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  1. Hopefully this is not only a response to me and my posts - I am sure it is not as there has been a great deal of discussion about the bog-daemons over the last few pages - but on the off; a response. I really like the fimir and I am still fairly sad I was never able to pick up any of the FW models - they were absolutely stunning and I would have loved to have a small knot of them in some larger destruction force, loping alongside grots and spiders and gargants as part of the semi-mythical "horror of the primal" vibe Destruction can give off. And I don't think anyone (or at least not anyon
  2. I think the problem is less that the lore exists, and more that the culture amongst fans is still (in a lot of places, not all - TGA, for instance, rises above this type of childishness) "lol so edgy" when it comes to Fimir - the meme is how much of a dark and gritty race they are because of their reproduction. Beastmen and Archaon don't occupy the same meme status - Beastmen either get jokes about furrys/being the forgotten 3rd Chaos army whenever they are mentioned, and Archaon's fluff discussions often come back to either comparing him to Abaddon as a "failure" for Storm of Chaos, or End Ti
  3. I think the problem with GW trying to take this approach is that the internet exists - and, though it's taken them a seeming age to learn it, GW has finally realised that the internet affects perception. That is to say - it doesn't matter how much they try and focus in on the embittered pseudo-bronz-age/celtic cyclopeans in the mist, abandoned by their gods, angle, because if little Timmy goes online to try and see how to paint them or learn tactics, eleven seconds after the Google Search resolves he's found sixteen different AoS and Old World forums with people discussing the old lore, arguin
  4. A note on the map of Ghur - it isn't new, I'm afraid: It is the same one that appears in the Sons of Behemat Battletome. Sorry if someone has already pointed that out and I skimmed passed it. Now with that out of the way These were some incredible reveals! Yndrasta is without a doubt one of my favourite models in a long time, and if the lore for her is as cool as the model, she has the potential to be my favourite AoS-original character. The new Stormcast will take some getting used to, but I think I like them. The red eyes look mostly like they are clust
  5. This is weirdly hypnotic... I can't look away... the allure of Slaanesh...
  6. The bit of Kurnoth we see in Dark Harvest - the bit that is opposed to Alarielle and whose followers attack/were attacked by Sylvaneth on sight is not the bulk of the being that was Kurnoth for most of the Age of Sigmar timeline though, and not the same "Kurnoth" that was used to make the Sylvaneth/Wanderer Kurnothi The "Kurnothi" as we have seen them in Underworlds/Cursed City are the children of the Sylvaneth Kurnoth - the Huntsman-Warrior and consort of the Everqueen. This Kurnoth is still capable of savery - as are the Sylvaneth as a whole - and is still a god of beasts and hunting, jus
  7. Out of interest, what makes you think Dark Harvest means that the Kurnothi cannot be fully explored? I would argue that given what we have seen of the Kurnothi thus far, Dark Harvest really helps to explain why they are the way they are and actually helps them become a full "sub-theme" or whatever within Sylvaneth
  8. The Kurnothi were introduced to us in the game and in the lore when they were dispatched to Beastgrave to stop the mountain/the beast beneath the mountain being awoken - it seems more likely to me that Sylvaneth might be getting a proper unit or two of Kurnothi, but the Kragnos name and lore in the trailer is a being they failed to stop awakening - an ancient god or patron of Ogroids or Fimir or some civilisation of Fireater Ogors or something, rather than directly to the Kurnothi.
  9. Just off the top of my head, what units do we "know" existed in the lore for Cathay in The World That Was? There's the classic Blackpowder Rocket artillery piece, and the Empire Helstrom Rocket Battery unit entries continued to reference them being based off of Cathayan fireworks well into the final editions of the game. Tamurkhan has a side adventure in the narrative where Sayl the Faithless goes and attacks an outpost of the Grand Empire of Cathay in the Mountains, and they have guardian lion/dog statues and longswordsmen in ornate armour (which is further supported by the most famous C
  10. I'd be interested in finding out more about this setting!
  11. The Oathmark kingdom building is genuinely one of the most fun and innovative ways I've seen to reinvent/improve list building that I've seen in a long time - when I first saw them it was like I was a kid/teen again getting so excited to play around with lists! I think that the Oathmark "Terrain Lists" could be a fun alternative way to build/design Cities of Sigmar - you pick the "heart" of your city, and then different districts radiating out to decide which Order units you have access to. Though I imagine it would take someone with a better head for rules than me to come up with a way to sat
  12. The other day I was flicking through some books and miniatures websites, vaguely planning purchases I need for running some D&D later in the year/pining after the ability to not be in lockdown/generally trying not to get too distracted looking forward to Stargrave, and it got me thinking. Age of Sigmar is a large and expansive setting, and the battles that take place within it vary from small warbands of treasure hunters through to enormous battles with vast, neatly formed armies. And for the most part, there are ways to get something of a fix for each of those - Underworlds, Warcry,
  13. Looks like I'm picking up a couple of new Undworld warbands soon... Loving the "sensible" (by Warhammer standards) armour and weapons for a duellist with the "Bride of Frankenstein"/Golden Age of Horror era enormous goth hair - very campgothic horror - excellent design choice. Between her and the new Vampire Lord, they are really leaning into the darkly beautiful Aristocracy of the Night vibe in a way the Von Cartsien's "I'm wearing lace near my neck" never quite could and it is excellent.
  14. Latest Rumour Engine solved! New anti-Idoneth faction centred around this catfish infantry
  15. Fair enough - I seem to remember before they got their own Army Book and we focused more on the Uglu and Morathi side of things, the Khainite Temples were explicitly a weird temple or two in Azyrite / Free Cities where beautiful Aelf women held gladiatorial combats for fans (suggesting that this was how they made their money/supported themselves without a strict need for an in-built civilian population) and that as a slight downside people living near a Khainite district were a little more likely than most to vanish from their beds on religiously significant nights. With what we know of t
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