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  1. Personally, I don’t think the volleygun is worth it on such an expensive model as (either of) the balloonrider(s). However, for almost the same price, you can get 2x arkanauts with volleyguns, for double the shots. I’d also upgrade the skyhook to a drill cannon, since you have the points spare. Will still leave you a very elite list.
  2. Erm, technically yes. You have to choose One per action, but two actions per activation, so you can use one then the next. Note that you must attack an enemy fighter that is within 1” if you can, so you can’t shoot at something else unless you take them down first.
  3. You’ve got 3 leaders in there, so no 😁 you can only have one warrior with the leader runemark, so you’ll need to choose between the ones valued 170, 195 and 260 in your list above. The good new is that gives you more points for other stuff! The decksweeper thunderer and balloon rider drill cannon are both solid picks.
  4. Looks like a solid start. You might want to put the endrinriggers into one unit of 6, as you only have one boat, and that will still allow all of them to hitch, with space for your endrinmaster. I was going to say same for your thunderers, but at the points level you might want the flexibility of 2 units.
  5. The usual suggestions are the vampire coven throne cauldron, or the daughters of khaine cauldron of blood cauldron. Both are kind of shallow, but have blood in them. The latter is hard to get because it’s integral to either build, but you might get lucky with the former as it isn’t used in the Mortis engine build. However, unless you can find the bit on its own, both kits are at least as expensive as just buying the slaughtermaster and using his cauldron! Not aware of any other GW cauldrons - you could use the tiny one from the stonehorn kit and make a joke out of it?
  6. Had a few games now with the Kharadron, and I have to say they’re a flexible warband, with some real hitting power. Few observations: Balloons. These guys are a must, they add mobility and tactical options to an otherwise slow (although ranged) warband. They have won the majority of games, just by being able to be where they need to be (including out of reach). In terms of armaments, since there are so many options: I took melee orientated riggers (rivet guns and aethermatic saws) for a while, but they are relatively squishy when it comes to some of the new menaces on the block, so my preferred load out is now at least one of the drill launcher. Means you can still pack a punch, and dance around the edges as you need to, without risking any so many meaty fists. The volleygun is too weak on balloonriders to make it worth it (though see arkanauts below!), and the grapnel launcher isn’t necessary because you already have the mobility if you need it; getting there quicker so you can shoot ... a grapnel launcher ... is underwhelming. Skyhooks are ok, just find drills generally better. The difference between riggers and wardens is absolutely minimal, I never found myself wanting to use timed charges over rampage, even when I could. So I go with riggers because they’re cheaper. Leaders: Tempting to take an endrinrigger to address the issue above, but honestly I just think there’s too much risk attached. My personal favourite is the Grundstok Thunderer leader, though the arkanaut one is ok in a pinch, especially if you need points. The Thunderer’s is powerful at range, and tough enough to hold the line. The KO leader triple is really good, and gets used a lot, so keep your leader with some powerful gunners too. Arkanauts: the basic guys do what you would expect them to - screen and speed bump for your guns. Even the skypike ones, who might get a decent hit in first, are only a delaying tactic and I only upgrade if I have 15 spare points. The skyhook guns are a bit meh for me, too much for not enough, but I have to say the volleygun arkanauts are little stars, especially if you take multiples. I have taken as many as 4, and the criticals can really start stacking up. These are definitely not to be overlooked. Thunderers: These are a mixed bag in my experience. The aethercannons are capable of big damage, and are generally reliable - benefit the most from the leader triple too, so worth keeping at least one near. The fumigator is quite versatile, because it has no minimum range, so you can use it against whatever your target is not (range/melee). The decksweeper is ok, better against chaff, but I find myself consistently not taking mortars, and the standard rifle is just bad. abilities: Doubles (get converted into triples if I haven’t already got at least one!) are mainly used for Rush (since onslaught no longer affects guns), with fortitude and drillbill being situational need only. Triples - Fight for profit is great, Keep your distance is great, and of course Respite is sometimes handy. Feels like triples is where it’s at for KO. Quads are just Rampages - always awesome: get to range, then open fire. Anyway, just some thoughts in case anyone else is using them - as usual, only my experience, ymmv.
  7. Looks solid. My only concern is that you only really have 1 beatstick - do you still have both rat ogors from IoB? In which case I’d be tempted to drop 3 clanrats and replace with a 2nd rat ogor.
  8. Ok, need to get your endrinmaster onto your autocorrect 😁 Glad we agree though. Honestly, I love to run ironclads, but I’m struggling to see a home for arkanauts aboard. My arkanauts are footslogging more often than not, though I might use frigates if I had more. I think the only way to run arkanauts in an ironclad is 20+characters, but even then their role is a bit confused. Thunderers, on the other hand, even in units of 5 or 10, have done well in ironclads that don’t immediately want to close.
  9. The limit for an Ironclad that wants to fly high is 15 not 20, so it doesn’t help. Would have to be 14+1, which doesn’t seem worth it over 10+1. Also, I don’t think you can shoot pistols when landing from Fly high - you have to land more than 9” away, therefore outside of max range of 9”. I think if you’re going for range (and I can’t make my mind up, have 6x riggers with Saws, and 6x riggers with volleyguns and drill launchers) then drill launchers are probably worth it over the skyhooks because of the chance to do mortals, which is invaluable sometimes.
  10. The beauty is you can do both. I have been running a monster mash type list (see above) with great effect in most scenarios, but even just with 2 melee rat ogres and a packmaster, along with a stormvermin leader, you can still take 9 rats to play the objective game with. (That’s thirteen too, if anyone’s counting ). And the rat ogres are amazing. In fact, my rat ogre with warp fire thrower is so good, I can’t help but think the 40 wounds might be another typo. It’s higher than the stormfiends ... Not that stormfiends are anything to complain about. In the last game but one, mine just pulled a victory out of nowhere by triple-critting an ogre ironguts leader.
  11. You’re right; Of the original announced 15, yes, they are the only ones not to be released.
  12. Looking forward to it 😁 It seems odd to me to separate out mortals and daemons for nurgle (and Khorne, a bit), given that there don’t seem to be a lot of potential options for Rotbringers if you don’t involve characters. Will it be: Blightking with shield, Blightking with 2 weapons, Blightking with dhw, Blightking with banner, Blightking with bell, Blightking leader (or two)? I get there’s a precedent with Tzeentch, but there are at least multiple units to choose from. Daemons I guess you have Nurglings (1 card), Beast (1 card), and Plaguebearers (4 cards?). Seems a bit light too. Maybe they will add the larger fliers for both? Khorne daemons seems to suffer the same, unless this could see also see mounted units in the form of jugger riders. Excited for bloodbound though, and am happy enough to try and make a flesh hound list!
  13. 1. Not that they’ve said, though similar bits are available in the azyrite ruins sets. 2. Main thing is don’t glue the stairs onto anything. Keep them loose, as if you want to field the scenery as in the terrain cards, these can go anywhere. Second thing is that often the statue head is pictured without the platform on top, so you might not want to glue that; but tbh I ended up gluing mine anyway, just for stability, so anytime I put the head down it has a platform on top. Not been a big deal; and you are not asked to put the platform down without the head ever. 3. Absolutely. Either by substituting similar pieces for what is pictured on the cards, or just by ignoring the terrain cards and putting down a custom, random, or mutually constructed configuration before victory conditions are drawn. 4. Not sure what you mean - the cypherlords as built on the box come to 965 points, I think? Are you mistaking mirrorblades for mindbounds? I don’t play them personally. But if you want to grow your warband as part of a campaign, or give you more build options, then yes, a second box is advisable; or, as you say, looking at allies and monsters. 5. Hadn’t really noticed!
  14. I would concur that it is used a lot; but since everyone can use it, it doesn’t confer an advantage anywhere. It’s like Rampage, which is also used more frequently than most other quads. I think the universal abilities are intended to be strong, and the faction ones either more situational, flavourful, or restricted to individuals.
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