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The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

Gaz Taylor

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1 hour ago, Gaz Taylor said:

Not to turn this into a political topic but I did vote no! 

Yeah it is interesting how it seems to operate that but I'm guessing it's useful to them to be able to set the price and still make money if it fluctuates a lot.

Haha agreed let's not. 

It might be that and that would be fair. But that does imply it's a conscious decision to have such a price difference. Of course simply converting the price is not the whole story. Import taxes etc will also affect the price I guess. Just can't imagine that it would be so much. 

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You guys should watch the demo videos from Adepticon and other conventions out there, it will explain how the mechanics work.

Although it had been teased as a deck building game, this is not a CCG.  The guys running the demos have been very specific about that, you get all the cards in the box.  There are two decks, one is objective cards that correspond to objective markers placed on the board.  Each side gets three.  The other cards are "ability cards".  You randomly draw five at the start of the game... you do not build a deck per say.  Some of the abilities cannot be triggered unless certain criteria have been accomplished (for example you have to kill someone for some of the cards to be playable) so you may end up with no playable cards for the entire round if you are unlucky.  Cards that I saw used included +1 die in defense, "confusion" where you can swap your model location with an enemy model, "Valiant Attack" where you negate bonuses for defense that your enemy would get for having multiple models in adjacent hexes (teaming up is pretty strong tactic both in terms of assault and defense).  Each of these abilities only last for the upcoming activation so they play out very quickly.  It was hard to tell in the demo if each faction gets their own deck to draw from or if this was more like a single "generic" action deck that both sides choose from but some of the abilities made sense as a faction specific theme.

The game itself is "the best of three" rounds played in rapid succession.  Each round is a game in and of itself and lasts only four alternating actions per side so that means some models never get activated in a round at all.  The three rounds total means each game consists of only 12 activations per side (playing ability cards that are in your hand do not use an activation, only drawing a new card does).  You really will have to make each activation count or not much gets done.  I was also surprised by how hard it was to kill anybody in a given round as each model has more than one wound (The female Stormcast has 4).

The board comes in two halves, doubled sided and can be placed in various ways (the demos did not go into how board placement was done, just how deployment is).

The war-bands appear to be all pre-defined.  This is not a customizable build your own force type of game in comparison to many other GW games.  It does not appear that the factions come with their own board half.. the pitch can be set up in multiple ways but predominantly there are pre-determined impassible terrain and "spawn locations" for deployment on the board.   In the production videos they show the skeletons for example fighting in really cool ruins and stuff but that is not actual game play, it will all be fought on the provided pitch.

It is going to be a very fast game and a bit removed from immersion in comparison to other GW games as it is very mechanical which will provide the Magic/X-wing/Boardgame appeal and allow for the tournament style of gaming this is aimed for.  I personally wish this was more of a hybrid of Skirmish but as the original post here states, even if I don't love the mechanics and game play, it is going to be good for the models it will produce.  I also see this as a break-in game for people who are intimidated by the thought of miniature wargaming as it has a much more controlled board game approach and is more about rolling dice and playing card abilities than list building, moving armies,  and battlefield tactics.


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12 hours ago, hellalugosi said:

gameplay wise im gonna predict that fyreslayers unique style of play will be the fact that every model can throw a fyresteel axe like in aos!

I wouldn't be surprised if they could do something like that. I'm really looking forwards to Skaven though if I'm honest! :D 

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Happy Skaven are finally getting some love. They look a lot like Clanrats in the photo, I'd be disappointed if they did a Verminus release since this is the modern Mordheim and Clan Eshin are in desperate need of some updated models and out of all of the clans the only ones that aren't are verminus, but this is just my opinion. Happy just to be getting something

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5 hours ago, Charles said:

Does anyone know what price point Shadespire will be released at?

With only 8 models in the box I'm hoping it will be £35 in line with Gorechosen and Lost Patrol.

I'd asome something like that aswell, I think it will be a little more as Gorechosen but that's because you get more. I'd say for the European market I'd expect the starterbox to be something like €50-60 which is still a great deal for the content. Im still looking very forward to it all. Facebook also gave another small update:


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Great news, yeah I think that will likely translate to €60 aswell and I think that's worth it for the complete game. I also think it's quite likely the Warband expansions will be 20 pound, like those for Blood Bowl. We will recieve less models but more cards and the likes so to me that makes enough sence. I do however hope that the plastic quality will be what we're used to from GW. 

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Hmm $70USD is probably gonna be somewhere between $100 and $115AUD.

I guess from a pure models point of view, it feels a bit steep. You're only getting 8 models between the two factions. I'm hoping that it's inflated because you basically get the core game components as well, like the board, cards, tokens and rules. No idea how much in reality those things are really worth, but at the end of the day everyone is going to need to buy a core set to play.


I really hope the expansion sets aren't as costly. The sculpts might be nice and interesting, but at the end of the day, they're like 3-8 push fit models and a few faction cards.

I'm really hoping they're around the $25USD~ish price point. All the 'Easy to build' sets cost $15USD and come with a similar amount of figures. So seems reasonable to me that you'd be paying a bit extra for some cards and that's about it.

It's also the price point where 'collect them all' is extremely accessible. So people that want to play 'top of the meta' and collect all the extra cards they can to assemble their decks can splurge and do so. But for people who just want to sit on a faction or two they like, they pay the entry cost of the base set and then purchase an extra faction or two.


Overall, really looking forward to seeing whats in store for Shadespire. With the warbands being so small, I guess I'm hoping we see at least 1 Shadespire warband come out every month (With more coming out initially to kick things off).

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Yeah I think that if your looking at it from a pure model price it is a bit steep but then again I don't believe we should look at it that way completely because the ability decks I feel are the big changer for this game. It adds the competative depth and rewards good tactical choices like most card games. As a fan of both this is also why Im looking very forward to it all. 

Yesterday we recieved another Inspired card back, which looks interesting enough aswell.

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I actually think they likely missed an opportunity here with this pricepoint. 

One of the biggest things that X-wing has that Warhammer struggles with is impulse buy-ability. Just going out and picking up a new X-wing ship is something you can do 'cause you're bored on a tuesday. Warhammer doesn't really have that and this could have been the perfect opportunity. 15-20USD for 3-5 models is something I would probably buy just because I was the only one at the hobby store and didn't feel like going home yet. These, however, are shaping up to be 25-30$ which is just a hair too expensive to purchase without thinking and having the starter set at 70 makes the game seem like too much of a commitment to me, especially when it'll be basically impossible to offload the Khorne half that is totally useless to me.


Close but no cigar gw.

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Well I think this is enough for impulse buys aswell. The thing with X Wing remains that its license based anyway and has a larger fanbase due to it being Star Wars content.

Shadespire to me is still akin to Ffg games but the advantage is that its owned by GW and thus the minis arnt limited to one game. This is why Ill pick it up. You can trade or use multiple Warbands but unlike AoS this game is for 2 to 4 players and still much easier to get into as AoS.

All in all I think the game is ideal for players who like cardgames aswell as this is a mixed media game.

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