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  1. Yeah I have had similar issues to be honest - I’m just not sure you can fit enough in paying for both battalions unfortunately. I think regular gore pilgrims does a lot to help your support characters keep up with the cav though, and if you want to be even more mobile, the flayed command trait allows for refills of 1 on prayers within 8” so your not as dependent on the altar! Plus your knights and juggers get even tougher as they kill heroes/monsters
  2. @ArmyOfGrodd As far as I know, a brass stampede list I pretty solid, especially with how much mortal wounds you can put out now - but if you go for that you’ll need at least a couple more boxes of skullcrushers, as you’ll likely want to go all in for it! Brass stampede/gore pilgrims used to be a thing when battalions weren’t so expensive but I’m not entirely sure that’s the case any more! Either way it will be an awesome list that’s for sure!
  3. @Sharklone totally agree with @Agent of Chaos! With that said, I think snagging a goreblade warband SC and the s2d would be good because you can get the chungus, some knights and 3 battleline along with some extra goodies like a khorgorath, bloodstoker, and a mighty lord
  4. Backtracking a bit, but regarding the twiceborn faces, I remember having a similar feeling looking at the skullreapers heads but they grew on me somewhat and those I didn’t like I just replaced with helmets.
  5. @Neverchosen that’s a good point - I was always a fan of the “honorable combat” version of khorne myself. I’m somewhat indifferent to the senseless slaughter angle, but it seems kind of 1 dimensional to me. Hopefully vorgaroth’s lore is more indicative of a future approach to khorne - I love that he got caught up dueling a daemon prince for stealing his kill lmao.
  6. Yes! It looks really silly but I love it - I’m not sure that it’s meant to actually be khorne, but the picture from the 3.5e chaos space marines codex was always how I envisioned him!
  7. As dumb as this sounds i was really excited to start a mortal focused army based around these guys, but the more I thought about it the more i compared them to blades of khorne and now I’m just excited to keep going with my blades of khorne! Still though, very excited for the Slaanesh players out there who have been waiting to use mortals that aren’t just marked s2d units! P.s. The one thing that I feel Slaanesh has over khorne is having a Syll’Esske...esque type character that encourages mixing mortals and daemons - would love to see that for khorne, whether its simply an army mechanic or a character special rule!
  8. Great release for a mortal/mixed Slaanesh force! I agree with a lot of the problems with the bare heads but you can always pick up gresh’s iron reapers for the Slaanesh and helmeted head! I know that’s what I’ll be doing! 😄
  9. Thank you all for the feedback! Gets me excited at the idea of being able to convert some non-human blood warriors! Now I just need to find a base for the conversion 😬!
  10. Hey guys, Was wondering earlier today about blood warriors (one of my favorite lore units since I read the entry in the bloodbound book). Their lore entry on lexicanum - and the BoK tome I believe - discussed the “red baptism” an event where a mortal is drenched in the blood of their enemies and attracts khorne’s gaze and becomes a blood warrior as a result. This made me wonder whether races other than men can become blood warriors in theory? Figured it would provide interesting conversion fodder at the very least! Thank you guys in advance for any input!
  11. Eh I say to each their own haha I personally like the mortals a lot and was a huge fan of the 40k daemonkin book so I like a list that fits that thematically. But yeah I think your list is tough as is, and not that they would be overkill, but I I think the extra bubble of wrathmonger buff does more for you than the damage of skullreapers
  12. That’s definitely tough - skullreapers are probably my favorite unit and I feel that they’re definitely good at what they do but with a double pile - in and two thirster you’re not really lacking on damage out put I don’t think. And not to mention mongers aren’t exactly slouches either with 26 attacks with a secrator at 3/3/-1/1 on the charge!
  13. @broverpowerd I’d personally go with list 1 - wrath axe to me isn’t as reliable as mongers would be; especially with two bloodthirsters to buff. Both lists look solid though!
  14. @Salyx that’s a good point - my only issue with the skullfiend tribe is that besides the relic, it feels a little underwhelming to me I suppose if I invested more in the khorgoraths i could get more mileage out of it though! And regarding the slaughterborn, I was also tempted with that, especially when I realized how brutal you could make the exalted db with impaling spear! @Zamik yeah that’s still something I am concerned about, but it’s funny you mentioned the goretide because I had originally thought of using them to fling a sizeable squad of blood warriors up as an initial durable screen/ tar pit unit!
  15. @Agent of ChaosYeah I haven’t played it in a while but it’s one of the few (if not only) battalions for khorne that has kept the same rules and the 2 damage on 6s skullreapers is pretty great - especially when you consider the fact that you’ll be doing mortal wounds too. I would really like to see how it works with other units getting the buff too - more specifically, if everyone staying in 12 is feasible Im glad you said something about the thirster though, it does seem like a real gamble with a good trait to put it on him.
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