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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, this will be a big one (actually like most of my projects). Here I have a project that combines most of the aelf factions. Some of this stuff was actually in blogs before. Here are the actual armylists, structures as the Aelfengroups and subgroups Frostaelfs Fyreaelfs Shadowaelfs Not definied aelfen groups Next will be the stuff I already posted in blogs. Fanmade Battletomes latest release: Brotherhood of Korhil current Version
  2. I know all you cats and kittens are awash in Auric Hearthguard bits since Hearthguard Berserkers are the new hotness but I'm playing Greyfyrd and need then gunner boys. Have money and Isle of Blood Aelf pieces to trade.
  3. Compared to all the other factions of Order, ye old "High Elves" completely lack any presence in the GHB allegiances whereas Wanderers are still Wood Elves minus tree people and Darkling Covens are at least part of the Dark Elf line, and both of them have AoS related factions with Sylvaneth and Daughters of Khaine. Not to mention the rumors of "aelf angels" that I keep seeing pop up once in a while, unless that somehow absorbs some of the HE line. With all of these chips stacked against "high elves", is GW kind of implying "don't get your hopes up" for that entire model line? Unless the idea of an actual "Free Cities" Battletome is in the works.
  4. So i had a griffon laying around and I got a good deal on reavers. I decided to make some mixed order. The idea is the griffon gets a rerollable 3+ from the sisters and goes to town. The reavers are a mobile gunline. The ironbreakers hold objectives with a shield wall rerollable 4+. Are liberators better for this? Would you swap anything out? Or am I doing mixed order wrong? Freeguild general on griffon 2 x 5 ellyrian reavers 1 x 5 sisters of the thorn 1 x 10 Ironbreakers
  5. So looking at the Shadow Warriors, it occurs to me that on a points per model basis they are actually quite well costed. The issue I have with them is the min unit size of 10. I feel like the serve the same function as the Sylvaneth Revenants, what with their ability to scout up the board. Neither unit is truly devastating in combat or tanky, but they help with board control. I think dropping the unit size down to 5 for Shadow Warriors would give them greater utility and also make them much more viable In a pure Swifthawks list. Right now, they are outclassed by Reavers and even Spireguard in a Swifthawk list. Reavers are more maneuverable, put out more shots and are cheaper, Spireguard are worse in combat but give you more bodies to control objectives for less points. At the minimum unit size of 10 Shadow Warriors just don't have a clear mission at the moment. They are too expensive to be chaff and don't hit hard enough to be a threat. So what do we think, should we hope for a minimum unit size change?
  6. Hello community! I am invited to join my very first tournament next Saturday. I need 2000 points of miniature madness. At this moment I have chosen for the following army list: Leaders Anointed of Asuryan on Flamespyre Phoenix Archmage Archmage Units 10 Swordmasters 10 Swordmasters 10 Phoenix Guard 20 Reavers 20 Reavers War Machines 2 Repeater Bolt Thrower I picked these units because it seems ok (???) and it's exactly 2000 points. For the rest, I have no idea if it will bring me victory ;-) For your information, I have these units as well: 10 Archers 10 White Lions 1 White Lions Chariot 2 Prince on Griffon I'd like to know if I should change the composition of my list. Any tips regarding this would be so much appreciated!!! Regards, David
  7. Hi, I need some advice and hopefully others will find this thread useful as well. Please note that I try to stick to the "old" groupings of the armies, but within the new framework. Does that make sense? I got the following collection of aelves: 40 Swordmasters 40 Spireguard 20 Reavers 2 Archmages 2 High Wardens 1 Frostheart Phoenix with Anointed So I have a solid core of troops that I could use in three different ways: A "pure" force of Eldritch Council. If I added a couple of dragons and a Loremaster, then I should be able to field a 2000 points army. It would consist of very few types of models, but i absolutely love Swordmasters - so that is ok. A "pure" force of Swifthawk Agents. I would need to add a Skywarden, 10 Shadow Warriors, and a Chariot, then I could field a 2000 points army. It would be shooty, fast, and characterful (and unlike my other planned armies). A "High Elves" army with the Order allegiance. Not completely unlike the one I had many years ago when I played WFB. It would be cool. Lots of big hats. I would be able to include the Flamespyre Phoenix that I have my eyes on, and maybe some of the other elements mentioned above. So here is my question. Are these options viable? I like to win, but I like a good fun game even more. But winning have to be an option. I will be meeting a lot of Stormcast, Skaven, and Sylvaneth as my usual opponent is investing in those armies. Any thoughts on how best to proceed from here is more than welcome. Since I have several other projects brewing, I would prefer to use as little money as possible, but I also want to make sure that I have a playable Aelves force. What do you think, what did you do, and how did it go?
  8. Hi, Is it possible to create a "pure" force of Swifthawk Agents and include the warscroll battalion "Guardians of the Dawnspire". As the Archmage and the Swordmasters get the keyword Swifthawk Agents, I would assume yes, but Azyr does not seem to allow it as a viable option. You can choose the battalion, but not the Archmage and the Swordsmasters.
  9. There's been a few Swifthawk threads before, but now that the Spire of Dawn rules have been out properly, I'd love to hear about your experience with them. I mucked about with them on the table last night, and was surprised how well they stood up. Taking a unit of 15 Reavers, with the Martial Defense battalion ability, means they can fire 90 shots a turn. Spireguard, with bows and spears, provide useful bodyguards to tie up what's charging the Reavers and join the ranged attacks. Chariots are quite large models and prove handy at getting in the way, buying more time for shooting attacks, if nothing else. And Swordmasters are pretty resilient fighters on their own. Once I buy a Skywarden, adding +1 to all wound rolls with his Pendant, those Reavers are going to pack a powerful punch. There's a local tournament at end of Feb, and I'd love to actually put forward a competitive force with elves this time. I bought a large Gumtree High Elf lot last summer, and with the addition of a Skywarden, 2000pts could look like: LeadersArchmage (120)High Warden (220)Skywarden (160)UnitsSwordmasters x 30 (600)- Eldritch Council BattlelineSpireguard x 10 (120)- Swifthawk Agents BattlelineReavers x 15 (480)- BattlelineChariots x 1 (80)Chariots x 1 (80)Chariots x 1 (80)BattalionsGuardians of the Dawnspire (40)Total: 1980/2000 But thinking about it now, that doesn't fill battleline requirements (Swordmasters gain Swifthawk keyword, Swifthawks don't gain Eldritch Council) and breaking up the Reavers to meet battleline will weaken the bonus Martial Defense shooting round. Another option available to me would be to bring in Compendium and other units, for battleline and additional heroes for taking objectives or kicking ass (Tyrion+Loremaster combo packs a punch, Shard to take out enemy heroes giving buffs): LeadersArchmage (120)High Warden (220)Skywarden (160)Tyrion (260)Loremaster (100)Tenebrael Shard (120)UnitsSwordmasters x 10 (200)- Eldritch Council BattlelineSpireguard x 10 (120)- Swifthawk Agents BattlelineReavers x 15 (480)- BattlelineHigh Elf Spearmen x 10 (80)- BattlelineHigh Elf Spearmen x 10 (80)- BattlelineBattalionsGuardians of the Dawnspire (40)Total: 1980/2000 Have you played Guardians of the Dawnspire battalion yet? How did it go? Any thoughts on making a competitive list with it?
  10. So with the Swifthawk Agents gaining Reavers, I started to wonder if this subfaction just became a real alpha strike threat. With their movement and a couple of Swifthawk Pennants I think this faction could make some noise. For your consideration I submit the following...(note I'm using the points that showed up on the app today once Reavers moved to Swifthawk) 10 Reavers 320 Battleline 10 Reavers 320 Battleline 10 Reavers 320 Battleline 10 Reavers 320 Battleline 1 Skywarden 160 Swifthawk Pennant, General 1 Skywarden 160 Swifthawk Pennant 1 Skywarden 160 Swifthawk Pennant 1 Skywarden 160 Swifthawk Pennant The idea behind the list is to move forward with the Reavers aggressively, taking advantage of 14 inch move. Make sure that at least 2 Skywardens with the Pennants cover each Reaver unit. Now the Reavers, while still hitting on 4+, are wounding on 2+, as the Totem can stack as I'm reading it. With their 3 shoots per model, that is deadly. On average dice you are eliminating a Huskard with two units of Reavers. You could conceivably pop the Arrow Bows of a Kunnin' Ruk if you directed all the shots at them. Plus, The Reavers special rules allow them to move again after they shoot! (you can also move before, but I see that as more useful if you are really committing to try to get a charge off after). By no means do I think this is truly competitive, and lack of rend will be a huge problem. But the volume of shots you can unleash, and with such a large threat window, I think you can make your opponents real nervous.
  11. Overview – The Jotenbergs’, mountain-heralds of the coming of season in Ghyran, are being corrupted by the forces of the Chaos God Nurgle. Rarely seen and few in number, most have been defiled by Rotbringers, however, some still remain. From Azyr, the Celestial Realm, Sigmar sends the lithe host of Virion the Cleanser, and the stalwart ‘Stone-Hearts’ Warrior Chamber of the Lions of Sigmar to ensure no more of these beings fall, or the Realm of Life would surely suffer. Awaiting them is the dark Grublethrex the Vile, the Fly-blown Prophet of Nurgle and his plague-ridden forces. Indeed, the battles ahead of them are to decide the fate of the Jade Kingdoms and beyond. ‘Stone-Hearts’ Warrior Chamber, Lions of Sigmar – Marius Stone-Heart – Lord-Celestant Surdak – Dracoth Jarin Duskwalker – Lord-Relictor Volker Witch-Bane – Lord-Veritant Marmidex – Gryph-Hound Artus – Liberator-Prime Litian – Liberator-Prime Jurgan – Retributor-Prime Kyras – Prosecutor-Prime Karlas – Judicator-Prime Lurdof’s Ironweld Company – Lurdof – Steam Tank Commander Virion’s Unseen Host – Virion the Cleanser – Skywarden Zortan – Shadow-Walker Ebac – Shadow-Walker Sorhec – Shadow-Walker Grublethrex’s Rotbringers – Grublethrex the Vile, Fly-blown Prophet of Nurgle – Lord of Plagues Bubex the Rotten – Blightlord Globule – Aspiring Champion Urgal the Disgusting - Sorcerer
  12. Hello chaps, I have spent the last week or so crafting a whole host of 1000 point lists for Order. They are all themed but should be relatively decent on the table. I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on what I've put together - what would be the most fun to play, paint, or most competitive. Don't feel the need to talk about each and every one I'm just trying to help myself decide what army to go with. Phoenix Temple Frostheart Phoenix 260 Frostheart Phoenix 260 10 Phoenix Guard 200 10 Phoenix Guard 200 Anointed 80 1000 There isn't really a trick to this one, all the units are just relatively solid and it fits neatly into 1000. I considered chopping and changing some stuff to take one of each phoenixes and that's still an option. Devoted of Sigmar War Altar of Sigmar 300 Warrior Priest 80 Warrior Priest 80 Witch Hunter 60 20 Flagellants 160 20 Flagellants 160 10 Flagellants 80 Pilgrimage of Wrath 60 980 This is the highest model count of all the lists, and is focussed around the normal buffs you get from the battalion and War Altar to make the flagellant horde somewhat threatening. Should be a funny army to play if nothing else. Fyreslayers Auric Runemaster 80 Auric Runesmiter 100 15 Auric Heathguard 300 Runeson on Magmadroth 280 15 Vulkite Berserkers 240 1000 This one takes advantage of the good ol magmic tunneling which is the only way to make fyreslayers any good it seems. The hearthguard teleport somewhere and cause havoc and the vulkites and magmadroth are solid in the centre. The runemaster is only to make the hearthguard battleline, but he is a pretty solid hero I guess. Swifthawk Agents Skywarden 160 10 Shadow Warriors 200 10 Shadow Warriors 200 10 Shadow Warriors 200 Skycutter 120 Skycutter 120 1000 This one is a bit of an oddball. Low model count and relatively naff in combat but can put out a pretty withering level of shots. Not an army you see every day whatsoever, I don't think people would really know how to react. Freeguild Freeguild General 100 - sigmarite weapon, shield, stately war banner Helstorm Rocket Battery 180 Helstorm Rocket Battery 180 30 Freeguild Guard 240 - shield and sword 10 Freeguild Archers 100 3 Demigryph Knights 200 - lance and sword 1000 Semi gunline freeguild list with the general buffing the rockets to hopefully put out some meaningful levels of damage, whereas the guard are a big blob and the demigyph harrass and tank a bit. A very different list from the kind I usually play. Seraphon 1. Saurus Scar Veteran on Carnosaur 260 10 Saurus Knights 240 5 Saurus Knights 120 5 Saurus Knights 120 Firelance Starhost 60 Skink Starpriest 100 10 Saurus Warriors 100 1000 This is a cavalry based seraphon list using the firelance starhost. I don't think it is actually too powerful but is a reasonable amount of wounds to shift off the board and should be consistently good. Not really any tricks to it. Seraphon 2. Eternity Warden 140 Skink Starpriest 100 10 Saurus Guard 200 5 Saurus Guard 100 5 Saurus Guard 100 Eternity Starhost 80 3 Terradon Riders 140 3 Terradon Riders 140 1000 Temple guard brick list. Starhost and buffs from priest and warden make them super tough, terradons flank and harrass. I don't know if this list actually puts out that much damage compared to some of the others however. Seraphon 3. Skink Priest 100 20 Skinks 160 - Blowpipes 10 Skinks - Javelins 80 6 Terradon Riders 280 - Skyblade, Sunleech Bolas Shadowstrike Starhost 120 Stegadon 260 1000 Here is one that I think would be heaps of fun. Taking advantage of the ability from the shadowstrike starhost, the terradons swoop onto the board and hopefully cause havoc. I considered ripperdactyls but I think the shooting and rock ability from the terradons is too good to pass up. Other than that the stegadon is hard as nails and everything can do a fair bit of damage at range. Also its an army made up entirely of skinks, so take from that what you will. Sylvaneth Branchwych 120 Treelord 260 20 Dryads 240 5 Tree Revenants 100 3 Kurnoth Hunters 180 Household 20 Gnarlroot Wargrove 80 1000 This list I don't really know how to play, it's mainly one built for theme and modelling purposes. Each of the units appear individually strong and the gnarlroot is very good from what I gather. So there you go! I imagine that would be a lot to take in, so don't feel the need to comment on each and every list if you don't want to. Which do you like the best? I'm edging towards either the skink list or the swifthawk agents a tad I think.
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