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  1. Nobody knows the formula for designing a Fun game. People have tried for a very long time. But I do know that any game designed using statistics isn't a fun game for very many people. Games workshop makes more money then any other competitor and they don't do this level of competitive statistics. To change to this idea of designing would actually destroy the fun in this game and reduce their player base numbers to their competitors levels. So be careful what you wish for. It just might come true.
  2. Looking forward to seeing all the new Minis this year. GW has teased a large amount of new releases this year. Considering that Lumineth look like a 10+ kits model release means they will have some very interesting kits coming.
  3. I stopped playing sigmar because the game has no balance. It's entirely based on newer armies being stupidly power creeped with some massive random chances determining your fate. This is casually played amongst a group of friends, pretty much died after Legions of Nagash battle tome onwards came out.
  4. Let me know how blaming the player works out for you. That beast men player clearly showed his strategic genius on the battlefield with superior unit choices that could crush him in a single round of combat. My point that's relevant to this thread topic is that Double turns have existed since the start of sigmar but the movement and damage capabilities were never this high. When you cannot rely on winning a double turn you do the next best thing, You wipe the opponent off the battlefield so badly and so fast that the double turn becomes irrelevant. Just wait until your army gets a little old and they nerf you like they did beastclaw raiders and bonesplitterz, suddenly your high damage build doesn't work or it costs too many points to do the same damage it once did. Then you can join Ash in the "weak af roster" section of the gaming group. That next shadow elf/light elf battle tomes will surely bring in the great new meta of even higher damage numbers and even faster movement with pure teleporting into melee range style rules.
  5. First turn murder armies is definitely a problem that has stopped me from playing. Just watch guerrilla miniature gaming latest sigmar battle report of Beast of Chaos vs Stormcast. if you couldn't be bothered here's the quick take: Stormcast goes first turn: Shuffles forward. Beast men goes: Shuffles into position. Roll off for turn 2: Beast men wins roll. Beast men goes: Wipes out most of the stormcast army. Takes enough objectives to win the game. That is not an ideal game scenario to play as the stormcast player, if this sort of game play happens to any new prospective gamers then the game will shrivel and die. It's not an uncommon occurrence either in my opinion. Sometimes its less severe but the win/loss is the same. Most of this has occurred with damage creep in the newer battle tomes and less to do with double turns.
  6. Just a couple notes about the Kurnothi that people seem to be missing. 1) Kurnothi are "aelf-like" but not aelves 2) GW did confirm they are not aelves on facebook 3)The Satyr models are actually quite large in real size, close to stormcast size. Although it's possible some of the wanderers could fit in with this new faction like the witch elves mixing with Melusai concept, my personal opinion is that it is going to be a Idoneth Deepkin style release. Many people speculated that the corsairs from dark elves would survive into idoneth but they did not.
  7. Well looks like i was super wrong about the centaur being for beasts of chaos. Those beast men look awesome. Not personally loving those beast elves. I like the idea more then the execution.
  8. 1) The only other model with it is a Warcry model 2) Warcry is Chaos themed with "more warbands coming" 3) Centuars are chaos based in "beast of chaos" battletome
  9. I'm very keen to give these a go. They seem a lot stricter on rules then the current 2000pts games are, I'm getting pretty tired of spamming the most effective warscrolls as many times as possible. I think the 2 warscroll cap definitely is something that appeals to me personally. Similar with the lack of 30 model units, a lot easier to move 10-20 models and the bonuses don't stack so highly on effectiveness either. I'd love to see the rest of the rules like the battle plans for these types of games, see what they did with objectives and rules surrounding those.
  10. I was toying with a similar list to the Lords of the Clan battalion but: Heartwood Grove TLA 300 TLA 300 Arch Rev 100 20 Spites 200 5 Tree revs 80 5 Tree revs 80 Treelord 200 3 bow kurnoths 200 6 Sword kurnoths 400 Lords of the clans 60 Vengeful Skullroot 40
  11. Well the wording indicates a single drop of up to 6 trees in size, which is 2 current plates. but you could theoretically drop 4 or 5 trees into the ring depending on how big you need it to be, making a single large size tree section.
  12. yeah it would be 2 by 6 trees. Which is the equivalent of 2 current tree plates in size, each tip has to touch another tip.
  13. The new awakened woods is 3-6 citadel wood models. So technically we get 2 circles for free then each treelord ancient summons 1 awakened wood with is 3-6 more citadel wood models. So thats 12 trees in a ring for 1 treelord ancient guaranteed.
  14. Tbh I'm super happy with these changes overall. Brings the army forward a lot for me, I've been struggling to enjoy my sylvaneth games for a little while now with such crazy profiles coming in AoS 2.0 battletomes.
  15. Yeah warcry is shaping up to be really good. The addition of 9 armies outside the chaos selection is going to be really good. Slaanesh daemons look great, finish all 5 gods in chaos now. Fyreslayers release was pretty ****** for the army, endless spells and terrain only for an army of clones. I'm in general getting pretty tired of cheap terrain and endless spells from china coming out for every army. Also the original terrain was grown trees with sylvaneth or maggotkin but now they are dragging the equivalent to the black pyramid to the table somehow (magic?). Slaanesh looks amazing.
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