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  1. Hi You mentioned trading. What are you looking for? Any chance you'd be interested in Necrons, forces for Dark Age, or Warma/Hordes armies? I'd love to get my hands on this army, but just don't have the money for it. I'm also in PA, btw. Please let me know. Thank you!
  2. I've always wanted to do an army of possessed toys; evil, misfit, oversized toys come to life. Demon-possessed Teddy Bears, evil Alphabet Block Mimics, and so on. I'd love to have the time to work on sculpting an entire force of one-off miniatures for it. I'd run them as Gloomspite Gitz, from a rules perspective. Bouncing hordes of dice and boardgame pieces come to life, with like snarling toothy mouths, used as squigs. Huge lumbering moldy teddy bears as Troggoths. Balls and sports-themed toys as Mangler Squigs, and so on.... I started sculpting some pieces for this army a few years back, actually, but ran out of steam.
  3. An app would be easy. Privateer Press did this for Warmachine years ago. GW could make an app that: -has all the stats for models. -allows army building. Updates models with rules granted by battalions. -allows you to track damage taken, and adjusts stats accordingly, for monsters that have changing profiles. -pairs with the opponent's app, so both players can see the status of each other's armies. It could even include a dice roller based on the unit doing the attacking or masking the saves, with a way to input modifiers. Paired devices could then each display the result, so there's never a question of how many hits or saves were successful.
  4. In my gaming group I try to foster a sense of community involvement. I'll humble-brag a little about what we do. We run a few "Painting bounty" events a year, where the first new player to finish painting a playable force of tourney size (2000 pts for AOS or 40k, 75 pts for Warmachine, etc) wins a prize. The veteran members chip in and we get them something nice. The most recent winner got a fancy hard case Battlefoam bag, with foam, and a couple of Phoenix Lord models for his winning Aeldari entry. I also have a friend who runs an after school program for at-risk kids of middle-school age, using gaming as a means of socializing and giving the kids something to do in the hours between school letting out and their parents coming home from work. This guy is my personal hero, he's volunteering his time to do something actually meaningful for kids, and that's about as awesome as it gets. Each year we do a donations drive and send him a couple thousand dollars in boardgames, miniatures, old Magic collections, RPG books, and so on, to help stock his after school program for the coming year. And finally, we have a lot of new players who are on serious budgets, and maybe can't afford to buy what they'd like, or can't get the essential non-essentials, like army bags or paints. But the rest of us have too much stuff, like most veteran gamers. So we pick someone in the group who's contributing, but maybe doesn't have the deepest pockets, we hit up places like Bartertown and eBay, and we put together armies and supplies for them. This past year we gave away a 3000 point World Eaters army, put together a 2000 point Thousand Sons army for a guy and sold it to him for like $100, and gave away smaller armies: Wanderers, Darkling Covens, Nighthaunt, Astra Militarum, and Death Guard. Feels good to help others, and it builds some pretty great bonds in our group.
  5. If Slaanesh/Malerion isn't the next big narrative development, I'd love to see a big, multi-Realm, Skaven incursion. Skaven Gnaw-holes showing up in all the different Realms- maybe tie it in to the books when Skaven get the rest of their Battletomes. I could imagine Moulder stuff based in Ghur, Skryer stuff based in Chamon, all being really awesome. Like... all the Realms start having rat problems at the same time, but the Skaven aren't after any one thing in particular; they've just built up their numbers and are finally extending their tunnels and gnaw-holes to all corners of the Realms.
  6. I'd use these. Just use pins, going all the way through the vortex column, and mount the sharks at angles on either side. They paint up just fine, if you give them a good coat of primer. https://www.amazon.com/Safari-Ltd-697104-Sharks-TOOB/dp/B000BR9DPU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1540730402&sr=8-1&keywords=Animal+toobs+sharks
  7. Definitely less impact that way. Being in Belgium, no chance of running into you at Pennsic, eh? I'm in PA, in the US, so it's local to me.
  8. AOS is about as period as anything else going on at Pennsic these days. LOL Out of curiosity, where do you fight?
  9. Who else here is a SCAdian, and going to Pennsic? Would anybody be interested, if there were some space set up for AOS? It always kind of puzzled me that very few people there set up for minis gaming. It seems like the perfect opportunity to meet new players and play games. (Or maybe it is happening, and I just don't know about it) For anyone who doesn't recognize the acronym, SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval combat & recreation group. Pennsic War is the big premier event, held in the US each year.
  10. Yo. This. A million times, this. Players who enter the infamous "Scoop Phase" as soon as things start going against them. Or who claim that everything in their army is under powered trash, and everything in your army is "bull****"..... It's like... Yeah, guy... your Stardrake is clearly underdog trash, and I'm the ****** for putting my Sourbreath Troggoths on the table. Message received. LOL
  11. 1. Smelly gamers. 2. Guys who feel they have a right to your gaming supplies/ tools because they forgot their own. Like grabbing my dice off my side of the table, or my tape measure, or taking my battletome without asking, while muttering "i forgot mine", or "this ok, right?". 3. Picking up hits, or speed - rolling dice without declaring what the roll is for. Unclear play, I guess, in general. 4. Most of all (guess this should have been number one...) the guy who didn't bring a rulebook, doesn't have the PDF on his phone, doesn't own a battletome, admits that most of his rules knowledge comes from Reddit or d4chan, and then has the audacity to question every stat, rule, move, and phase that my army does. While proclaiming with conviction that he knows every rule inside and out for his models, but then stares at me when I explain how battleshock works like all of a sudden he no longer speaks English. That guy.... oh man. That guy tests my patience something fierce. LOL
  12. The color balance was off... it needed some red in there to even it out, and give the heads more definition. Now I really like it.
  13. Going to be painting some random AOS models, and a Sylvaneth army. First up is my test model for a speed - painted color scheme. It's mostly airbrushed, drybrushed and washed, so it's crazy fast to get it to this point.
  14. Agreed. We heard about this guy Brandon (the teacher) and decided to reach out to lend a hand. It's all well & good for us to support one another within the hobby community, but he's helping care for kids, doing something actually worthwhile. It's pretty awesome. People who do that, without expecting anything in return, are exactly the people who deserve something in return.
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