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Found 22 results

  1. May as well add this discussion to the growing pile. These guys will probably be my favorite warband out of the gate just like the eels are my favorite models. Can't wait to try out an all eel list here too 😉
  2. So this lovely warband have been announced, and I gotta say it looks as good as the untamed beasts! I would be excited to play them in the future for sure, and when I have some extra money I believe this is going to be my first non starter set warband I pick up.
  3. Greetings, When it comes to gaming in Age of Sigmar, I always found more appealing the smaller games. Being a huge fan of a series of articles that were published in 2004 in White Dwarf (and later revised in 2006) called "Warhammer: Warbands", I believe it is time to adapt such supplement to the current game: Age of Sigmar. The file you may find attached to download contains all the necessary information to play small-scaled games (100-500 points) for Age of Sigmar with a few different rules, and is mostly a word for word modification of its Warhammer Fantasy predecessor. Obviously, none of the content is official or anything similar, and simply tries to offer new options and guidelines to enjoy this game. Any comments or contributions are welcome (ps: please excuse my lazy editing skills ). The PDF file may be found below for downloading, while the first page preview is as follows: AoS_Warbands_V.1.0.pdf
  4. So i've tried to make a warband that doesn't suffer to much from the "nurgle number of 7" rule in this list when paying points for them and i seem to be a little bit off in the brain when it comes to organising a proper list. i am really fond of the -1 hit and the excessive mortal wounds doesnt hurt either. so what i need is: Help constructing a plaguetouched warband with Chaos Warriors or Marauders (whatever seems best fitting) if anyone has a great list with a combination of Glottkin / Plaguetouched Warband / Mark of Nurgle / Sayl to help buff your units seems utterly insane, would love too see lists including them. glottkin -1 to hit + 1 attack per weapon command ability warband -1 to hit + mortal wound from leaders and mortal wound on 6's to wound Chaos Warriors or Marauders getting 1 more wound per model until next hero phase from glottkin buffing your marauders or Chaos Warriors to give them 3+ save (re rollable 1's) Teleport them right infront of someones face and go bananas with sayl. Help a fellow nurgle brother out! Just to be clear: I'm looking for a more of a Slaves to Darkness themed list with this Warband. What i need from you: Construct a list and point out do's and dont's and other ideas involving this Warband. would really appreciate the help.
  5. Hi pals, I'm here to find a solution for the upcoming campaign i want to run in my local club. And here's my doubt: better Hinterland system or the official Skirmish by GW in your opinion? Regards
  6. Last Tuesday I played my first two games using the AoS (skirmish) rules, and it got me inspired to work on my Warband. The plan is to spend some extra time building and painting them, and than using them as characters or unit leaders in the army I'm rebuilding. So I started piecing the first two guys together over the past two days, using bits I had laying around in my bitzbox. They still need some filling and minor greenstuff work, but I like how they are coming together. Warband Leader: My first idea was to build a dreadlord on foot, but he has a bit of 'mage' like feel to him, so tomorrow I'll probably take of his head, and replace it with a hood like the model below. Rules wise I'm thinking of using him as a Loremaster. It seems like a well rounded leader for a warband, and I might aswell start embracing the new alliances (Dreadspear) Lordling: The shield isn't attached yet as I still need to fill out the sleeves a bit more, and I'llprobably shorten the top bottom killy end of the spear a bit and add the lengthen the other end a bit.
  7. Well, skirmish is officially here. So why dont we post, show and talk about our warbands? Feel free to post unsuported non bahemoth models. Today ill have my firts match, 50 renown. The grudge company: 1 warden king 1 auric runefather 1 irondrake with torpedo 2 ironbreakers Still deciding about command and artefact.
  8. Won't the -1 to hit modifier negate the mortal wounds handed out by grandfathers favor? It states that wound roll of 6 or higher cause a mortal wound back on the attacker... this indicates that modifiers apply so, 6, -1,=5. No mortal wound back then, right? Or would you get them anyway?
  9. This is now the in-game thread for the Regemential/Warband RPG started here, The Rattling Night The Pickled Wurm was loud and musty. Between the many travelers clustered around tables, the dirty laborers stopping by on their way home, and the stench of wurm; that had permetated the city since the cursed Skaven had erupted from beneath the great Wurm’s skin; it was hard to stand the stench, unless you drowned it out with alcohol. Gullus was trying to do just that. Between his long shifts at the lift cages, bringing that damn Vurm-tai rider to his superiors, and then seeing the notices posted round the city, he knew he’d need multiple tankards of the taverns fermented wurm oil to feel better. And if his past couple of days hadn’t been enough, his Vurmite livery seemed to act as a beacon for every idiot in the place to ask him about the notices that were posted inside this tavern and every other establishment like it in the city. He knew no more than they did, rumors from what had happened within the City Council’s chamber, and what the notices’ said, though few that asked seemed to believe him. “Bar Keep, another!” He motioned sloppily with his empty tankard as caravan guard captain vacated the stool next to him after asking about the notices. “Damn, coin dogs” Gullus muttered under his breath. “Bar Keep!” “Fill my-“ “Sigmar’s Thunder, Boy!” “Don’t you hear the bells?!” Snapped the bar keep. The bar keep had been standing seemingly lost in thought but now Gullus heard the bells over the din of The Pickled Wurm as well. ‘Blast! What could that be? Another Skaven attack? Something else?’ Gullus tried to control his thoughts and get his limbs under control. Standing up, Gullus put his helm on and looked around for his halberd. The room was now at a murmur, most patrons had heard the bells and those nearer the door had started to look towards it with alarm in their eyes. Now shouts and cries of pain could be heard from outside as well as the alarm. As Gullus gave up looking for his halberd and tightened the belt that held his short sword around his waist a woman in the flowing leaf robes, showing her devotion to the Lady of Leaves, stumbled into the tavern clutching her stomach. A deep red stain was quickly spreading across her clothes. ”Rats, rats everywhere……….and bones, th………bones…rattle….” She gasped as she stumbled into the group around the table nearest the door. Sounds of battle could now be clearly heard outside of the tavern. Drawing his sword Gullus rushed past the dead women out into the square.
  10. Moldek

    The cursed sheep

    Here is the first mini of my project. It's not GW, actually it's just a toy farm animal but I think it sets the tone of this project quite well; this is not about gigantic hordes fighting high stakes battles for control of the realms. This is about skirmishes on the fringe of civilization, mutants raiding small farms, corrupted cattle, and all that "aesthetic of the pathetic" I keep hearing about!
  11. Angels of the Crescent Moon an Aelf Warband Great angels of the realm of light, they seek out any who may seek to bring chaos to their realm. Under the light of the moon they strike, targeting leaders and monsters they are master assassins and huntsmen. Here is the start to my new warband. Blessed elves of the realm of light. I feel the angelic ascetic works well for the lore of light. As for the colour scheme I'm thinking of a dark steel armour with white and or sea foam green cloth. Or silver with gold details and blue cloth. I currently have 1 sister of the watch, 2 shadow warriors and 3 glade guard. I have yet to build my leader who will be a Waywatcher lord.
  12. urion

    Tzeentchian Warband

    Here is my Tzeentchian warband for AoS: Hinterlands. The leader is Aeos'aelios, the Summoner, followed by Azoth the Black, lord of chaos, Zer Zeki, chaos warrior, Greygav, Tzaangor, and Ippix, the Horror.
  13. Rather than edit or remove my first three entries, I am going to leave them as a way to track changes in the development of the background of my warband. After building the two brothers and the first blind brother, I realized they fit better into the Realm of Ulgu than the Realm of Beasts. The brothers are blind after all, and hunt not by human eyeball sight, but by another form of guidance. I also felt that the appearance of warband was more in line with a civilization that had grown and developed within the realm of shadows. The first spoiler has revised background and lore about the two brothers and the city they hail from. I changed the hand on one of the brothers, removing his fist and giving him a book to hold. Here is a group shot of the warband, made up of the two brothers on the right and three of their followers or "blind brothers" on the right. The second spoiler is a bit of story on how these people are first discovered in Ulgu. I planned on making six of the follower but realized I only had 3 25mm round bases. All the kits I have bought lately only come with square bases. So if anyone wants to throw a couple my way, the warband can grow. Until I pick up some more bases this is the size of it, though they should get a primer spray tomorrow. Any thoughts on how to paint them to make them appear to be from the realm of shadows? I am thinking they need some sort of dark and dreary color scheme with a spot of color, and rusted metal, except for the blade edge. Maybe a pink/white skin tone since the sun doesn't penetrate the shadows. If you read the spoiler text you may have guessed that the new duradin reveal has got my mind going a mile a minute about adding some sort of sky ship using parts from the new big ship model, an devoted war altar and a steam tank. We will see if that ever happens!
  14. Sameul and Yoan are Fides Pressors, a type of warrior monk, hunters through faith. Their eyesight and those of other Fides Pressors, has been taken, in battle say some, by the god, Kurnath, say others, and even others say Sigmar took their eyes as punishment for being unfaithful. While the truth lies buried in the past, the brother's abilities do not. With the loss of their eyes, came new talents. The brothers now track and hunt those tainted by chaos and given over to senseless destruction through senses many do not understand. Priests of Rahagra and commanders of the Kurnath Militant (the military arm of the Rahagraian faith) say their faith gives them direction and guidance. Without the brothers or other Fides Pressors speaking to the contrary, this is what most people have come to believe. Those that hold the rank Fides Pressors are treated as captains within the Kurnath Militant, often times given bands of Blind Brothers or other groups of Kurnath Militant to carry out the will of Scions of Rahagra or to pursue their own silent agendas. Other times, bands of followers form around Fides Pressors, who are seen as crusaders against the darkness and destruction that lies outside the walls of Chracerocca. These guys are made from a combination of 40k Electro Priest bodies, white lion capes and shoulder pads, and axes from the Gor kit. I struggled for a while to decide on the axes. At first I was going to use white lion axes but wanted a more worn, rugged, used look.
  15. "Walking through the streets of Chraceroca the rhythmic chanties sung by the Ritus Squadras as they perform the work to keep the city safe and supplied, echo off the walls and mix with the sounds of passing carts and people's chatter. Built upon a spur of rock that rises out of the Spotted Plains and juts above the treetops of the bordering Great Rustlewood, Chracerooca imposes itself on the surrounding land. There are endless pulley systems, winches, and cranks, that lift supplies to the city, pump water upwards, and raise and lower the gates, manned by the Ritus Squadras. In these chanties Samuele and his brother, Yoan, found comfort as they headed towards Kanonroest. They were Fides Pressors and served the Kurnath Militant. Though they no longer saw through their mortal eyes, the brothers did not stumble on their way, deftly traversing the windswept warrens that made up the Windedge District. " This is the first bit of text that will go with the first two models of my warband. The city of Chracerocca lies within the realm of Ghur and is made up of those that resemble free people from the world that was. Founded by the Scions of Rahagra during the Age of Myth, the city is ancient. The Spotted Plains and the Great Rustlewood are deadly to all who try to scratch out a living, threatened by nature and the beasts that call these lands home. However, the Rahagraians have persisted and are seen as a safe haven for travelers in the region. A rock among the storms. My ideas for the setting and city came from my desire to incorporate bits of the White Lions into my models. Through reading up on Chrace and White Lions, an idea on naming/setting/environment emerged. Lions live on the plains, I needed somewhere that has wild and powerful beasts. I also wanted a dry and somewhat barren place. Below are some images that have helped me draw Chracerocca in my mind. The city is Ronda, in Spain. Google map it and do the street view option, it is awesome. In my mind, Chracerocca and the Spotted Plain are dry and golden in color, sparse of trees, and often cast in a warm or hot light. The architecture of the city is more like what is below than the actual city of Rhonda. But built with more sandstone, crumbling a little more, and with less round roofs These images help to build on that idea. In the end a mix between the hammerhale art and these images is what i am going for. To me, the city and surrounding area is important. It helps ground me when thinking of how I wanted to build my minis. For example, i originally went with White Lion axes but after thinking of where Samuele and Yoan came from, those axes didn't feel right. Now I am in search of some beastmen gor and bestigor axes, at which point I will be able to finish the first two models.
  16. Prologue As Valirius Stronghammer fell, blighted-sword skewered through his chest, he had no fear. The blue lightning crackling from his brother’s weapons arcing across the Realm of Shadows was a grim reminder of his purpose; to be reborn a third time, a Weapon of the God King. As his eyes closed, his final act of this life would be to lash out with his mighty hammer, reducing the beast that had slain him to nothing more than a pile of ash. “For Sigmar!” Valirius bellowed, as his head hit the dirt. He knew his soul was on its way to Azyr to be reborn. He was on his way home. The Awakening Although his eyes were still closed, Valirius could feel himself gaining consciousness. He had been through the reforging process before, but this time it felt different. He felt the chill of the Sigmarite armor against his awakening flesh. As he regained his senses, he once again felt the burn of the Plaguebearer’s corrupt blade, and a seed of panic began to grow in the pit of his empty stomach. With growing trepidation, he opened his eyes and looked around in shock. There were no bright skies or heavenly sounds of Azyr. Instead, he found only the Shadows and Mists of Ulgu, the realm where he had been slain. Alarmed and disoriented, Valirius stood, searching for any sign of his Retributor brothers. Surveying the somber battlefield, defiled by Nurgle’s rot, he saw no signs of the rest of his chamber. A few sets of Sigmarite armor were scattered across the landscape, but they were all empty husks, Stormcast Eternals that wore the armor had been brought back to the Heavens, just as they should. Movement caught the Retributor’s eye; he turned his head to see four sets of armor standing up. He raced over to find four more Stormcast, just as disoriented as he. Why had they not been Returned to Azyr after death? No longer feeling the presence of the God King, the quintet knew what they must do next: seek out a Realmgate.
  17. Hey guys, Recently heard about AoS28 which has completely grabbed me by the narratives. I am gonna try my hand at a small warband that I have been wanting to do for years inspired by Berserk, Junji Ito novels, Lord of the Rings and plenty of stories about heroes who fall from grace. The story behind the warband will be about a hero who has drawn the eye of Papa Nurgle and is a reluctant minion of chaos, trying to evade nurgles messengers while battling the corrupting pestilence that has been bestowed upon him by his unwanted lord. The champion of the warband is not a follower of chaos and has no ties to the dark powers. He is nothing more than a mortal with the usual mortal selfishness, greed and desires. The battle reports I post will hopefully mark the fall of the character and his descent into madness that drives him into accepting Nurgles embrace and drags his retinue with him. This is all WIP and may change, especially when I get a chance to properly go through the Hinterlands rules. Characters: Wjolnir's Retinue Leader: Wjolnir | A former smuggler cursed with a growing plague that has covered the left hand side of his face and body with angry sores and boils, a tell tale sign of nurgles involvement. He is harrased by nurglings, plagubearers, visions and hallucination, all promising him reprieve if he submits to the Grandfather of disease. Wizard: Unnamed Seer | An old crone who has taken to following Wjolnir, recognising his true potential and power. While never truly travelling with the retinue the seer is always nearby watching and aiding from the shadows with the grace of a puppeteer pulling strings. Wjolnir regards her as an ally of convenience. Elite: Shan Rackham | Originally Shan was a hired bodyguard to Wjolnir who served as the heavy muscle when business deals went wrong. But people should not be fooled by his immense size, Wjolnir quickly recognised that Shan possessed a keen mind as well as martial prowess and he quickly became a trusted confidant and friend. Shan accompanies the retinue in service of its captain, serving as his second in command and most talented fighter. Warriors: Originally leading a vast band of mercenaries, most of Wjolnirs followers have left for more lucrative business propositions or fled seeing their captain cursed by the gods. The remaining stragglers are slaves and those who see Wjolnir's affliction as a blessing and see him as a herald in human form. Wjolnir is a cursed individual destined to be challenged by those seeking nurgles favour, religious zealots and witch hunters. He is a veteran of many brawls and handy with a vast array of weapons but this can take its toll on even the hardiest of individuals and he is no exception. His greatest enemy is himself as he struggles with his inner demons and his faltering body. He struggles to stay positive in the face of such adversity as he knows should he falter he will surely become a pawn of the ruinous powers.
  18. Bruticus

    Chosen of Malal

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