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  1. Ben

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    I’ve been running Warlocking in 10’s with Khalibron. Teleport to arcane for +2 to cast auto 6MW , tail back the large unit to get range from buffs too. Lots of attacks per turn. It’s a great all round unit.
  2. Thanks to everyone using this link!
  3. Ben

    Becca Scott

    Ive just had a catch up on this thread. The post that sums it up best is probably this one. On that note, and to address something mentioned earlier. the reason G A Y is caught by the censorship is nothing to do with a slight against LGBT. As soon as people online stop using it as an insult I will take it out of the filter. My opinion on Becca Scott was that it great that GW hired a pro to do these videos. Great looking, super professional, really top quality talent. Lets be fair, the same would have applied if the person they hired was a guy
  4. Thanks but I recommend Element because I use them and trust them. I’m sure I could scramble and find a US one but I don’t have the experience or trust yet.
  5. Hi everyone. Tomorrow is Age of Sigmar 2 preorder day. A short while ago I was asking how you the TGA community would like to help support the running costs of the forums. One of the ideas was sponsorship, and while we don’t have any direct sponsors or adverts on TGA, we are an affiliate of Element Games. What this means is that when I recommend Element Games, and you click the link before buying, I earn a commission . I signed up for this because I am happy to promote Element Games. I use them for all my hobby purchases and have only ever had amazing service. So get yourself some great savings, and at the same time support TGA by clicking the image below to get your AOS 2 preorders
  6. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    Entry list updated on first page. 142 so far. 8 left
  7. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    Age of Sigmar entry list added above nearly at 150 players!
  8. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    Blood and Glory tickets are on sale now Bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/shop
  9. Ben


    Create an event for it in the calendar. Good luck!
  10. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    errrr. I think 6 have been sold already to early bird tickets!!! hahah . It seems your people from last year all want to comeback. 8PM This evening tickets are on sale. I'm currently posting rules packs for the events to the website
  11. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    It’s the 40k ranking system.
  12. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    Necromunda is still TBC. I will be in touch!
  13. Ben

    Blood and Glory 2018 - 2/3/4TH NOV

    @Stevewren will fill in the details but it’s 2 daysof narrative battles.