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  1. eBay. They may also be in the one of the Warcry tomes. Might get lucky at a local game/hobby store if they have Old inventory.
  2. I’m not really familiar with the Fireslayer models. What are the recommended purchases to start a decent warband? I only have the four from Shadespire.
  3. Cool, that’s good to hear. I have two more Khorgorath’s I may have to paint up. I like the idea of two of them supported by objective grabbers like the blood reavers. Glad to hear it worked
  4. Awesome thanks. Just finished painting my Khorgorath so I’m excited to try him. I’m interested to see how he plays with such a big base to block/hold ground
  5. Hey all, coming up on my first convergence with Khorne against my friend who’s been playing random Warbands. First battle was Nurgle Demons. Close loss for me. Second was vs Sylvaneth. I won that one pretty handily. Hoping for some list ideas or advice with what’s been working for fellow Bloodbound. Currently using Wrathmonger leader with various dual wield warriors and the dual wield barbarian guys. I have a Khorgorath and Skullreapers available along with a Priest and the other Champion allies. Thanks Ike
  6. Got a reply via email that they are working on it. Yay!!! No timeline tho.
  7. Brings me back to where it all started. Thanks for that
  8. I’ve played against them two times. I was using STD both times with a makeup up of the chosen champion , warriors and some marauders. Both games were a variation of treasure hunt and were close coming down to the wire. I’d say they are a strong warband. Maybe not Stormcast strong
  9. Blood for the Blood God!!! IMO cooler models and I love how they play. Wider range/ conversion ease. I love the chaos lore. I’m kinda biased tho since I’ve been a chaos player for ages. Orks seem pretty cool and I’ve had fun playing against them. Have fun. Ike
  10. Any info out there on updates to the Varanscribe webpage to include the recently released warbands?
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