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  1. I use the same list but not had a chance to try it out yet. Blood letters should hit hard too but will go down quick
  2. I loved this print as soon as I saw it on the site, had to have it and couldn’t wait to see it finished. So pleased with the result
  3. Undercoated with wraithbone then various shades of brown for the trunks (primarily wyldwood) and base and warp lightning green for leaves with dry brushed flash gitz yellow
  4. First building printer and painted, should look good on the board
  5. They are all from https://www.printablescenery.com, lovely prints perfect for Warcry. I have just purchased a Prusa i3 Mk3s, printing at 0.2 layer height (for speed more than anything) and 10% infill
  6. Have to say I am so glad I took the plunge and bought a 3D printer. Already purchased tons of stl files from this site as they are perfect for my games. Here is the first batch off the printer all painted up
  7. Beastmen warband finally ready to go, with an Allie and some heavy guns ready to play. Can’t wait to try them out
  8. Well lockdown has given me a chance to finally paint a few of my minis. Still WIP but Skaven, Khorne and Beastmen will soon be joining the party after basing and highlights
  9. Finally finished the souldrain forest and really pleased with the result. Combined it with a few extras and can’t wait to try a game out
  10. New scenery arrived today, had to redo some of the dry brushing but very pleased with the end result. sldo finished painting some of the 3D printed terrain to go with the rest of my scenery. can’t wait to start gaming with it
  11. Got excited by the new warbands. Time to start my 10th warband also ordered some more scenery and was impressed with the first batch
  12. GW replied on the AoS fb page saying they are coming but they have a smaller movement speed so take longer to get here
  13. Similar issue came up in one of our games and we played it as you did.
  14. Rat ogres seem the powerhouse for their points
  15. I love their double ability to stop units moving, drives opponents up the wall :). love the leader too, lethal if she stays alive
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