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  1. Vextol

    Gnarlroot and Forest Spirits

    I'm SURE this has been asked, but I searched, failed, and am now posting. Can a wizard in a Sylvaneth Gnarlroot be setup in the 'hidden enclaves' utilizing the "Forest Spirits" rule. Rule says this: Instead of setting up a Sylvaneth unit or battalion, you can place it to one side and say it is setup as part of your army in one of the hidden enclaves. So, say I have a battlemage in the gnarlroot, because gnarlroot can take an order wizard-can he hide with his friends? The rule does not specify that units with the Sylvaneth keyword inside a battalion can be setup in the hidden enclaves, it just says 'battalion'. I would assume this includes the order wizard. Also, can this be done piecewise as is typical for battalion deployment or does it have to be the whole thing? Again, it says 'battalion' as in entirety. Thanks!
  2. Vextol

    Sell Me Your Faction

    The question to be answered is, are you interested in your future? If so, you should pick a faction that is ready to expand. A faction ON THE BRINK! A faction so hot in Games Workshop's mind that they addressed and FAQed literally every single model in the alliance! You guessed it, the chaos gargants! What better way to end a long and arduous day than by enjoying a beer and painting your favorite reminder that deep down, games workshop just doesn't give a ******. This activity is so enjoyable, you can repeat it every day! Why bother trying to figure out how to paint multiple kinds of details or wasting money on more than 4 kinds of paints. Perfect your game by learning the ins and outs of your single model army. Never forget a rule or be bogged down by all the nonsense of 'magic'. Once your confident with your knowledge and abilities to play your faction, feel free to expand and double its size with IDENTICAL RESOURCES! You don't have to worry about figuring out what to do because you already know! And think about it. Another model release and you can double your options! Come. Join the stumbling, bumbling brotherhood of drunken bearded nonsense. Grab yourself a gargant. Your just one model away.
  3. Vextol

    AoS 2 - piling in & shutting down enemy models

    I think GW was trying to explicitly emulate the difficult decision a hero faces when presented with two equally challenging options. Classic pile in dilema
  4. Vextol

    AoS 2 - piling in & shutting down enemy models

    Right but wasn't that the goal? They changed the wording specifically to allow that then took it away.
  5. Vextol

    AoS 2 - piling in & shutting down enemy models

    Intent rules in this game though. The real question is why? Why put this in the faq at all? What "issue" were they addressing?
  6. Vextol

    The New FAQ (23/07/2018)

    If you look at the results from Midwest meltdown it looks like making his command ability "once per phase" and removing astrolith stacking was all you needed. Everything else is just overkill.
  7. Vextol

    The New FAQ (23/07/2018)

    That's fair! I think he's extremely susceptible to ranged attacks. The eternity wardens help a lot. I guess I liked having a seraphon unit that could deal "easy damage". They have very little rend, mediocre range and most of their stuff is pretty squishy. Time will tell on Kroak but I just wish that occasionally GW went a little less crazy on some of their nerfs. Also, starseer was my favorite model so I'm a little sour all in all 😁
  8. Vextol

    The New FAQ (23/07/2018)

    Call. I do not believe they missed 7 key points about Kroak and are now updating him to reflect that. Thats like selling 1kg of strawberries for £1 and then realizing that it was supposed to be 100g, they weren't available today, you didn't actually know where to get them, you had to add in a delivery fee, and that the strawberries were actually car parts.
  9. Vextol

    Idoneth Volturnos command ability

    Don't get too excited though...the way GW has been going, if you think you may have a strong third turn charge with your eels but 12 people complain you will feel the wrath of the Nerf bat falling upon you. Enjoy your damage while you can...
  10. Vextol

    AoS 2 - piling in & shutting down enemy models

    Well, there are many times a hero is between two units. You simply charge the two units and during pile in (if your opponent isn't careful) you make sure the units you charged with pile in to create this situation. Not easy, but definitely not impossible.
  11. Vextol

    Piling in

    Ok. The issue came up because of the new rule that you cannot resurrect into combat unless you're already in combat. Seems like a stupid clarification if you can simply resurrect close enough to pile in to combat anyway. Barely has any impact at all. Really it just stopped you from pilling into combat directly but all that does is force you to make a 3 inch charge...whoop whoop.
  12. Vextol

    The New FAQ (23/07/2018)

    😲 Also, I think GW overdid it too much. I think they way way way overreact when they fix things (BCR, Kharadrons, Seraphon now). The portal nerf would have almost been enough on its own to fix Koroak. You didn't have to basically completely wreck the model. They cut his range back, made his spell harder to cast, decreased its potency, added variable success, decreased its damage slightly, wrecked his command ability, AND nerfed his best casting buffer in the army. If you don't include the impact from umbral portal that's 7 nerfs....7. That's way overboard! Had you simply left the lens of refraction alone you really didn't have to do much at all to Kroak. Umbral portal could have been made once per wizard and spell amulet could have just been given variable success. Or reduce damage by 1 instead of d3. You didn't have to make it essentially useless. Now I'm fine with smashing engine of the gods, kroak, rippers, starseer and astrolith bearer. It's great...love it. But you can't take everything away without point changes. THAT'S how you break a unit. Have we learned nothing from BCR and Thunderers?! Classic overreactions that just eliminates issues by erasing them. Remove interesting and useful elements from the game just so you don't have to try to balance.
  13. Vextol

    Piling in

    If you have a line of guys (X) in combat with another unit (O) can you pile into a different unit (Z) if you are not in combat with that unit but you are CLOSEST to that unit with troops from X? Example: OOOO XXXX X XX X X XXXXX ZZZZ Where the 4 Xs are 1 inch from the Os and the 5 Xs are 3.5 inches away from ZZZZ.
  14. Vextol

    Sylvaneth Summoning and Navigate the Realmroots

    I believe you are correct. There are a variety of abilities all over the game that would work the same way (Saurus Guard in the star host battalion , astrolith bearer, vanguard raptors, etc.). These units would also typically have detrimental effects that they can bypass by "not moving" in the traditional sense. I say you are reading correctly.
  15. Vextol

    The New FAQ (23/07/2018)

    Did they break piling in AGAIN?! Q: When one of my models piles in, if it is equally close to two different enemy models, do I have to finish the move as close or closer to each of those models? For example, if my model is in base contact with two enemy models, does it have to finish a pile-in move in base contact with both those models? A: Yes to both questions – if this is impossible the model cannot move. So we CAN slide around models.... But just once 😐