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  1. Here’s Mahalte herself #wewon #teclandec #animosityiii
  2. My final Arts & Crafts report for #AnimosityIII #Teclandec The Unexpected Salvation of the Duke of Bryshavon
  3. A couple of insights into the prophetess Malfleur's researches... #AnimosityIII #Teclandec
  4. Behold the arms and styles of Mahalte Lamorel, Duchess of Bryshavon and of the Daughter, Mistress of the Manticaura, Protectress of Nimue, Amethyst Battlemage of the Collegiate Arcane in Lethis, ruler in Shyish, Ulgu and Hysh, etc etc; called by some traitors 'the Basemage' My Teclandec protagonist in the worldwide Animosity III: The Prime Dominion campaign #AnimosityIII
  5. I’m really tempted by Mage on Griffon in Excelsis with lovely retro amber spells...
  6. Build second Black Dragon as a Dreadlord The 7-8 Assassins (respect btw!) could be Shadow Warriors, allied DoK Khainite Shadowstalkers with another model or two found somewhere (one of your Sorceresses or Witches as a Shroud Queen? Or just one or two of your miscellaneous skirmishers? ), or you could field just one as, er, an Assassin Use Stormcast rules for your Bolt Throwers Skirmishers as more Shadow Warriors or Shadowstalkers Beastmaster on Manticore - hardest but coolest. Could count as Sorc / Dreadlord on Dragon or FG general or even battlemage! on Griffon I think everyone else can play themselves Then go Cities with DoK allies and you’re sorted. Now just about makes sense in lore again Next 500 points depends if you want to stay Dark Elves only or go in a more varied Cities direction? Like if you made the Beastmaster an FG general you could back him up with Freeguild, whether actual humans or elf converted proxies (you could even mess with some of your Cold One knights in some way to represent Demigryphs? Or convert new aelves on demis) BTW the witches would probably be more effective all fielded as shadowstalkers too! And - If you don’t mind about losing artillery and don’t want to mix in Freeguild etc, maybe consider Har Kuron to get MORE Shadowstalkers in!!
  7. Use ALL your old models with imaginative fun proxying! I will suggest how in more detail when I have time if someone hasn’t already
  8. I thought generals weren’t um generally much use unless they were er the general - unless perhaps on Griffon?
  9. First go at Excelsis list - Leaders Freeguild General, General, In the Right Place, Glimmerling Sorceress, Adjutant, Cower Sorceress, Flock of Doom Sorceress on Black Dragon, Amber Spear Battleline Darkshards Demigryph Knights, halberds FG Crossbowmen FG Handgunners FG Greatswords, Honoured Retinue FG Guard, swords and shields Others Corsairs, Handbows Executioners Shadow Warriors 2x Sisters of the Thorn Allies Khainite Shadowstalkers Extra command point All units minimum size
  10. Aw. I see. A blip in the paradoxically expanding empire of Broken Realms Cities
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