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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Update: 28/02/18 Number of models completed = 70 February Worked on a unit of Nurglings (tidied the hobby room a bit and got some models ready to Ebay) Completed 3 Nurgling Bases Prepped 6 Screamers (undercoated), built and undercoated bases for 3 Plague Drones, 2 Blightlords, 10 Blue Horrors, 6 Screamers, Built 4 Objective Markers, Assembled 3 Plague Drones. Worked on the Screamers Completed 6 Screamers Finished a Feculent Gnarlmaw and 5 Chaos Hounds. Played first game with the new Nurgle Battletome - lost to Death! Finished 5 Pink Horrors Started working on Plague Drones Completed 3 Plague Drones Bought Malign Portents Book and Card and entered the GW Malign Portents competition Undercoated some shields Holiday! Holiday! Holiday! Holiday! Holiday! Worked on some Chaos Warriors and an Exalted Flamer Finished an Exalted Flamer Nothing done Nothing done Worked on some Chaos Warriors Birthday - received 4 boxes of Pusgoyle Blightlords, an Ogroid Thaumurturge, and a Darkoath Warqueen Assembled two Blightlord flies Nothing done Worked on Chaos Warriors Worked on Chaos Warriors Nothing done Snow Day! Did some Chaos Warriors (again!) January Worked on 2 blue horrors (not based yet), assembled 10 pink horrors Spray primed 6 pink horrors Spray primed 4 pink horrors and zenithalled the first 6 Nothing done Completed 5 Blue Horrors Nothing done Completed 5 Blue Horrors Nothing Done Completed 20 Brimstone Horrors and 10 Plague Bearers Started working on Horticulux Slime More work on HS No painting, but I did get my list written for the Warhammer Age go Sigmar Heat 1 3 games of Warhammer at Heat 1 (bought the Maggotkin Book, cards, and Tzeentch cards) 2 games of Warhammer at Heat 1 - finished 13th and won best army Nothing done Nothing done More work on Horticulux Slimux More work on Horticulux Slimux More work on Horticulux Slimux (I'M SEEING A PATTERN HERE...) Worked up the base for HS Completed Horticulux Slimux Built 3 Nurglings Nothing done Nothing done Nothing done Nothing done - Hospital Nothing done - Hospital Nothing done - Hospital Nothing done Worked on 5 Pink Horrors, Primed 16 Chaos Warriors, Built a Lord of Affliction and Blight Lord Primed 3 Nurglings, 10 Blue Horrors, 8 Chaos Warriors, Built some bases, Finished 5 Pink Horrors
  2. I bought a bunch of Tzeentch models from a friend of mine a few months ago, and three of the models were Exalted Flamers. I have sprayed and undercoated the thereof them about nine times so far, and I have not been able to find a scheme or style that I like. The models have a lot of flat detail that doesn't wash well and is tricky to dry brush too. I tried fades from bottom to top of similar colours, colours that contrast, and different tones of the same colour. None of these particularly inspired me, or if they did I found it hard to get a good highlight or shade onto the model. In the end I went with a contrast from a light brown to yellow. I then used purple as the contrast colour for the flames - no particularly inspiring, but it works well. I did the flames all with washes and then quickly highlighted the tops with a white. I really wanted the model finished and in the end I just called it done as I didn't want to continue working on a model I wasn't enjoying. It will look fine in my Tzeentch force, but I really didn't enjoy the sculpt or the painting experience. The pale yellow highlights were easy to bring back using the Lamentors yellow glaze, which I really like for working on yellow. Because I didn't enjoy the model I didn't spend much time picking out details like teeth and more on the flames. I'm not sure spending time on the flames would really make much difference, and I think it would be annoying to try and layer them up. I wonder if I had put the model together there might have been a way to keep the flames separate which may have allowed me to do a better job. This may have made the painting experience better too. I think the two spare flamers may find their way onto ebay in the near future!
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