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  1. Vextol

    Help with Doubles Events Rules

    Stateside. However, I will gladly harass them with written requests. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Vextol

    Help with Doubles Events Rules

    I've seen that FAQ. Kudos btw, it's like the only official piece of documentation that can really be applied to doubles play. It's a really weird ruling. Why is that even a thing? What situation in singles play comes up that this FAQ was required? I digress. This tid from the packet Gaz shared is the only part that seems like it's trying to address this. Army becomes your side not your player army. Our group officially gets stuck here. Do we treat an army as a side or not. If not, then abilities don't spread and rules become easy. If we do, then we have to make a slew of house rules to keep absurdity under wraps but army building becomes much more fun . I know that there's going to be endless "options" because of the lack of officialness. I appreciate all the input so far though. Come on doubles rules in GH 2019 😆!
  3. Vextol

    Help with Doubles Events Rules

    You rock. Thank you. Eh em...broken record coming.. Unfortunately, this is what I'm encountering. This does not cover any of the questions I have. I'm absolutely certain that at the event this will be clear but the publications don't ever address any of it. I will take it as a semi-good indication that GW is at least a little interested in doubles play. Definitely closer! Did you go to this event by chance? Seems to me that this match would indicate that there would be crossover between armies (what with "player" being "team" and the one command point thing) 😀
  4. Vextol

    Help with Doubles Events Rules

    I understand that now. I guess I'm looking for a good representation of a doubles event pack 😆
  5. Vextol

    Bloodclaw Starhost: Strategic Mastery

    I asked a similar question about a different ability in death a while back and was given a "deal with it, rules are different sometimes" style response. One month later, GW updated the rule to match the way I thought it should be. What I'm getting at is, just ask your opponent. In a tournament setting youre going to be stuck but realistically, when something is as "slam dunk" situationally as this, I think you need to be pretty unreasonable to say that the designers intended to update one rule to be useful but not the other.
  6. Vextol

    Blood tithe

    I think he's referring to unit's summoned during the opponent's hero phase using "Blood Pact".
  7. Vextol

    Named characters and command traits

    It is definitely strange but I think it's just an artifact of the 2.0 transition. GW is doing things to address it. Some of the command traits (Volturus, Morathi, Archaon) have the addition of "If this model is your general..." to offset the weirdness. Or you could be like death and have it that if you want to take the named guys, they HAVE to be your general. I imagine that over time this weirdness will be addressed by continued omission of command abilities for named characters that aren't your general. Or you could just go fluffy and say that while the models are tough and battle hardened, they suck at military tactics 😂
  8. Vextol

    Help with Doubles Events Rules

    Unfortunately, this is what I'm encountering. This does not cover any of the questions I have. I'm absolutely certain that at the event this will be clear but the publications don't ever address any of it. I will take it as a semi-good indication that GW is at least a little interested in doubles play. @RuneBrush Unfortunately, with the Endless Legions, the command ability is limited to a Grand Host general but its usage seems to target any friendly summonable unit. Again, its not like we can argue this. There are not real rules governing it I was just looking for official-ish takes on it. I don't want it to be two armies that don't attack each other fighting two armies that don't attack each other but can see why it may end up being that. I think crossover is what makes it fun. You can find cool combinations and sometimes units that serve no real purpose suddenly becoming interesting.
  9. Vextol

    Help with Doubles Events Rules

    Sorry, probably a bad question. I was only interested in doubles. Bthabk you for the clarification. 1v1 multiple times doesn't really get me what I was after and I am pretty confident I can figure those rules out. 😂
  10. Foe those of you who have played doubles events, how does the event handle crossover? 1. Can you you use command abilities on your teammates? How about command abilities that are allegiance specific (can Nagash bring back a unit in a team night haunt army)? 2. Do artifacts with bubbles affect both teammates? 3. Can you target your teammates with spells that target friendly units? 4. Do battle traits or things "not on warscrolls" crossover? 5. Do you share command points? It seems from most rulesets I've read that teams don't get two sets of terrain, you don't get two sets of special abilities (blood tithe, tzeentch summoning points) you can't take multiple named characters and spells are always once per turn. Other than that, having never been to a doubles event I don't know how they handle everything else and the rulesets are not overtly clear. I understand that the rules will vary from one event to the next but I'm just looking for experiences from people. I hope GW considers a more official team ruleset or guidelines in the future. I love doubles matches. Edit: changed wording from team to doubles
  11. I've never been wrong on a rule... Seriously though, one of the things that gets our group most is reading a rule then misremembering "unit" from "model". Loremaster was shockingly underpriced before it was pointed out that his spell that let's you reroll all failed hits and wounds only worked on one model and not one unit.
  12. Vextol

    Soul Cage Spell Nighthaunt

    Haha! It was fight! Not a GW typo then but a general typo 😂 That basically clears it up for me. Thanks!
  13. Vextol

    Soul Cage Spell Nighthaunt

    I don't necessarily agree with the notion "must" being "if possible" because it would call every other "must" in question. I always read must as a definite must unless a warscrolls specifically says they don't have to. You cannot fight unless you attack because you must attack to be able to fight. That makes attacking integral to activating because fighting is integral to activating and attacking is integral to fighting. It's the big difference in our logic. I do not read an implicit "if possible". 1. Interesting and something I hadn't considered. That's a legitimate question in any form actually. I think the intent behind the rule was that if you killed a charged unit with a different unit, you could pile into a second unit with the one that charged so as not to waste the charge. I've never considered what would happen if your second pile in didn't actually make it to anything. 2. I suppose yes but I know this community at large would disagree. If not, I'm invisioning a stardrake with the cloak in the house that let's you attack in the hero phase. If you had enough stuff in combat, he could easily wait until the end, eat 6 people (and break cohesion killing a ton) and never himself be attacked. 3. I considered this actually. I believe what would occur would be the first player whose turn it was when there were only soul cage units left in the field would get to attack. Not super clear though. I think I'm on the fence right now. I don't like the idea of making a unit lose all their attacks. It's one thing to make someone attack last, it's another to take 100% of their combat capability simply with some tricky activation
  14. Vextol

    Chameleon Skinks Disappear From Sight

    Honestly, it's just the general vibe of their ability and from hearing people talk. Often I hear "next movement phase" in discussion and I've seen them disappear and reappear the same turn from other people playing against them. Just never really considered it before and the other discussion caused me to reread the rule. I just wanted to make sure it was actually being played like that in most settings or if people (like me) were seeing it happen in the same turn. And, as with all things, it causes a multitude of new question to form.
  15. There's another discussion afoot elsewhere but I wanted to clarify something. When chameleon Skinks use "disappear from sight" can they reappear in the same turn or do they have to wait until next turn? The way it's worded indicates they have to wait an entire turn to reappear. That makes their ability considerably worse, especially when you have abilities like Aquilor's out there. If they do indeed need to wait an entire turn, it makes the other discussion about summoning hidden much more interesting. 🤔