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  1. Are you concerned that AoS is too variable for all but the broadest theory crafting? One reason theory crafting is so prominent in Magic is its rigid structure, allowing concepts like the beatdown to have real substance. In AoS, variability is so prevalent and strong that units' characteristics inflate and deflate in value in a very real sense. While this is true in Magic to some degree (such as the value of drawing a land at different times in the game), in AoS the much greater fluidity of game-state may exaggerate this phenomenon so much that it obviates the kind of sophisticated theory Magic can sustain. For example, in a previous post you floated the notion of assigning value in terms of Presence points and Pressure points. However, (even though Projection attempts to address this, from what I understand) consider how the value of Presence changes from a battleplan like Take and Hold, which is highly static and predictable, to one like Gifts from the Heavens, which is highly variable. If the objectives fall in a disadvantageous way, the actual value of investments in pure presence decreases, while Pressure spikes massively. In the same vein, the ability of a list to kill enemy units can either be paramount, such as in Take and Hold, which will often be decided on kill points, or almost irrelevant, such as in Border War, which will often be decided on victory points. That being said, I do find the definitions you've outlined very useful so far. I think reading about them will help people understand how to win in different situations against different opponents, instead of just trying to find the best rock/paper/scissors interactions on the battlefield for their units.
  2. Hitch

    Lord Of Plagues.jpg

    Looks great! How did you do the base?
  3. Remember the Bad Moon, though: Troggoths can re-roll the dice to see if they regenerate wounds, or double the results of their first roll.
  4. The extra command points seem nuts. Never take battleshock for grots!
  5. Hitch

    Nurgle PBK.jpeg

  6. Hey fellow Maggotkin! I (almost entirely) finished painting my first model! This Putrid Blightking is lacking a base banner color and a satin varnish, but beyond that he's basically done! I think I'll go back and touch up his apron when I paint the other PBKs, though. Feel free to ask any questions about the paint job or basing. I learned a great technique from my local GW manager: to get cork board edges to firm up and look less jagged, apply PVA glue to the edges. For the list, this one utilizes a Beastmen battalion: Leaders: Great Unclean One: General, Tome of a Thousand Poxes, Grandfather's Blessing, Favoured Poxes, Blade and Bell configuration Lord of Blights: Rustfang Festus the Leechlord: Blades of Putrefaction Great Bray-Shaman Battlelines: Ungors x10 Ungors x10 Ungors x10 Putrid Blightkings x10 Other Units: Centigors x20 5x Tuskgor Chariots x1 Endless Spells: Soulsnare Shackles Battalions: Pestilent Throng The strategy this list employs involves sending the Centigors and chariots flying across the battlefield on turn 1, pinning the opponent in his or her deployment zone while your army takes up advantageous positions. When near the GUO and GB-S, the beastmen units get +6" to their movement, meaning the chariots will move 16" and the Centigors will move 20". The latter can run and charge natively, and the former can use the Feculent Gnarlmaw, since the battalion gives them the Nurgle keyword. The other gift it provides is that, upon death, all the beastmen in this list will "explode" on a 2+, dealing one mortal wound to all enemy units within 7". So after pinning the opponent in place early, the chariots will splatter a MW over hopefully a few units. The Centigors have an ability that gives them +1 to hit in exchange for being +1 to hit for opponents. The downside of that can be addressed by the Lord of Blight's command ability. If BoP goes off, they do MWs on 5+ with 4 attacks each, for a total of 81 attacks that reroll wounds on a turn in which they charged, likely wiping out whatever they hit. The Ungors are 60 pts for a unit of 10 and are needed for the battalion; they just try to screen and be annoying.  The GB-S can use his Devolve spell to move enemy units out of cover and into combat, if desired. The Blight Kings and LoB move into the thick of things and contest for central objectives. Let me know what you think of the list and the painted up PBK! Next time I'll offer up another competitive list and hopefully some more pictures of the rest of the unit.
  7. Hitch


    Version 1.0.0


    PBK upload
  8. This is great. I have a step-uncle (or something) who is a big shot banker, and he said his key to success is to do this sort of thing: make rules for yourself and stick to them, no matter what. I need to make sure to do this, in order to avoid being subject to my waxing and waning enthusiasm.
  9. Might be fun to run a core like this alongside a bunch of high-variance, high-fun options and crazy spells. I hope that mushroom cloud-looking spell is nasty and ridiculous.
  10. From what I remember from the battle report, the Gitz player was able to hand out extra attacks to two of his units via the Snufflers and some sort of effect from the leader. The 60-man unit of grots hit really hard, even after suffering from -1 to hit from the dryads unit it was attacking.
  11. Sneaky Distraction seems like a very powerful spell effect. That and Spiteful Prodder suggest an aura list is something they've designed for.
  12. From the Twitch battle report just now: for Bad Moon attack, pick an enemy unit and roll equal to or under the number of models in the unit. If you do, it suffers D3 MWs. The guy doing it then said he needed to roll a 1 to wound a hero.
  13. Hey guys, what do you think of the following list? The Glottkin: Blades of Putrefaction Verminlord Corruptor: General, Tome of a Thousand Poxes, Hulking Physique, Favoured Poxes Chaos Sorcerer Lord Chaos Mauraders x20 2x Chaos Warriors x5 2x Plague Monks x40 Plague Monks x10 Chaos Gorebeast Chariots x3 +1 CP (quick question: does the CSL get to take a nurgle spell? It doesn't show up in Azyr, so does he pick after being assigned the Nurgle keyword during deployment?) This list just tries to hit the enemy in the face with Plague Monks. On the first turn when they can charge, Glottkin and VC use CPs to give extra attacks to the monks, which take foetid blades and woe-staves. The Glottking's +1A brings their attacks on the charge to 4 for the foetid blades and 2 for the woe-staves, and the unit targeted by the VC's command ability adds another +1A, bringing the total to 5 and 3, respectively. The unit would have 200 attacks with foetid blades and 120 attacks with woe-staves. If Blades of Putrefaction was cast on the unit, it would deal 53 mortal wounds on average, before normal damage. I think I would try to cast Blades first and then determine if I wanted to put any more buffs on that unit, depending on how the enemy were deployed. If I could engage multiple units, I'd then layer on the CSL's spell for the rerolls of 1 on hits and wounds, then add Glottkin's fleshy abundance to give them extra wounds. If the enemy were more spread, I'd likely split the buffs to avoid overkill. The chariots I just added for durability and to go stick on an objective. After that there were enough points for another unit of 10 monks. Is there a better option with that part of the list? Thanks.
  14. Hello fellow Maggotkin! It's New Year's Day, so ... new year, new army. Nurgle caught my eye largely due to its fantastic models and its strategic diversity. I started painting my first Warhammer miniature in years yesterday, a Putrid Blight King that has been a blast so far, despite that I forgot how to set up my wet palette properly and struggled to keep the right amount of paint on my brush. Regarding Putrid Blight Kings: in reading the Nurgle battletome, it struck me, as it seems to have struck most, that PBKs are key units for the army. It was the first unit I reached for at the store, with a Lord of Blights coming soon after for support. From there, I picked up a Start Collecting! box and Horticulous Slimux, with the aim of putting together a list like this: Leaders: Poxbringer: Favoured Poxes Festus the Leechlord: Blades of Putrefaction Horticulous Slimux Lord of Blights: General, Rustfang Battlelines: Plaguebearers x30 Putrid Blight Kings x10 Chaos Warriors x5 Other Units: Nurglings x3 Plague Drones x6 Hellstriders of Slaanesh x5 This is not the most competitive list, but it allows me to paint different miniatures and get a feel for how different units function before taking more advantage of the synergies and combos in the army. The strategy for this list will be for the Plaguebearers to advance and take on the bulk of the opponent's main force, with the LoB using his command ability on them to make them -4 to hit in shooting and -2 to hit in combat and the Poxbringer activating their daemon focus and attempting to cast Favoured Poxes on the unit that most needs to be killed. The PBKs follow and try to set up on a central objective or line up an advantageous charge, with Festus keeping them healthy and casting Blades of Putrefaction on them while the LoB gives them a shooting attack and uses Rustfang on their target. Meanwhile, the Plague Drones and Horticulous head off to a far objective, with the latter dropping a Feculent Gnarlmaw to ensure they can run and charge, along with turning on the Plague Drones' daemon focus. The Nurglings deep strike (if possible) and either go for an enemy ranged or support unit or head for the least threatening objective. The Hellstriders of Slaanesh, with their banner that provides -1 to hit in an area around them, look to support either the main force or the mobile wing of Horticulous and the drones. The Chaos Warriors sit at home on an objective or screen for a more important unit. Next time I'll post an image of what I've managed to paint and take a stab at some more competitive lists for the future. But until then, any ideas on tweaking my starting list, or tips for a starting Nurgle/AoS player?
  15. The math here is wrong, since you have to subtract the five 6s from the hit total, so it would be 32 hits on average, with 1 to 2 fewer total wounds as a result.
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