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  1. Lost Kingdom Miniatures are awesome, but actually only available as 3d print files. I've some Russian Alt. dwarves, i can say they are very well scultped with good bits and different pose.
  2. No new Marauders/Darkoath models ? Really GW ?
  3. Nice !! But is he another Hammer of Sigmar character ? I'm waiting for a good miniature of Gardus or Hamilcar... Will be limited ?
  4. I am very disappointed with this battletome. I have been waiting for years to collect a force of Slaanesh like those outings for Tzeentch, Khorne and Nurgle but the GW does not seem to have understood the enormous potential, a pity. I will not buy anything.
  5. @Henin when will release an update :)? Thx
  6. Thanks ! I Hope to see again Greenskinz in a LoN battletome style with Bonesplitters and IJ.
  7. Any rumors about Destruction & Death ? Thanks a lot Ndabreaker
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