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  1. Initial Character details: Name: Iorek Stronginthearm Species: Duardin Archetype: Trade Pioneer Still thinking about goals. Background-wise I'm thinking that he's a younger son of a reasonably respected and affluent family of duardin traders, and as such, has had to prove his worth from a distance. Slightly morose about the fact that being Soulbound means that he will not be able to be buried alongside his ancestors. How are we doing dice rolling?
  2. @JReynolds Does this mean that Steel Soul is no longer happening? I noticed it vanished from the upcoming section of your Tinyletter last month.
  3. The Rotters in the Nurgle team do fit on 25mm bases - I've used them for my own Nurgle marauders.
  4. Judgements require the army to be a Khorne army, so yes, they are allegiance locked.
  5. That's just the problem of AoS being a d6 based game - things with different levels of armour are going to have the same save. Think Liberator and Retributor, for example. Bear in mind that Chaos Warriors also have an extra wound to differentiate them.
  6. First appeared in the 1985 Ewok TV movie.
  7. Sooooo... Ardboyz have gone full circle - from consolidated weapons profiles with the original Black Orcs warscroll to separated profiles for the original Ardboyz and now back to consolidated profiles - did GW figure they messed up by separating them out?
  8. I think the counterparts are meant to be Hysh and Ulgu, Aqshy and Chamon, Ghyran and Ghur, and Azyr and Shyish.
  9. The Slaves to Darkness battleforce is still available on the webstore as well.
  10. I don't think so, no. It's not the same as in 40k, where it's a lot more strict.
  11. Actually, looking at the wording in the Stormcast Eternals battletome, units that already have a Stormhost keyword can be included in an army that has a different keyword - they just lose out on the abilities, so it is not as bad as it seems, hopefully. So basically, it shouldn't stop the rest of your army being GAVESPAWN or DARKWALKERS, though it will miss out on their abilities.
  12. As shown in The Rumour Thread, the link for the article on Warhammer Community has low resolution copies of the warscroll. While much of the Beastmen warscroll is obscured, the right-most visible keyword of Grashrak Fellhoof is ALLHERD.
  13. Unfortunately, he appears to have the Allherd keyword, somewhat restricting his use.
  14. Some models, such as the Tzeentch Magister and the Necromancer have had slightly adjusted moulds so that what used to be the scenic base is now just a piece of scenery that can be glued onto a standard base with no extra work.
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