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  1. Beastmen warband finally ready to go, with an Allie and some heavy guns ready to play. Can’t wait to try them out
  2. Well lockdown has given me a chance to finally paint a few of my minis. Still WIP but Skaven, Khorne and Beastmen will soon be joining the party after basing and highlights
  3. Finally finished the souldrain forest and really pleased with the result. Combined it with a few extras and can’t wait to try a game out
  4. New scenery arrived today, had to redo some of the dry brushing but very pleased with the end result. sldo finished painting some of the 3D printed terrain to go with the rest of my scenery. can’t wait to start gaming with it
  5. Got excited by the new warbands. Time to start my 10th warband also ordered some more scenery and was impressed with the first batch
  6. GW replied on the AoS fb page saying they are coming but they have a smaller movement speed so take longer to get here
  7. Similar issue came up in one of our games and we played it as you did.
  8. Rat ogres seem the powerhouse for their points
  9. I love their double ability to stop units moving, drives opponents up the wall :). love the leader too, lethal if she stays alive
  10. Well got a few new bits and pieces from the new releases. love the Ogroid model, great detail and a lovely pose. He’s huge too collection is growing nicely now, I just need to start playing a bit more whilst clearing out some of my figure cases to make space I had a revelation. Years ago I started collecting Runewars but forgot about it when it was killed off. Just realise I had a Legions of Nagsh warband ready to go happy days tried out contrast paints for the first time. Have to say I’m seriously impressed. This was the result of one cost on the new trees. No dry brushing or highlighting yet, looks great already
  11. So had a chance to go through the cards and I’m liking what I am seeing. 2 initial lists jump out and would be keen on your thoughts bestigor leader: 185 2 dragon ogres with paired weapons 390 1 dragon ogre with dual wield mace 195 2 ungors with shield 120 2 gors paired weapons 110 8 models bang on 1000 and a different approach bestigor leader 185 7 bestigors, 805 8 models at 990
  12. Definitely keen to hear how you get on, still got my starter set waiting to build the good options
  13. Yup fully built then friend painted it, and said it was a bit of a pain in the ass to paint and get into all the nooks and crannies
  14. Thanks for the comprehensive thoughts, I’m finding them very helpful. Never played them before or AoS but keen to try them out in warcry. totally agree on the paired weapon Minotaur over the ogre, ogre every time as S5 isn’t worth it over the extra move and attack. interested why you say the Bestigor is sub-par, he seemed quite a hard hitter for 115 and immediately caught my eye got the starter set do really looking forward to seeing what I can build and may have to purchase a few more beast toys
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