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  1. Generally either the army I am currently working on if I feel like playing unpainted or have enough painted to play, or my previously painted army.
  2. Haha no. 'A' in this case refers to the unit that contains the pipers i.e the one being charged. A unit of handgunners for example may not include A piper after all. They are optional or could have been slain. For the rule to work as you wish it would have to include the word ANY pipers instead.
  3. Imo people are expecting too much from the LVO reveal. My bet would be we see the remaining shadespire warbands and a teaser of the next aos release but nothing definitive. Like some form of teaser video without showing any models. Gloomspite gitz was a pretty big release after all, and we'd just have skaven and fec dropping. I'd expect much more in the 40k side of things as they're due for a new release.
  4. Doesn't surprise me. The early peak at the feb white dwarf basically implied to me that this was nothing more than a rules tweak of the original skirmish rules. Pretty disappointing. They fixed one of the issues in skirmish 1.0 which was the stupid plastic model restriction but have again fallen well short of an interesting system by dropping the ball with the campaign system.
  5. Certainly not a top tier list, but a fairly simple list you could build could look something like this: Gives you a big centrepiece model, a bit of magic. You've got bodies on the field thanks to the Freeguild stuff. You've got a bit of speed in the Demigryphs and the General as well. If you want to go magic heavy, you could run the following: Rather than the Battlemage (which might be unnecessary), you could run a Mounted General also which will help out your Freeguild a little bit.
  6. Crossbows are probably the better choice in 30s at the moment. Personally i dislike 20s as all it takes is one casualty to remove your bonus. In 10s, i think both handgunners and archers have a place although i think you need to have pretty good idea what you're going to be doing with units that small.
  7. Tbh, I'm completely the opposite. I've always thought it's very amateur to show unpainted miniatures on the cards. You've got this lovely artwork on there, and then bam, unpainted plastic. Unpainted plastic matches your colour scheme just as much as a painted miniature, so for me, I'd much rather see a painted miniature on the card that matches the artwork.
  8. Initial thoughts: Bestigors - To me, Best-Gor is a much better appropriation of the name than Besti-gor, but close enough! I have to say that I don't really feel the Despoilers rule in terms of fluff. Like the little fluff thing and being better against units of 10 or more models doesn't really line up. Maybe they think when there are plenty of men around they're tearing down civilization? Dunno. Bestial Charge is a good buff to them, especially coming on from Ambush for that money backline charge. Will be interesting to see how many points they land at, gut feeling is that they'll be back up to 140 with the buffs. Gargant receiving buffs, awesome! Extra attacks on his kits and headbutts is really sweet! Ghorgon swallow whole is pretty cool, interesting that it's equal to or greater. Which means 1 wound infantry aint safe, and a much better chance at killing off enemy 5 wound characters. Optimistic, but cautious about other changes he might have received (I'm sure his Bloodgreed will change as well). Bullgor bloodgreed changing is something that I think is pretty evident. GW are moving away from re-rolls or extra attack abilities in the game, instead preferring extra hits/wounds or mortal wounds. It's something that speeds up the pace of the game as you don't have to redo the attack sequence. So not fussed here. Dragon Ogors... really GW... still no damage 2? That's pretty disappointing. My guess is that GW don't want them to feel too similar to Bullgors and hence are staying away from the damage 2, but really.... they're Ogors.... with a Draconic body... maybe in their old age they've lost some muscle? Oh well, guess it's just something that's going to stay sadly. Hitting on 3's is pretty good though as long as their points stay down. In regards to the Shaggoth, I think people may be reading too much into the spell when talking about using him as an ally. Nowhere does it mention that this is his base warscroll spell. In fact, Rhu says: Shaggoths have even been given a spell lore of their own in the new book – I’ve found Sundering Blades works fantastically with basically anything you apply it to Which to me implies he chose to take that spell, not that it's the default. That being said, we have to remember that the Shaggoth becoming a Wizard means he'll definitely be getting a points increase. So even if it is the default spell, he'll come with a cost as an ally. Centigors, cool finally Brayherd and with a nifty ability. Look forward to seeing what they can do. Tzaangor should've always had a separate foot matched play profile anyway, just GW finally getting it right. Interesting peaks into the Bray SHamans spell lore. And that's it, last few a little rushed but I gotta go!
  9. Shaggoth being a mage is cool. Really looking like Dragon Ogors could be strong. I mean, everyone knows how good the old Destruction allegiance ability was and not only will Thunderscorn units be getting that, they'll be potentially be reaping other benefits as well. Think the Thunderscorn I've been picking up are definitely going to get some love on the painting table in the near future. Just hope they made the Dragon Ogors damage 2! I initially was a little bit unsure about the Warherd ability. Didn't really seem like it did much for your average Bullgor unit (Which it doesn't). But that being said, I've come to realise it's going to be pretty awesome on the bigger models that have wounds to heal back. Will be interesting to see if the Ghorgon keeps the Strength from Flesh special rule as well, potentially could heal back quite a bit. The Herdstone is super cool although it's a shame it lost the arcane buff to wizards. Looking forward to getting one. Greatfrays sound pretty cool. Wish there were a few more to be honest. Hopefully they're well balanced against each other, as it'll only be more prominent if there's 1 choice that stands above the others. Sadly the Dark Walkers mandatory artefact seems pretty lacklustre overall, but if Legion of Night goes to prove, having ambushing large monsters can definitely be a strong tactic. Have to say that the initial impression of 'marked' Beasts of Chaos doesn't do much for me. I don't really care much about marking Beastmen (Even if my 8th ed army was certainly a Khorne flavoured force), but being restricted to battalions just feels a bit odd. Not really fussed, but it's a big deal to some people and I'm hoping they've got it right. Also not sure why they didn't add in Ungors, Razorgors or Gargants. Maybe too weak, too mutated, but Gargants? Bring back marked Gargants I think (unless of course it's just a default option). Overall, definitely sounding like it's going to be an interesting book, and looking like will be my first Battletome army for Age of Sigmar!
  10. Really like the colour scheme you've got going there. The brown 'tops' especially on the Executioner really reminds me of the Scarecrow batman villain.
  11. So for the first part, well, there's no Hero on Demigryph model. This has been a thing since 8th edition when they introduced Demigryph Knights that you couldn't put a leader onto a Demigryph. As a rule of thumb for GW, no models, no rules. That being said, I do hope GW takes the idea on board whenever we get a tome, because it'd be a simple conversion. As for the latter, the Hero on Horse isn't obsolete either. First off, the model exists in the plastic kit. So there was no way they'd be retiring it without retiring that kit. Secondly, there are still horses in the faction with the Outriders and Pistoliers. The horse mounted knightly orders may be gone, but the horses still remain. So I think he's still a valid option for us to have. There are certainly stranger options available in other factions IMO.
  12. My recommendation would be to drop the Battlemage and pick up a Knight-Azyros if you aren't going to be playing Places of Arcane Power or Relocation Orb. You lose the ability to unbind, but instead you get a pretty neat re-roll 1's to hit within 10" of the Azyros. Makes him a very interesting choice to not only buff your Crossbows, but buff your melee damage dealers as well. I wouldn't be dropping any of the Crossbows, in general the shooters are best in 30's or 10's. 20's it's just far too easy to drop a model and lose your larger unit bonus. Another thing you could consider but you lose some of the coolness, is dropping the 10x Greatswords. If you downgraded them to say 10x Handgunners or Archers, you've got 30 points to play with. That means you can play around with a cheap endless spell, or potentially upgrade the Battlemage to a Knight-Incantor.
  13. The Razorgor Chariot doesn't mean anything since no model ever existed for them (other than conversions). For whatever reason (most people think the lawsuits from yesteryear), GW is very big on making sure that they don't enable options in any of their games if they don't make a model for it. This has come to the point where they're very extreme about it, and even if something is a simple weapon swap they don't allow it (More of an issue in 40k). So the Chariot doesn't mean anything, because it was always a conversion. I think they'll most likely stick around. GW hasn't cut anything from the range since the grand alliance books (Apart from the Spire of Dawn which was limited release afterwards). I doubt they'll do it just as they're preparing to make a release which will actually include said models. If anything I could see them doing it in a few years time, once they've eeked out a few dollars out of the people willing to buy the models rather than convert them (Assuming they're actually usable in a months time).
  14. Well... that's not quite how his rules looked. He did have rules in the original Compendium after all. Sadly though, I think we'd probably already know if there were new models, or old models returning. I would much rather see Ghorros Warhoof return as a Centigor Hero that just enables other options building the army. Morghur never really interested me that much. But I would definitely love to see the Malagor model get some love as a special character again. Even be happy if it's just a Great Bray Shaman variation warscroll that lets him fly around.
  15. Technically speaking, none of the existing factions were changed when Legions of Nagash was released. Were Deadwalkers rolled into Deathrattle? Or Deathmages rolled into Deathlords? No. What Legions of Nagash, and presumably Beasts of Chaos are doing is fixing GW's problem where they use keywords both to restrict synergies and as your army building foundation. They basically gift a certain selection of warscrolls with a new keyword which is used exclusively for army building. Basically, GW dug themselves into a hole when they released the first GHB. They made it super restrictive to build armies for factions that were split up into mini-factions because they doubled up on how keywords are used. GHB2017 alleviated this pain somewhat by allowing allies, but it's still super painful for armies that don't have a large variety of units (and in particular, perhaps more critical is they're reduced to using the lackluster grand alliance allegiance abilities). Overall. GW is not merging sub-factions when they do Legions of Nagash style books. When GW get around to doing an Ogor book, I doubt we'll see Firebellies and Maneaters rolled into Gutbusters. They are their own thing, and synergies that affect Gutbusters may reasonably not affect Firebellies or Maneaters. Instead, just like Legions, most likely GW will just create a shared keyword for them all to be fielded under. It may even include Beastclaw Raiders, you never know.
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