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  1. Killax

    Blood for the Blood God !

    Welcome! Blood for the Blood god!
  2. Killax

    Wrath and Rapture

    Exact, meanwhile Khorne had 2 printed books and 2 errata's who actually confirmed it stacked aswell. Then after stacking removed costs where amped to 140. Totally okay but if they would change it to 180/200 next up I ensure you all the reasons to play Khorne will then be removed. Likewise first Crown seemed to trigger on 6's, then on 6+ and now on 6's again. It's this inconsistancy amongst other changes that I personally don't like. Because the only consistent thing GW does show is newer is better, yeah Khorne was part of that trend aswell. While I don't mind this 'new is better' trend, a lot of the 'used to be very strong' armies have been nerfed while the new content has been spiced up to match that. This causes armies to be part of the competitive top and get tossed out after a year orso. The latter is a pitty as it means buying the newest army is rewarded and in a way a new cashgame is created that was the litteral downfall of WFB. The reason this frusterates me is that with 40K the design team shows how to try and put armies closely balanced to each other. I can even recall a WC article that confirmed big changes like this would also be applied for the better in AoS. Thus far this hasn't been showed actually... I see Slaanesh becomming directly better as it is new and Khorne becomming directly worse. For sure Bloodcrushers have been amped to functional shock troop. Yet it shows that GW is willing to make 2+ Mortal wounds but Bloodletters shouldn't have this... Though should stay the same in cost... It feels extremely counter productive in terms of design... Sure I can run Skullreapers, Bloodhunt with Fleshhounds and Bloodcrushers instead, so... What was the point of the change again? To sell me more Bloodcrushers and Skullreapers?
  3. Killax

    Wrath and Rapture

    Start safe and go with the Daemons! However as is key with all Gods armies I do think ideally you'd slow-grow it. A new Keeper of Secrets is bound to come out, bound to look awesome and be a key piece.
  4. Killax

    Wrath and Rapture

    The awnser to nearly every question for many armies leads to certain units being really good. As mentioned before, your analysis about Bloodletters is incomplete as they would still die like flies. If Skullreapers are the next go to it only shows how moot this 'nerf' is. Fact remains Bloodletters got objectively worse and their cost remained the same. Its a prime example of lazy redesign. Competitive top is not about excluding outliers. That makes no sence either because top is a small plateau to be on. We arn't competitive because your example wants to actively exclude the actual competitive top. SCE have all these wonderful options you mentioned, Khorne doesn't have flyer support, relevant monsterous cavalry, or can go magic crazy. What you seem to fail to understand is how niche Khorne actually is as a swarm infantry army. That used to have reliable Mortal Wounds to their advantage as a reason to be picked over the others. Laslty no, they didn't, I have the several errata examples for you. When the BoK book was released the actual current errata stated you could stack it. Only with GH2017 did this change. Your excuses for this all falls apart pretty easily. I do not exclude examples of what is actually going on.
  5. Killax

    Wrath and Rapture

    If you look at the several faction posts/ let's chats you will usually see that change for the worse is frowned upon when the army isn't part of the competitive top. The same is still going on with Destruction's massive nerfs and Death's previous odd return before their new Battletomes where printed. I sure hope Destruction gets back to being an interesting army with their new Night Goblins. The fact is that Bloodletters never where a crutch holding us back for anything, it was what kept the army relevant for a competitive scene. You list all the nerfs that occured directly and indirectly to Bloodletters, but feel free to say that 3-4 nerfs isn't a little too much for one unit. As in the end they still need to be 30 strong, are on 32mm bases, cost 320 and still die like flies. My question to you is "come on what"? Why do you think GW needs to rebalance this unit this many times? My awnser to the latter is, GW doesn't care for Khorne for quite some while. This went in two directions: 1. A lot of Khorne's units are thematically incorrect and not in line with other Chaos God designs (the Mortal and Daemon units) 2. The Khorne Battletome, while cool, was rushed out and thus former issues remained (such as with the Bloodsecrator) Feel free to blame the community for not liking this. But this is GW's product. This is also the third time Khorne get's another re-design for unclear reasons. In that same way I don't see Stormcasts being re-designed over and over again. If they wanted to have Khorne not mix with magic, a simple rule in the Allegiance would have done that. If they wanted to not have the Bloodsecrator stack, make the wording so that it doesn't. If they never intended Bloodletters to have 5+ MW's then why present it on other units? My issue isn't even so much with the current Khorne state, my issue is much more with GW not doing things consistently and show the old habbit again of making newer armies on another power level.
  6. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Cool horde Dickbill! Go for it. I do think you might want to sneak in a Chaos Shrine in somehow.. Though I'd agree that Wrathmongers can do this too. An alternative would be to: - Change Khorne Lord for Khorne Lord on Juggernaut 120/140 - Change 10 Blood Warriors for Chaos Warshrine 200/160 This is my issue with it, GW has shown they do understand how to design armies with similar power levels, Khorne was on that place. Then for better or worse there are some within that design team who stop looking at army context and just throw out stuff. My annoyance isn't that they now do it once, it's a constant repeat with Khorne. If people want to know the actual full list of 'GW doesn't know what they are doing with Khorne' I'm fully willing to elaborate that in a larger post. Cheers,
  7. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I wouldn't do it, feel free to paint them up as Khornate as you wish, but Brass Despoiler Battalion really thakes away a better Allegiance Ability and synergy with the whole army for no clear reason. Bloodsecrator, Slaughterpriest and Bloodstoker are pretty much the only reasons left to perhaps consider Khorne. But you are really in a better position now with playing Beasts of Chaos and sticking to their allegiance and such, even with spells. Looks cool to me, it's just that in general facing any higher armoured army now is going to be a problem. Bronzed Flesh is fun but turtling up doesn't jam well with our army. The big monsters are still there but I'd also say they are the prime targets for your opponent. Give it a try, feel free to give some feedback on how you feel about it Well you really don't at a competitive level, the consistency to rely on Bloodletters/Moral Wounds is gone, which was the last grip to be sort of Tier 1.5/2. What you could consider is stacking up on Skullreapers and hope some make it to the enemy.
  8. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    The fact is buffing Bloodletters MW makes Khorne competitive, understand they they buffed themselves up until Wrath and Rapture too. The lists you posted only show this aswell. It's objectively incorrect to state the Bloodletter Bomb died with 2.0. It died with Wrath and Rapture. To come back on your own lists: 1. Daniel.Ford ran 90 Bloodletters. 2. Daniel.Ford again show how great Bloodletters where. 3. The great David Fields certainly did something epic with Council of Blood, though keep in mind here that what gave him first place was the great painted and modeled army. If I recall correctly what won on points was Legions of Nagash. 4. I can't find Vincent Chain. Darren Watson actually went for the Blood Tithe approach, though didn't see any amazing results. 5. Daniel "Lord Doyle" actually runs 30 Bloodletters,. Long story short, the consistent succesful Khorne lists have been running Bloodletters. They have done so with the buffs, be it their own 5+ MW or going to 4+ with Frenzy stacked. In general: Games Workshop didn't need to do this. We don't need a 2008 WBF repeat where the newest army's are also the best. This is what killed Warhammer Fantasy Battles in the first place. Which is why I don't understand why Games Workshop chooses it to do this again.
  9. Killax

    Wrath and Rapture

    Absolutely that they got worse. Bloodcrushers got a 2+ impact hit, that only matters when they get impact hits. Feel free to fiddle with Bloodthunder Stampede, Enjoy the single attack with the Bloodletters on top. Stacking Frenzy with Bloodletters was the only relevant boost the army had left. With Bloodletter flying bombs removed, stacking Bloodsecrators removed and now acces to reliable Mortal Wound output removed there is really little to nothing to say for it all. Then Karanak as a 5 wound character bumped to 160 points, free theoretical Fleshhounds are fun but getting there with a 5 wound character is rather hard to do. What's never fun is that Games Workshop keeps up the inconsistent design for as long as Age of Sigmar has been around.
  10. Killax

    Wrath and Rapture

    I'm sad that Khorne objectively got to be a worse army with Wrath and Rapture's release. Ah well, I wasn't in to thick with the hobby these days anyway.
  11. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    It's one list as fas as I know, a real while ago and it wasn't any mayor event as far as I know. Really I can't say these changes are based on anything except for a general 'don't care as it's 2 years old' additude that became WBF's downfall. To me it's no coincedence that new armies matter and old ones do not. It's an old habbit of GW that got me out of WBF to begin with. It's a whole lot worse when you go from a single unit that had acces to 5+/4+ to Mortal wound versus 6+ to Mortal wound with no cost change. A 5 wound 160 point character with a 4+ is a hard pill to swallow. Fleshhounds get 1 shooting attack extra, it's funny that it's there, but it doesn't really matter. Lastly Bloodcrushers got a 2+ D3 Mortal wound impact hit, better as they used to be, still however have just 1 attack per rider. Grand result, effectively two units became more expensive, one practically stayed the same and one got a tiny bit better. To me it's just clear that they don't care about this army anymore. Skullcrushers still are just Mortal, Khorne Lord on Juggernaut is still just Mortal, Khorne Lord with Fleshhound is still just Mortal. Compair that to Chaos undivided, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh you see how much it matters that GW actually puts effort into some armies. It's starting to become a fallacy.
  12. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    At least the model is cool I guess, but dont see a real reason to play it.
  13. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    It's been close to two years now where Skullcrushers arn't Moral Daemon, Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut isn't Mortal Daemon and Mighty Lord of Khorne with Fleshhound isn't Mortal Daemon. Whoever gave 2 cents about Khorne unit design in GW left the building a while ago, instead we get worse units and a long overdue reason to thake Bloodcrushers at all and with their single attack they are still very far from good.
  14. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Well, the news is out: - Karnak, seventy more - Bloodletters, same cost, directly nerfed in power - Bloodcrushers, minus ten - Fleshhounds, same cost, can do pew pew