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  1. I think it’s as most the Lumineth stuff came out September last year so they are within a time frame where they could have waited to do it all at once. Slaanesh were a bit longer away if I recall.
  2. To be honest I don’t mind these as they are easy to click away, I can’t stand the ones that block you scrolling or are really hard to get rid of
  3. I don’t mind what they do, I like big all in one releases as otherwise it feels incomplete. I’m just praying Lumineth are soon I’ve been saving and the longer the way the easier it is to spend the money on other things.
  4. That would be epic, if they are staying bi weekly I think they will do big drops as normally that would be split into two weeks
  5. Hmm who knows hopefully we will find out soon. I’d imagine broken realms being more pivotal to future releases though as without that the rest won’t be release due to story. Who knows
  6. I would have though that’s a April/May release as it was revealed later, we’ve know about new Lumineth and Teclis since New Years.
  7. So with Belakor being announced maybe Teclis/Lumineth is this months big release?
  8. Everyone is confused but there very long article that provided no actual information on releases. I really hope they clarify it as people are questioning it all over Facebook and Twitter, it’s just really confusing I don’t mind releases staying bi weekly or stuff being pushed back but what they said could have not been said and had the same impact.
  9. I am hoping we get a all in one release like Hedonites/DOK got recently for Lumineth and broken realms. I can see them being the next pre order as 40K just had one
  10. I don’t mind slower release I just hope Lumineth are coming this month as that seemed pretty likely.
  11. They said they are pushing certain releases back but I didn’t catch they mentioned what do we think Teclis and Lumineth are still due this month?
  12. Uhhh so what’s going on with releases? The new article is out and mentions them but I didn’t really gather anything from it, I thought they are going back to weekly releases again in March?
  13. I’m expecting skink underworlds broken realms and Lumineth prior to CC just not sure what amd when
  14. What are we expecting wi be for pre order next Saturday? They should be doing weekly pre orders again now
  15. How exciting! Confirms BR Teclis is coming in March alongside Lumineth can’t wait for my blademasters and wind stuff
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