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  1. Dark Aelf (Shadowblades)

    The Assassins honestly feel like they're missing something. In older Warhammer, they basically re-rolled misses, always going first, auto-wounded on hit rolls of 6, re-roll wound rolls of 1 and then got their special poisons on top of that. And then they could still take magic items. I feel like some of that is unfortunately missing from the Assassin scroll, and it shows when the Skaven Assassin is basically better overall (and costs more). Personally I'd like to see them have different poison options (So Black Lotus just being one option for an Assassin), as well as perhaps something like Critical Strike - Any wound roll of 6 or more has a rend of -3 instead of -. Then you could have some fun with various poisons, some examples could be Manbane (+1 to wound rolls), Dark Venom (Critical Strikes deal mortal wounds instead of normal damage), etc. Anyway, that's just a bit of wishlisting I guess, but it is unfortunate I think that a lot of cool characters (Witch Hunters, Assassins, etc) are fairly mundane and poor in AoS.
  2. Dark Aelf (Shadowblades)

    Hmm, I didn't really think about that nuance. My gut feeling is that perhaps the latter is more 'correct'. That's because the Relic Blade does not add 1 to the damage inflicted by a single weapon, but adds it to the characteristic. Similarly the Black Lotus Blade doesn't change the characteristic to D3, just inflicts that much against Heroes. Whether or not one could argue that by inflicting D3 against heroes you are effectively changing your Characteristic to that, I'm unsure. But overall, if your group are happy to allow you to do D3+1, the Relic Blade is the better choice.
  3. Dark Aelf (Shadowblades)

    My understanding is that what you can and can't do with allies comes down to how the particular allegiance abilities are described. In your case, since you're running a Shadowbloades army with the Order allegiance, the Order allegiance does not prevent allies from been given magical artefacts or using the battle trait so you're fine. In general, more specific allegiances only allow those that share the allegiance to gain artefacts and use the battel trait (for example, in a Free Peoples army, only FREE PEOPLES heroes can gain artefacts, and the abilities only effect Free Peoples units). For the Assassins, give the +1 Damage weapon a go. I ran the math from 3+ save and worse, and overall, it's just better all the time (The only time Rend -1 even equalled it was against heroes with a 3+ save, every other scenario was better for the +1 Damage). I also think, that of course, you need to pick your targets. Can't be expecting a 80 point Assassin to waltz into a Lord Celestant and take him down (Although, 4 wounds is not that far off). In fact, point for point, Assassin with +1 Damage has better damage than Tenebrael Shard (But he of course, does have a few other tricks to play out). In terms of the Dark Riders. Personally feel if I were running the army, 5's would be better. More leaders to gain +1 hit and less susceptible to battleshock. The last point about battleshock I think is important. In a unit of 5, barring bravery decreases, the most you can lose to battleshock are 2 models if 3 are slain from the unit. However, with larger units, while they get a boost to their bravery, they're also more susceptible to focused fire. If I kill 7 Dark Riders between 2 of my units against a unit of 15, I'm pretty happy about that, you're going to be losing more to battleshock. However, against a unit of 5, I need to figure out if I want to split my fire, or wipe out a single unit which may mean I waste damage overkilling the unit or I may not kill it at all. The thing that big units get benefits from just aren't in your list - buffs. Your assassin's are all hiding, so can't use Inspiring Presence, and you don't have any magic that buffs the units. So you're basically at the whims of terrain, specifically Damned Terrain as you'd easily take D3 mortal wounds to add +1 to hit on your Xbows and Spears on a larger unit of 15 or 20, but not worth it on a unit of 5.
  4. Shadespire Terrain

    I think that once someone figures out how to work past all the kinks of turning a board game 3d without causing problems with interacting with the board, it'll probably be the most awesome thing ever for Shadespire. But there are definitely issues. It's kinda similar to Bloodbowl pitches in a sense, the interesting stuff always happens around the 'sidelines' in Bloodbowl, because you need to be able to move your figures around properly on the board itself. Perhaps that is where a really cool Shadespire board will shine. Very subtle terrain effects on the playing area itself, but have the playing area built in the centre of something else. The way I see the Shadespire board is it's basically a 'room' that you're fighting in. So you can't build up much of a 3d effect inside the room, since there's an absence of walls and stuff, but you can around the room (Where the walls and stuff are). The 3d effects inside the room I think will need to be subtle, or at least pretty flat so you can actually place your models within the hexes properly without having to worry about them falling over.
  5. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Hmm $70USD is probably gonna be somewhere between $100 and $115AUD. I guess from a pure models point of view, it feels a bit steep. You're only getting 8 models between the two factions. I'm hoping that it's inflated because you basically get the core game components as well, like the board, cards, tokens and rules. No idea how much in reality those things are really worth, but at the end of the day everyone is going to need to buy a core set to play. I really hope the expansion sets aren't as costly. The sculpts might be nice and interesting, but at the end of the day, they're like 3-8 push fit models and a few faction cards. I'm really hoping they're around the $25USD~ish price point. All the 'Easy to build' sets cost $15USD and come with a similar amount of figures. So seems reasonable to me that you'd be paying a bit extra for some cards and that's about it. It's also the price point where 'collect them all' is extremely accessible. So people that want to play 'top of the meta' and collect all the extra cards they can to assemble their decks can splurge and do so. But for people who just want to sit on a faction or two they like, they pay the entry cost of the base set and then purchase an extra faction or two. Overall, really looking forward to seeing whats in store for Shadespire. With the warbands being so small, I guess I'm hoping we see at least 1 Shadespire warband come out every month (With more coming out initially to kick things off).
  6. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    The short answer is, yes, you can, as long as you are able to meet both the Pipers and Great Company requirements for shooting. One of the restrictions on the Great Company is you are unable to assist if you are within 3" of the enemy. So the usual case is that if the enemy lands within 3" of your shooting unit, you get to use your Pipers to shoot them immediately, but that would in essence, contradict the Great Company rule that prevents you from doing so. However, if by the end of the charge phase, there are no enemy models within 3" of your unit, they can lend support as per normal. The usual circumstance this may occur is if the unit with the pipers ability destroys the enemy unit or the enemy removes models in such a way that they're no longer within 3" of your shooter (A good opponent should not unless they really need to for some particular reason). One thing I'm unsure about, is whether or not when units become eligible for the Great Company rules. Do you do a check, at the end of the Charge phase for every unit that could do End of Charge Phase abilities and then activate units in turn (In essence, the 'End of the Charge Phase' being a phase itself)? Or do you select a unit at the End of the Charge Phase to do something, then select another unit to do something if they're eligible, etc. The reason the nuance is important, is that in the latter example you could use another assisting unit of Shooters to target the enemy nearby one of your ineligible unit of shooters. If the first unit kills enough enemy models, it could mean a unit that was originally ineligible to use the Great Company rules suddenly becomes eligible. Personally, I do actually feel that the latter is more in line with how Age of Sigmar works. You dictate doing things in a particular order of your choosing, and even if you choose your first unit which is eligible, your second unit later becomes eligible as it's still 'the end of the enemy charge phase' and 'no enemy units within 3"'.
  7. The Rumour Thread

    My understanding is that if you qualify for the rules in Firestorm, it's on top of your allegiance. So you pick an allegiance to build your army around, this could be IRONJAWZ or it could be GREENSKINZ or even DESTRUCTION. Then once you've built your army, if all the models in your army qualify for a Great Cities (or other allegiance ability from Firestorm), then you get that as a bonus on top of your regular allegiance abilities. So in your case, you would get the DESTRUCTION abilities and you could use Stoneclaw`s Gutstompas as well as long as all the models in your army quality for that allegiance ability. As for Wraithfleet. My gut reaction was not impressed, until I remembered you get your regular allegiance abilities as well. So it's kinda cool and interesting, but definitely this one feels more 'fluffy' than anything. It would be nice if they bought out the old Vampire Pirates models as Made to Order (Something we don't see very often for AoS).
  8. Dark Aelf (Shadowblades)

    I think you're talking about the High Elf Reavers, which are actually no longer compendium and under the Swifthawk Agents faction now. In fact, if you prefer the more Skirmishing factions, perhaps Swifthawks are right up your alley, but perhaps the models are not. At the end of the day, you've chosen a faction which only has 2 units in it to be your main faction. So I think you're just going to need to figure out where you want really want the army to go and if you're really happy to do up 1600~ish points of just Assassins and Dark Riders. I think it's quite unlikely that Shadowblades will really get anything new in the future, and perhaps, the best that can be hoped for is they get merged into a new faction (But this seems unlikely). I think in some ways, its a shame you've jumped into 60 Dark Riders. As if you really want to use them all, it really restricts your list options as it makes it very hard to go for a mixed army (Essentially, you'll need to buy models). But here are some lists I would consider running while embracing the play style you're aiming for, and to an extent, embracing the models you already have. So list 1, uses only 45 of your Dark Riders and 2 of your Assassins. It however, has the flexibility of having a variety of models, including some infantry which you can use to hang back on objectives or more slowly move up the field. That being said, I'm unsure if this list really does much for you other than allowing you to include Mistweaver Saih and Tenebrael shard. It's definitely a very mixed list which doesn't feel particularly strong in any aspect. So lets take a look at list 2. This list allies in 2 units of Doomfire Warlocks. If you haven't built all your Dark Riders, then the Warlocks will give you a bit of magic in your list. Allowing you to cast mystic shield, arcane bolt or doomfire bolt. I think this will add a lot of flexibility to your list, you can buff a big unit of Dark Riders with Mystic Shield, or you can cause some mortal wounds with the more offensive spells. List 3 has you drop a unit of Dark Riders, but squeeze in another Assassin, a Sorceress and 20x Black Guard (Either 2x10 or 1x20 are both useful). The Black Guard will offer a unit that actually has rend in your army, while the Sorceress will give you a bit of help spellcasting. She can also potentially debuff the enemy with Word of Pain, but it's a bit hard to get off in a non-Darkling Covens list, and she'll most likely be relegated to Mystic Shielding a big unit of Dark Riders. That being said, overall I think (aside from painting the same models 60x over) the 2nd list with the Doomfire Warlocks is probably the strongest of the 3. Not only do you get 2 casters in that list, but they're essentially casters with 10 wounds. They also complement the strength of the army, which is that everything is super fast.
  9. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    Personally I don't feel the dust has settled at all. While I do echo some concerns in your post, it's only been 1 month since the book came out. I'm definitely still enjoying fiddling around with lists (A lot of the time for factions I won't ever get the time to do!), and certainly haven't played enough games yet to even believe I understand where the meta has 'settled'. Hell, I haven't even played each of the Matched Play scenarios yet. Perhaps some of the optimism comes from the fact, that the armies I have been collecting (Majority Slaves to Darkness Chaos and Free Peoples) actually got pretty hefty benefits in the GHB2017. So for the first time in a while, it feels like the stuff I do care about is actually getting some exposure (GHB2017 and Firestorm). I think it'll take a tournament or so before I start feeling one way or another about the meta. At the moment people are still just chill and happy to get in a game. If there's anything to be critical about, IMO it's more on the models side than the rules side. We haven't had a single new model release since Kharadron Overlords in April (including from Forgeworld). That's 1/3 of the year without any new models. That's pretty abysmal. And while we have gotten content, the models have been rehashed boxed sets (Skirmish Sets, Allies sets, and now Firestorm Great Cities sets).
  10. Dark Aelf (Shadowblades)

    The problem is your list is illegal. Because Mistweaver Saih and Tenebrael Shard aren't in a faction just yet, they've simply been lumped into an 'Aelf' faction. That faction is unable to be allies for any army, nor can allies be your General anyway. So the problem is, your Dark Riders aren't battleline in your army, because you can't be 'SHADOWBLADES' allegiance due to breaking the allies rules. What you could consider is adding in some generic Darkling Covens battleline (Bleakswords or Darkshards). Gives the force something a little different, and makes the list legal. Overall, I suspect the only reason Shadowblades can even create an army is because they meet the minimum requirements for doing so (Leader + Unit). Most factions with that few models I don't think you're really expected to make a full army out of. So it'll of course, be an uphill struggle to make an interesting list.
  11. The Rumour Thread

    I think the Anvilguard ability is very interesting, and potentially quite powerful. Ignoring the fact that you can kill off enemies which can't escape, let's think about some other tactical applications. A) You can push people off objectives. Yep, if you're fighting in the middle of the board, the enemy might have to move back 6" or have models destroyed. Super useful ability, as you're essentially pushing them back 6" away from the objective, allowing you to potentially crowd more models onto it. B) Some shooters get abilities that trigger when you're not within 3" of an enemy (Double shotting crossbows, Handgunners, Darkshards, probably more). Combat is the last place you want to be, but if you are there, this can help your shooters out by allowing them to get their bonuses back, or just giving them more room to move back and shoot. Definitely keen to see what else is coming
  12. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    So what I dislike is, you've taken a battalion yet you don't have a second hero to make use of the additional artefact. You're paying a lot of points for battalions, so I think you can't just ignore one of the bonuses. Here's the adjustments I would consider: -10 Freeguild Guard -10 Handgunners -5 Outriders This means you lose the 3rd Great Company, but you can still make one defensive one (20 Guard + 2x10 Handgunners) and one aggressive one (20x Guard, 10x Greatsword, 10x Guard or Handgunner). This means you have Demigryphs, Outriders, Pistoliers and 1 unit of Guard/Handgunners outside the Great Companies. The last unit is your flex unit, you can use it to babysit one of your objectives all game and you don't end up being too fussed about it. What this does, is free up 310 points plus the 20 you had spare leaving you with 330 points free to play around with. My immediate thought would be to add in a Freeguild General on Griffon and then add either a Witch Hunter or Gryph Hound to fill in the remaining 70 points. The General on Griffon is excellent value IMO, and with the Armour of Meteoric Iron and near another unit in the Regiment will be both quite tough and extremely useful as a hammer. The Witch Hunter would give you another hero, while the Gryph Hound can protect against sneaky deployments, both would be useful enough I think. The downside is that you are now at 4 drops, (Regiment + Regular General + Battlemage + Witch Hunter/Hound). Whether or not this is 'small enough' to gain advantages of being a low drop army, I'm unsure. I would guess other armies with battalions are going to be lower drop count (In the realm of 1 to 3). That being said, I think this army has a lot of flexibility, and is definitely something I might give some thought to. Some other alternatives are: Add another Freeguild General. Upgrade the battlemage to a Hurricanum. The Hurricanum is likely overkill though, as you're already getting a lot of +1 to hit through Hold the Line and the Freeguild Regiment. Add another Freeguild General. Upgrade the battlemage to a Luminark. 90 Points left over for another hero or another unit of Freeguild Guard. Go balls to the wall double chicken. You can drop the regular Freeguild General and Battlemage, and squeeze 2 Generals on Griffon into the list. This of course, changes the armies play style up hugely, as you don't get any benefits of the regular General anymore (Hold the Line, Stately War Banner). It'd be a very aggressive army.
  13. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Personally I'm thinking no. For a minimum Freeguild Regiment + 20 more Xbows + Freeguild General on Griffon, you're looking at 1870 points. What that gets you is 2 drops, but you have a lot of small units, no great company, no mortal wound output at all, an extremely limited pool of left over points. None of the units are particularly hard hitters apart from the Xbows when double shotting and the Freeguild General on Griffon. I think it's worth more of a look at 2500 points, where you have the extra points to bulk out a few units, and add in a few allies to supplement the weak areas.
  14. The Rumour Thread

    I'm a little mixed up front about the Great Cities allegiance abilities. I truly enjoy the fact that they're dishing out different allegiance abilities for different cities. It puts a bit of a narrative spin, on this city is known for it's people to be X. Really enjoy thematic abilities. But I am a little concerned that something that should be narrative, could make its way into being mandatory for matched play. These abilities seem like they're all going to be 'free'. Unless there is a significant downside to taking a Great City, then why wouldn't you? You only ever get a bonus, so there's no reason not to just say your Sylvaneth are from Hammerhal, or your Stormcast are from Tempest's Eye. Then there's the fact that Order is obviously getting a lot of love, but where does this leave the other Grand Alliances? So a little concerned, but hopefully it's got a balancing factor somehow. Perhaps something like Death, Destruction and Chaos armies get a bonus when fighting against an army from a Great City. This would mean, that Order vs Order - Both players have option of a Great City. Order vs Other - If Order took a Great City, both armies get a free bonus, but if they didn't, then neither player would get a bonus anyway. Anyway, I think it would be a shame that a supplement that seems to be more focusing on map based campaigns, essentially becomes mandatory purchase to stay 'competitive' in the game. The game would start to feel like supplement hell (Oh, I need my battletome, ghb, season of war, whatever other supplements...) and makes the game feel a bit pay to win, which would be super unfortunate.
  15. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Handgunners are better on the move in larger units, as they just get a flat +1 for being a large unit, while the Crossbows actually have to stand flat footed to get their best bonus (Being the double shots). But that being said, fully buffed up Xbows output the most damage, and have a further range. The range definitely can't be downplayed, because Xbows have an effective threat range of 25" on the move, while Handgunners only have 21". That extra few inches can be the difference between getting off an initial volley and not. Personally I think if you're running a completely maxxed out one, then have 1 unit of each. That way you've got a super threatening unit of Handgunners that in general is always pretty decent as long as they're in range, and you've got a super threat in buffed to the max Xbows. That and unit diversity, at least it doesn't feel like you're spamming the same thing over.