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  1. Thanks. The bases are Agrellan Badland texture, with a thinned Agrax Earthshade wash before a heavy Baneblade Brown drybrush then a light Pallid Wych Flesh Drybrush.
  2. Having finished up the DoK warband, I moved on to another. I decided to make a Tzeentch coven to be able to use some disc riders, so elected for the Flesh eater Courts rules. As such, switched 2 disc riders to 50mm bases and made a leader with Kurdross' floating chair and legs since I've had them a while and a regal floating guy seems fitting. They'll count as the Crypy Flayers or Horrors. For ghouls I opted for Blue Horrors to match base size, and got one done and a few more in progress.
  3. Item sold, cheers.
  4. Thanks! I've since painted up the last 2 harpies as well as finishing the final mook.
  5. I've been busy again! This time round I took some older models I'd already painted and did some weapon/head swaps then repainted the weapons and armour (plus new bits) to match what I'd already done. So that's 1 more Melusai rebased and redone, as well as 7 Witch/Warlock Aelves of warious weapon loadouts done! The 8th Witch Aelf sadly still needs her new head painting, but I needed a break. All I have left now is 1 more Khinerai to finish painting, then 1 more Melusai and Khinerai to build/paint and I'll have all 15 models done for a well rounded roster.
  6. Thank you! Since it's almost been a whole day, I've managed to rebase the original Lamia, paint up antlers and finish the first khinerai too. Also built a second khinerai and painted her head before finishing up the first. Bit hard to see as it's basically white on white, but still -
  7. It has been a while! I moved on to other projects, most notably a pretty chunky Titanicus Legio with a host of Knights, then a second smaller Legio for my wife. With the advent of Warcry I figured I'd give it a shot even though I wish it had a more in depth campaign system. As I liked some Chaos models from each warband but not a whole warband, I figured I'd convert up one, and settled on this as the starting inspiration from my Chaos army - So, "Chaos" Daughters of Khaine it is, a la Realms of Chaos once again! I started on a couple more members, a khinerai and another melusai, painting the heads first to get a feel for them.
  8. Cheers guys! The horrors will likely have their upper faces smoothed away, so they just have mouths. Generally I plan for them to be inky dark like the other I've done, yet with luminous teeth. The Brimstones wouldn't be converted, as that would be an utter faff. I did manage to get 2 more disc riders done as well as another disc. This leaves a rider for that green disc plus the Gaunt Summoner conversion, and a Stormfiend for skirmish, to paint up on my desk. The Blue Scribes and some familiars should be arriving Wednesday so I can put the purple and yellow scribe on that disc. After that I'll only have the Lord of Change and a hell of a lot of horrors to paint so of course I'm now in the middle of converting a Chaos Lord on drake - I still need to bulk up the base and sculpt a saddle.
  9. Another one down. I worked out, for my target 2k DoT army, I'd in theory need to paint - 2 familiars Gaunt Summoner Lord of Change 2 Enlightened on discs 20 Pink Horrors 40-60 Blue Horrors 40-60 Brimstone Horrors Now the first 6 models, not so bad - fair enough. The remaining 140~ish? That's somewhat of a bad feeling, especially as I'm trying to work out how to keep some individuality to match the rest of the army.
  10. Thanks! Been working on some disc riders and got several finished up.
  11. Cheers! That old bone model used for the moonface guy is indeed a Khorne champion I believe. I finished up two more models who I'm pretty happy with, the lantern wielding warrior, and the lamia.
  12. Cheers guys. It's Kabalite Green shaded by adding in some dark blue. Only painted a disc in the last day or so, but I've been getting a bunch of models ready for the painting queue. Aside from these there are also another 4 or so, plus yet more discs.
  13. Well not exactly many comments it seems, but I've painted up another disc rider who I quite like. I really do like the combination of old RoC era miniatures on the newer aesthetic discs.
  14. Another quick one finished up, this guy is very likely going to go on the blue scribes disc when I get it.
  15. Been a while! I've been spending some time painting Adeptus Titanicus and now that project is essentially done till new models come out, so back to the Chaos skirmish I go. Finished up this new guy yesterday -
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