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  1. It used to be 6 ogors, 4 ironguts, 4 leadbelchers. But by modern standards of start collecting boxes, that’s too much, especially if you add in a character. I think an equivalent to other start collecting armies out there would be: 6 ogors, a butcher, and then either an ironblaster or 3 leadbelchers.
  2. I think, as a very general response, I’d go for 3 ratling guns, just so you can maximise overseer of destruction as a command trait (on a Skryre general) should you wish to, and also one spark hits all 3. Sparks won’t help warpfire or a wlc.
  3. I think you can only do 2,2,2. It says “a third of... can be armed with one of ...” rather than with any of. Most of the time, you’re better off with multiples anyway.
  4. Gotcha. I originally read it as 2 lots of stormfiends, with you now. Let us know how you get on!
  5. I think you would be fine; at present, until we get an update, you have all the bones anyway. The key winners at the moment are big blocks of 12 ogors (think bulls, with a discount for taking 12), tyrants (can dish out serious damage when geared properly, multiple tyrants is a thing), and then either ironguts or allied maneaters as your (smaller - I run in 6s, some run in 3s) hammer units. Butchers are good, better with a cauldron (think skragg). Leadbelchers offer a bit more flexibility, bit of ranged and a bit of melee, but don’t excel at either. Big units of gnoblars (40/60) can make a good tarpit, especially since a tyrant can make them immune to battle shock (running away). The ironblaster is a bit weak at present, and the scraplauncher is not much better, but every iteration has its ups and downs I guess Gorgers ... are still models that don’t fit with the range. Some things don’t change. At 1k, take a tyrant and then a block of 12 ogors. After that, either a butcher + 3 ironguts + 3 ogors, or maybe try a second tyrant and 6 leadbelchers and see how you get on
  6. In my experience, stormfiends are great in PtG, as are aboms Are you using battletome tables? In which case an arch warlock gives you 4 picks, whereas 2 stormfiends and 1 wlc are 2 each ( so 6 in total).
  7. Sound plan. For the extra 80 pts, I’d ally in 4 frost sabres, I think; or a gorger if you want to stay pure Gutbusters. If you find you lack magic, you could always swap out one unit of ironguts instead, and add a butcher plus 3 ogors. Ogors aren’t as hard hitting, but can still deal with non-armoured targets, especially on the charge, and the butcher buffs can help all.
  8. You essentially have to do averages of averages. If you roll a 1, you will average (well, you will get!) 6 mortal wounds. If you roll a 6, you will average 1 mw (I.e. you will roll one 6 in 6 dice on average). There are way more than 6 outcomes, but 6 average outcomes corresponding with the first d6 roll. That’s why the average is 3.5, but also why you have a higher probability of high or low damage. (E.g. the probability of getting max output of 6 mw is 1 in 6 - not bad odds. If you mmwl, the odds of max 12 mw is still 1 in 6 because of the peculiarity of the way damage is calculated. The chance of 0 mws is different.) MAX output is however 12 mw in one turn, which I didn’t adjust above! Grrr, give me back hit and wound rolls! So 12 in one turn, 24 over 2 turns while it destroys itself. Compared to 12 (vs 4+ Sv) in one turn for 4 max power jezzails, 18 over 2 turns, while they destroy themselves too.
  9. With BCR, you could easily give huskards prayers, and something like judgements if you wanted to. As for firebellies, let’s be honest, they weren’t in the lore first time Someone made a fire breathing ogre model, and they came up with hokey fluff about eating volcanos. So wouldn’t be hard to do it again
  10. To be honest, after Gloomspite, I tend to agree. Whereas I would like to retain Gutbusters as an individual faction with an individual flavour (and the same for BCR), this is essentially still true for dankhold, squigs, etc. And I have separate armies for each of those, it doesn’t harm anything that I can also field the whole lot together. Like a mini alliance, really. Key bit is that each has their own command abilities, artefacts, etc. The only thing that doesn’t quite fit is the terrain piece, but that works better for skaven. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t holding out hope for a maw pit though
  11. Hmm, I think I have confused the damage characteristic of the melee attack on the wlc when doing the calculation. You’re right, in that you can’t spark the mw of the cannon (I made the assumption correctly when calculating the jezzails, in that a natural 6 would only cause 2 mw, not 2+1). In which case halve the numbers for the wlc after the initial calculation, and you have: unbuffed: 3.5 mmwl: 7, but suffers average of 4 wounds a turn over 2 turns, 14 mw destroying itself. max output 28 wounds a turn, 56 over 2 turns. That does look more sensible, good catch! so the wlc is better when overpowered than jezzails with full buffs, but they will kill themselves quickly. Interestingly, that changes the position when jezzails are just sparked, in that 4 sparked jezzails will do around 6 wounds against save 4+, whereas unbuffed wlc will do 3.5 on average. The deviation is different, in that a wlc will be more likely to do more and less. The choice I think comes down to how prepared you are to overcharge and burn your own units down. Burst damage, the wlc is still better over 2 turns, but sustained, the jezzails are probably better.
  12. Happy to oblige, but giving average output for a wlc is not quite comparable, as it is very swingy. That said: on average, a WLC will do 3.5 (mortal) wounds a turn. With a spark, this is 7 mw. With mmwl (its own ability) as well that’s 14 mw, but you’re gonna break your cannon in (on average) 2 shots. No command traits/artefacts will help. A single jezzail (when not moving) will average just over 1 wound a turn. (1 and 1/9). Before any saves, but includes the possibility of mortals). With a spark, this is 1 and 1/2. With an injector as well, it’s 1 and 7/9, but you’re losing a jezzail a turn. With mmwp as well it’s 2 and 5/36 (say 2 and 1/7) wounds a turn each, but now you’re losing 2 jezzail a turn as well (though you can move again!). now a wlc is 180 points, and jezzail are 140 for 3. So closest comparison is 4 jezzail for every 1 wlc. Without any buffs, that’s 3.5 wlc vs 4.45 jezzails (though some can be saved at -2 rend; e.g. against 4+ save, this is approximately 4 wounds). So unbuffed and unsparked the jezzails look slightly better in most cases. Once you spark them, the wlc starts to pull ahead quickly. On max power (all possible buffs) both units will destroy themselves within 2 turns. But the wlc will deliver 28 mortal wounds, the jezzails about 12 and a 1/2 wounds (some mortal). Note that these are averages, as I said at the start, the WLC is more swingy than jezzails. However, the max damage output of 4 jezzails fully buffed in one turn is 12 wounds (18 over the two turns that 4 would wipe themselves out) whereas the max output of a wlc is 56 mortal a turn (112 over the two turns it wipes itself out). Unlikely, but it’s there! Hope that helps. In terms of your list, if you already have 2 bombardier, 1 doomwheel, 2x20 clanrats and 1 wlc, I think I’d simply go with another wlc. If the exercise is to squeeze the jezzails in, I’d either drop a bombardier, or restart
  13. The gryph-feather charm is great on a thunderhusk, as it stacks with chill. I would also consider charngar’s pelt from BCR, as coupled with the (self) healing ability of the thunderhusk you can heal your ‘tusk for an average of 2.5 wounds a turn; which can really help keep those mortal wound snowballs coming thick and fast, especially if your opponent has some plink attacks to chip away at his damage table, rather than a full on gunline.
  14. Doppelgänger cloak has been errata’d to be once per game, so less useful. Rabid Crown is absolutely the way to go, turns a Master Moulder into a locus of buffs!
  15. Well it would certainly be fun to try! As you surmise, it wouldn’t play the objective game well, and you are a bit vulnerable to hordes with multiple attacks, but then you are playing BCR in the first place!
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