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  1. aktanolt

    The Rumour Thread

    Pretty sure it meant nothing but hey Warhammer tvhttps://scontent-cdt1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/52898526_767614896966824_4368415441534582784_o.jpg?_nc_cat=109&_nc_ht=scontent-cdt1-1.xx&oh=baadb0d1e26f16fe9676637b24cb30ed&oe=5CEDAEB8 So as Batrep, we got Blades of khorne with and upcoming battletome, versus ... SERAPHON Maybe it's nothing but a battle between an upcoming Battletome that will change in a month or so ... and one of the most rumored Battletome recently . Only the Slanns know !
  2. aktanolt

    The Rumour Thread

    Hey there , not sure what it's mean ( or if it mean something) But GW just relaunch some army color packs. First one is Khorne, which just got a new battletome. But also there is Nurgle, Chaos and .... Seraphon. Not sure if it's a random preorder or some short terms preparation for upcoming Battletome updates . https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Warhammer?N=647457687+3206404541&Nr=AND%28sku.siteId%3AGB_gw%2Cproduct.locale%3Aen_GB_gw%29&Nrs=collection%28%29%2Frecord%5Bproduct.startDate+%3C%3D+1550333220000+and+product.endDate+%3E%3D+1550333220000%5D
  3. aktanolt

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    Bring comet to a tournament and lots of friendly games recently. Works pretty well for me ( finished 2nd at this tourney ) It's a big investment and rely on a 5 w char so you have to protect him . It's a good way to bring in mw and overall a good investment. Havent tried Celestar but 15 razordons are a cool thing
  4. aktanolt

    Everblaze comet damage proc

    Ok thanks for the answer , have a nice day
  5. aktanolt

    Everblaze comet damage proc

    Hi there, Just want to confirm some rules wording here. Everlaze comet drops and deal damage ( OK ) then it deals damage at start of each BATTLE ROUND but i cant find what exactly is a battle round. Is it a full turn ( like turn 1/2/3/4/5 ) or the turn of a player inside a round. For instance : Turn 1 , i got initiative, i land comet , deal initial damage. then other player does his turn one. Does it trigger the 5" aoe from comet because it's his battle round 1, or does it proc after initiative in turn 2 ? Basically it's all about what means the wording battle round. If someone can help me on that thx
  6. aktanolt

    whatsapp groups

    I'd like to join the seraphon WhatsApp group, if someone could help me out that would be great! Thanks!
  7. @sal4m4nd3r Thx for the infos, sadly i won't invest in such a suscription since i'm only interested in seraphon list. Maybe later on.
  8. Any chance we can find the others participant list somewhere ?