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Painting Started, Working List Made

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Hello fellow Maggotkin!




It's New Year's Day, so ... new year, new army. Nurgle caught my eye largely due to its fantastic models and its strategic diversity. I started painting my first Warhammer miniature in years yesterday, a Putrid Blight King that has been a blast so far, despite that I forgot how to set up my wet palette properly and struggled to keep the right amount of paint on my brush. 

Regarding Putrid Blight Kings: in reading the Nurgle battletome, it struck me, as it seems to have struck most, that PBKs are key units for the army. It was the first unit I reached for at the store, with a Lord of Blights coming soon after for support. From there, I picked up a Start Collecting! box and Horticulous Slimux, with the aim of putting together a list like this: 


Poxbringer: Favoured Poxes

Festus the Leechlord: Blades of Putrefaction

Horticulous Slimux

Lord of Blights: General, Rustfang


Plaguebearers x30

Putrid Blight Kings x10

Chaos Warriors x5

Other Units

Nurglings x3

Plague Drones x6

Hellstriders of Slaanesh x5 


This is not the most competitive list, but it allows me to paint different miniatures and get a feel for how different units function before taking more advantage of the synergies and combos in the army. The strategy for this list will be for the Plaguebearers to advance and take on the bulk of the opponent's main force, with the LoB using his command ability on them to make them -4 to hit in shooting and -2 to hit in combat and the Poxbringer activating their daemon focus and attempting to cast Favoured Poxes on the unit that most needs to be killed. The PBKs follow and try to set up on a central objective or line up an advantageous charge, with Festus keeping them healthy and casting Blades of Putrefaction on them while the LoB gives them a shooting attack and uses Rustfang on their target. Meanwhile, the Plague Drones and Horticulous head off to a far objective, with the latter dropping a Feculent Gnarlmaw to ensure they can run and charge, along with turning on the Plague Drones' daemon focus. The Nurglings deep strike (if possible) and either go for an enemy ranged or support unit or head for the least threatening objective. The Hellstriders of Slaanesh, with their banner that provides -1 to hit in an area around them, look to support either the main force or the mobile wing of Horticulous and the drones. The Chaos Warriors sit at home on an objective or screen for a more important unit. 

Next time I'll post an image of what I've managed to paint and take a stab at some more competitive lists for the future. But until then, any ideas on tweaking my starting list, or tips for a starting Nurgle/AoS player?





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