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  1. No cost, and no extras, just the bonus from the battalion. I have a related question though; in PTG, if I choose a core battalion with the Magnificent bonus (e.g. Warlord battalion) which grants me an extra enhancement, and I have completed 2 search for the artifact quests, if I am playing a lower tier game against another PTG army, can I use 2 artifacts (the original plus one bonus one for the tier) or 3 (the original one plus one bonus for the tier plus another bonus for the battalion)? (Assume I have 3 heroes!).
  2. You’re right, it’s hard to build an optimal list from just the box, but I think I’d do something like: Grundstok sergeant 195 Grundstok thunderer with aether cannon 175 2x Grundstok thunderer with aether rifle 2x 115 2 x sky wardens with sky pikes 2x 200 Gives you 1k exactly, and some versatility.
  3. But for the ones with guns, it can be hard to tell. Basically all skywarden variants have the little skymines attached to their endrins, so will have the icon for that ability too on their cards. I have also been playing KO in Champion mode, and it’s a very similar experience - seem to draw dusk and dawn more often, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence! The grundstok sergeant is the best leader by far in my experience, I also recommend at least one aether cannon and a couple of volley guns, add a sprinkling of melee to taste. The move of 3 can really hurt the arkanauts with skypikes though, especially if they don’t come on at the start, or close to the action. I tend to take melee ballooners (either kind) because their move is just so great, even if you’re only looking to tie up enemy shooters.
  4. Why the aether khemist? He will get left behind very quickly by all those balloons. And don’t you still need a hero in your main body? I would be tempted to drop the khemist, and add another gunhauler since you have the points. Something like: spearhead: gunhauler, 3 endrinriggers main body: gunhauler, 6 skywardens, dirigible endrinmaster Rearguard: 6 skywardens gives you good mobility everywhere, and plenty of hitchers.
  5. I play lots of games at 1000 Pts, so not quite sure where this comes from. And I don’t entirely follow your train of thought earlier in your post, I must admit - not sure I had understood your question in that case. I was specifically talking about the merits of ironclad vs frigate in a 1k list. But I read this last comment as you don’t want my input, so fair enough, I’ll refrain from further comment on your list. Hope you enjoy whatever list you settle on.
  6. Problem is that a frigate, while certainly more affordable at 1k, doesn’t have near the firepower of an ironclad. An ironclad with thunderers aboard can make a big dent. I also think battalions are a bit pricy for 1k. I think frigates are essentially transports with a bit of firepower, which means they become expensive at 1k for what they do, though I would probably try to use one in the way you are suggesting if I wanted to build a 1k list around a frigate. But it will do much less than half the damage of an ironclad, and is less resilient too. Plus ... it’s an Ironclad
  7. Also love thunderers, and I have run several thunderer heavy lists. Couple of comments for your consideration: Firstly, I would say you have too many eggs in one basket. Admittedly a very destructive basket, but it won’t allow you to do 2 things at once, say cover 2 objectives, etc. Secondly, if you’re going to use thunderers from the deck of a ship, most of their special weapons are not great, and even the ones that are ok in a garrison (basically just aether cannons, over the basic rifles) are so short range that they are going to get your gunship pulled into melee combat most of the time. Of course, if your plan is to drop both squads on objectives, this mitigates both of the above a bit, but 5 thunderers will struggle to hold an objective for long. My suggestion to tweak your list at 1k would be to run 2x5 thunderers (all with rifles, or maybe 1 cannon), an ironclad, and a gunhauler with the collapsible compartments, put 5 in each ship, your general with the ironclad, and then you can focus fire with everything, or split off the smaller craft and crew to run errands if you need to.
  8. Thryng allows you to bring tougher blobs of Duardin than arkanauts, so you can largely avoid those. However you still need battleline, so I would build around riggers (or wardens at a push) and a dirigible general. If you’re looking for a battalion to complement, then an Escort wing is probably your best bet, with an ironclad loaded with thunderers (you can also take battleline wardens in this battalion, though sadly not riggers). The more guns you can bring to support non-skyfarer infantry, the better, but melee ballooners can always benefit from the Incredibly stubborn rule.
  9. I think this could work really well. Maybe vaguely ghyran themed; puts me in mind of the nurgle-sylvaneth conflict there.
  10. It’s a solid starting list at 1k points. If you want the core focus to be a trophy rack tyrant boosting 2 ironblasters, then there’s not much you could change. You might find you are a bit light on bodies, and your slaughtermaster is only really going to be buffing your ironguts, but you need both the extra hero and the battalion to get the trophy rack. At 1k, it’s maybe a bit pricy. As you grow the army, focus on either bigger units of gluttons (like, 12) or big units of leadbelchers, would be my advice. Maybe another ironblaster or two as well if you want to reinforce the core strength.
  11. Agreed that is an interesting idea. I tried something like this (lots of staggered minimum unit shooting ‘charge-catchers’) before the current battletome (discussed in the old thread, I think), but found the damage output was just too low to make it work. However, with the addition of trampling charge, plus the Underguts range buff, it certainly might be worth trying again.
  12. Tribeless would be fine, of course. The opposite of a spam list, I guess. Ogre ‘soup’ is a good thing. I suppose the question that interests me is simply “can Underguts work with no ironblasters and/or max leadbelchers”, or perhaps even “how to have fun with Underguts specifically” because they appeal to me, but tend to be a bit mono-list. As for your second point, fair enough. Haven’t seen the argument, but sure you have a reasoned perspective, you usually do! Personally I don’t mind spam lists per se, just those that seek to exploit a particular strength to unbalance the game. The other end of the spectrum is themed lists, which I am a fan of; was delighted with squigalanche, troggherd, and even Torrbad (yes, I know ...) for example, just because I want to try and play an army of only squigs, of only troggoths, even of only Thundertusks, (of only skullcrushers, of only warherd, of only Grundstock, of only chariots, etc etc). There’s a bit of me that would like to try tyrant + 46 leadbelchers, and I don’t think it’s the power-gamer/min-maxer bit of me! (To be fair, it’s not the financially-savvy bit of me either). I like battalions that support self-imposed restrictions like that, because it feels thematic.
  13. Yes, you’d have to go with min battleline units I think. Something like: Huskard on Thundertusk general (with mass of scars, mount trait of choice, probably Alvagr Ancient), vulture, hailstorm prayer Butcher (with Keg) 3x3 Gluttons (battleline) 3x10 Leadbelchers 2k on the nose, I think? Hmm, you’ve got me thinking now, about Underguts without Ironblasters! Will play around a bit. It’s a shame there’s no leadbelcher battalion, without needing gluttons and ironguts too!
  14. To be fair, if you are going full leadbelchers, then Gunmasters in itself is worth taking Underguts for. And dropping Ironblasters only invalidates the command ability, and there are other things to spend CPs on. Mass of scars is still useful, maybe more so on a monster general if you go that route. And the blast keg - well, although there are certainly better artefacts, it still has the potential to be a nasty surprise for even units of 10, particularly heavily armoured ones. I also think that the trophy rack is actually better with a large mob of leadbelchers than with ironblasters, if you can fit in a support tyrant. But maybe less need to anyway, if we’re thinking outside the usual underguts list.
  15. An ironclad on it’s own will get you over 2k. I think it’s a good choice though, to complement what you have. I wouldn’t take all those heroes, and you might want to get a battalion in anyway. But otherwise you have a solid basis for a list with what you have. Which heroes to keep will depend a little bit on what skyport you take.
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