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  1. If painting 'em gold following the tutorial is something you enjoy power to you! You're painting for your own enjoyment and not that of others after all.
  2. Markus

    Mighty Lord with head swap

    Aye, agree with the others. The head swap does look good, I prefer it to the original really.
  3. That was a good read mate, cheers for taking the time to bring it to us
  4. Markus

    Tree Lord Ancient

    Was just sat browsing the galleries when this beauty appeared. Every picture like this makes the urge to grab a box of Sylvaneth for my next army so much stronger. Looks great mate, really neat.
  5. Markus


    Just like I said in a post a minute ago, the model is one of my absolute favorites. I thought I exclusively enjoyed the Ironjawz in a bright and vibrant color scheme but you've changed my mind 'cause I thoroughly enjoy this look.
  6. Welcome mate! Pictures look good and to be honest the warboss looks beastly in any quality really, such a good model. You've done him justice and i'll be looking forward to seeing more of your stuff
  7. They look proper good mate and just like Scruby said great work on the warscroll. The liberator prime model is one of my favorites as well and you've managed to improve upon them, well done.
  8. I agree with Chikout. I'll be making a twitter account just for this, seems like a good way to spread the word. I also like the idea of the random prize, it's a nice touch and gives just a little extra incentive to join in even if you're a beginner painter.
  9. I like it, it's a neat idea. Being relatively new to painting miniatures I don't reckon I'd stand much of a chance but I'll probably still participate just to tag long and get some practice in painting something other than Stormcast for once.
  10. I do prefer the skin to lean towards blue rather than green so I am deffo a fan of these. Be good to see them all finished later. Gj
  11. Only had a few minutes to spare now before I have to walk the dog and hit the gym but, it does sound solid. I'll definitely have a proper listen once I have some time to sit down and paint. And you're right, being a slow painter I tend to run out of podcasts to listen to before I finish my models so new material is always appreciated.
  12. Markus

    Back in the saddle

    Great movies aside, mini looks good mate. I'd be chuffed if I could do that speedily.
  13. Markus

    Back in the saddle

    Show me the box.. What was in the box..? WHAT'S IN THE BOX!? Sorry, had to be done.
  14. Looks mint mate. That purple is really striking.
  15. Markus


    That is one sweet setup. Been looking at investing in a few paint racks myself.. Can't say I am not a tid bit envious right now. ^^
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