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  1. Any tips or tricks to sculpting you might have? I am really trying to improve in this regard but I'm a) not skilled in artistic endeavors and I'm b) entirely self taught, so its hard for me to improve in this regard, and you seem to be very good. Also very nice model, that head is already 10x better, and it won't be too much of a challenge to make better legs.
  2. Ima one up flemmingmma and say about maybe, 2 models, at least.
  3. At the same time to write a good story, one of the most important things is too connect to the reader and provide a frame of reference of some kind in order to have a more engaging story. It's why thinking about alien life forms or opposing thought processes are difficult, and writing in the style of an alien view can be very difficult. Weakness and corruption could be viewed in and of themselves in a different way, and if we simply abandon 21st century morals we get a story which is of no interest to us. Obviously we can connect to corruption, but what if it isn't corruption? There could be a myriad of different reasons which all contribute or are viewed in the opposite direction. Freedom vs security, many things could contribute besides the relatively narrow 2 ideals.
  4. God I feel bad for that cat, why would it do that? It hurts my hand to hold the sprues, let alone sit on one.
  5. Contact a mod, one will happen across this eventually
  6. Might want to put this in the death GA place, probs not best suited for here. YOU could also put it in narrative or painting and modelling.
  7. Must be a great cape if it took 7 months to finish 😉. The trim on the cape is very nice, good job.
  8. As someone who likes having books, even rulebooks, to display my dominance, I think buying the books are fine as long as I can keep playing.
  9. The price is good, I just don't want it to be the new price range they want to institute.
  10. Yeah some base material would be amazing, although they are less expensive than most centerpiece models like the LRL, so Ima not complain much if they dont update it and keep the price 40 dollars lower.
  11. T'was a funny comedic thing my friend, since you were constantly advocating nagash I was making a joke that you were like a nagash thrall...
  12. The beautiful moment as your opponent realizes he has a big enough hole in his rear that I can shove my ironclad through.
  13. I dunno man you seem like a huge Nagash supporter, might history be a bit twisted in his favor for you? 😉
  14. They did say 2 years, and with the pandemic that could be 3-4 years. I find the fact they shared news of it so far out encouraging, it should mean it a bigger thing. Remember, we are in a global pandemic, they might not have anything to show for it over the course of restarting factories and finishing SoB/LRL
  15. Not to be insulting or anything but remember EVERYTHING is a matter of perspective. People can be hypocritical, and I am desperately trying to find the most thoughtful and polite way to phrase, but you are doing exactly what you said you didn't like people doing. i.e. complaining about GW, nerfs, whatever. Everybody does it, I certainly do it a lot, and more importantly it means you are invested in the game, which is a good thing, so just remember that something that may seem annoying, rude, or caustic, may not be intended as so, and might be influenced by your perspective. Not trying to call you out or anything, just keep perspective in mind I'm not gonna lie, as a relatively young-ish member of this community, I have also found other various communities which are quite toxic, and if anything this hobby, even the competitive side, is the healthiest community i have ever seen, both in a broad snese of wargaming and Warhammer, as well as more narrow like TGA. I like participating in these communities because its so different than others I am used to, who will not help, hinder, and insult you at every opportunity, which leads me to the end of this long and winding road, remember to get some thick skin when you on the internet or just interacting with people. A lot of the time they don't mean what they said, I oftentimes sound caustic and long winded, but usually I am not trying to be. So just try to ignore some of their negative qualities and focus on the positives. Speaking from a younger standpoint, I never got into the hobby a few years ago since most people in my local area and playing were years older than me, and I remember it was intimidating, and honestly a lot of the time I was very isolated from the rest, so if that is happening to you (I am not saying it is) than just try to stay in it, it can be intimidating, but after a while you can manage to catch up and participate in their jokes and clique. This ends my rant, in summary remember to have thick skin on and off the internet, as well as not to be intimidated by age or just being a different type of people (idk how best to say it).
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