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Help needed chooseing an army.


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Hi you all! i hope ya all are haveing a great day and are well! My name is Simon im a 35 hard working dad with 2 kids, i started warhammer back around 3 years ago, but havent had an match/game in prob 20 years never got around to it. i have mostly 40k stuff and alittle std (aint rly intressted in playing them) but taught i would start a new army for a tournament next year (if covid allow it who knows).

Many friends have said rule of cool and choose something that fit yer playstyle. Rule of cool, well i cant buy all armies.. all have something i find cool more or less. 

Playstyle wise, well i have no idea how my playstyle is. in videogames/mmo's im normaly a healer or a ranged, im defensive alittle of a coward i would say, Ive been thinking for over a week. what do i want, what will i enjoy, shooting maybe, defencive army maybe, summoning an all that jazz dont sounds fun for me.. alot have been going on in my mind, my wife tried to help me pointing out stuff she taught was cute, fyreslayers, sylvaneth etc but i dont know.


Thats why i post here to ask all the pro's out there about there idea, tips an triks an all that!


Please if you have a min help me! Thank you!

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Skaven can do a lot of shooting too with their warplightning cannons, warplock jezzails and more. Whilst they are, model wise, a bit of a material mixed bag (metals and plastic and some finecast); they have a lot of options on how to build a force. Plus a lot of the metals they've retained are some very characterful models. 



They are also somewhat insane and cowardly. They will swarm in a mass of rats and then flee in terror and then regroup and swarm again. Their machines are just as likely to blow up in their own face as they are to tear into the enemy. They are a mad scientist army with world domination plans, let down only by their own distrust of each other.

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Welcome @ChaoSwede :)

I will say that you should follow your interests both in terms of aesthetics and play style. All of the armies can be really fun and it really depends on who you will be playing with and against. For example will you mostly play friendly games, develop complex narratives. enter tournaments or maybe play a mixture of styles? 

Here are some thoughts that might be helpful:

Chaos: Disciples of Tzeentch are a fun magic heavy army that will allow you to play with a combination of shooting, summoning and casting. The best part of Tzeentch is that they open you to different army expansions and game systems. Disciples can readily add Slaves to Darkness forces to their ranks. Tzaangors can be used as the basis of an eventual Beasts of Chaos Army and also are usable in 40k. Demons and Tzaangors can be used in 40k and Kill team and there are rules for most of your troops in Warcry. So with one army you can open up at least 4 game systems (AOS, Warcry, 40K and Killteam) and have a good starting point for numerous armies (Disciples of Tzeentch, Slaves to Darkness and Beasts of Chaos, meanwhile for 40k they can open up Thousand Sons and Demons). Skaven are another fun army that others have suggested and seem really fun to play and paint. Outside of Skaven and Tzeentch Chaos has minimal shooting but most of the armies are great for defensive play styles.

Order: Stormcast are relatively cheap to collect and have a lot of great shooting options and are very defensively oriented. I think that they suit your defensive healer style of play. However, if their ubiquity or plainness is an issue you can instead opt to build a gunline heavy City of Sigmar army featuring some Stormcast as a defensive core. Some powerful paladins protecting a militia of an organized  alliance of humans, dwarves and elves appeals to me personally. This is also probably the most diverse range of miniatures and it works very well tabletop rpgs giving you access to various models from common fantasy races. Kharadron are another fun option although they are also useable with City of Sigmar armies (depending on your subfaction).

Destruction: Destruction armies do not match your play style particularly well... from an outside perspective but might still work. Most destruction armies tend to focus on aggression and melee combat. However, you can heal with Ogors and within Orruk Warclans Arrowboys are a decent long range option. Gloomspite Gitz are a really fun army with a fantastic choice of minis that might be worth checking out and they have access to shooting and healing but are mostly a fun horde army. 

Death: Like Destruction it is more combat focused, but unlike Destruction factions Death is really great for healing and summoning. Flesh Eater courts are really strong and thematically rich. What they lack in shooting they more than make up for in summoning healing abilities. Legions of Nagash also has the ability to return slain models from the dead and can be used to create really rich and thematic lists. Ossiarch Bonereapers seem to have the best shooting of all Death armies with the impressive and powerful Mortek Crawler. Nighthaunt are one of the best model lines in the game but from my understanding not a very strong army.

I apologize as I feel as though my thoughts were maybe a little unfocused and possibly confusing. Best of luck in picking your army and I hope you enjoy the hobby. :)

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11 minutes ago, ChaoSwede said:

Found a warden king in my pile of shame ;)


What about cities of sigmar? Lots of different models and cool monsters to paint since you like that. 
different styles of subfafrions as well. Paint some dispossessed to join your warden king. Add a few elves or humans, whatever you like. Or stick with one subfaction and expand from there.

diggerent cities allow different units to be added to your choices. The city of tempest eye van have 1 in 4 units be kharadron overlords  

Cities if sigmar definitely reward a ‘come at me bro’ style of play.  While you shoot them while they come at you....

It’s an army that will always be supported in some way. Although that also might mean that in time the models will be replaced or dropped. With armies designed for aos such as stormcast, deepkin, nighthaunt etc, that chance is a lot smaller. 

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6 hours ago, ChaoSwede said:

i think ill be going order! @Neverchosen i alredy play chaos in 40k alpha legion (well not played yet but i have a 2k army ;)

That is awesome, I have begun to surreptitiously dip my toes into that world and I am a big Chaos fan. My cousin has purchased a Genestealer army and bought me a pair of second hand knights (I plan on building and painting them so they can function as either Chaos or Imperial). However, I find the rules and community to be a little overwhelming at times, and I might stick to my convoluted but open ended fantasy world.

As @Kramerpoints out, I think that a Tempest Eye City of Sigmar army might be a really fun project for you to possibly delve into as it permits a mixture of Dispossessed and Kharadron Overlords.

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Definitely gonna give another bump to cities of sigmar, can vary playstyle up a lot thanks to their diverse range of models, great for conversions if you like that or otherwise super cool for featuring a fun mix of races or going primarily one type (e.g. aelves, humans, duardin etc)

Some recommendations I would give for defensive would be:
-Sisters of the watch - A good shooting unit who get extra shots when they stand still
-Eternal guard - Useful spearman blob who are better when they stand still
-Freeguild - The freeguild general has a command ability to give freeguild units +1 to hit and wound but stops them moving, great for a defensive formation and/or gunline
-Phoenix guard - Every time they take a wound and fail their armour save they get a 4+ chance to ignore that wound, great defensively in a large group and can do some nasty damage. Also a unit that doesn't need to stand still to be good so useful if you want to be moving.


You can then supplement these with more mobile units to capture objectives like the stormcast evocators on dracolines, freeguild outriders etc


Another great unit to look at are shadow warriors, some nice shooting and instead of deploying you can sneakily hide them in reserve before dropping them out onto a useful objective or spot you need to threaten.

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just go with the latest :) Lumineth! (or I guess Sons of Behemat if you are indecisive for another month or so)

and they have the coolest dice set lol

on more serious note, I would watch some of these army over view videos on youtube (as linked above) and it sounds like you are more on the hobby/painting side vs the gaming side anyways so probably rule of cool is not a bad idea in your case. the meta shifts every 6months or so anyways so if you only play a couple of games / year realistically you should probably let the hobby aspect of it guide you, would be my advice


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25 minutes ago, ChaoSwede said:

think ill go with cities of sigmar buy, paint and the see what i can build. is stormcast a part of it in anyway? might get a stormcast battleforce box che<ap if im lucky


yes you can have 1 in every 4 unit being Stormcast if I recall (dont actually have the book so someone please correct if wrong)

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13 hours ago, LuminethMage said:

If you like Dwarf lore - the Lumineth might be still something for you : ).

But in earnest - this might help:

 He also already has more deeper analysis vids for some of the armies you showed interest in, like Skaven. Hope that helps. It’s up to date with all the current armies. 

Just ignore the part where he mentions the doomwheel.

he clearly doesn’t  know how it functions.

But in any other case great videos

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So your a coward, love painting models, do not like summoning, and have an interest in tactical use  of shooting, and defence.

Well there is no better, army then the skaven.

We are more then just cowards, have the most explosive shooting in the whole game, have a pretty decent defensive line of willingly  (For skaven standards) meat-shields, that will happily die for your backline of very expensive and pretty great tools o’ war.

And if that isn’t enough you can always overcharge your toys for more more more destruction, Uahahahaha !!!

Although with a small risk  of it blowing itself up, but who said having fun was risk free.

And it doesn't stop there.

If you’re a big fan of the frankensteins monster with some added flavor, you’re definitely at the right address.
Tgere is literally nothing on the battlefield that will not be terrified by a charging hulking menace like the hell pit abomination.

Rat ogres are also pretty great at killing stuff, although making that up with their lack on the defensive side.

but don’t worry mate there’s a reason why we have a ton of clan and giant rats.

Skryre on the other end, is basically a clan that specializes in destructive power from afar and in combat.

this guys are basically Ricks, pumped with more drugs than the original from the Rick and Morty series.

And what better way then to backstab your enemy heroes from the back, with some hired Rat assassins, that will do the dirty work for you.


Nothing will-will stop the Vermintide.

yes-yes rise-Rise my children, It is time to take-steal back what was visioned-promised to us-us!


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