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  1. So I had three games yesterday, all against Magore's. Game 1 - Was charged by Magore and hit for 2 wounds. I used Shardgale to inspire. Missed Magore with Mollog's attack. Inspiration struck on doggo, while Spoils of Battle gave him Light Armor. He successfully charged my Mollog and pushed him into spikes. DEAD! F*** me! I concede! Game 2 - This time I didn't use a hazard board! Mollog managed to get inspired and with very easy and controlled objectives, Mollog were quickly decked out with a whole lot of upgrades. He annihilated Magore and his buddies unopposed. Exact opposite game from the
  2. I got a bit burned out with Shadespire, but this guy... This guy got me back into Nightvaults! So... This is the first warband ever where I have trouble keeping the number of upgrades down while the ploys easily landed at a good number. The fact that you got one big main fighter changes everything. I'm thinking definitely Cursed artifact (-1♥, +1Def) But should I double up with Cursed Shield? (-2♥, +1Def) 3 shields defense is SCARY, but it does leave him at only 4 wounds. 5 if he gets Fortitude. I'm also thinking such overlooked upgrades as Vampiric Weapon, Blessed Armor and
  3. I came here to say this. Free for all multiplayer games where you can actively pick on a specific player has always been crazy unbalanced. Good luck being the one sandwiched between 3 other players. I wouldn't worry much about picking the "best" warband. But note that stuff that affects all fighters are relatively stronger. You still take the same damage from shardfall, but now you deal damage to 3X more enemies. A well placed Great Concussion can also f*** everything up for a lot more fighters.
  4. I've recently come to the conclusion that "neutral" cards should never have been a thing. Or at least the specific/neutral ratio should have been the opposite of what we have now. * Balance would be easier as each warband would have a relatively smaller card pool. * Each warband would have more flavor as the same auto-include cards wouldn't be in each deck. * Different warbands are getting copies of existing cards from other warbands anyways, so it's not like anything is sacred.
  5. The thing about Time Trap is that it doesn't let you activate a fighter; it grants an action. These two keywords are very different and important. Charging with a fighter doesn't stop them from taking more actions, it only stops you from activating them again. Of course most actions comes from activating fighters, so often it feels like the same thing. So yes, you can attack with Total Offense, then use Time Trap to attack again. Same goes for My Turn. It let's you take an Action, not an Activation. So both of your combos are absolutely legal! ??
  6. I'd say it very much depends on the actual rules for this. If it can help me kill faster, perhaps it's a risk worth taking? Imagine an Earthquake/Great Concussion combo... And like THAT the entire enemy warband fell into the rotating blades ?
  7. Absolutely. Thick white border means a blocked hex. I wonder if these in actuality only has ONE new mechanic: Red danger hexes. I kinda doubt we'll have rules for hidden blades, pit traps and fire. It's all just different artwork for the same mechanic if you ask me.
  8. I think this image speaks for itself! ? I
  9. @dillonjay21- I really like that "sunset-side-light" thing you are doing. Also how refreshing to see Fyreslayers in completely mundane colors! No magic glow, fire hair or weird skin. Just metal weapons and blond hair... When everyone is spectacular, the plain becomes the new spectacular
  10. Looks good Spazz. I get kinda an aquatic vibe. The heavy use of oxided copper reminds me of stuff from sunken ships and the pattern on the doggo is reminiscent of tropical fish. Probably not what you were going for, but that's the fun about art
  11. Makes sense. So I could score Blood for the Blood God at ANY instant it's in my hand and I meet the criteria? Even if I just drew the objective because I scored another immediately. All that matters is whether it an "instant" or a "state"?
  12. So how exactly does "score immediately" cards work now? I have already charged with 3 fighters. If I score another "score immediately" and draw "Blood for the blood god", can I score it immediately? Can I score it later in the same phase? If, when is the window? I have charged with 3 fighters. I have "Blood for the blood god" on my hand, but forget to claim it. Can I score it at anytime within the same phase? The implications with the new FAQ is that "immediately" doesn't actually mean *this very instant*, but rather just that these cards can be scored outside the end phase
  13. First of all...! If you brought these to the table, I would say "it's always a pleasure to play against painted miniatures". THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "NOT GOOD ENOUGH PAINTED MINIATURES"! ! ! That being said, I do have some C&Q. They DO look good! Very grim and dark, and this is probably what "real" chaos warriors would look like, prowling through the streets of the twillight city. However, as miniatures I do miss something to make them pop a bit, as when you squint, they are just a dark blob. Some splashes of red blood? Green glowing eyes? Or even just a bit brighter highlight
  14. I think this ruling is weird. If "considered to have made a move action" is never considered to have made a move action it's truly one of the worst worded cards. But no use discussing it at this point I guess I'm in shock over this one! This is so absolute BS. If someone pre-FAQ had tried to do this I would have told him to go F himself. Making charge a move action followed by an attack action may have seemed smart and clean at one point, but I honestly think it's only a source for confusion and BS. Charge should just have been it's own separate action, not two in one.
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