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  1. Hey How did your Army-Projects go? since it's December now and you posted here in July . How is the gaming Community in Iceland? i'm curious. I'm from Switzerland and interessted in how other Countries gaming communitys function
  2. Hey, i heard nearly the same things about the campaign from other Guys. Is there some requirement for the Warbands with which you face off against the nighthaunt? Or can i pick just some heros and units which i like? Sorry if that's a stupid question, but i only found the rules for the Nighthaunt part and what to use for the "enemies" but not the rules for putting together a Warband. So, how did you adjust your warband? Did you go pointwise after the GHB, or do you just took what you like to play?
  3. I will definitivly buy one of this "Gatebreakers" to ally in to my Ogors :)
  4. I vote for a second Magnet, just for the feeling of Safety
  5. At the moment i'm totaly not sure, what route i would go. First i thought "Giants, of course i will get an Army" then i thought "Maybe one or two to field as an ally for my Ogors" and now i think i wait until we see some Models and the concept of the Army. How many different models there would be, heros, maybe a Wizzard/Priest or something. I have an Orruk Warclans army and an Ogor Mawtribes army anyway so why not a third Destruction faction. Destrution is awsome and absolutly brutal. I love it ❤️ So i'm curious for the Show at the weekend and full of hope, that maybe we see something.
  6. Welcome Back! I'm curious, what are your current projects you're working on?
  7. don't forget the buy 4 Ironguts, they are a realy good Unit and you can use them for good battalions I think James forgot them in his "what to buy List"
  8. Yeah, you could build a good 2k List with 3 Start Collecting boxes. Just build one Frostlord on Stonehorn, one Huskard on Stonehorn and one Stonehorn Beastriders. With the 12 Mournfang you have the perfect conditions for your first Battalion, the "Eurlbad" battalion. So go on and build your mighty Beastclaw Army
  9. I don't have any experiences with Yhetis, so there i could give no adivce. But about the Frostlord and Huskard "problem" i have some tipps. I have played both of them and i recommend the Frostlord on Stonehorn, because he's an absolutly Beast in combat. And not even with the Prayer can the Huskard on Thundertusk hold on to the damage output. And also the Frostlord have a 3+ save and a 5+ aftersave, so he will survive much longer then the Husakrd. And i think for this little point difference there is no reason to pick the Huskard. But i have to say, that because i don't have some yhettis, maybe there is some synergie with batalions, abilitys etc. where it might be helpfull to have the Thundertusk Huskard. But if you're interessted in a Beastclaw heavy list, then i recommend the Frostlord on Stonehorn. he has so much potential. And he is by far the most effective Model in the hole range of the army.
  10. Hello @Avatar Rage has put out a complete Begginer Guide for the Death Faction. Just dive into it: Maybe this will bi helpfull for you.
  11. Sorry if it's a stupid question, but is there any News on how we would get informed about the "biggest announcment" which they would have been made at the Adepticon?
  12. You Man, are a genius ! I just can put myself into the line behind @TheadTheOgorSlayer until this moment i did'nt knew i want to have a Priest like this!
  13. Maybe we all can dream the Dream and GW will bring 5 to 6 different Kits with some meele and range Giants and a Leader. (who knows, maybe even a shaman or priest) i will pray to the mighty Gorkamorka for everyone of us !
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