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  1. I am pretty sure that's a no, although I would have to look closer. It says that you can fly high and disembark during a normal move, but I don't think you can also embark in the same turn. You could instead, going with the Iron Sky Attack battalion, just deploy the ArkCo inside the frigate, avoiding the need for an embark action, allowing you to use charge and disembark to get right in the enemies faces, but it would be an opportunity one-off attack, and you can't disembark your ArkCo because I believe they can only do it once.Good for an alpha strike, but not too much else. Also in terms of having a hero and an ArkCo in a frigate, isn't it a max of 15, with fly high/disengage being 11? And if this is the case just take 10 ArkCo and your hero, and you can still get the benefit of having the fly high with both, and not having to deal with weird under strength unit rules.
  2. Probably not, it does say specifically on the warscroll that you can't "use any spells or abilities on this model that would allow you to set it up again after the battle has begun". Now this might not include as technically it's not set up, it's inside the ship, but still, I don't see it happening. On the how would that help? He would be the ultimate gunhauler deepstrike, supported by a frigate or two, and he would simply wreak havoc on enemy lines. Honestly, you don't even have to buff him, just drop him and use him as a distraction carnifex or just let him maul the lines, it doesn't matter which, he would just be a great alpha strike. (Oh god the havoc of an endrinmaster and an admiral and gotrek all hitting at the time.)
  3. Oh man, what if you had an entire army right, 2k points and the whole thing, but you made it all flying units. If you give balloons to heroes with the functionality of the thermal rider cloak, and then you could have a really cool flying only army, with the Aether War flying rules set, and then potentially if you were really into it, go so far as to convert some Thunderers with balloons. Just imagining, but it would be super cool to have an entire 2k list that's flying around. Although, there is the point of no one being able to fit inside ships cuz none of them have the marine keyword if they can fly. Edit: I totally realized that if it were flying only army using the Aether War no land rules then technically it wouldn't matter about the marine thing since those that can fit inside your ship would be inside the ship the whole time as they cannot fly.
  4. Aether War set finally arrives, and I am getting it assembled soon. Playing with a friend once we get them assembled, and he has never played before. We have purely the contents of the box, and I was thinking of using some trickery. He has never played, and am planning to build out full wardens, while emphasizing how great riggers are all around. Then when he prepares to sit back at range, I charge in with my wardens. Thoughts and suggestions? (everything charges in, including the master and hauler provides ranged support with the sky cannon shrapnel)
  5. plus, on top of that consider this set of facts: 1. They are dwarves. When all's said and done they're dwarves, making them the best army 2. They have balloons. Dwarves+Balloons=Amazing 3. They have boats with ballons. I want my cool naval battles, but there is not water? Why, give it a balloon! 4. Finally, they not only have top hats, BUT THEY HAVE STEAMPUNK TOPHATS. I am just saying, tactics or whatever the heck you want included, there was a dice roll to see who would get which side. (PS, winner takes KO and I won). They are simply the most amazing factions. Also I have the naivety of never playing a game with them so WHATEVER.
  6. I am rooting for specialed out guys, as I am planning for them to be in a collapsible in a gunhauler, supporting a sky warden charge, so the don't need range because the enemy has rather more pressing matters far closer to them, and even the shorter range won't matter. (unless wardens fail their charge roll, then it's a they all die together). In the end, probably personal preference and the way you play. Edit: Names are a cool idea, and I am totally naming my ships.
  7. Hey uh, quick question, I am getting an Aether War box set and my friend and i are gonna split it. what is about the effectiveness competitively of the Tzeentch side of the set, especially the custom hero unit, as he is more a player where as I am a collector? This is in comparison to the effectiveness of the faction as a whole of course.
  8. so continuing with the list, and keeping recent ideas in mind (thx @readercolin), I want one unit which is fast, mobile, can kite, long range, and I am thinking of 6 endrinriggers (2 drills) on a gunhauler (drill) as deepstrike but also maintaining the range. Then a second gunhauler (sky cannon) with attached 6 wardens to charge screens and clear objectives, combined with specialed out thunderers, who provide long range support for the wardens in a collapsible compartment. Then followed by two frigates, loaded with 10 arkanauts each, which are kind of a boots on the ground, my own chaff and generic I gotta get something here and it doesn't have to stay there for long, and supported by the frigates main sky cannons, then paired with 3 bombers who can get the arkanauts out of a sticky situation, and then work out the command stuff and artifacts/endrinworks later. Thoughts and ideas, this coming from a person with 0 experience, would love feedback.
  9. holy heck I forgot how much I loved looking at these conversion! I love the incoporation of dragons, and the witchhunters are super cool!
  10. So I have been mulling over a list, would a unit of 3 wardens be good and wouldn't get chewed up that fast, or should I up it to 6 to kind of have that block effect? (speaking from the point of an armchair tactician of course)
  11. My financial plan right now 😅 thanks for the advice. I am looking at probably a hard and fast, high damage army build right now (6 riggers and 3 wardens, 2 gunhaulers, an arkanaut company, thunderers, and cool endrinmaster dude. (hopefully within the next few months, probably more ) Any good ideas to flesh out that build? In the end I am gonna have to go with the Aether War set because my friend would love some Tzeetch guys. (also I suck at conversions)
  12. Holy Heck. I know I am a bit (a lot) late to the party, but I just noticed the new battle tome and that got me started thinking (along with an infusion of funds) maybe I should start collecting again. Is there anything particularly special about it other than the shoot form ships and the new battleline options (and GOLD)? EDIT: Haha funny joke they raised their prices when I wasn't looking.
  13. Or, they didn't give KO endless spells. Woah! I know, very strange concept, but keep factions unique. Make it so that KO can get rid of magic like Khorne but not use their own special magic. Maybe they can use really powerful machines that have to be called down or something, but not endless spells.
  14. Sorry about the inaccurate time findings. I wasn't really trying all that hard and I didn't really know where to look for dates On another note, those guys look super cool!
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