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  1. I think this largely just depends on your group. Many people play that the keywords are the same, regardless of whether they are singular or plural. I think this has largely come from the Warhammer App putting everything with the same keyword (regardless of plurality in the same faction (i.e if you look at the Free Peoples section in the Warhammer App, you see Brettonians, Empire and Free Peoples). I think most people play it as the same keyword, but hopefully something that's actually clarified with GHB2 FAQs (In all honesty, I thought it was already in the FAQs, but it must've just been a Facebook post on their page rather than in the official FAQs). Interestingly for the future. If they do count as the same keyword, it means that you can still take War Machines like the Empire Cannon in a purely FREE PEOPLES army due to the Crew having this keyword. This becomes more important in GHB2, where we hopefully are going to get Allegiance Abilities of our own.
  2. Objectives markers are an interesting thought. We know that the Generals Handbook 2017 is coming out soon (probably sometime in August), which would coincidentally be a time that makes most sense to release such an item, given that everyone will be rearing to get back into matched play to try out the new points. Terrain could also be interesting, as we haven't really seen anything since the initial kits came out close after the release of AoS. Perhaps some Shadespire related terrain to go with Skirmish.
  3. It's interesting to note, that no War Machine in the game other than the Skaven ones (Which I assume only do because they have a single combined profile) have the racial or faction keyword associated with them. Purposely done I expect to prevent synergies like the above from happening (War Machines usually have specific synergies written on their scroll instead).
  4. From the start they've said late this year. Which probably means November, that's when they tend to put out their 'boxed game' of the year.
  5. I think it's a testament to the community here, that I have definitely thought "I would like to discuss X on the TGA". Whether that's 40k, Bloodbowl, or some other thing in the world. But I think it's fine as it is. I think as soon as you start crossing games, it can lead to poor discussions where no doubt, someones whose main game is 40k comes into an AoS thread and starts poking around, or vice versa. It's something that has to be more heavily moderated, that's for sure. So I don't think it's necessary, Would be nice to discuss 40ks around here (As someone, who probably won't get back into it, but has dabbled with the thought), but I think some other community will pop up some place to fill the gap.
  6. So last Sunday was Southern Impact, the last schedule tournament for the year in South Australia. After a good turn out at Gobbocon (13 players), I was pretty confident in getting more players to Southern Impact. That being said, I was a little worried when I found out that Warhammer 40k was dropping in June. Would the new edition mean people weren't interested in playing Age of Sigmar? Luckily enough, my doubts were unfounded, as we got our largest turn out in years! We had 15 players paid up before the event, with another 5 guys saying they were paying on the day. In the end, we got 18 players, as 2 of the guys who paid up earlier didn't show. Still, a massive turn out, and the biggest a Fantasy tournament has gotten in South Australia since 2014. Sadly, there was a little less variety this time. Majority of the field was Order(7) and Chaos(7), with 3 Death and only a single Destruction list to round out the players. The only Destruction army at the event lines up against the Stormcast in Game 2 I also think that this time around the painting wasn't quite as good as Gobbocon. 8 out of 18 players didn't get the full painting score, while at Gobbocon, only 5 out of 14 players didn't get full. Definitely not terrible by any means, but certainly something that can be improved upon in future. A lot of people were definitely last minute painting their armies this time. Last minute painted Nighthaunts, but still pleasing on the table Finally, to close out the issues at the event. Sadly, one player was late and missed round 1. It was a bit of a nuisance, in the end I stepped in and gave the other player a game. At the time though, I ruled that because we played a game, the opponent could get a draw at minimum, or a better result if he earned it in game. It probably wasn't that fair on him, as in terms of 'results' he would've been better off not playing, rather than having a more rushed game. The Dark Master gets to come out for 1 game Also, it ended up that the player who was late was eligible for the Best Death General prize (As he won his final 2 games). I had to think for a while whether or not he should get the prize. On one hand, he didn't have a very good reason for being late. On the other hand, there was nothing in my pack that made him ineligible. In the end, I decided that since he had paid, did turn up and play in the end, that he was eligible for the prize. But I think in future event packs I may write some part in to make it so that you're ineligible for certain prizes if you don't play all your games. In a 2 day event, missing 1 game may be less of an issue, but in a 1 dayer where we're only playing 3 games, it's not really very good form. But now that we're past that ugliness, lets get back to the good stuff! It was awesome to see that we got a bunch of new players rock up to the event. Was good to see the Store Manager from GW Warradale show up again, and bring along some of his regulars. Also good to see some players bringing in their friends to the tournament. Just great to see that the scene is still growing, and hope that our next event gets even more players than this time. New player Jasper's Skaven faces off against the combined forces of Ogors and Moonclan It was also good to see, that while we moved up to 2000 points, there wasn't anything 'too filthy' running around. There were definitely some strong lists at the event, but nothing like what you hear about on the internet. I was a bit concerned what the power level was going to be like heading into the event, I know one guy was painting up a bunch of Vanguard Raptors for the Aetherstrike force. So it was good to see that there wasn't anything too over the top, as I think our scene definitely has a mixture of people who play more casually and those who take it more competitively. Ruining the opponents day? Not quite I also think that it was good to see that in round 3, there were 2 close games going on for the winner of the tournament. We had Tzeentch playing against Death, and Khorne playing against Nurgle for the position of number 1. 2 Awesome games going on, that were quite tactically tight. Even the Khorne vs Nurgle game ebbed and flowed, as it looked like early on Nurgle was just going to be steamrolled, then they came back, and then finally the Khorne army won the game. Khorne vs Nurgle, a battle between the Chaos Gods for the top of the tournament I think the only unfortunate thing was that the game between Tzeentch and Death had to be cut short at 3 turns. For a game that was deciding the fate of the tournament, it's always a shame to have to call things early. Overall, the tournament ended up with the following: First Place : Blades of Khorne Second Place : Daemons of Tzeentch Third Place : Skaven Overall, very pleased with how the tournament went, and looking forward to getting to play more of my own games in future.
  7. Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed by the price, and hope it's not a trend that follows with the Generals Handbook. For something that has less pages than GHB1, I think it's a bit poor to be asking more for Path to Glory. That being said, GHB may have a lower price point due to it being updated every year (and hence, a recurring cost).
  8. Yeah, agreed. Definitely more thought has gone into it this time. It's a very hard thing to get right though in a narrative and thematic way without having some imabalances. Heck, small games (1k less) already have imabalances, and then you've got the options of starting with guys on Stonehorns and Stardrakes. It's of course, going to not be balanced. I think, take it for what it is. If you want a more balanced way of building up forces, then just play matched play points with increments (Say 200 points every month). If you have a small group that wants to play a more narrative slow grow campaign, then Path to Glory is probably up your alley. Personally, it's definitely more appealing this time around that they've attempted to balance it a bit more. The gross imbalances between the tables in the GHB meant that it wasn't even worth a look at.
  9. At the moment, Demigryph Knights are far too expensive for what they bring to the table. They're a bit tanky, but don't pack much of a punch. If you want more tankiness, take more Freeguild Guard. 10 Greatswords will pack more of a punch. And if you want mobility, I suggest looking at Pistoliers or the Freeguild General on Griffon. Other alternatives are to look to the Brettonians in compendium, or to look outside Free Peoples (As you get battleline anyway). At the moment, Demigryph's just aren't a good choice. Hopefully they come down about 40 points in GHB2, as with the coming of Allegiance Abilities it might become more important to stick within your own faction to get cool and thematic abilities. It's important to not get too carried away with the shooting synergy and the pipers. You need to remember, that this game is one where your primary win condition is to contest objectives. A lot of the time, this involves needing to move outside your own territory to do so. Having a large portion of your army that doesn't really want to move in 1000 points can be an issue in some matchups. So you do need to be careful about how much you invest into shooting, and what your game plan is for the scenarios you expect to play.
  10. Fyreslayers still have a huge problem in that their troops are horribly overpriced. You can get 10 Tzaangors for $30AUD less than 10 Vulkite Bersekers. And then those Vulkites are going to cost 60 points for 5 (or 120 for 10), while Tzaangor are 180 points for 10. So not only are the Tzaangor cheaper to purchase, they take up a higher proportion of your army. So awesome start collecting box. But you're making the savings on the Magmadroths (Which you probably want maybe 2 of), while the core of your army is still really pricey. So makes me want to get a box, but not necessarily build an army.
  11. Actually, I think for the most part, that the Undead faction split is fine. They are for the most part, split into fairly reasonable sub-factions. You can absolutely have a Vampire or Necromancer leading undead minions, it's a Grand Alliance Death army. In fact, I don't think there are any real problems with Grand Alliance armies, you might miss out on some spells or particular magic items, but you just get access to a different set. If anything, Death just need more units and more battalions to breath new life into the faction. At the end of the day, you can plonk a Hammerstrike Force or Dragonhost Host into any old Order army, and they'll probably work just fine. There are plenty of synergies that don't require you to stay in a particular allegiance. But back to the main topic. The only good reason I can surmise for them not bridging more of the older factions, is that there's a lot more fluff and thought that has to go into bringing them into the mortal realms proper. What do Darkling Covens do now that they're not just restricted to Azyr? Are they still on the fringe of Order societies, or have they gone out and made their own space in the world (Perhaps they're more out in the open in the Realms of Death or Shadow). What kind've conflicts do they get into? Are they more at odds with Vampires and Nagash? Have they made some tenuous ties with Slaaneshi warbands? Are Order on the verge of kicking them out? Plenty of things to work with, but the thought needs to be put in to what they want their story to be. 40k has an advantage in how quickly they can churn out codexes, because for the most part, their fluff hasn't changed, and the only update they need is bridging the latest events. Age of Sigmar factions on the other hand do need a fair bit more work. So while I have been (and still am a bit) critical of GW on how slow they have been to get some releases out, there is some merit behind why they haven't just dumped a Free Guild, Dispossessed, Wanderers, Darkling Covens, Gutbuster, Greenskinz, Moonclan, Deathrattle, Soulblight, Brayherds, Slaves to Darkness battletomes on us. We're still in the world building phase of the game, we haven't even touched on the Realms of Shadow or Light yet, and barely scratched the surface of Death. I definitely do hope in the next 6 months we see some new stuff for older armies. Shadespire could be an interesting point in time, as I think it'll truly show what's the 'next' faction GW may be interested in supporting. Whether it's just all new stuff, or some old stuff also.
  12. So I was reading the July White Dwarf, and came across the section about the artwork of the Orruks. What struck me immediately, was how awesome the artwork was for the 6th edition Orcs and Goblins army book. You've got this big slab of Orc standing there, not armoured to the bone, but with a decent amount of metal and furs and the like. And in some ways, it got me a little inspired about the Greenskinz. At some point during 8th edition I aquired a whole bunch of Orcs, intending to run big blocks of Big 'Uns, Arrow Boyz and Black Orcs with a few regular Goblins stuff on the side, you know, a true Orc and Goblin army (Rather than the Savage Orcs or Night Goblin stuff running around). While I did end up with 2000 points assembled, it never really took off and has remained in their boxes/case ever since (and certainly high on my chopping list). But I do love thinking about what could be done for the Greenskinz. How to turn them into the shame of the Orruks they are now, and into a Green force to be reckoned with. How best to represent these guys in Age of Sigmar So here are my thoughts on the subject: Up the wounds: Greenskinz currently don't feel like proper Orruks (and are overpointed), because compared to all the other Orruks in the game, they're lacking a wound. Simple fix, give every warscroll an extra wound in the Greenskinz list. Bring back Rugluds Armoured Orcs: Traditionally, Orruks aren't very shooty, with the best weapon they've bought to the shooting game being an inaccurate bow. Putting aside the Savage Orruk Arrow Boys, and their poor rules (They should probably just have 1 attack base with their bows), I think it's a direction they shouldn't be afraid to take Greenskinz. You certainly don't want them to be too shooty (no doubling attacks or mortal wounds plz), but you want it as a supplementary force. I actually think they've already got that in Orruk Arrow Boyz (Which should be again, separated from the Orruk Boyz scroll for battalion purposes), and in fact, Rugluds Armoured Orcs. A perfectly serviceable unit made up of Crossbow wielding Orruks, let down by being overcosted. I think if they took the scroll and just renamed it Orruk Crossbow Boyz you've got a fine new unit in the list. Return of the Big 'Uns: Since the Black Orcs have departed for better pastures, Greenskinz don't have a more 'elite' unit now. Bonesplitterz have their Morboyz, Ironjawz have Brutes, but Greenskinz just have plain old Orruks. These fellas will be the biggest Orruks of the lot, should all have heavy armour and essentially come down to being your regular elite infantry. What I would like to see is some kind've synergistic rule on these guys, maybe similar to the Chaos Chosen's Slaughterleaders rule, where if the Big 'Uns do damage, they inspire the others around them. This would pretty much require a new kit, as I don't think you can make easily identifiable Big Un's from the Orruk Boyz kit. More Heroes: Obviously factions need more heroes, if only to give more options about how you design your list and who leads it. I think to start, should split out the more interesting options from the Orruk Warboss scroll. The Standard Bearer should be split into it's own scroll. I think it's actually a shame GW hasn't already done this all over the place, it leads to weird designs where units get to do multiple roles (Standard Bonus + Command Ability + Just as good at fighting). The next thing, is I think you want some mid-tier Orruk hero. Some kind've bully or big boss that sits below a Warboss, but gives you some synergy in the army. I think a great idea, is actually to steal some of the Black Orc Big Boss rules. Instead of his command ability, just make a similar regular ability where if a unit of Greenskinz fails a battleshock, you can deal a mortal wound to the unit to re-roll it. Great and thematic for the Orruks as you've got a bigger Orruk restoring order by punching some guys. New Boar Chariot: It's a bit of a shame, as I think for the most part it's still serviceable apart from the Boars. Maybe all you need to do is print a new Boar sprue to replace the old one, but it needs a bit of a refresher. Perhaps you can print an additional sprue for it that includes a Warboss or Great Shaman to ride around on the Chariot, but I feel that it may encroach on Brayherd territory too much to have the bosses riding Chariots. Bring back Animosity: I recently made a post about changing the GA: Destruction allegiance ability to be more animosity like. And perhaps, it wouldn't be great for Destruction as a whole, but I think for Greenskinz it'd add a load of character. I think if you made the rewards good enough, it'd still be alright. But then again, I never really played with Animosity, so I don't know how bad it really is. But I think if you had something like : At the start of your hero phase, roll a D6 for each GREENSKINZ unit not in combat. On a roll of 1, they may do nothing further this turn. On a roll of 2-5, it may move as if it were the movement phase. On a roll of 6, it may move as if it were the movement phase, shoot as if it were the shooting phase, or charge as if it were the charge phase. If a unit completes a charge, they may immediately pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase. You could have a another rule as part of the allegiance that any unit within X" of a HERO can re-roll animosity checks to reduce the impact slightly. I think it could be an interesting ability. Battalion Warscrolls: Obviously, any good faction is going to have about a dozen of these. I think the introduction of an Elite unit and an extra Boss though would add some interesting concepts that are available. Some examples off the top of my head: Big Boss + Big Un's - Restoring order style battalion. The Big 'Uns become immune to battleshock, and can pass on the Big Boss's Restoring Order rule as well. Boars + Chariots - Boar stampede battalion, benefits on the charge. Orruk Shaman + Arrow Boyz + Crossbow Boyz - Wyrd energy, where the Orruk Shaman infuses the Arrows/Bolts with Waagh magic. Some bonus as long as the Shaman is alive. Plenty of other options as well I reckon. Maybe something that boosts Wyverns if you take 3 of them. Or a more regiments Orruk Boyz + Other units style. Lots that can be done. So at the end of all this, what would the Greenskinz faction have Heroes(5): Orruk Warboss on Wyvern, Orruk Warboss (on Boar), Orruk Battle Standard (on Boar), Orruk Great Shaman (on Boar), Orruk Big Boss Units(6): Orruk Boyz, Orruk Arrow Boyz, Orruk Crossbow Boyz, Big 'Uns, Orruk Boar Boyz, Orruk Boar Chariots Not a bad sized faction. And something that could be solved with a few extra sprues and units.
  13. I don't think they'll change the existing ones from the battletomes, but they'll probably change the Grand Alliance ones. I think there'd also be a huge uproar if over half the 'dozen more' allegiance abilities ended up being reprints of stuff from the battletomes
  14. His spell is basically broken. It turns any unit in the same army into a fast moving flying unit. This enables a lot of units which ordinarily wouldn't be able to get up the field very fast to be in your opponents face from the start. This usually means you turn a strong but slow infantry unit into something that's faster than everything else in the game for a single turn. So you get large units of Bloodletters or Stormfiends that ordinarily move 5-6" (So aren't going to be anywhere near combat first turn), to something that flies up the board extremely quickly. All that for the bargain cost of 160 points and you just need to roll a 6 on 2 dice (or once per battle, on 3 dice!). So yeah, he's pretty good. It wouldn't be as bad if his spell had targeting restrictions, such as only SLAVES TO DARKNESS. But it would probably still cause problems. Given GW's reluctance to change warscrolls, I expect Sayl is going to be pointed out of the game come GHB2. It would instead be much nicer if they toned down his spell (While still appropriately adjusting his points).
  15. I think that'll be unlikely, as Khorne and Tzeentch already have allegiance abilities which don't include this. It also adds weird things. Should Skyfires get a 'ward save' because they're riding on a Disc? I think it's something that would be better put on Warscrolls (Which basically means, we're probably not going to see it anytime soon).