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  1. Or, they didn't give KO endless spells. Woah! I know, very strange concept, but keep factions unique. Make it so that KO can get rid of magic like Khorne but not use their own special magic. Maybe they can use really powerful machines that have to be called down or something, but not endless spells.
  2. Sorry about the inaccurate time findings. I wasn't really trying all that hard and I didn't really know where to look for dates On another note, those guys look super cool!
  3. Super cool, can't wait to see what those other units look like!
  4. Umm... 19th of March, almost 2 years ago. Very close to the age of our battletome actually. Khorne, not any of the others. As far as I can tell, Skavens was somewhere in 2018 and FeC was somewhere in 2017, so most newer or the same age as ours. Edit: Skaven was in as far as I can tell, don't pay attention to it.
  5. But I want it nowwwww. srsly though, I have to agree. This combined with what @Ashman said makes this seem very plausible.
  6. I was being sarcastic, as in @Mordeus wanted more battline, and I said they would remove the one we have. You have to have the legal amount of battleline in order to play at tournaments*. Friendly games you're covered. *Don't quote me on that, that's my understanding of it.
  7. Aww, who needs battleline units, they'll just remove the companies battleline status. Who even wants to play at tournaments?
  8. Clearly evidence for the 100% guaranteed new IDK Endless Spell. Clearly.
  9. Well, not the whole thing. Just most of it.
  10. I have to agree on most of them. The Ironclad and the Frigate look amazing, but the Gunhauler, not so much. I would replace it with the Skywardens, they are just so FANCY! And @Kramer has a point, all KO units look fantastic. Even though Enrinriggers are better than them.
  11. I dunno, that's what every squat player had to do when they died out* and had to move to other factions (*cough cough* Kharadron Overlords *cough cough*). *My understanding of what happened to the original squats is incomplete, forgive me if I am wrong.
  12. Yes, I admit it, I may be the tiniest bit cynical. However, this is not the most cynical I have ever been. Ya know, just saying. lol yah i mean make it a add on thing like - Rod of embarking - cost 15 points? . Where the navigator groups with Order alliance and uses it as a tour guide Or, a new unit: Aethermatic Tour Guide. And, while we're thinking about the most annoying jobs, Aetheric Furniture Store Employees. Jokes aside though, that would make a nice addition to any army, regardless of the way it's implemented.
  13. Whoever did this, looks like a super cool unit. Can't wait to see it disemboweling SCEs by the dozens.
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