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  1. I think everyone is pretty much on the same page but you bring up an interesting point! A flying unit at the base of a 4 inch object is not within 3 inches when measuring distance base to base so they would not be allowed to make a pile in move because they aren't within 3 inches. However, if they were allowed to make one they would potentially already be as close as possible...๐Ÿ˜ต Flying does matter when considering the distance required to summon (which was the initial point of the topic) because flying units seemingly can be summoned "closer" than ground units due to the advantage they get for ignoring vertical movement. Small perk. I do think that units that fly are always considered "flying" though. Actually, I don't know if it really matters. Outside movement and a few rules that reference "flying" models, the semantics of when something flies and doesn't aren't really burdensome. If you have to check a measurement before you do something, base to base is all that matters. Then you can do whatever you want "flying" wise.
  2. Oh pththt on that (tongue out noise). You know what I mean! ๐Ÿ˜ XB+B2 or for flying sqrt(81-2^2)....except not two the number, 2 the variable...see the problem! See why I wanted C?!.... But yeah.. We agree ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. Wait.... C is at 2. C' is (basically) at B and 1. A model summoned at X would be 9 inches at the diagonal and sqrt(81-C^2) from the wall. Required charge for flying is XB and XB+BC for a walking model. I'm almost certain we're saying the same things! Assuming the wall is 4 inches tall, that would mean a summoned grounded model would have to make a 12 inch charge to the model on the wall and a flying model would need to make an 8 inch charge. Looks like a wall about 4.2 inches high is your best return for making charges difficult for any summoned unit! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. Got it. Straight line, base to base. Agreed. This one I think is off. I think you have to charge a distance XB+BC. You may be strictly speaking about flying units in which case I agree. The main crux is that by being 2 inches off the ground, you run almost no risk of being charged by grounded, summoned units. Pretty huge actually.
  5. I agree and yes, all the mean demon banners will wreck you! You used to be able to wait until destiny dice were spent then make your opponent reroll them with the starseer and kroak ๐Ÿ˜‚ The good old days...
  6. The movement portion I'm in 100% agreement. That is very clear. So, just checking if I understand your thoughts, you believe the summoning distance for any unit is a point between AB that's equal to 9-p1p2? That would mean if length p1p2 is equal to 9, the unit on the wall would be 9 inches away and the flying unit would be 0 inches away but not in combat until it charged, which would be a charge distance of 0 due to the fact that flying ignores vertical distance while moving?
  7. My confusion came from summoning flying units. You could summon them into hand to hand combat if the wall was high enough. Just seemed very strange.
  8. I disagree. Archaon's modifier does not add or subtract from a die roll, it physically changes it. It almost intentionally dances around the modification terms. Turn the die up or down by two. Same as a starseer. They actually "kind of" FAQed it: Because it happens "before modifiers" it still counts as "unmodified". An argument could be made for whether that means it gets off on just a 3 (I wanted them to make the 40K rule, a die can never go below a 1) but it at least works on 1 and 3.
  9. ๐Ÿ‘ Removed nonsense. I'm hoping for official doubles rules more than anything!
  10. Asked this elsewhere but it wasn't really appropriate so I'm giving it its own topic. Is an objective: 1. A point with a flat 6" circle around it 2. A point with a half dome 6" bubble around it 6. A point with 6" cylinder around it that extends upward to eternity Obviously the size can vary but the question still stands.
  11. Unrelated to the question, but coherence is 6". Huge distance so it would almost never matter, but there is obviously "some" 3D thinking. If all distances are measured straight and not angled and objectives extend to eternity that's a pretty huge buff to being on top of stuff near a point. You're basically another whole turn away from melee units! Not saying it's wrong BTW, just an observation.
  12. Scenario: Walking, melee model is on a wall 4 inches tall. A flying summoner is 15 inches from said wall. They summon a walking melee model which must remain 9 inches away. So, what exactly does that mean? 1. Is the distance from the wall model measured down the wall 4 inches and then out from the wall 5? 2. Straight out from the wall directly below the model 9 inches? 3. At the angle pythagorean style 8.062 inches from the bottom of the wall and 9 inches away from the base of the wall model at an angle (guessing it's this one based on core rules)? 4. Does it matter that the summoner is flying (probably not)? 5. Would it matter if the unit on the wall was flying (probably not)? 6. I assume the straight line 9 inch measurement would be used if the summoned unit was flying. Thoughts? This one is interesting to me because if it's not the case and you still measure base to base straight line, flying units can technically be summoned "closer" than legally allowed simply based on the height of the opposing model (which is ignored by fliers). You could, in effect, summon a flying unit into combat if the opposing model was high enough. Came up because a building was on top of an objective and a tzeentch player was summoning a unit of brimstones and we weren't sure how far away to put them and how big of a charge they needed to make to hit the guy on the wall.
  13. If I could recommend one thing, it would be that the surveys are more frequent, more targeted, and WAY shorter ๐Ÿ˜‚ Edit: Removed nonsense.
  14. I really hope they release the survey results (I don't know if they do). I hope a zillion people actually manage to fill it out๐Ÿ˜‚ Edit: Removed nonsense.
  15. The game definitely evolves and terminology changes definitely stick. The "reroll" change seems to be apparent. It definitely clears up confusion but I think rend is too rare and too valuable to begin with so hurting it at all is very dangerous. Edit: With the new khorne and fyreslayers books, the reroll wording is universal. This isn't a unit buff, it's a terminological change. It's a huge, questionably outlandish buff, especially for fyreslayers. Edit: Removed nonsense.
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