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  1. Morning Warhammer Fans. The UK Masters is going to be on Jan 6/7th in Derby. #SaveTheDate #10thMasters #AgeofSigmar #BackToItsRoots

  2. Aftermath of the GT final

    Get him to come to Blood and Glory!!
  3. Reservations...

    I expect that there will be great cards in a war band you are not interested in, but unlike FFG and other systems, you can only play 1 card per deck, so gone are the days of buying a bunch of bad ships just to get the 4 of the new hot card. Also I guess there will be a good 2nd hard market out there
  4. RT @HeelanHammer: It's 'still' an awesome way to play https://t.co/RS5ueA1VA2

  5. Entry list has been updated -
  6. Thanks!!!! I really appreciate it.
  7. Order today and I’ll post tomorrow.
  8. Dorset AoS Masters - 25/11/17

    Very cool!!!!
  9. Hi everyone. I want to share something with you all that I have been working on for quite some time and only recently managed the time to get finished. For as long as I can remember I have been taking notes from my games of Warhammer and after a while I settled into a routine of always returning to the same format. I had the idea that this would make an excellent notebook, and similar to the idea that started Scenery Dice, I found that I couldn't buy just one, it would cost far too much. So instead I went and looked at a way that I could get an amount printed that would make them affordable to order and give other people the chance to get one too. So as a thank you to all the awesome TGA.Community members I am releasing them on here first and giving you the opportunity to grab one of these before they fly out of stock. The books are a small format, A6 notebook that easily fits in your gaming kit. The pages are pre-filled with spaces to write your games notes and keep track of wounds, turn, points and lots more. Each book has 36 pages, 1 game per page. This is a Limited edition run of only 250 books. I only have 150 of these to sell, and if you are coming to Blood and Glory they will be given out to the players at the event too. thanks, Ben AoS Gamer Notes A note book for your games of Age of Sigmar If you are like me and find it difficult to keep track of all the things going on in your AoS games then this notebook will make it easy to manage your wounds, abilities, turns and points, leaving you more time to become a tactical genius! TGA.Community members are getting early access to these books before they get offered elsewhere. They are limited edition, only 250 have been printed and 100 of them will be given away to the players at Blood and Glory this year. If you want to get your hand on one you need to be quick as only 150 are going on sale. Get the book Prefilled Pages An A6 notebook with 36 pages laid out ready to take your gaming notes. Space for your abilities, games turns and points scored. Record all your games Fill in the pages as your play your games, keeping track of all the important things that are happening so you can get the win. Get the book
  10. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    Here are my thoughts on the list. The general plan is that to win games you need to score on the objectives. This sounds super simple, but I tell you now, its not. I would say that most players don't consider this when building a list. This means you need to be able to not only get to the objectives and hold them, but also protect your own, and clear your opponent off theirs. With movement 4 Evil Stunties.... So a key part of building and playing my list was to make sure I have as much speed and manoeuvrability as possible while still remaining true to the Legion. Drazhoath and the Bull Centaurs played a big part in this, but so did the War Engines and their ability to get the Magma cannons into prime shooting positions. In every game I play I use Drazhoath to get across the table quickly and cause problems to my opponents plans. He always dies, but he has to be dealt with before he can do to much damage. It also takes a fair amount to bring him down so it really causes my opponents a tough decision. The Bull Centaurs I use as a massive meat shield, they are excellent to take charges, soak up damage let my characters and war engines counter attack. Because the Cannons are slow and the shooting fairly short ranged I like to play very aggressive and up the battlefield using the Centaurs as a rolling road block while Drazoath stop's the centaurs getting too much attention all at once. I try to team up my units so when I fight combats I always have the option to crush a unit and move on rather than getting bogged down, and also have the option to put a hefty threat into part of the table so my opponent is forced to counter with a big portion of their army. I can then use my shooting to swing those combat match-ups. When i'm facing a combat heavy army that I think will roll over me quickly I like to use the Centaurs to take the charge and bog them down, I push them up field into a position where I can choose where to charge in the following turn if allowed to do so, putting the pressure on my opponents and making them choose what to do. Once they are stuck into the centaurs, they usually take 2 rounds to chew through. This blunts any double turn, it also means when its my turn I get to pour in the firepower and hit the counter charge. This is all the general plan and is of course subject to my opponent having their own plan. Thats enough for tonight. I have lots more thoughts and some photos too
  11. @PositiveVictim haha, Are you going to rope in the Myhills too?

  12. Aftermath of the GT final

    OMG! There was a 2nd Legion player! Does anyone know Matt McDonnell??
  13. Aftermath of the GT final

    I'll be posting all the lists over at baddice.co.uk/lists as soon as I get them. Usually takes a couple of weeks
  14. Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    Hi guys, I did indeed finish 7th at the GT Final over the weekend. This was my list: Drazhoath The Ashen (320) Bull Centaur Taur'ruk (160) - General - Trait: Cunning Deceiver -Artefact: Chaos Talisman Daemonsmith (100) Pyre Rune Staff Infernal Guard Battle Standard Bearer (100) 6 x Bull Centaur Renders (360) Scalding Hand Weapon & Spiteshield 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100) 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100) 10 x Infernal Guard Fireglaives (100) Iron Daemon War Engine (180) Magma Cannon (140) Skullcracker War Engine (200) Magma Cannon (140) Total: 2000 / 2000 I've been working on this sort of list for a while. even before the warscroll updates I had settled into the pattern of Draz, 6 Bulls, 2 Magmas as being in every list. This gives a good mix of combat, shooting and speed. I played this list with a 3rd Magma and no Tauruk but the extra mortal wounds is far surpassed by run and charge command ability. The Skullcracker I thought on paper looked good, and had the potential to do some real work. In my head the dice say 14ish attacks, 7 hits, 4/5 wounds, maybe 2/3 D3 damage after saves. No-one with any tactical ability will get their fragile characters charged by a huge base, and that sort of damage is not going to make a dent into big units, or will be over kill to smash small chaff. I didn't see place for it but wanted to play it. I also thought it would run out of steam quickly and once its taken enough wounds to get only 2d6 attacks it is essentially out of the game. I was totally wrong on this. Like, Astronomically wrong. anyway, i'll have a rundown of the units and why I chose them, how they fit together and later I can talk about how the games went. Disclaimer - If you want to play Allies or Mixed chaos there is often a 'better' or 'more efficient' unit to take. I only play Legion. Draz. Big daddy D. Supreme Prophet of Hashut. Lord of the Black Fortress. . The Bullfather. The guy is the best thing in the army hands down. He is probably over costed, under performing and too much of a target but without him we are footslogging and slow. Drazhoath can move 30" when you win the double turn. He can tank vs mortal wounds. he can flee 7+d6" even with 1 wound left. he casts spells, shoots, fights. Most importantly he is flexible and hard to predict where he will be each turn. Dirty Uncle Taur'uk. This has always been my favourite character and now he has a list around him where he is far down on the target priority list he excels. Run and Charge command ability on all teh bulls is excellent, so is +1 to charge. The latter ability is a gem as it removed the possibility of failing a change when rolling double 1's. Daemonsmith standard. +6" and one use mortals. Staff over Axe just for the potential 3 damage. Infernal Battle Standard. I was most disappointed with this chap. I think I might have been too cautious with him so i won't change the list just yet but it seems that he only is really useful if you play super defensive, but most games that's not the case. the objectives are always over the table. I think if i thrown him forwards early I might get more gains, but he is very slow and it feels like the points are better spent on other things. 3x 10 Fireglaives Pretty standard battleline. Shooting off a few extra wounds here and there, they are a constant bother to people and the champions bomb ability is excellent. 2x 10 and 1x Ironsworn horde seems a great battleline option but i struggle to fit it in a list. I had the chance a few times to shoot all 3 units and lob a couple of bombs at one target. Near the BSB. With Magma support. Thats game over man. 6 Bull Centaurs w/Spiteshields This unit really is something else. 360 points for 6 large bases, 30 wounds, good armour save and consistency damage output. They are not spectacularly smashy like 30 Bloodletters (that are 90 points cheaper) or other really super hard hitting combat units, but they are a massive hike over what we previously had and are very grindy and strong. Downside is the ability to bring it all to bear. I might try 2 units of 3. It will double the chances of making a charge when running side by side (2 run rolls, 2 charge attempts) and will be easier to fit them in range of the Taur'uks abilities, It will also mean I can got in 2 directions rather than over committing 6 bulls to get a job done. My gut says 1 unit of 6 is best though. The Great Weapon option is an essential upgrade here. I don't have the models but will be converting them. In 6 games I bounced a handful of wounds, none of them being an important extra wounds caused, on the other hand, I did a massive amount of damage and that would have been hiked by a GW. My only concern is that there are no models for the great weapons and what will that mean to the rules in the future?? 2x Magma Cannons Standard. Impacted my opponents play and game plan far more than the damage they inflicted. Worth it every time to do a few wounds a turn all game. This is the main advantage of scary combat units pushed in people face. The cannons crop down in teh target list and can shoot all game. Iron Daemon This was great in every game. Its always great. I did my time with the old rules and I think I have a real good handle on how to play and position the model in the game. Now i'm rewarded with more damage and more defence. 10" move is nice, 3+ save too. Best thing about it is the cannon. not foe the damage caused, but for the shock and awe factor. Shoot someone with 4D6 dice and rend 2 and they remember. Which once again messes with their target priority. Skullcracker War Engine. As I said above, This was excellent in all my games. My main fear was how easy it is to kill. Or not even kill, just keep a lid on. The list as a whole presented so many targets that the Skullcracker was often left to do real damage. Consistent damage output that has the ability to have a massive spike (rolling 20 attacks and getting 15 hits, while near the BSB) made this a real show stopper and my opponents didn't discover this until too late, Magma cannons dead, Drazhoath down and the Iron Deamon beaten up the Skullcracker did some great work. That will do for now. My next post will be about how I played the list and how and why I was very aggressive and up the table with a supposed gun line army.