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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. Heyho, Ive already posted in the Introduction chanel where I started talking about the topic. But Ive seen a quite similar thread here and it seems like this part of the Forum is a little more crowded. If this is considered spamming please let me know, Ill delete one of the posts. Ive been a Warhammer and 40k collector for like 10 years now on and off. I never really got to play a game in the past but since Ive moved to a city for college I decided that its finally time to change that. After AoS was realeased I was one of the many people who were disgusted and since then I mainly got into 40k models and list building. I a week ago or so I watched a video about all the factions in AoS in 16mins which kinda got me interested in checking AoS out, since I still prefere the models and the world to 40k. But yeah wanting to get back into it I was now presented with the question which army to play. Since I was a collector in the past I dont really have too much of a coherent army. I looked through the web store and same like in the past I really liked all the Undead factions. The new Nighthaunt are so cool and I like the Bonereapers as well. But hell yeah so many other cool factions as well, so Rule of cool didnt really got me started. Since I kinda want to get competitive at some point I started looking at power rankings and tournament lists (bcp and aosshorts) so I guess I have a general idea of how the armies are build now, The 16min video also gave me a really quick rundown on what to expect but I still cant really figure out what the best call is. So since theres a lot of things I dont know here are the things I actually do know: - I like big eye catching stuff. Big models are a blast to paint and look at, so Id really want my army to have monsters and cool looking characters that I can sink some time in painting. I dont enjoy soley monsters tho, looking at BCR fe. I think Im kinda missing the diversity there. - I like to have some options to choose from and having a diversity of units on the table. Like I found Idoneth to look really cool but I couldnt find myself to brin only eels to the table. - I also dont like Hordes. As much as I love Skaven and Gitz I sadly wont be able to paint 120 battleline units. I like to spend time on individual models. But this means I dont mind elite I guess. - Playstyle wise Im a tank main in mmos. I dont like shooting to much, its okay if its supporting but I couldnt stand a ranged centric army. So yeah I love meele combat, hitting like a truck or throwing a bucket of dice. I also value magic and priest a lot. I think super fragile isnt for me either. I dont necessarly care about being slow and grindy. There are factoins that I have on my radar now, like I love all the Undead stuff, I like the Slaves and Khorne ones, Cities I love because of diversity, Fyreslayers look awesome, I like quite a bit of stuff looking at Stormcasts. Orcs look cool as well. But I always found some problems looking at the rather small sample size of lists. So yeah if you could lend me a hand figuring things out Id be really thankful! Thanks for reading stay healthy and have a nice one Itami
  2. Hi you all! i hope ya all are haveing a great day and are well! My name is Simon im a 35 hard working dad with 2 kids, i started warhammer back around 3 years ago, but havent had an match/game in prob 20 years never got around to it. i have mostly 40k stuff and alittle std (aint rly intressted in playing them) but taught i would start a new army for a tournament next year (if covid allow it who knows). Many friends have said rule of cool and choose something that fit yer playstyle. Rule of cool, well i cant buy all armies.. all have something i find cool more or less. Playstyle wise, well i have no idea how my playstyle is. in videogames/mmo's im normaly a healer or a ranged, im defensive alittle of a coward i would say, Ive been thinking for over a week. what do i want, what will i enjoy, shooting maybe, defencive army maybe, summoning an all that jazz dont sounds fun for me.. alot have been going on in my mind, my wife tried to help me pointing out stuff she taught was cute, fyreslayers, sylvaneth etc but i dont know. Thats why i post here to ask all the pro's out there about there idea, tips an triks an all that! Please if you have a min help me! Thank you!
  3. Hi guys can anyone give me advice on stripping paint to repaint models with as little damage as possible
  4. Hello! I know there is a random Army Generator in the GHB 2019. since I am at my girl friend’s home I can‘t get home to my books (thx Corona...) so I can‘t use the GHB rules to play with her. So I wanted to know if there‘s any random army generator on the web? (I couldn‘t find any and I‘ve been searching for quite a while) cheers jack
  5. So I just played against, admittedly a better player running, stormcast eternals as Ironjawz. He had his ranged setup in such a way that he sniped out my megaboss before I could even engage in combat then mauled me with the combined ranged/melee combo. Does anyone have any tips for playing around/against this. We were playing at 1.3k I had 2x10 Ardboys, 1x5Brutes, 1x3Goregrunters, 1xMegaboss, 1xWarchanter, 1xWeirdnob, 1xIronfist. I'm looking to get the extra 10 Ardboys I need to field a unit of 30 but the deadzone covering 65% of the field where I couldn't move heroes without them being erased was really punishing.
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