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  1. The following is simply an attempt to present an alternative opinion and is not aimed at any individual - I mean every word of it but please read it in the light hearted way it was written - unless you are a crazy political activist/SJW - in which case get triggered and enjoy your self righteous indignation at my expense. I agree its great to see some more variety above the scantily clad warrior princess trope but at the same time I would hate to see it disappear. I mean we have Dwarves wearing thongs - and more buff topless dudes than you can shake a copy "Mens Health" at. I don't hear this being discussed as GW's attempt to attract more players who are ****** men - or persons of short stature. Why is it important that the female warriors are covered up and not the male ones? If I was a woman I think I would find it utterly patronising to have a bunch of men deciding that all the female models need to be sculpted according to the prevailing left wing political views of the time. Personally I like scantily clad warrior princesses and I'm not in the slightest bit embarrassed to admit it. Is there really anyone out there that thinks a woman that kicks ass wearing overalls is cooler than a woman that kicks ass wearing a bikini? really? I work in medical procurement and recommend a number of adheshive products for reattaching someones testicles.... Its a wargame! Gender politics and social diversity are about as relevant to it as an umbrella catalogue is to a haddock. I say this repeatedly, but its hilarious how we are quite happy to accept themes of murder, genocide, human sacrifice, torture & cannibalism but the minute a game is seen to depict a woman fighting in a short skirt everybody gets all outraged about the injustices of society! As for Becca Scott - she is professional both in her presentation and in the delivery of the material I'm glad they gave her a job I'd give her one
  2. You absolutely can! and they will get better with the new magic rules (+2 to cast will be really helpfull). They might not hold up against top tier lists and gamers with the latest armies but you should be able to do fine at club/ local store level 30 witch elves and a death hag is a great ally contingent, but as a few others have said you need some black guard and executioners - both excellent units.
  3. I haven't. Mostly been playing 40k since 2nd edition was announced. I would be happy to keep playing because GH2017 still feels fresh to me - not bored of the missions at all but my group can be a bit funny like that. Its a good shout though - is it compendium for the HE one? or did that make it into the GA Order book?
  4. Yeah I had been running a GA Order "Dark Elf" army with Morathi, Executioners, Corsairs, Warlocks, Dark Riders and Repeater Bolt throwers which had been doing very well for casually competitive club games. Sad to not be able to use my bolt throwers for now. They are one of my favourite war-machines from Fantasy. When the rules for that new stormcast lightning bolt thower thing come out I will be taking some of those as allies - except they will be cunningly designed to look like Reapers and they will be crewed by suspiciously small, slim stormcasts with pointy ears...
  5. Surprised how many still think Tzeentch needs nerfing. They are a strong army for sure but evryone knows how to deal with them now and its not like they clean up GT's. I think Nurgle and Fyreslayers are stronger armies and easier to play. People moan about Change Host but its not exactly an auto-pilot list to use. Fighting Tzeentch SHOULD feel like they are cheating! I think Vulkites need a points increase but its tricky because while 330 is way too cheap for 30, 120 is not too cheap for 10. Witch Elves and Death Hags are another problem (and I say this as a DoK player) individually the units appear to be really cheap but the overall cost of what you get for 2000 points is quite well balanced at the moment. If they increase WE and DH they will need to decrease Morathi, Bloodstalkers, etc or the army will fall off a cliff in terms of its ability to compete in the top tier. Not even 1% on the fence about Annointed on Frostheart though - that is stupid cheap - even if they update it that you actually have to pay for the annointed which I think you were always meant to do anyway.
  6. Yes! Massive fan of Mark Gibbons. I always looked forward to his work in the old army books. I don't remember having much trouble with 4th edition Nagash though - except he has needed re-gluing a couple of times over the years. I actually like that model. Its slightly creepy and reminds me of those giant puppet skeleton costumes from Day of the Dead festivals in Mexico. Undead was easily my favourite army in 4th back when 20 skeletons was a BIG unit My worst model to fit togethor was the metal land speeder that came out during 2nd edition 40k - I've lost count of how many times its fallen apart! As far as modern kits go I struggled with the LC on Dracoth in the starter set - i got left with this weird gap in his neck that I had to fill in - i couldn't work out a way to get it to fit after spending ages dry fitting every position i could imagine so I just gave up and filled it.
  7. I think its better to start new ones. They get a bit unwieldy after a while anyway, new edition or not. Maybe leave the Shadowblades one open out of respect to the one guy brave enough to run a pure Shadowblades army
  8. Diminishing as far as AoS goes I'm sad to say. I actually only have 1 person to play games with regularly instead of the 4 i had last year. There are actually 2 people who are always up for games of Warhammer Fantasy! Fortunately both my 1 AoS opponent and I have multiple armies so its not getting stale so far. I'm hoping 2nd edition will revive some interest or maybe even get some new people started. The wider group is a bit more healthy. There are 20+ of us, 7 of whom are always playing while others drift in and out. We're mostly playing 40k and occaisional legacy games like Epic, battlefleet gothic or necromunda. Some of the guys have a bloodbowl league going on. Sometimes someone runs RPGs and we do bits and pieces of MTG, Infinity, Warmachine, Malifaux and me trying to get people to play Wrath of Kings Its quite a chilled out group of people though we do have the usual stereotypes. I probably play more games than anyone because I will play a WAAC list as happily as I will play a narrative one.
  9. I think Darkling Covens are likely to benefit from the new rules we have seen so far. They have access to cheap 80 point wizards who can get a +2 to cast by sacrificing some nearby chaff which could be very handy if you are trying to throw CV 8+ spells around. Also the Look Out Sir! rules make them a little less likely to get sniped. Any real bonus for the DC will be based on the revised points value though - the biggest problems they have for competitive play is that the Sorceress on Dragon has a very high points cost compared to her contribution to an average game and the "chaff" infantry are too expensive to be chaff! Even if the points don't change the army will be more fun to play than it is now. Before it was an army where ALL its characters were wizards but it had only 1 decent spell to chuck around in the Magic Phase! Hopefully all the minor factions will see their fortunes improving. Its fun to play with the latest stuff but its nice when some of the backwater armies get to shine. I know what you mean by "losers" but to me a bunch of new rules and models is always a good thing - I don't think any army will lose in the sense that it will be less fun to play but I guess some builds will probably not be as strong - usually the janky exploitation builds so hey, its a win after all
  10. I was a big fan of the Battle Magic and Arcane Magic sets in 4th edition WFB. It was part of the core game but released as a seperate box with loads of spell cards, item cards, templates and a rulebook. Nobody ever considered not using it that I knew. Hoping for something similar with this edition - a box with a book, cards and models for the spells Magic & Monsters are what makes a fantasy wargame in my opinion so i'm really looking forward to it.
  11. Really? but you bought into first edition after how THAT was released? Don't feel like i'm attacking you personally but what value is there in judging a set of rules for a game on how they are marketed? I would only be interested in the quality of GW's marketing if I was buying marketing from them. Lots of players really enjoy the build up to a new release and it certainly creates conversation! Personally I'm not reading much of it. I would never start making plans for my armies until I had not only read through the new rules a few times but also played a few games with them so there is no way i'm going to get worked up on the basis of a few teasers.. Pretty sure it will be all good dude.. or at least mostly good like it is now
  12. Thats possibly the most nerdy thing I have ever seen I congratulate you sir!
  13. Yeah I am looking forward to the return of a hardback rulebook with lots of lore, photography and artwork I can see the appeal and convenience of PDF's - particularly free ones - but i don't exactly enjoy them. The hardback books are well worth the asking price and you will be able to get a good discount from independent stores or by buying the starter box. If its anything like the 40K box, the rulebook is virtually free when you consider how much all the models you get would cost. If you really only want the book, buy the box and resell all the models to get most or all of your money back.
  14. I find the way relatively harmless negativity or argumentative content is shut down, censored or completely removed on this forum is a little bit over the top. though I have never been subject to it. there have been a couple of threads I never got the chance to comment on because a mod decided the conversation was over before i had the chance. Hopefully people realise i'm always just joking around. I have a sarcastic sense of humour and way of expressing things, and while I let some of that show on TGA I always find myself having to limit my posts to avoid upsetting people who I consider to be over sensitive. Why don't they have to make allowances for me being under-sensitive? Its fine. I mean the positive aspects of this online community far outweigh that one thing that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. BUT its not an accurate reflection of how a normal bunch of gamers converse with each other. Almost all the people I play warhammer with are adults with university educations, professional careers and families - we all swear occasionally, tell dirty jokes, trash rules decisions if they are bad, throw shade at models or armies we don't like for whatever reason (because they ride fish for example) and are generally open, honest and tolerant with each other. Not all these people are my close friends. some i only interact with across a games table. None of us really worry if what we are saying is politically correct, mildly disrespectful towards women with impressive anatomical features, likely to offend people with a sense of entitlement etc We are just normal people!!! I would like it if I didn't have to be so careful about what I say and I could just hang out with you all online like I hang out in real life. If people are offended by something its because they choose to be offended. They can equally choose NOT to be offended. What does that even mean? "I'm offended" Congratulations I hope you are proud of your achievement! Just let people be people. Anything which is truly out of order should be dealt with obviously but giving a guy a warning because he says he thinks SCE are "stupid" for example? thats hardly gratuitously offensive. I totally agree with the sentiment that we should all just concentrate on enjoying playing and talking about warhammer - not so keen on being dictated to, censored and having my freedom of speech limited. Maybe I should be banned and all my posts should be deleted. I'm obviously a filthy heretic
  15. I think this is one of the most possible/probable future faction ideas for AoS. There is a huge design space for GW to develop some kind of "Forces of Nature" destruction army bent on flattening any man made structures, cities etc. If I was GW I think I would have ret-conned Brayherds and warherds into destruction from the start and they could fit well in this kind of army along with all kinds of Mortal Realms versions of animals like Bears, Wolves, Hunting Cats and more fantastic monsters and various "centaur" combinations. You could also build in multiple lycanthrope creatures. Earth, Air, Fire and Water Elementals have almost limitless model design possibilities along with various flying creatures. It could be a really unique looking army with lots of build posibilities - swarms, monster mash, flying circus... Aside from this I would really like to see some kind replacement for the Lizard Men, because personally i'm not buying the imaginary space lizards made of starlight concept. Some kind of Draconian type army with lots of dragon based aesthetics rather than real world lizard/Aztec fusion would be amazing. Taking established fantasy tropes (dragons in this case) and putting a twist on them is what GW do best in my opinion. Maybe this will get covered in The Artist Formerly Known as Malekith's army but that would still just be elves with pets like those deepkin losers... Even if dragons are more interesting pets than fish and turtles (the most boring of all pets) I would rather see something that was all dragonkin.
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