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  1. Too bad we're in for 6 months of cold and wet days -_-' Alright, so it's better than the old one? Or is it about the same?
  2. Wondering how it is compared to the old Skull White spray, which isn't fantastic.
  3. Nice work on the magnetization there. Don't think I would have the patience to do that. I would just buy more models and paint them too, which takes longer so it makes no sense
  4. Looks absolutely hideous, in the best possible way
  5. Holy ****** haha. And here I'm snapping pictures with my iPhone x) Beautiful models!
  6. So the gf is assembling some Skaven from an old Island of Blood set to try out AoS. Thought I'd whip some paint on the characters to help her get started. This one is a bit sloppy but speed was the goal I also found a neat little surprise in a box. Something I forgot I had. Pics of that soon...
  7. Lokhe

    Based in Stockholm

    Såg din post lite sent hehe.
  8. Always nice to finally paint something you've had your eye on for a while
  9. Lokhe

    August's AoS day

    Dang, I really have to get that Prisma app, these pictures look amazing!
  10. Lokhe

    Sunday Project

    Yours turned out quite nicely too I'd say buddy I agree, the edge highlight is great! the way it is!
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