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  1. I’ve never played underworlds but I always get the warband for the armies I have as they are cool and add some variety to army hero’s etc. I think it would be better if they just redid a whole unit or added a new unit instead of a mixed bag. Maybe like kill team but make them all new and usable in AOS
  2. Can someone fill me in on the rumours please?
  3. It was a store manager who told me and I don’t think they were allowed too but they are generally quite open regardless
  4. Not too sure I’d say casual maybe competitive one day.
  5. Hi all I’m considering Nighthaunt as my next project and was wondering where do I start? I appreciate I’ve just missed the soul wars half however it seems most the range is fairly cheap due to the mortal realms magazine so I don’t mind. thanks
  6. Yeah I was told it’s production issues by a gw employee who I personally trust so that’s my Xmas list out the window lol those were my most anticipated models
  7. I’ve heard rumblings of drakes being around the new year which sucks sounds like it’s the case
  8. I don’t think we can say for certain it’s the rest next week as it was the typical this week of Warhammer video. I’m hoping for a preview event
  9. This isn’t allowed. I’m not allowed to get a new army until I’ve finish my current ones
  10. Hi guys. ive found a Fatesworn host set, how would I expand from it into a list I can reuse in thousand sons too? I appreciate some of its mortals which are nice models anyways and the tzaangors I can use in 40K. Thank you
  11. Black templars for 40K is likely and or more stormcast or kruleboyz stuff. I think they said there are a few surprises still to come but correct me if I’m wrong.
  12. Hopefully I’m sad painting guides were scrapped in the codexes too. Less lore means more to sell in extra books
  13. I’m considering getting some khorne daemons for AOS but also usable in 40K. What do I get?
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