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  1. @Honkhaha well you’re not wrong - hopefully your hopes are rewarded though. However with BR Be’lakor coming out this might be a back-burner thing for a while while I do more with my khorne or start a Slaves army 🤣
  2. @Honk Thanks for the input! The issue of appropriate base size does make sense though. Luckily I feel like if I decide to go this route I’ll want scenic bases anyways because It would be more of a labor of love scenario with some substantial conversions being made. I Really hope that’s not the case for legion of azgorh though - such a cool range with confirmed bits of canon fluff. I’m hoping that somewhere (likely a ways) down the line they do them in plastics in the same spirit as the fw models. I like the idea of a chaos army that actually shoots something other than pink/blue fireballs out of mouths/fingers XD
  3. Hi guys so I’m not exactly new to tga but I generally post on the khorne topic. With that said I do occasionally lurk on death and destruction for ideas for a different army that may or may not inspire me! Recently, I was listening to a priority roll episode where Dan and Chris welfare made a FEC with the idea that Dan would use 3rd party Bret models to represent the units. I thought it sounded like a cool idea, but I also love concept of deathrattle kingdoms where a fully sentient and free-thinking wight king would rule over a kingdom of skeleton subjects with his court, and was wondering if you could do the same thing with the deathrattle range instead. So TLDR is that I was wondering whether it would be acceptable to run a proxied FEC army along the lines of a deathrattle kingdom? I was thinking skeles as ghouls, black knights as horrors, WK as arch-regent, and maybe some converted black knights or dread blade harrows with skele riders as flayers off the top of my head? Let me know what you guys think! Also, I understand that it’s everyone’s hobby and we’re free to play models how we want, but more what I was wondering is if you all think this would be confusing to play against seeing as they’re all models with their own legal rules? thanks guys!
  4. Also you could make some really cool beastial skullreapers with a quick headswap! @Lord Krungharr
  5. It would definitely be a fun way to get some shooting in your list @Lord Krungharr
  6. @Lord Krungharrhe’s the hero that gives +1 attack to mortals wholly within 12 haha part of what would make bloodmad so high on attacks
  7. Hey guys so I can’t seem to get past thinking there’s something to skulltake haha so with that in mind here is a list that I threw together to try and somewhat mimic the bloodmad setup but with a skulltake instead Mortal%20skulltake.pdf
  8. @Lord Krungharryeah most of the faction bonuses would be pretty negligible in all beasts, but it’s from wrath of the everchosen! The command trait lets you reroll prayers of 1 wholly w/in 12 inches I believe and the relic is +2 to charge
  9. @Zamik bloodletter bombs used to be a huge thing haha
  10. @IHaveNoPaintAndIMustMemepersonally I like them but I haven’t heard great things. Like @Salyx said, They don’t really have a ton of output and there are other more defensive options like chaos warriors. It’s funny though, I had a similar thought about a block of 15 in a slaughterborn battalion - I agree that skullcrushers do work as an anvil, but I think if you whip and CA those blood warriors they can fly across
  11. @Lord Krungharrit definitely looks interesting!! I like the anti horde that the plague priest brings - any thoughts on a slaughterhost? Flayed could give you a nice relic and trait but so could skullfiend!
  12. With that it mind, what do you guys think of this list? I just threw it together! Maybe flesh hounds instead of skullcrushers for the speed and dispell? I kinda like the mobile anvil though Bloodmad.pdf
  13. @ZamikI really don’t mind the summoning that much but as you said it may just be because it’s par for the course - what I’d really love is something like their white dwarf allegiance that incentivizes mixed mortal/daemon lists
  14. @ZamikYeah you’re right about that - the wound isn’t as big of a difference to me because painbringers can reroll saves but the attack difference is pretty huge - also to your point I would think that khorne has more ways to buff attacks into the stratosphere lol (ie ways to get up to 7 attacks per model on skullreapers). Mostly just messing around but like you said I really would like a way to make them battle line!
  15. PSA: I’m not salty at all that the new painbringers are basically the same as skullreapers except with rend and the ability to be battleline 💀
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