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  1. I remember that the Lumineth do have a spellcaster. I am also missing longbeards.
  2. I read the rules today and I am disappointed. I think there are too many leaders and not enough normal troops. I am also missing a spellcaster.
  3. I think the release date is Saturday 19.09 but the people with subscription may receive the White Dwarf earlier.
  4. I also had my first game with them yesterday. Played two skyfires including leader, 3 arcanites and 3 Tzaangors. I did not thought they were strong. The skyfires are nice but the rest lacks melee combat power. Maybe a Tzaangor enlightened is superior to a skyfire. but I do not have the models for them. Maybe a gaunt summoner on disc would be nice when I finally dominate my first territory.
  5. I played the the first time yesterday. 3 Fleshhounds including leader and 6 bloodletters was my set up. The fleshhounds are awesome. Quick and strong in close combat and their special quad is exceptional strong with 5s or 6s. The bloodletters are fine for their points. All in all a nice warband. I did not use the juggernauts a I think the fleshhounds are better.
  6. I am looking forward to see the White Dwarf leaks.
  7. White Dwarf 456 will have the rules https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/09/04/white-dwarf-preview-issue-456/ 18 warrior types will be included. I am really excited.
  8. Thanks for your feedback. My huskard model only has a crossbow and no vulture. Maybe I try it next time. I love mortal wounds especially against Nighthaunts. The Metalcruncher really worked well. I need to work on a cauldron for the slaughtermaster. In the campaign I conquered a region with a storm vault so I could take an extra artefact. I won the game, but I nearly lost it when I attacked with my Thundertusk when I should not have. The huskard is just plain bad in close combat, he was killed by 13 Ghrimgast reapers in one close combat round. But ist was my mistake. the Match Winners were the stonehorn (of course) and the firebelly ( fiery whirlwind is so strong). My magic was working quite well, but I thought I did not had the resilience. I won with my firebelly having one wound, everything else died. Had a small advantage in victory points.
  9. I love both warbands.
  10. Do you have any feedback on this list ?
  11. Hallo you all, I am playing a campaign game against Nighthaunts tonight. this is the List I came up with. It is magic heavy, has a lot of characters, not so many troops . may aim was to have a medium hard list, but maybe ist is too weak. I only own one stonehorn, this I can not change. What do you think?
  12. I played this List conicidentially: Leadbelcher Leader ( Hunter) - 3 x Gluttons with dual weapons - 3 x Gnoblars it worked well!
  13. Yes I did, played a mixture of cavalry, bowmen, spearmen and a hammer guy. the cavalry with leader is very fast and strong, the reach of the spearmen is insane and the bowmen are usuable. The hammer guy is really slow .
  14. I personally really like the Meeting Engagement rules. It is played often within our club. We even had a very fun tournament and will repeat it.
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