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  1. Yeah, the Swordmaster comparison was the first thing that came to mind for me when I saw their attack profile and 'special stances'. That being said though, Swordmasters at 40 points more do get more bravery, a musician, a better armour save, ons smaller bases, re-roll 1's to hit (Certainly combined with the smaller bases is probably better than the stances anyway) and re-roll saves in the shooting phase. So I don't feel too bad about the Swordmasters as their current cost, just a shame they'll probably never see more dynamic models like the Thralls! The Wildwood rangers though definitely feel outclassed on all fronts of elite infantry. The situational D3 damage vs monsters certainly shouldn't make them 20 points more expensive than Black Guard (Who have a better armour save and re-roll 1's to hit). At least they don't cost as much $$ wise!
  2. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Yeah, in general unless your guys are like base to base 3-4 ranks deep it's pretty likely that a unit behind is going to be able to see through some gaps in the unit. Also, humans tend to be a little smaller than a lot of the stuff being popular these days. So a lot of the time it doesn't really come up with everything Chaos Warrior sized and above being taller than the Freeguild Guard out the front anyway. That being said, I had some Jezzails in my mixed Chaos army and boy, it can actually be tough to draw line of sight when they're half the height of the Chaos Warriors and the other stuff in the mix. So it can always be good to get down and check if you're not sure.
  3. Namarti Thrall Icon Bearers

    I wouldn't be surprised if either in AoS2 (If it's actually coming) or the next FAQ/Generals Handbook they basically outline you can only have one each command model per unit. In fact, I think you can already see a potential return to 'command groups' in the Eels warscrolls, where they specify a Command Group as opposed to separating the rules for Leader/Musicians/Standard Bearers. That being said, this is the first example we've had where they've allowed multiple 'champion' type models in a unit which is surprising in itself. It makes me wonder if it's just sloppy writing as they may have thought originally they were going to have separate models for the Icon Bearer and Champion of the unit.
  4. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    So I've been building up an army of them for a little while now. Running them in a Path to Glory campaign and then getting them up to 1200 points for a tournament I ran the other week (In case a bye army was required). This is what I ran at 1200 points: Ghoul King on Terrorgheist - General, Totally Delusional, Grim Garland Ghoul King on Foot 10x Ghouls 10x Ghouls 3x Horrors 3x Flayers 3x Flayers I think if I were to make it better, I'd swap out the Horrors for a Vargulf Courtier for some resurrection action and another hero for Duality of Death. You only lose out on 2 models and a few extra attacks. I only got to play 2 games with the list, 1 practice game and 1 at the tournament (as someone had to leave early due to an emergency). In both games my Terrorgheist and Flayers basically got to pick my opponents army apart big by bit. The Horrors just feel a little awkward. They're not really much tankier than the Flayers. They don't get as many attacks as Flayers (and even if nearby a King, on average less hits go through). They lack rend, so even with 2 damage it might not even get through armour. Then they're slower, don't fly, don't get to scream, and have no access to mortal wounds. I don't feel like they've done anything that more Flayers wouldn't accomplish. The one positive thing I can say about them though is... they're much more enjoyable to paint than Flayers. Find it a little inconvenient that I need to keep the wings separate when painting (otherwise they make it hard to reach certain details). So it's good to paint something a little different that's not an inconvenience. That being said, I think I'm almost done with my Flesh-Eaters. The bigger models get a bit samey since there's no changeability in the components you use to put the Flayers and Horrors together. I have no real mind to get them to a competitive list, they've always been a nice little side project for me based around my original converted Abhorrant Ghoul King. I've already got a Ghast Courtier, and now I've got the Infernal and Haunter Courtier in the middle of conversion. I reckon I'll just paint up my remaining Ghouls and the Courtiers and that'll be it, maybe another 3 Crypt Horrors if I can find them on the cheap.
  5. No worries bumping the topic! Hopefully a topic such as allegiance abilities generates interest in a faction. My concern about the Green Tide being part of the allegiance abilities (as a battle trait) would be that it's a bit of a strange ability. Regenerating bodies is not really an 'Orruk' style thing, even if it is meant to represent more Orruks joining the fight. It feels weird in some ways that only a few Boyz are lurking around joining in, as if there are just stragglers everywhere which doesn't quite feel right as opposed to attractive nearby Orruk units. Anyway, my thought would be that it seems to make more sense either as a Scenario rule that allows you to re-summong dead units or new units based on certain conditions. Or in the current form, it might make more sense on a warscroll battalion of some type. For example, if I were to put it somewhere in my Greenskinz Allegiance abilities, I would likely push it onto the Greenskinz Wartribe (Which would push it outside competitive matched play, but IMO thematically makes sense there). Alternatively I'd create a new warscroll battalion themed around this mechanic. e.g Green Tide Warscroll Battalion 3+ units of Orruks (Each must have 20 or more models) Green Tide: In your battleshock phase, if you roll a 1 on the battleshock test for a unit in this battalion which attacked in the preceding combat phase, the unit instead suffers no casualties due to battleshock and adds D6 models to the unit as it attracts nearby Orruks to the fight.
  6. I think you need to assess things contextually. Are thralls good cheap battleline? No, they're not cheap. You can get better ones in the form of Skinks, Freeguild Guard, Eternal Guard, etc. Are thralls good mass battleline? Possibly not, 32mm bases prevents making the most out of large units, and they don't get any benefits for being taken in large units. Skeletons, Bloodletters, etc are likely better. Are they good elite battleline? This is probably where there niche is. Coming in with an 'elite infantry' weapon profile, along with a special rule that makes them better against certain types of targets. They probably feel best in mimimum sized units so they dont get destroyed by battleshock and can bring their full amount of models to bear. So I think really, in a Deepkin army they're probably good because the Tides of Death will give them a 4+ save (presuming no charge) in the first and last battle round of the game which bumps up their survivability. In an Order allegiance, if you're interesting in having a battleline unit with a more elite feel, these guys are currently your own real choice having a decent number of high quality attacks for a fair pricing. That being said... I think most people would pass over them when you can get almost twice as many Freeguild Guard or Duardin Warriors which can have almost as good statlines just with twice the bodies.
  7. Let's Chat: Order Serpentis

    Cool. Just wanted to make sure you weren't expecting some sneaky synergy or cool set of allies based on the fact she had that spell.
  8. Legions of Nagash: Coherency when respawning summonable models?

    I think in general, this has been an issue in the game since day 1. It's just people have been using the best rule of all - the rule of common sense. i.e place the models in coherency with the other models in your unit.
  9. Let's Chat: Order Serpentis

    Just want to make sure you're aware that the Medusa would not be able to take Mindrazor since your allegiance isn't Daughters of Khaine.
  10. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    I think for new players it's probably a good idea to be a bit sensible on how many Skinks you invest in (i.e maybe don't go out and buy a ton of them). I think the fact they're showing up in pretty much all the competitive Seraphon lists as well as mixed Order lists is going to see some kind of nerf to them. Most likely a points increase by 10-20 points I would guess (Although another alternative may push them outside of true battleline). Certainly at the moment they're in contention for one of the best battleline units in the game.
  11. Fan Made Destruction Battletome

    I think this can be OK, but certainly it is something you have to be careful of. For example, Daughters of Khaine have a 6++ save which isn't hero dependent, which in theory is better than the Legions of Nagash one due to that. But of course, the various Legions of Nagash also get other abilities as part of their battle traits (and same do Daughters of Khaine). So you can have battle traits/abilities/etc that are better than the other, as long as in the context of the faction they make sense.
  12. I think you could probably argue that anything post late 6th edition (I'm talking around the time of Wood Elves/Dwarfs) will probably stick around for a good while and are pretty good sculpts overall. There may be aesthetic issues that some people have with them (Such as the Freeguild Guard as opposed to the 6th edition ones, or the Daemonettes) but overall they're pretty serviceable sculpts that I can see lasting for years to come. But certainly everything prior to that is likely in need of a redo. If anything because the moulds are probably beginning to wear out and a lot of that stuff tends to have poor mould lines and the like. It's for reasons like that I wouldn't necessarily put much stock in factions like Gitmob Grots that are made up of largely 6th edition sculpts. I do feel that perhaps some of these factions are going to be discontinued at some point. Which will be a bit of a shame, because I think a redo could see a lot of the stuff done much better in todays standards.
  13. Path to glory and summoning

    So I think it's important to disinguish between the special grave yard deployment (Stuff in your list) vs summoning dead units (Stuff not in your list) for Legions of Nagash, the former isn't really summoning. That being said, in general summoning for free tends to imbalance games. This is why matched play has such harsh restrictions on summoning (requiring reinforcement points). I know that in particular in the path to glory my local group are playing at the moment, summoning units is outright banned (but I assume summoning wyldwoods/gnarlmaws is probably fine although hasn't come up yet). I think ultimately though, it's just something that's a part of the game and every group has to figure out if it's something they want to play around with. You could take cues from matched play, and set aside some of your units in reserve to be summoned in later. You could suggest that only people with less glory points can summon (and only up until their glory is equal with their opponents). You could just leave it uncapped and leave it up to players to control what is the right amount. I guess one thing to keep in mind, is that in general Path to Glory I think is meant to be a 'army building' league. By that, I mean to suggest that if everyone is starting new armies, they might not actually have a ton of excess models they can summon anyway.
  14. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I think it's worth pointing out, that GW need to be careful when pointing units. All of those units may not see play, but there may be a variety of reasons why they don't see play. First and foremost being, they're in factions which aren't competitive. That being said, I'd probably argue they probably are a little overpriced (Although it's hard to judge how much 'movement' should really cost in this game). But ultimately, I guess the problem is GW is damned if they do damned if they don't. The allopex IMO is clearly better than most of the chariots you listed. So if it was priced lower or even the same price as them, then arguably that's points creep right there regardless of the internal balance. If I were to quickly judge the Allopex though. It like many units that do multiple things, suffers from being this kinda jack of all trades. The fact that it has a shooting attack causes it to suffer, because now it has a case of mixed identity. Is it a weapons playtform? Is it a combat unit? Well, it's a bit of both and master of none. With that being said, it does feel a bit overcosted (although, can't see it's special rules). I'd expect 120 points (same as the Skycutter) would be fairer. Especially if all the chariot-like models then dropped another 10-20 points in GHB2018.
  15. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    I think this and price is what's keeping me away from Fyreslayers. The price we can get out of the way, it's too expensive for 5/10 man infantry blobs. A remnant of a price experiment gone wrong. You can clearly see this in the Idoneth Deepking, in that the Namarti Thralls cost less than the Vulkite Berserkers. But I truly think the fact that there's nothing in between masses of barely clad Duardin and the Magmadroths. The Hearthguard are just not different enough to the Vulkite Berserkers to make the army interesting to paint. They're basically variations of the same models with different weaponry. So I really do believe that some kind of mini-magmadroth (or some other fire based monster) cavalry or duardin ur-gold empowered golems or something is required to break this up. At the end of the day... why not both? Certainly Fyreslayers is not a re-release I would mind. A few new units, perhaps a character made out of the cav kit, a new character to go along with the Golems (A sculpter/empowerer) and a new battletome that brings the allegiance abilities and other cool stuff into it. That's the kind of mini-release I can get behind (As opposed to the ones Stormcast get every year).