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Just like I said in a post a minute ago, the model is one of my absolute favorites. I thought I exclusively enjoyed the Ironjawz in a bright and vibrant color scheme but you've changed my mind 'cause I thoroughly enjoy this look.  

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I really want orks to sinister, not silly. Yea sure, they laugh a bit, after they crush your face all "the mountain vs the viper" style and lick your blood and brains from their fingers. That is how I've always thought of them so I wanted to paint these guys with a semi muted pallet (think dusty ww2 soldiers or just historical models) and with realistic colors, none of that flashy ******. Also I wanted their skin to be very dark green. Ive always latched onto the concept from the 3rd edition 40k ork codex that the bigger orks get the darker green they are supposed to get. So my orks aren't pale like grots/snotlings. The studio army for ironjaws makes me cringe hard, its like the exact opposite of what I've always imagined orks to be. 

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