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  1. probably just live through the cycle as 1) Sentinels go up -> army falls apart competitively -> 2) something else (eg wardens) drop -> we get back in business or... the river temple drops with some new broken (*cough SCE dragons-ish) unit taking the limelight of complaints as always happens in this game 🤷‍♂️ just look at OBR with petrifex and the Catapults that were super toxic when it came and now no one cares about really (although petrifex is basically restored to what it was before they nerfed it with reducing rend across the army) as far as causual play goes though I wouldn't be too worried as the game is pretty easy to balance between friends through list building, points handicap etc at least to the point that the built in randomness with double turn (and dice rolls in general) level the game out enough to be winnable by both players and not too one sided
  2. agree that issue is really in the cross section between save stack / god models. it's just too efficient when u can buff half an army with one single ability, made possible by the huge points concentration into single units. the reinforcements rule kinda fixed that for normal units but god model breaks it
  3. haha fair enough and when I browsed down, noted that you seemingly worked it out ^^ personally I always found the many layered decision trees of conditional probabilities to be too much to cope with so I tend to just run some random dice generator to get a rough answer (admittedly far from the same level of elegance!)
  4. just skip close form solution and do a simulation, shouldn't be too hard and way easier to solve
  5. My guess that the books (in particular SCE) is simply too large at this point. They have a pretty small rules team after all and so the task of making this an interesting and balanced book with all these scrolls is just too difficult. Hence in the limited time they have to write the book, they focus on the new stuff, trying to make that as interesting as they can, then they just slide in all the rest, make some light touches/clean ups here an there but are careful not to "break the game" in not having the capacity to properly think through (i.e. err on the cautious side)... Feels a bit similar with the Orruk one where (in particular Bonesplitters) didn't get much attention
  6. do you know how the sludgeraker buff is worded? i.e. does it stack? (presumably not but good to confirm..)
  7. I think its only the Vulture and the Swamp-Crocodile-thing that has it
  8. Anyone started putting lists together? In terms of a starting point, I'm kinda thinking that 20 gutrippaz could be fun with the Snatchboss/Skumdrakk to give them a bit of dmg buff and probably a killaboss (of some flavour) to babysit for the battleshock? then probably fill out battleline with a couple of boltboyz units (i.e. Big yellers a bit forced but it seems decent enough anyways)
  9. I think 2.5 for long shot (1attck/model) (3*1/6*2+3*1/6*3) and double that if hasty shot so 5mw. but also it will be quite swingy ofc so u probably want to look at probabilities (eg %chance to deal 5mw), but that I cant do on the fly 😅
  10. rigth the spell bounce aura, forgot about that >.<
  11. I would think Nagash should counter Lumineth quite well?
  12. this isn't the worst perhaps, given the game has always (and will always remain) unbalanced and with power moving around (I.e creeping around I suppose).. at least aesthetics cant be nerfed is my point! power come and go but models remain and these guys are the best those brilliant GW artists have churned out to date imo
  13. 100% agree with this comment, imo you should swap armies and play a game or 2 before agreeing on any house rule, that way you can hopefully find common ground in what should perhaps be addressed. In our group we have used points handicap more than house ruling as well so that we can have an interesting game also between e.g. NH vs LRL, without denying the LRL player the rules in their book
  14. Haha yeah shooting is another topic as well. Personally my issue is mainly with "unkillable" monsters that in a casual setting cant be dealt with... Gotrek imo should have a rework to not allow him to heal maybe but then again not sure he is worth the points etc so thats probably a bigger issue than what can be addressed by "simple house rules" as was the topic here. Striking the balance between big monsters being worth it (i.e. not insta sniped as you say) but also not too dominating is tricky
  15. I would agree with this one, good call imo. I was also thinking that maybe a good house rule would be that Heroic Recovery cannot heal you to above 5w, e.g. a 10w hero can only use it if they are below 5 and if they are e.g. at 4 it can only take them up to 5
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