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  1. That’s a beautiful tyrant. I really like how it fits with the existing aesthetic, but looks tough enough to compete. And in the trailer ... Mawtribes? Feast of Bones? Sounds like Gutbusters are properly on their way! Getting hungry ...
  2. That is right. You’re getting a 60 pt discount for taking a max sized unit of 40 (since 4x140=560pts)
  3. If you want to expand BCR, I think the best thing you can get is another SC, though it will allow you to above 1000k. For 1k: huskard on thundertusk, 4 mournfang, stonehorn beastriders or huskard on thundertusk, 2x 4 mournfang. For 1.5k: frostlord on stonehorn, huskard on thundertusk, 2x 4 mournfang, with 80 points spare for something like 4x frost sabres. If on the other hand you want to do 1000pts with what you already have, try (Destruction allegiance): frostlord on stonehorn, 40 stabbas, 20 shootas, 3 felwater Troggoth.
  4. Assuming you mean 2x4 mournfang not 1x8 unit, then you have a solid base for a list there. While hunter+cats or allied grots are both good options for your remaining points, have you considered 6 yhetees? They give you another dimension to the army, and are sometimes surprisingly useful.
  5. In case that isn’t a typo, split the ironguts into 2x6, not the bulls. I agree with what’s been said - a unit of 12 bulls is a very efficient (points cost) unit, that you can rely on, but a unit of 12 ironguts is too many for the job you want them to do. Bulls anvil, Ironguts hammer. I run guts (and/or maneaters) in 6s, and battleshock is only really a problem against armies that specifically play for it. If you want to follow through on your original thought, I’d consider the same strategy but with 2 units of 12 bulls, supported by smaller units of ironguts (even some 3s). If you don’t want to play with grots, this will get you more wounds on the table, and buffable targets, without having to pay over 700 points for a single unit. Something like: Tyrant, Butcher, 12 ogors, 12 ogors, 3 ironguts, 3 ironguts, 6 maneaters, 3 leadbelchers or if you want the extra cp turn 1: Tyrant, butcher, fungoid cave shaman, 12 ogors, 12 ogors, 6 ironguts, 3 ironguts, 3 ironguts, 40 pt endless spell of your choice.
  6. I hate to break it to you, but the name may be lost ... 😝 @Absolution black, the free city generator, Here, made it clear that many free cities, across all realms, include a Kharadron trading port, so it’s not a stretch to suggest that some maintain permanent outposts. Mine are cheerfully defending the skies around a sylvaneth grove in Ghyran, which has also been encircled and fortified by a stormcast host as the mounting chaos presence in the area threatens the beleaguered grove. 😊
  7. Depends what you mean by good. If you mean fearsome damage output, then yes, you will need a large unit, sparked and buffed. If however you mean any one of: cheap objective holder, cheap skryre battleline filler, speedbump to allow another round of fire, nasty surprise for over confident heroes & war machines, ablative arch warlock wounds, or even just sneaky little unit your enemy will usually ignore, then even units of 5 can be good.
  8. Sounds good, yhetees can be surprisingly effective. Here’s hoping they get new (plastic) models soon though! Let us know how you get on
  9. While I agree that 4 mournfang are better than 2x2, you wouldn’t have then enough battleline in this case.
  10. Not at all, in casual play BCR do fine. Sometimes you will lose because you can’t control objectives as well as your opponent, but other times you will win because you wiped out their army. Your list looks ok, but I don’t think Mollog brings much to help you. Also you’ll find a frostlord on stonehorn more fun than a huskard on stonehorn - the frostlord is a really strong unit that gives you massive damage output.
  11. It used to be 6 ogors, 4 ironguts, 4 leadbelchers. But by modern standards of start collecting boxes, that’s too much, especially if you add in a character. I think an equivalent to other start collecting armies out there would be: 6 ogors, a butcher, and then either an ironblaster or 3 leadbelchers.
  12. I think, as a very general response, I’d go for 3 ratling guns, just so you can maximise overseer of destruction as a command trait (on a Skryre general) should you wish to, and also one spark hits all 3. Sparks won’t help warpfire or a wlc.
  13. I think you can only do 2,2,2. It says “a third of... can be armed with one of ...” rather than with any of. Most of the time, you’re better off with multiples anyway.
  14. Gotcha. I originally read it as 2 lots of stormfiends, with you now. Let us know how you get on!
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