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  1. I will join, hit that follow button and see what happens.
  2. Very nicely done, I love the color scheme! Kudos to you.
  3. Page 200 guys! KO is clearly not lacking a dedicated fanbase.
  4. Oh no the fwoosh has teleported! Uh oh, here comes the big fast fwoosh
  5. Its just when you end up adding some more units, your going to have to update it! What a wonderful problem amirite?
  6. If I was doing a tzeentch army with Whoop Swooshes I would spam as well.
  7. Most wardens if you want to exercise them in a traditional fashion, with glorious charges into enemy lines, generally use a single skyhook for the +1 to charge.
  8. Stating what been said before, chaos is doing good except for slaanesh, but order has a lot of too small factions it is becoming a little bloated in terms of resources so we do need to stop adding and just get the current factions up to a bigger size. Probably I would say add a lot more destruction armies if they are adding more.
  9. Oh noes I just realized I should start a new army for this, in which case enter my new and improved Disspossessed army, which i finally decided on a color scheme for. Pics coming soontm
  10. I can't remember at all. Something with gotrek and the Ironclad, but it was also something else. Them alone were scary but not nearly game breaking.
  11. It appears I have failed my contract, I blame getting sidetracked, I was unable to finish the Magmadroth and the Runeson, although it's mostly because I got sidetracked into a gunhauler, which I am nearly finished with but got burned out on. Maybe I can finish my Runeson, but i am going to set my goal low and say finish the Magmadroth and the Gunhauler.
  12. The amount of salt on that rumor is enough to make a lake seawater. But hey, still hoping for it!
  13. If anything I would have to say idoneth actually, gives me a vaguely aquatic vibe.
  14. I agree, with maybe lets say for this one, describing the area/character that you will focus on. I know I am going to be focusing on a KO/LOA type of story, driven by AoS28 and probably continue Sally's story.
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