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  1. Whilst not exactly striking whilst the iron is hot, its hard to see this KS as anything to do with an industry leak given all the art is almost 1-for-1 old Tomb Kings; a King on Chariot, the Necropolis Knight snakes, Carrion Birds, Tomb Guard, an artificial giant scorpion with what looks like an interred body within, and a Bone Giant. Which is a shame because the Desert Elves look like rulewise they could be reskinned Dark Elves but are at least visually new and interesting.
  2. I am assuming that things like the centaurs might be less a "tainted by Slaanesh like the DoK" thing and more a "magic twisted to help us survive" deal closer to the water and beast magic of the Idoneth. There is fluff, if memory serves, that the Wanderers have been somewhat left behind/spurned by Alarrielle for not fighting as hard as they could for her is there not? What if then the Wanderers - either through their own layline magic/druidcraft/sorcery or through the help of Kurnoth or a similar power - have chosen to twist a few of their number into shapes better suited to running amongst the wilds and laylines, the better to survive beyond the good graces of the Everqueen?
  3. The Bolter and Chainsword has a fairly good and helpful community
  4. According to staff in my local GW, there will be a big something happening in store this summer for AoS with a chance to use your models to make a real difference - he appeared to be hinting that this was an event type thing rather than just the one store but I might have misread that.
  5. No idea - was hoping others would be better informed! They're fairly prominent in AoS art if I remember rightly, so it's unlikely they're being discontinued...? Hopefully...?
  6. According to the UK website the Morghasts are no longer available online (as opposed to currently out of stock) Reboxing/adaption for LoN upoming do we think?
  7. I have not played against the Kharadron Overlords but personally think that they are cool looking miniatures with great lore and a fairly interesting morality that sets them apart from a lot of the other Order factions. Plus sky-ships are pretty rad, and the KO player in my social group is having enormous fun with them Seraphon are powerful and characterful, and due to the size of their range offer great opportunities to expand your army and to try out different builds and styles of play, however for me personally their cold-blooded detachment/high logic ideals reduces the amount of individual character your army can have and personally that isn't interesting. But they have great dinosaurs!
  8. I might be wrong but I think the nomad tribes that follow the Great Worms ride horses?
  9. Hey everyone, a new Ironjawz/Destruction member here! Just wondering where on the forums is best for chatting about/creating lore? Cheers! MotB
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