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  1. The Rumour Thread

    Interesting, Xoantica definitely sounds like old school Lizardmen (or new school Seraphon). Wonder if it's a hint that they're not just the imaginations of Slann as proposed (or potentially imaginations run wild). City of Secrets was cool, but way too short. Need me a proper meaty Witch Hunter novel.
  2. Christmas Set ..

    It's a real shame that they decided to double up on probably the least useful unit set in Stormcasts. It'd be so much better if you got another 5 Vanguard Hunters or 3 Raptors rather than the 6 Gryph Hounds. I mean, between the Gryph Hounds you get with the Castellant/Veritant, you don't need 6 Gryph Hounds, let alone 12. It's the kind of kit that appeals to certain types of hobbiest, but for the most part, isn't that useful. Makes me wonder if GW had a few too many sitting the warehouse and decided to double down on reducing the stock. Really, the better way to do so would be to create a separate warscroll for Gryph Hounds when they have multiple models as opposed to 1. Lose the bonding ability (Warning Cry can probably stay), maybe get some kind of advance move before game begins instead.
  3. unmotivated

    So I'm going through a hobby lull at the moment also. I think part of it was caused by the fact I had a tournament 3 weeks after coming back from holiday, which in itself was fine, I didn't originally have too much to paint. But I ultimately changed my list a few days before the tournament, and frantically assembled, based and base coated about 13 models in just over a day. Ever since I haven't done any painting apart from almost finishing off Garrek's Reavers for Shadespire. But even then, I've had Garrek on my table for about a week now with little progress. Anyway! What I've found is that sometimes it's just as hard to start working on something, as it is to finish a project. Take my example above, Garreks been waiting around a week now while the rest of the crew are done. In some respects, it's not because I haven't had time (I've just used my time elsewhere), it's just hard to sit down and well... just finish him. This is because I'm doing other stuff at the moment, so to break that pattern and paint, requires effort. Definitely something I think can help with that (and I'm going to try) is painting more regularly. If it's natural that you're painting, whether it's always at the same time, or just whenever you get around to sitting down at night, it'll feel right that you're doing it. For me with the hot weather down under, I've started waking up earlier, and of course, rather than go to work early, I've just sat around in the mornings. So instead I reckon I might try and get some painting done in that time instead. Of course, if you're playing regularly that can be both a boon and a curse. It's a boon in the fact, by playing, you usually feel more involved in the hobby, and hence feel more motivated to get your army looking up to scratch or starting something you've found inspiration for. It's a curse, because playing time directly takes away from your other hobby time. I've been playing Warhammer the last 2 weekends, so that directly comes out of the time I can spend for painting also. Anyway. I do totally agree that lack of new releases can also stymie hobby creativity. In a sort of catch 22, there's no buzz about 'new stuff' or how cool flashy new army is, etc. If that's just how you're feeling, take a break, and wait for the buzz to pick back up. Here's hoping to a good start to 2018.
  4. Could an all-Gor list work?

    It's a shame that you can't ally in the Tzaangors into the Brayherds allegiance. One of those instances where in some ways, you'd like 'smaller factions' but have a bigger grouping for allegiance. Just seems weird that you can't ally the various versions of Gor together just because they've dedicated themselves to a particular god! So overall, it's a kinda cool list (Although I don't really know if the Tzaangor coven is worth it). Just a shame you need to spend a ton of points and not so great unit sizes for the ambushing perspective you get out of the Wildstalker Brayherd. Just 240 points is a lot of extra Gor you could be getting! For example, you could change up your list like this: You're essentially getting 30 more Gor (cutting 20 Ungor) and 10 more Tzaangors in your list by dropping the Wildstalker Brayherds. Brayherds are still like super fast even without ambushing from the other side of the table also. If you decide the Coven isn't useful, it nets you an extra Bray Shaman or Beastlord. That being said, if you want to keep the Wildstalker Brayherd, then I'd consider cutting some of the Tzaangor stuff. Perhaps the Enlightened and the Tzaangor coven could go to fit in a larger unit of Gor.
  5. Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    Yeah, I'm a little surprised that so many people are playing it wrong (myself included). The first game I played, my friend pointed this out, and basically got overruled by the GW store manager (even though it's quite clearly printed that way). Will definitely be playing it correctly in future (Although, in the 2 games I've played so far, it's not as if we've had a huge amount of room to configure the boards anyway). I really don't think the terminology 'places' should be used here. The loser just chooses a board, the winner gets to place both boards on the table in such a way that it meets the requirements (grids line up, at least 3 hexes).
  6. Events Australia: CanCon - Call to Glory

    Will be arranging my entry and flights shortly. Looking forward to my first Cancon (and getting trounced a ton!)
  7. AoS Wish For 2018

    They both kinda go hand in hand, so both But I have toned down the latter part of my post (So the negativity is only to lead into the positive things I'd like to see).
  8. AoS Wish For 2018

    So I'm going to say: Give us more core content. A lot of the people defending 2017 will say there was plenty of content. We had Tzeentch, Stormcast, Khorne Redux, Kharadron Overlords, Skirmish, Path to Glory, GHB2017, Blightwar, Firestorm, Shadespire, what are you complaining about? Well, the fact is that most of those releases came without new models and didn't impact the core game mode. Skirmish, Path to Glory, Firestorm, all good fun but they're not for everyone. Nor did they progress the narrative or give us new model releases. So what would I like to see. More battletomes for sure, with accompanying model releases. I would like to see some of the existing minor factions fleshed out in major ways as well as new factions like the long rumoured 'shadow aelves'. I'd love to see splash releases for some of the more fleshed out armies (those with allegiance abilities), a new unit or hero here or there goes a long way to making factions more interesting or having a potential different playstyle. All it took for Vanguard Wing Stormcast was 4 new sets, and many factions would kill to get even half that kind of love. New terrain would be amazing. The current stuff is amazing (What would even be more amazing would be bringing back some kits like Dreadstone Blight and Witchfate Tor), but it's been available for almost 2 years now and we need some extra spice on our boards. The mortal realms are vast, so surely there's more to it than some Realmgates and Archways. The narrative must go on. We've had a year now of 'stabilization' after the Realmgate Wars ended. We know Death is on the rise, and hopefully bringing us some juicy morsels for the dead to chomp on. I want to learn about new characters, especially those of factions that haven't been major players so far. Overall though, I would just like balance throughout the year. We had a super strong first 4 months of the year, but we haven't had much in terms of models or narrative since. It has made the second half the year feel a bit stagnant in terms of the settings, and I would prefer to have interesting things to learn of the mortal realms throughout the entire year.
  9. Silverhelms

    The thing about compendium units, is that in general they're going to be overcosted. They didn't receive any of the benefits of the GHB2017 points adjustments (Other than to increase points where necessary). So stuff like Cavalry becoming overall cheaper, did not get applied to the Silver Helms. So GingerGiant is pretty much right. Dragon Blades purely outclass them, although Silver Helms are 'true' battleline.
  10. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Just as a FYI, you've mixed up your cost for your 30 Swordsmen and 30 Handgunners. My problem with the list I guess would be lack of allies. Double Griffon I'm sure will be great, but both double Griffon, and a maxxed out Great Company means your other 'toys' allowance has been taken up by your second Great Company. My gut feel is that I'd want to at least cut 10 Handgunners from the offensive company to slot in a Battlemage. Life is a really good choice with 2 Griffons to heal, and large units which can benefit from the additional 6++ save, while Beasts would be a more offensive choice. You could also take a page out of MrCharisma's book and cut 10 Guard from somewhere and add in a Knight Azyros. The problem is I guess, now your second company is looking thin, but I suppose it'll have support from both Griffons also. Anyway, I guess that's the great thing about list tweaking. Everyone has their own idea on what's good. 30 Halberdiers can auto-claim objectives, while my personal preference is minimum 20's just to enable the Great Company benefits. Who knows who is really right. The only reason I haven't tried out Outriders is I haven't made my models yet. Personally I feel I throw my Pistoliers away too recklessly (They tend to run out, guns blazing like in a movie, then get dragged down by 10 Skeletons >.>). The 5's to hit just really kill the power of them. The Outriders perhaps will have similar issues, but at least their range is a little longer so might be able to sit still for a turn. Dunno, the other thing is my Demigryphs have been impressing me a bit more lately. While they're still being killed off, I've definitely seen them dish out some damage and tank some damage in my last few games. This was opposed to a while back when they were basically waltzing in, majorly whiffing and then probably dying to something else in one turn (A Bretonnian Lord for instance wiped them out in one go :S). So I have to decide if I value Demigryphs which are tanky, or Pistoliers/Outriders which offer a bit more ranged support. Both offer speed (Although the Pistoliers/Outriders are a fair bit faster due to being able to run and shoot/charge).
  11. Start Collecting: Beastmen WWYD

    Pretty much all they can really do with the current kits. The problem is though, they don't tend to 'double up' on kits in the Start Collecting sets. So while Bray Shaman, 20x Gor, 10x Ungor, 10x Bestigor fits the bill in terms of discounts, it'd be providing 2x Gor kit. I'm also not sure how keen GW are about putting every single plastic kit for a faction into a single boxed set. You kinda get into this situation where it's pointless to buy the individual kits. The old Battalion box for Beastmen was actually quite like this (Basically the same as suggested minus the Bray Shaman). You may as well have just bought the Battalion each time and bulk out your army. Personally I think they just need to bulk out the Brayherd range some more. A plastic Tuskgor Chariot kit that could optionally have a Beastlord cruising around would be super awesome, and make a good 'focal point' for a Start Collecting set.
  12. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Hmm I see. I'd be very interested to hear about your results overall. I've been running 2 smaller great companies (20x Guard, 30x Xbow, 10x Handgunner - 20x Guard, 10x Handgun, 10x Greatsword) with mixed results. So I'd be interested to see how you go in a scenario like Scorched Earth, Total Conquest or even Starstrike with only the single great company and not a huge amount of units otherwise. I guess you can always string the 40 Guard back to the other members of the Great Company, something that's a lot harder with smaller units of Guard. I'd also be interested in hearing how the Luminark goes. I personally don't rate it because the laser is just so hit or miss, but I guess it fits your style of having 3 large blob units gaining the extra protection. Especially going into Cancon next year, I have to make a decision whether I paint up a Hurricanum or Luminark (or neither) fairly soon. Totally agree on double Griffon. The more I play around with Free Peoples lists, the more I think that you need to fit more Griffons in. Something that has become abundantly clear to me is that every list needs it's killers. 30 Crossbows/Handgunners are great, but they really don't put out a lot of damage against Treelord ancients or Stardrakes. To tackle those types of opponents, you need rend or mortal wounds, something that (other than the Griffon on the former), Free Peoples clearly lacks. To me this clear weakness in the 'core list' cements Free Peoples outside 'tier 1' range. There's just not enough you can do with 400 points of allies to shore up that issue.
  13. The Rumour Thread

    Well, I haven't read the later few books, but I definitely thought he was supposed to be the reincarnation of Grimnir or something. The same Grimnir who has made his appearance in AoS, and gone and fought a big huge godbeast before being shattered into a million shards of Ur-gold. So I dunno? Does Gotrek even make sense in that respect? Either way, I'm sure they'll come up with their own way to spin it. I just don't know if it was really necessary to bring Gotrek into the mortal realms. Plenty of other stories to tell.
  14. The Rumour Thread

    umm... what? Like, I love Gotrek and Felix (or at least, definitely used to), but I really don't get this. Bringing back Old World characters just... feels weird. It's bad enough that they kept the Mortarchs around on the basis of 'Nagash remembered them into existence, and they're well... Undead'. Or Kroak for that matter, who was definitely destroyed in the End Times. Next it'll be revealed that Karl Franz is actually the leader of the Free Peoples as a way to have it make sense that some of the Free Peoples iconography has Karl Franz on it. Dunno, I guess we'll have to wait and see. But I'd prefer to see more original characters of the mortal realms, even if it's a similar style book to Gotrek and Felix (buddies not-buddies roaming around the mortal realms).
  15. Let's Chat Dispossessed

    Quarrellers also have extra range and a better combat profile. In general though, I think it's obviously supposed to be a choice that dependant on the situation, one will be better than the other. So I think both are fairly solid choices to include. That being said, I always kinda figure Irondrakes fulfil a similar role to Thunderers having very similar profiles. So I always lean towards Quarrellers for having something different. All the rend in the world won't help against Nighthaunts for example, so you want as much attacks as possible in that case.