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  1. Holy cow, that is an alpha strike list if I've ever seen one. Thanks for posting this.
  2. There was an ironjaws player in the top 15 at this event. Can anybody with the BCP sub post what they took please?
  3. Get bottom of first turn via battalion drop, move forward, try to charge him. Go for broke with the double on turn 2. 50% of the time it works every time!
  4. Thanks for all the help guys! Love this forum. Yea the faq cleared it up, Ive been tactically retreating a lot with my cowardly orks much to the chagrin of the local khorne BB player. However it came up last week, and reading the rules I was kinda stumped it seemed that I had to kill myself on his dudes. Thanks! NO MORE SUICIDES FOR THIS WARBOSS!
  5. "Any unit that has charged or has models within 3" of an enemy unit can attack with its melee wepons in the combat phase." "...and so on until all eligible units one both sides have attacked once each." So can I charge a unit of wrathmongers and then not attack them? If 1 wrathmonger charges my mawcrusha do I HAVE to suicide myself on it? It seems like I have to kill myself all the time in this game...
  6. If you get to activate your unit first you can bump your opponents models and deny them a good pile in.
  7. Post images when you get all the big custom monsters finished! Those look very awesome, nice use of all the different kits. Looked like you had plague drone, tyranids and a troll all in one model. Very cool!!!
  8. Dream

    Iron & Ard Fist!

    Ive gotten lucky in the last few weeks in lining up my mawcrusha to crush(hehe) those few remaining models with his destructive bulk. The only time ive ever beaten khorn bb in a 1500pt+ game was when my mawcrusha got 4 charges off in one turn! lol But yea other than lucky d-bulk roles finishing off units is very time consuming for this army. If ardboys went to general battle line(the are practically the same as chaos warriors) I think that that would solve all their issues.
  9. Dream

    Iron & Ard Fist!

    He has 4 units of 20. But yea the gruntas need a boss character with a special wep(a la brutes) otherwise they just aren't worth the points.
  10. Dream

    Iron & Ard Fist!

    Yea I was putting the talisman on him so he didnt get sniped by Warp lightning or a venator. But now im sad Seems really lame. Flesheaters and death seem even more ridiculous now, a guy around here runs 4 blocks of skeles, getting 4d6 back in one turn, yet I cant get some ardboys to walk in off the back board edge. Welp, guess its back to running the big ironfist that everybody else plays
  11. Dream

    Iron & Ard Fist!

    why did they bother to give it points then??? This is such a let down, I just finished painting my army and Ive already used it a few events feels bad man.
  12. Dream

    Iron & Ard Fist!

    well i guess im just a big cheating ork
  13. Dream

    Iron & Ard Fist!

    Thats not how its played, around here at least, cause its techically healing a unit back to full strength. You can never have more than 2k points on the board with this formation. Its more like the nurgle tallyband or the flesheater stuff, which heals up units.
  14. I've been using this locally and was wondering what the wider TGA community thought of this competitive list using both the Ironfist and the Ardfist battalions in a pure Ironjaws list. Mawkrusha 520 (Warlord, ravager, brew) Megaboss 140 (brew) Chanta x 2 160 (One is in the ardfist formation gets the 4+ward save) Brutes x 5 180 (1handers, Big Boss usually in here) Brutes x 5 180 (2handers, goes behind a unit or ardboys somewhere) Gruntas x 3 180 (1"weps) Ardboys x 10 180 (rending) Ardboys x 10 180 (rending) Ardboys x 10 180 (rending) Ardfist 40 Ironfist 60 Total 2000 I had been running a list that was just one big ironfist but I kept getting wrecked by alpha strikes(shooting, drop rets) and/or losing attrition battles to other fighty armies(khornebb, death). Overall I was doing quite well with the big ironfist list but it had some bad match ups and I wanted to keep playing pure badass orks so I came up with this list. So far its worked quite well. It plays pretty much like any other ironjaws list, hammer them down asap, but there is one exception. With the ardfist you can afford to sacrifice some of your ardboys in the first couple of turns as long as you can keep the chanter alive or hidden and somewhat centrally located. Even tho I dont get the extra d6 move ardboys are still quite speedy with their +2 to run. In fact, they are fast enough to get on objectives turn one and be ready to absorb a nasty charge, I often place the 2" brutes behind them for extra charge absorbing effectiveness. The ardboys can then be ready to slog back onto the board turn 3 or 4 and help secure the back line or run and plug up any holes. Its been pretty nasty! Also I love being able to be very reckless with some units as long as I'm conservative with others, namely that one special war chanta. Only change I would make after the few games I've played is swapping out the gruntas(they are always underwhelming) for a third unit of brutes. The extra mobility is nice, but its overkill for the sacrafice in damage output. Just having a 3rd claw and brute smasha would be nice. Anyways let me know what you all think. Thanks!
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