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  1. Both Khorne and Skaven have featured in BR short stories at least...
  2. Isn’t it fairly clear now that the ‘vamp’ who rescued ven Brecht was Belly...!?
  3. Funny that the article about how Belly has no friends actually hints at his surprise ally!
  4. Am I crazy or is SG pretty great for nostalgic Brets? Lumi options - Lyrior / Regent (Bret Lord) Dawnriders (Knights of the Realm) Cathallars ‘damsels’ Cities - FG gen on ‘hippogryph’ Luminark ‘reliquae’ Demigryphs (Questing Knights?) FG crossbowmen (peasant bowmen) Greatsword foot knights Pistoliers (Knights Errant / mounted squires mash up) Shadow Warriors (‘wood elf’ adjacent skirmisher allies) Actual Wanderers (see above but more so) SCE Grail Knights / scary Enchantresses EDIT: Sent
  5. Swifthawks not delivering swiftly enough to prove their continued existence
  6. Pity yeah. I *love* the knock off second rate items & spells theme that I think was mentioned above, so funny, and oddly the fantasy retro blades of leaping gold / bronze suit it perfectly! edit: anyone up for Cathallar wielding leaping gold and battlemage wielding leaping bronze combo of hilarity?!
  7. The Syari one yeah. But why can’t he take SG artefacts? How does that work again, are they only for SG Lumineth? (Edit: just for collegiate?) Excellent thinking on the Errant Questor. I will dump that extra command point to upgrade him. His model is actually the Mordheim Ogre bodyguard fiddled about with to look parodically chivalric
  8. Here are my current basics, all units minimum size unless stated... Leaders Freeguild General (general, lol, will get a magic sword and Raging Outburst) Knight Questor (adjutant / chief bodyguard) Battlemage on Lumi Back up Battlemage Loreseeker Battleline FG Greatswords, Honoured Retinue FG Crossbows FG Handgunners Demigryph Knights Others Shadow Warriors 10 Bladelords DoK allies 5 Doomfires x 2 Shadowstalkers Extra command point
  9. Hoping Glaurio will somehow make Misthavn awesome (hoping not believing)
  10. Weirdly I am much more allergic to named heroes in AoS than I was in fantasy. May just be the difference between childhood excitement and adult desire for creative freedom / control / consistency - but I also think there is a problem with much more epic scale god heroes accompanying much numerically smaller more rag tag looking retinues. For me in your example above, KF was leading a proper army and probably retired wounded from the field. I completely agree about AoS background flexibility and originality, though I do miss the camp, nerdy, silly, historically allusive, outrageously jingo
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