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  1. I have a terrible reputation for keeping up with my contracts but reports and marking always get in the way. I want to try and paint my Malignants box set in preparation of Soul Wars, I also want to finish painting my Lord Relictor This is my pledge for the rest of June
  2. Love the deisgn man. I agree. Like the Hammers but my heart went to the celestial vindicators. Like painting good sons of horus Again, great job
  3. I'm starting my pledge a little bit late as I have been waiting to add vanguard to my stormcast so Lord Aquilor 3 Palladors 5 Vanguard 3 Gryphhounds (Additionally) 1 Lord Relictor 1 Lord Ordinator
  4. Whereabouts are you? Spain? Do you play 40k. Its the stuff i have to trade
  5. Love the colour scheme Celestial Vindicators! Your use of colour to depict edges is very clear and neat. Great work. Love the Spartan look!
  6. Wow an awesome model, I have the set myself but trying to get more painted in my army before I start on it. Love the use of colour, especially the corroded metal. Really well done Played any good games with him recently?
  7. Since my first post I have been able to finish the bases on my next set of models. These Liberators have been done for a while but required a bit of sprucing up with another layer of Liberator Gold and a their bases painted. This unit of Liberators are led by a Prime named Sulla that has held the line admirably in several key battles. Get them in cover holding objectives and they can be hard as nails. Not very deadly but a good line unit. When I get my next unit of liberators, Grand hammers will be in this unit's future, To help out the Fists Obsidian and provide sage advice to the Lord Celestant, they are accompanied by Cato, a grumpy and old fashioned wizard of the Collegiate Arcane. He is miffed because for the time being he has had to leave his Hurricanum in Azyrheim. (It will a while before he won't have to walk anywhere). Yesterday, my friends, my girlfriend and I went down to our local shops and played several games from the Generals Handbook. Each of us taking a hero and a unit to try and capture a central objective, and cause the most kills. I took my Lord Celestant on Dracoth (Overkill I know but as he was newly painted and untested in battle since being finished an exception was made) and a unit of 5 Judicators (To be posted sometime in September). Arrayed against me were a force of High Elves (A Prince with Bow and a unit of ten swordsmasters) , another force of High Elves ( A prince with blade and a unit of 5 Silver Helms) and a force of chaos (A Bloodsecrator leading a unit of ten Chaos warriors with two hand weapons.) It was the first time I had used Judicators and I am definitely a fan. The battle was close and ended with Chaos and High Elves (Force 2) struggling for the objective and the failed charge by my Judicators and poor showing or my general leaving me out of the running for the Win. What was even better was it was only the High Elf player's second game and she stung us on both objectives by tactically retreating her Silver Helms to the Objective just in the nick of time. Her prince also lanced his way through a unit to Chaos warriors and his enchanted shield kept him from being overwhelmed. It was awesome that someone so new to the game could enjoy it with our group and even come out on top. The second game was unfortunately cut short due to the store closing but ended in a victory for Chaos, Man Flamers of Tzeench are scary. Wiping out entire units with their damaging shots and mortal wounds... Anyway thanks for listening to my ramble and I'll have another blog post up shortly. Cheers!
  8. I agree with Sadysaneto... Aos is in the early stage, is new and fresh and is a far cry from the Old world that we all loved. However, the old warhammer was very 'forgotten realms' with a sizeable dollop of Tolkein. You are showing extracts of the Grand Alliance books... have you read the battletomes? Some very original and characterful fluff there. Wait for the 'Shadow Aelves... If the models in the Silver Tower are any indication then we are all in for a treat
  9. My first post on TGA, Yahoo! I am a massive geek who loves wargaming, superheros, fantasy and science fiction. I live in Madrid and the AOS scene is slowly growing here. My friend, my girlfriend and I are going to be starting a local club soon but 9th age is much beloved by our local game shops clientèle and Infinity very popular too. I have been especially in love with age of Sigmar since I first tried playing it in Canterbury a year ago, it is so easy to get into and games are fun and has loads of potential for creative objectives and battles. its been a month since i decided to document my hobby journey and hope to update at the latest every fortnight. I am not the fastest painter by any means so I hope to fill the interludes with some new battle reports, fiction and useful tips I come across. The pictures below are of my Lord Celestant on Dracoth from the AOS starter set. He was painted for a competition at our local GW store and hopefully soon will have the results. I decided to paint him and the rest of my Stormcast in a modified Celestial Vindicators colour scheme, substituting white for a bone and using a slightly brighter colour palate. This is mainly because I am a huge fan of the fluff regarding their Stormhost, especially the need to exact vengeance upon Chaos for the pain and suffering they caused during the Stormcast's previous life, before they were reforged. My Lord Celestant's name is Lord Marius Obsidian-Fist and his Chamber is the Fists Obsidian. Each member of the chamber has a single fist painted black in mourning. Each member of the Chamber was slain in their previous life by the actions of a family member who was corrupted by chaos. Their nature is stoic and they burn with a cold fury which they use to great effect upon the enemies of Sigmar. A big thanks to my amazing girlfriend who took these pictures for me, she also has a blog on TGA under the username: Xox-Kitten-xoX (Blog name is Twisted Shadows)
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