aloth_Corfiser

    The 2018 "What's your current main army?" poll

    As I am new to Warhammer in general I only have one Army. I fell in love with Wanderers when I saw a Battlereport featuring them in beautiful terrain and reading on the Forums here - just seeing all the different conversions made me excited to try something similar. My opponents hate all the shooting , however this evening I'll be playing against a Kharadron Force, oh my ....
  15. Aloth_Corfiser


    I was a bit jealous when I saw this army. It really encapsulates the brooding and sinister side of "wild Aelves" - they look very dangerous and intimidating, I love that, particularly the Nomad Prince is like nothing I have seen before. What kind of Legs did you use for your Spellweaver with the Torso of a Sister of the Thorn? In my opinion this is a really fitting and beautiful kitbash ^^ I especially like the Head also, where is it from?