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  1. Interested in anything potentially, even non-GW models. Would love to get some warcry or underworlds models for it, but will consider any offer! I can also throw in additional money to even out a trade. US based offers only please!
  2. Thanks for all the info! Seems like i can use the same minis and terrain for both so it'll be easy enough to try both! Zarbags gitz were already on my radar! Really fun models. But it's so hard to choose between all the great options! Skaven call to me. I wanna paint up one of those great nighthaunt horses. I can see how this hobby could get addictive!
  3. Hmm I've just looked into frostgrave a bit. Seems cool, have you played it? Its it well liked?
  4. Hey folks! I am starting to get into the hobby and started by just buying and painting some miniatures I like. After some research on how to best use these to actually play a game I have decided that warcry sounds like the best fit for me. But the information on how to start seems conflicted online: The catacombs starter box is the obvious choice but Ive read reviews that say it is overpriced for what It comes with and those arent top priority warbands for me. Is it difficult to buy neccesary parts piecemeal? Is ebay the best place for this? Can one save money buying off-brand terrain or print stats cards at home, etc? Or should I just shovel out the money to get the full box to have everything work well together and whatnot? thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Wow, thats a really concise and helpful answer, thanks so much! I already own the "Start Collecting" box for daughters of khaine and am having fun painting up some snakes. But it means that with a starter box for warcry, we would have 3 warbands, and that seems like a solid amount of variety. Warcry is kinda the direction I was already leaning, after watching a few battle reports. Although it does lack the "huge handfuls of dice" hype of standard games, which is something of a bummer
  6. wow theres so much to learn when approaching this hobby. I am first and foremost interested in painting miniatures but I definitely want to play a game with them, and the myriad variations and sub variations are overwhelming. Warcry, Path to Glory, Skirmish, Underworlds, Standard aos! some seem like they get continued support and others dont, some are competitive others are less etc. I want to play one of the lower-model-count, shorter-game variations because I will need to convince a friend to play with me, and it makes painting models from more than one range more financially reasonable. Is there a good breakdown somewhere of the pros and cons of these games? Is one just clearly the community favorite?
  7. Or if you dont have a favorite tutorial, I do have some specific questions: 1. Are washes or shaders paints or these sorts of things universally used? I see them a lot in tutorials and whatnot, but the 2d painter in me is resisting the idea, and just mixing my darker and lighter tones and applying them with intention. Does this end up creating too many layers and/or do folks run into difficulties with deep crevasses and things? tldr do I have to use shader paints? 2. underpainting? I see the "zenithal" priming method which makes a lot of sense to me and I expect that I will use that. Do you or other folks then continue painting in just black/white to establish your lights and darks on top of that but before applying color? 3. any tips in general? I am less concerned with efficiency, batching, and speed, and more interested in taking a long time and trying to learn to make showpiece models! I am starting with the daughters of kaine, if that inspires any specific tips!
  8. Hey tga community! You all have been really great at answering a number of my questions already! I have my first "start collecting" box (daughter of khaine) in the mail and am eager to get started painting some snake ladies! I am an illustrator and feel very confident in my traditional painting skills but obviously theres a lot of new stuff to learn transitioning over to painting plastic miniatures. I have been doing some research but 1. there is a LOT of content on miniature painting and it is hard to sift through whats useful and whats not. 2. a lot of the things Im seeing on youtube and whatnot are aimed at helping folks paint quickly or helping folks avoid mixing their own colors etc. Many are also hyper specific and granular, just listing the pots of citadel paints a person used to paint a certain type of sword or whatever. Do yall have any particular favorite lessons, channels, videos, etc. aimed at fundamentals and best practices for learning high-end miniature painting? obviously some of it will just be a question of trial and error, but with such expensive little models, Id like to avoid unnecessary error where possible! thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Well folks, Ive got primer, my "start collecting" box for daughters of khaine, and one generously gifted model on the way! Ill be coming back as I encounter problems, but I am stoked to get started!
  10. Wow thanks for the warm welcome and loads of input! I'll be updating yall as soon as I decide on which models to start with and then find some money and time and then make it happen! Right now it's likely one of the kinds of dark elves, but there are so many strong contenders.
  11. I didnt realize I could bring in other dark elves into a DoK army! That does seem more like the right move to me. Ill have to read up a bit more, but thanks!
  12. Hey all! I'm thinking of diving into the world of miniature war gaming, and am an artist, so I was wondering how many of my current materials will work with miniatures. I've got a really solid collection of good acryla-goache paints that I plan on using, unless there's really some reason that the citadel paints are better suited for the job? And then I was wondering if super sculpey or epoxies take well to these models? I suspect the heat required to bake sculpey will hurt the plastic of the base models, but maybe not? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey all! I am new to the hobby, and am thinking of creating a Har Kuron army. I have a question about the books. To get all of the rules for a Har Kuron army do I need to have 1. the cities of sigmar 2. the daughters of kaine AND 3. the broken realms morathi books? that seems absurd to buy up front. Maybe I start with a Daughters of Kaine army so that I can spend my money on some models and expand my books and range later?
  14. OK, well with all of that excellent input, I think I am going to start planning a 1k point har kuron army, and hoping that soon enough Ill be able to fold in some sweet new models when Malekith comes back! thanks everyone! and Ill just have to hope that buyers remorse doesnt kick in when I am painting my my dark elves and I dont suddenly wish they were on eels, or those amazing slaanesh long-tongue horse things
  15. Well this IS helpful even if it isn't a direct answer to what I asked! A malekith revival does sound like something worth waiting for before making any expensive decisions. I hope the army's playstyle ends up being fun!
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