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  1. Actually, if you look at the last 2 pages there have been 35 posts. Of those 35 posts, only 9 have been number crunching. In those 9, only about 72% of the content of the post was about numbers. That means in the last two pages only 20.25% of the content was number crunching...🧐 Seriously though, I was thinking about the implications of the new command abilities (no numbers incoming) and I hope the will throw things crazy out of whack. I think this year were going to see a lot of very unexpected armies and some underutilized things being brought to light.
  2. This isn't an Idoneth discussion, I know this, however this cannot be allowed to stand uncontested. Using your numbers now; Lets ignore the ranged attack on the berzerkers, it's not great so who cares. 1 damage vs 2 at double attacks and 1/2 the wounds. Surface=same. +1 attack against 1 wound. OK, there's your 50% more. Got it. +1 damage against big things, God forbid you end up in combat with something big, but say you do so 100% more damage because they have 2x the attacks. Understood. Careful though, keep your unit math to small numbers because thralls need to get WAY more guys into combat (that double movement does nothing for pile-ins) to keep those numbers true and that 2 inch range on the berzerkers is going to be hard to deal with if you go much more than min unit size. If you're thralls you better hope you wipe the unit because you're looking at taking 2.5x times more damage MINIMUM than the berzerkers. Not to mention damage on 1 wound units has a much bigger impact on the unit's damage potential than on 2 wound units. Oh, and they run easier. Ouch. Close to even units? I think not. As always, 2 wounds is more than twice as good as 1 and defense trumps offense. Let's make eels 500 points for 3. Then what? What does Idoneth have? They have garbage shooters, meh infantry, WAY over costed heroes (seriously, our Eidolons cost almost as much as a zombie dragon!) and an ability that gets off in one round that's essential that we go first in that particular round or it's potency is cut in half. "Nerf the eels!" is akin to "Kill the faction!" It's all we have. It's the problem with expecting the GHB to fix faction problems. It can break things much easier than balance things. Factions have to be fixed with FAQs (or new books). Edit: I am NOT in camp nerf the fyreslyers BTW. I think we need to see how they pan out but I'm not gonna lie, I read their scroll and said "Yep...that ought to do it." when I was looking for the next 'spammed unit' looking forward. I think thralls could be a good unit if priced a certain way or tweaked to have more resurrection potential, but as of now they would not fill the gap if the eels were ruined. Edit 2: Oh and fyreslayers can teleport anywhere on the battlefield with the hero they need and be 9 inches away, Idoneth are stuck on a side of the board. Just saying 😀
  3. This! Speaking only about factions with books, it's going to be hard for a GHB to fix warscrolls when it doesn't do anything about them (thunderers 😡....still thunderers....but you know what I mean). The GHB is icing on a cake. Sure, it can mess with the appearance and flavor of the cake but the underlying cake is pretty much unchanged. Battletomes are the cake. FAQs are the filling. A decent cake (BCR) can be made dreaddul with a bad filling and ugly decoration. Anyway, I agree. GHB looks good, hope for the FAQ to really balance everything out, fear that the FAQ will nerf units that were increased in points (history supports this).
  4. Serious respect for the mods here and a steering away from being contrary is understood (I've been accused more than once 😂) but a discussion about the book has to be things that are good and things that are bad right? Otherwise it's just a list of things in the book. As a fellow sushi player I was pretty upset with the changes and as someone who plays against death on a regular basis I just cannot wrap my head around the graveguard discount. These are things I think are definitely bad. I admit though, the split on discussion is not 50/50. I think the changes to seraphon are well deserved! I've always loved them and enjoyed playing them BUT...I will admit I was disappointed to see their updates at the same time. I think that any hope for a battletome is lost. Overall, I think people are never going to be happy with underperforming units regardless of cost so the problem with the general's handbook is you will likely only ever get one side of the coin. You have good units that were undercosted comparatively which are slowly made worse with point adjustments or bad units that are still pretty uninteresting regardless of what their points are. There's a very fine line of mediocre units that are a little expensive that get cheaper so people are like "Alright, I guess I can see that." It's really hard to have an overall positive discussions in that environment. However, even given that I think this is going to be a very good year, just like every sigmar year!!
  5. I THOUGHT the app was going to be the 'cure-all' to long waits between battletome releases but that didn't happen. I wish they would release updated scrolls outside battletomes much much more often (NOT like the thunderers! That was just....shameful). Yeah, it would stink that you have all these dumb pamphlets instead of a proper book but heck, we already have to carry around 20 books. Why not throw in a 3 ring binder?
  6. Aos? Just kidding 😉 With my brother-in-law we do 2K in about 1 hour. With my game group we usually play 3-4K and it takes one click over forever. But there's beer...so that helps.
  7. I really don't get the hate on the eels. They're a pretty good MELEE unit (so auto worse)...once per game....if you take volturnos? Wow. There are so many other armies out there that have way more devastating and way more universally useful models. They don't need nerfed into the ground. They need the point increase they got and enormous discounts everywhere else. With the new reroll hits of 1 command point, the KO battletome has officially been deemed useless. No artifacts, no command traits, no command abilities and house abilities that can be replicated in other places in order? Welcome back celestial hurricannum. You're now a permanent member of a mixed KO order force. I can't believe there's been no talk about seraphon! They are going to be nasty this year. Their spells are pretty awesome and mostly meh point increases I'm feeling a very good year for the scalies!!
  8. I love table abilities. I think in general the community does not, but I think tables are a good way to add interesting abilities that are easily manipulated for balance purposes. Also they can be changed rapidly and not impact whole armies for the long term. I don't really have an opinion on points per model. Some goods some bads. Mind you, that's an interesting discussion but ability wise I don't see why a point per model system is necessary.
  9. True but I was hoping more "warscroll-y", "matched play-y". I do like anything that adds flair though!
  10. Definitely a concern but if you kenw it was a possibility going into it, you could hopefully design your units away from it. Plus, with the variety of "choose a unit" command abilities and spells out there, you'd still have serious need of some big units. Also, there's a bunch of "deal a mortal wound to each unit within... " abilities that are kind of terrible. They would now actually have some value!
  11. That was kind of my initial thought (and why I titled it shifting bonuses) . I don't know how clunky it would get but if it's on a unit you're already keeping track of it may be easier than not. I need to know if I have less than 20 models. OK, now I do, new bonus kick in. That's a great idea too. Everything is based around bonuses, it's only fitting to have a few negatives. It's would be a nice way to balance out the current bonus to unit profiles AND a decrease in points from horde bonuses. Also, a good buff to shooting where it really needs it. Most people hate being hero sniped but there's not a ton of concern about their giant blocks of 40 getting shot because it isn't usually worth it (a few outliers are there of course) . May help branch out the usefulness of shooting units.
  12. Oh I agree you wouldn't want it to be every unit. Too messy. But I feel like we definitely need to have more "situationally good" unit quantities that aren't based solely around the idea of "more is probably better but I can't afford it".
  13. I like unit size based bonuses. They're a fun way to add versatily to units without having to make new units. However, I have never seen a unit that has bonuses based on how few models they have. I feel like this should be a natural evolution of the units. I'd like to see a unit, like skeletons for instance, that get bonuses to attacks in large numbers get bonuses to speed, charge or piling in if they had less than 10 models. I don't like that you essentially take small units for a set number of reasons: models too $$, ran out of points, fulfilling battalion requirement without wanting the unit, or filling battleline. I think the game needs some advantages that you ONLY get in small numbers. I know "easier to be wholly within" could count or things like cover and ironclads which arbitrarily set a limit but most of the time it's just worse to have less models. Maybe get a plus 1 to hit as the unit gets smaller to represent something like chameleon skinks taking you by surprise or a plus 1 to save for a particularly fast unit that could represent an ability to dodge more easily. Thoughts?
  14. Updating the listing. Here's what's left. Lord of Blights Beast of Nurgle (x2 Painted, x2 new) Plague Drones on Sprues (x2) 7 sets of putrid blightkings (3 painted, 4 built and primed) Harbinger of Decay with a Bow Two fake harbinger/Chaos knight conversions 3 feculent gnarlmaws Gutrot Spume Spoilpox Scriviner Rotbringer Sorcerer (x2) Lord of Plagues (x2) Nurglings (x9/12 3 painted well, 6 painted dreadful, 3 on sprue) Poxbringer (x2) Nurgle Battletome with wheel Forge World GUO 10x Nurgle Painted Chaos Warriors Thanks!
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