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  1. i have a thing for chaos wars just started and there is so much i want
  2. Im a 34 year young dad, gamer, nurse etc etc married to a wife who dont like plastic... yet i played warhammer when i was young had empire and high elfs, but it faded in to oblivion when i started to work and so on, around 2 years ago ive was in a warhammer store and i was decided to start again walked off with a start collecting skeleton horde, until a month ago i was a death player, i have around 4-5k death ( most unbuilt yet ) execpt fec who i have a 2k army off. Now i feel like i found my true army Slaves to darkness! i hope to see you all around
  3. spent 5 hours last night to build and paint my little nurgle demon stole my manticore and run off lol
  4. Hey all new STD player here, started some death a year ago, havent had a single game yet due to work and haveing a little nurgle demon whos 1 and a half, last game i had war prob 18 ish years ago. My wife bought me a demon prince and i had to look up slaves to darkness as a faction, thats was a month ago and i have since bought chaos warriors a god sworn warband pack and alittle more, wife way of trying to pull me away from the computer How is STD as a faction havent been able to find much lore on the net or youtube, love the models!
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