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  1. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    It got a ton of love!!!! The new list can be strong.
  2. will be done by 7 for sure. Probably more like 6.30 but that might be pushing it to see awards and get to your train.
  3. Gamer girl UK

    Welcome to TGA!
  4. RT @CheekyBNOC: PIX 'n' MIX DICE AT WHW https://t.co/pswCtoA7RV

  5. Complete: Treelord Ancient

    These are really nice!
  6. Hi Welcome to TGA. If you are from Birmingham then you must come to Blood and Glory in november! Nice and local to you!
  7. Hi!

    Nice army! Welcome to TGA
  8. Hi From alicante! spain!

    Welcome to the site. Do you live in Alicante? Are there many players there? Seems like a great place to have a tournament
  9. Is it time to get competitive?!

    Hi, welcome to the site. If you want to come to Blood and Glory i'm sure I could sort out an army for you to borrow. Let me know!
  10. Hi!

    Welcome to TGA (and AoS!) enjoy the forums.
  11. A new age...

    HI, welcome. Sounds like you need to pick a faction and run with it for a while!
  12. New to AOS

    Welcome to TGA! Where are you from?
  13. Greetings

    Welcome to the site. Did you rebase the blood dragons? Sounds like a fun soulblight force.
  14. Hey

    haha! terrible formatting for a long name on mobile!!! If you want to change it just open a support request and let me know what to change it to and i'll sort it out. Welcome to the site.
  15. @BenJohnson0013 @GeekJockPete @christaylor1978 @thecountmoore @Dr_DanT Not sure. Looks like him.