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Not quite the end times



Had an evening to myself and thought I'd play a bit of solohammer, as a break from just painting recently. I didn't have time enough to have a go at the first End Times scenario so I thought I'd wind the clock back and just play out an idea based on a previous campaign I ran a few years back, set in an area of the Grey Mountains bordering Nuln to the north and Parravon/Athel Loren to the south, called Hag Pass.

After defeating a previous vampiric incursion in the Pass -an uneasy peace has held for a year. But slowly a number of the watchtowers on the upper slopes of the Bretonnian border hve fallen silent. A mounted patrol drawn from members of the Dukes household is dispatched to investigate, only to discover undead forces have made the watchtower their own. While Sir Astreuys Skylance swiftly put the foul beasts to the sword, they were not quick enough to catch the vampiric fiend that led them, one that Parravon thought defeated...IMG_3180.JPG





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