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  1. I don't like Kroot as part of the Tau Empire, the idea of them being their own faction has always made more sense to me. The one thing that strikes me as a bit odd is your choice of hounds for demigryph knights: the hounds really aren't all that big.. So it'd be a bit like using goblin wolfriders as mournfang cavalry. It might be a closer fit to use (regular) Knarlocs or the krootox as Demigryph, and the great knarlocs as a General on Griffin/Steam Tank.
  2. I'm in a fairly similar situation myself only my collection consists mainly of Dark Elves, it was (or is) really challenging for me to get my head around AoS and the subfactions/factions/allegiances and the abilities/relics that come with them. In the end I just grabbed some of the units & models I think look cool as an army, and started playing some games. So far I've mainly been using spearmen and crossbowmen along with a sorcererss, bolt thrower, and blackguard. Is it a competitive list? Most certainly not, but I've gotten some actual games in and am starting to get a bettter idea of how AoS works. The people I play against are mainly returning fantasy players, or kind enough to tone down their list when they face off against a noob like myself ;). By simply playing the game with a crappy list I'm starting to see what I need, which is giving me ideas to work towards; I'll be adding some fast cavalry to my list, and probably a cavalry/flying hero to help with objectives. Because mobility is the point where my current list is coming up short. After that.. Who knows what I need; probably mortal wounds, so I'll start looking into those when the time comes. Unless everyone you know is hyper-competitive and unwilling to tone down their list to help you learn the game, you can simply mess around with your current models and get some feedback from you opponents. Then use the experience from your first few games to change your army or maybe pick up a new unit. So my advice would be to just make a list with a little bit of everyhing (dragon, mage, infantry, warmachine, cavalry) and see if you can find someone to play a game against. A pick-up game at a local store might not be ideal; but if you stop by during game-night you can probably find someone that'll be happy to play an intro-game against you the next week.
  3. Or, remove some speartips and glue on a little 'net' in place. Goblins/Grots are probably mad enough to try and catch a bloodthirster in a butterfly-net.
  4. Nice, that skitarri rifle fits really well.
  5. Nailpolish remover or break fluid (used = better) work great for metal miniatures. Plastic and Resin get tricky, but metal models can take quite a beating. You'll want to wear some gloves and work in a well ventilated area regardless. Even fairly harmless stuff like Simple Green can cause irritation if your working with the undiluted form.
  6. They look good! The base makes them feel a darker though. Not sure what you have in mind for them; but something 'light' like desert (bone/yellow) or snow/ice bases will really make the models pop.
  7. I don't really play chaos anymore, but I should have enough bits laying about to make something on that list. So I'll give it a go, a little project to increase the hobby skills is always a good idea.
  8. I haven't looked at a whole lot of High Elf models recently, but the description of this one made me think of this thread. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-AU/Skycutters Or am I just so out of touch with the range that the Sea Aelves have been a faction I simply never heard of.
  9. Fluff shouldn't be that big a hurdle; they tossed it all out of the window to start over a couple years ago, no reason they can't do it again. All they need is a bit of background per Battletome on how "warboss Gurk Squigstabber united the greenskins into a waagh of old" or "elven princes 1, 2, 3, & 4 created a new council and how they are slabout to set out to find their lost kin" and than provide some rules for a fielding a united army for that faction.
  10. I might be interested if the bases were set straight and in base-to-base contact so that I would be able to use my collection in AoS as well as 8th/9th age/etc. But that might be a niche market.
  11. Work and Uni have been very inconsiderate in regards to my hobby time the last week or so, but with a bit of luck I'll get some more work done this weekend.
  12. nice, the Averland colours have always been one of my favourites.
  13. @Redmanphill Those are going to be some sizeable islands Will you be carving them out of styrodor or something similar? or will you use corkbark for those aswell? I've never worked with that kind of bark (just bark chips for rocks etc.) so I'm a bit curious as to what you could do with bigger pieces, and if the weight becomes a problem.
  14. He's coming together nicely. I'm looking forward to the final product.
  15. Cool stuff: a horde of skeletons like that is always a sight the heroes look great too.
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