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  1. Could also be a new messiah for the daughters of khaine but time will tell i guess Also looking forward to some kraken or seamonsters for idoneth
  2. There are only 5 of them on this shot so its likely they come at a minimum of 5
  3. It literally hits the spot for me 😍 I literally was consindering going for the new wolfriding goblin faction but since i got it all included in Soulblight i am super stoked. my purse will be very happy and so am i 🥳
  4. Could be a splitrelease like lrl once again... They got their faction terrain in the second wave aswell
  5. Maybe we get abhorash on nightmare if hes not the big centerpiece.. With a statline like eltharion? I am so ****** hyped 🥳
  6. I am hoping for new direwolves for sure and one big centerpiece model as mentioned.. Everything else is literally a bonus.. The new bloodknights and some wolves were already all i wished for tbh. And if you can customize your vampires further with different clans instead of the vampire lords weve got right now its a win. Maybe a little bit juiced up in magic/combat/utility department at your choosing And the FEC getting integrated isnt a bad thing either since we had strigoi in the past and mannfred already included them..
  7. Wasnt it about the printed stuff that had issues? Then i maybe got it wrong... Thats why i didnt see it as a problem😉 I am completly fine with the stuff that already got revealed.. and there is still stuff coming in addition to that. And if the rumour of the flesheaters getting included is true there is still some more variety. But i guess we have to wait till next week
  8. They could release the units on their own if this is an issue 🤔 And future releases wont be in there anyway i guess.. Lets hope for the best not the worst 🥳
  9. The humans could be the viewers, but what if its Shyish humans 😁 could fill in some ranged units 🤔
  10. Do you have any suggestions how to kill the time waiting 😱 Thats another week spent waiting 🥺 I am so super stoked 🤤
  11. Damnit i cant take it 🙈😱 I have to wait for another week 🥺 I really need to take a cryosleep of some sort 🥶
  12. Theres also skaven mentioned on the white dwarf cover🐀maybe another runner up in BR
  13. Every second i looked at the image it became clearer that it isnt a vampire but lets wait... We had wolfs and rats so maybe insects next 🥺
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