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  1. I hope it's not an airbrush for that reason - you can't move for airbrush tutorials on youtube, WHTV is one of the best resources for painting guides because it's achievable without stacks of finnicky specialist kit
  2. Destruction for sure. We can be pretty sure that Moonclan are on the books along with Slaves to Darkness as the Malign Portents heroes look suspiciously like test sculpts for ‘AoS-ified’ factions. But I think what’s more likely than an expanded faction is something entirely new - it’s pretty clear that AoS has really grabbed the design teams imagination to produce really different and unique stuff- don’t hold your breath for ‘traditional’ fantasy archetypes like dwarves and elves, unless there’s a unique twist on them. Id love to see an equivalent to Imperial Knights - maybe aleguzzler gargants or giant elemental trolls.
  3. That’s a fair point- most narrative players use a points or power level too - I know I do a lot of the time . Point taken! I suspect people will probably use the current points as a ballpark, and then there’s scope for a few tweaks here and there as a community led thing- it happened before after all, no reason not to happen again.
  4. Yes. You won’t be able to use Brets or Tomb Kings at GW events, possibly GW shops, or Matched Play tournaments. That’s been made completely clear. But Iyou can use them pretty much everywhere else you can possibly think of! I’ll even bet that the community comes up with a way of translating the old spell lore and artefact list from the old Army Books into a Battletome format- I’ll certainly have a go for Brets. Can I just ask though, is there not even a single army that has been released or had a Battletome within the last four years that you could face collecting and using for matched play instead? I’m a proud Bretonnian player, and I will never sell them and will try to get them out of the box a few times a year once the ToL rules are out. But I wouldn’t dream of trying to take them to a GW heat or 3rd party matched play event, because I’ve got a more up to date (and arguably more fun) army for that.
  5. Gutted to say I won’t be able to make it, falls on the little’uns 1st Birthday weekend!
  6. In, as ever. Even if I manage nothing else this year I’m coming to this!
  7. I'm not sure this thread is going anywhere any more - feels like more of a protracted argument than a discussion
  8. Has anyone played it through or had enough games to get an idea of how long an average campaign lasts? Path to Glory was surprisingly quick, around 6 games or so (I think) which didn't feel rushed at all, but was pretty easy to pack into a few gaming sessions.
  9. It's a good point. You could make it without taking the ******, but then again I did drop a slightly snarky Thundercats map earlier in the thread. There's plenty of scope to expand on for Skaven Cities, Godbeasts featured the Parasite Engines - colossal mechanical cities that crawled across the surface of the Scabrous Sprawl in Ghur. That would be great to expand on, and some art to match the Firestorm images would be fantastic I'd agree. We also know that Skaven are able to move between the Realms through Gnawholes without necessarily needing Realmgates (unless a Gnawhole is a corrupted Realmgate - there's a thought). So that opens up the possibility of Skaven cities or nests in interesting and hidden locations. I also think that for the Orruks as well as the Skaven it makes perfect sense for them to have occupied pre Age of Chaos settlements.
  10. If you've not had a read through, Josh Reynolds has an Ask account where a lot of questions like this are coming up. I've found it really helpful in getting a better idea of how the Mortal Realms fit together -https://ask.fm/JoshMReynolds
  11. We've (Through the Realmgate) not really done a deep dive into the background so far - but if this is the sort of thing people would like to listen to I'm sure we can give it a go. We've been off the air for a few months but I'm sure post -Realms At War we can get an episode in the bag
  12. Again I guess it’s a taste thing, it’s good that GW is providing both types. The early maps reminded me a lot of the old Thundercats maps. Now thats either a good or bad thing depending on what you’re sort of ‘feel’ you’re after, but I have to say it’s not really my thing.
  13. GW have released art books in the past, but I'd love to see something that actually reproduces these at a good size to pore over. The images from Firestorm were some of the best they've produced recently and I've often wondered why GW haven't invested more time in developing concept art that explores the landscape that their miniatures are fighting in. Lots of GW art in the past has really been images of the miniatures, which does make sense but they're so front and centre that the background and environment they're fighting in is really just an afterthought, when actually it's a genuine opportunity to make the IP that much more unique.
  14. 3 weeks! Holy Jeebus I need to get a move on. Just checked, but nothing in my inbox or my spam folders? Email is jonathanrpyke@gmail.com
  15. That download is fantastic work, great job - will try and print out and take it to the club tonight. I think you're right about keeping it simple. The 8th edition tables with different types of wood, river etc were very evocative but it felt like overkill rolling for every one of them. I would rather have a simple rule for most scenery, but then a characterful set of options for whatever the key terrain piece was on the board or in that scenario- so for instance, a battle to control a river crossing could have more depth and fun if we needed to roll to see what its effects were (blood, souls, light, icy water, aetheric ur-gold current etc )
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