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  1. I would honestly buy a new book each year... It's like a Christmas present. New models would be great, but new rules are the bees knees. I would be fine if they said "All done with new models for 2019. Get ready for some amazing books." That said, I am going to go the other way. If you are OK updating armies without new models, GET ME MY DAMN SERAPHON BOOK!!
  2. Nurgle 30x plagues Lord of blights Rottigus Karnak Blight kings Should hold up against the ballistas, mortal wounds to sprinkle, good anti spell and some damage.
  3. What army are you bringing against them?
  4. "Remember Flesh Hound? He's inspired a lot of people with his story..." *Riff!!*
  5. Please... It's gotta be this. Old Eben-ander Scrooge. I mean like.... this is a salamander: What happened here!?
  6. Vextol

    The Witherstave vs Frightful Touch

    I would definitely reroll the 6's before taking the mortal wounds into account. Rerolls are the first 'thing' you do to dice in the comabt phase. "The attack sequence ends" is just terminology. They could just as easily say, "Do not make a wound roll because this attack did a mortal wound instead of normal damage." That's my two cents.
  7. I LOVE when a plan works ๐Ÿ˜‚ If you can manage, with a ton of fiddling and creative play, to kill Nagash with a mighty Lord of Khorne, it's awesome. Even if it "ruins their experience" they should take joy in my creative and we'll executed play. We're both playing right? Plus, I get more than one games joy out of it, so the cumulative joy is still greater overall ๐Ÿ˜‹ Now, if they asked what they did at the start of the game and I said "Nothing really" that's not a plan working, that's being a ****.
  8. It depends on your goal for sure. If you want to create a social experience, aka, chatting and drinking beer and moving guys around (what I'd call practice) then sure. Help each other out and explain things. It helps both players get better, which...I guess who cares if long term you aren't trying to win. If it's to create a social experience, chat and drink beer while also enjoying the competitive nature of it, then no, you don't need to explain every interaction but it is nice to give a rundown of what the abilities do. Realistically though, if you're unfamiliar and I spit a list of ****** at you in 30 seconds, odds are you are still going to be surprised. As for the "don't play if your goal is to win" I can say I would not play with someone who wasn't trying to win. It would feel like a waste of time to me, like...why are we doing this? This convoluted complicated system of rules feels so unnecessary if there is no outcome determinate on those rules. DnD is the closest thing I can think of that has complex rules and no real "winning" outcome. But even there, players are trying to accomplish some kind of goal within the game and it isn't "have fun". And I wouldn't play with someone who had no goals in that game either. Having fun for me is a byproduct of the system. AoS feels like a game with the goal being victory. I can have fun either way, but I'm still going to shoot for that "win" and have fun in the building, the learning and the play all along the way. Edit: I was talking to my friend a little about this. I can see how, for example, AoS is the equivalent of something like throwing a frisbee outside (just a simple example). More passive and enjoyable but there isn't really any win to be had. I can respect that, I just don't have that same mentality for Sigmar. @Nos I think I need to get a beer with you because we've been at odds a lot the last few days! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. I definitely struggle with this as well. I typically go with @Kramer on my approach. This is my army, this is each unit, this is what the units do (if you don't know) and these are all the extra bits I add in. Chameleon Skinks are a good example of why sneakiness is actually a good thing. Do I tell my opponent "I wouldn't leave that point so unprotected because I'm going to teleport in" or not because the strategy of chameleon Skinks is waiting until just the right moment to attack. If I keep correcting that moment, the unit really doesn't have any value. It's one thing to tell your opponent "Kill this guy because I'm planning on buffing him, running in and killing an important hero of yours." And it's another to say what everything does ahead of time. I also find that people upset by "sneakiness" are the same people who wouldn't say "That's actually not my most important hero, you should attack this one" when it's not in their favor.
  10. Vextol

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    We do similar things. I was thinking of something like this too; where the smaller number wins and if you match up two big circles you can span squares. Obviously there are issues in that lower numbers would come up more often, but, conceptually that's what I was thinking.
  11. Vextol

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    ....right. Because the last thing we would want is to struggle to find all the rules in 5 different books, 4 relevant FAQs, a questionable app, some tarot cards and the interweb. Seriously though, I was more talking about where you set terrain pieces up for board building. Like, in the 6 quadrants, roll two dice. For each 6, set up a fancy terrain. For each 4 and 5 setup a "normal" terrain. Or something like it to guide board setup a little. Maybe even have custom dice you could roll that had pips in the various locations that correlated to a quadrant. And as for remembering the terrain, just mark them somehow. GW loves their fancy dice and "don't forget what you're doing" cards. Just make some kind of marker. Besides, I already have terrain I don't ever remember how it works (ships, moon men, icky trees, mean trees etc.) so have it with the new stuff ๐Ÿ˜‹
  12. Vextol

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    A little but your still locked into your allegiances. I can't be a KO force with seraphon unless I'm grand allegiance. It just gives more clout to the all system.
  13. Vextol

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I thought of something controversial that I would love to explore. And I know...it would cause some serious issues. However, as a collector of crappy '4 unit' mini factions, I would love allies to gain the true keyword of the faction. Ok. It would require SOOO much tweaking and probably fall into the category of nearly impossible, BUT it would be awesome. List building would enter the realms of endless. If you were a Kharadon player, you're now buying fyreslayers in droves. Idoneth are going nuts for DoK. Stormcast players (GW favorite frat-boys) can't actually decide what to do....ever. I hate the limited options of some factions. This would make every faction basically totally new. It would be like a giant reset on the game where everyone was thrown completely out of whack. It's probably for the best that it doens't happen because my collection would be hard to control. Never gonna happen, however....I would love the chaos ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  14. Vextol

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    The discussion kind of went narrative vs matched again (like it always does) with a sprinkling of hating the double turn (which it always does) and so I may have missed if someone already said this. I'd like the GHB to do a little more with scenery and board building. Maybe it's in there somewhere but it would be nice to have a reference to size of scenery, type of scenery and such. Or an official-ish way to randomize where it goes. Also, some generic rules for scenery like "Building" or "pond". Stuff us rubes may use and own. A BYO-hero would be very fun. I'd love to have a system where you had one guy you could really customize (kind of like the kharadron build your own house, but not suck). I think done correctly, it could work for matched and narrative but the obvious easy thing would be narrative. I know they kind of have that now, but it doesn't really scratch the itch like a real hero builder would. Heck, with some clever planning, you could even release "bits" that fit into a universal system so you have an armature of sorts that you could customize exactly the way you wanted. This is way off topic obviously. Maybe GHB 2022 or "malign forgery" ๐Ÿ˜‚ Also I think we should only have matched play, give the person who went second a +4 to their initiative roll, split all the books into their own separate books (1 for realm rules, one for realm spells, 1 for artifacts, one for points, one for lore etc.) and each of these needs to be refreshed twice a year, increase points for all units made before January 2018, give new battletomes to every army I don't play then retire them all and include a link to privateer press games at the bottom of every warscroll.
  15. Vextol

    The 5000+ Owners Club

    Well geeze, I liked them. I mean, I'm sorry they're not big enough for someone who has a game room large enough that they literally have a DUNGEON door that enters into it ๐Ÿ˜‚ At least now I know what and actual "problem" looks like. Seriously though, that is quite the collection! I also looked at those shelves and did in fact want them. It's a better system but as you mentioned it does come with a much steeper price tag.