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  1. To be fair, I agree completely with you. For those who like Reavers, that's all fine, but I can't see them as anything more as a body wall, and not a terribly effective one at that either. With the Goretide you can at least park them in annoying spots, but that's about it. Especially the lack of Battleshock Resistance is what annoys me. Basically they are the one unit who really is hurt the most by the Bloodsecrator's loss of Battleshock Immunity bubble. At 70 points per 10, I feel Bloodreavers could have gained the ability to either become Battleshock Immume at 20+ or be Battleshock Immume when in range of the Totem. Either would have made more sence as to what they do now. So far the most competitive results I've seen still have been Tyrants of Blood Battallion and for Mortals one of the three Battalions that can include quite a lot of units. The hammer and anvil approach still seems to work the best there. While initially I wanted to add a Bloodthirster to such Mortal armies, I now see that usually it's better to invest more into either Skullreapers for the hammer or Skullcrushers for the anvil. It's neat. Adding Bloodreavers for me is only really done if a Battalion would require it.
  2. It's weird. Because Tzeentch and Nurgle did have it in their updates. Only shows that designers still not looking in the work of others? In any case, we'll see it later Considering the very likely improved synergy between Daemons and Mortals I can assure it feels like a very strange choice, both narratively and in terms of synergy. Because while there are units who are anti-Daemon, there are way more Daemon buffs within the army that randomly now don't apply to humans on daemons but do apply to daemons on daemons
  3. Might see a rebox. Why did they lose the Daemon Keyword though?
  4. There is a ton you could use, but as it's direct content from Games Workshop books I don't think I can share it directly with you here. The one additional question I have is if you want to solely focus on AoS Khorne lore, it's a bit different from other lore. Feel free to PM me.
  5. Congrats to that and certainly, feel free to always share! Cheers,
  6. Don't overthink it, if a model on the Warscroll has that, it only applies to that model unless it's specifically mentioned that it affects more models.
  7. It might be a set up for AoS3 where Iniative is brought back. I'd personally like that. But at the same time, I'm still not a fan of Battalions being unrestricted in terms of quantity but still cost points and I also don't really like the double turn this game has currently. So it just might be GW is just setting things up so people will get used to certain units fighting before others. It doesn't hurt the game that much either, it's just new for AoS.
  8. Considering certain bases I think that in some update in the future we should see more 1-2 and 3" attack distances instead of the common 1-2". The prime reason why it feels like a hassle from time to time has to do with 32mm bases, who are common, but is ever so slightly more as 1" and that piles up to certain models, seemfully being able to reach it can't. In Warmachine/Hordes this was usually solved with 2" attack distances. I believe it would solve the issue here aswell. It would also pair up easier with pile ins. At the same time however I don't feel this is a massive issue in the game, instead it also adds tactical depth. What could be a solution for some to experience how to preform this more easier is pre-meassure and using proxy bases to see what would fit and what wouldn't. It thakes more time, but the game does allow for premeassurement so you should be allowed to use it to your advantage.
  9. I don't think there is one awnser to what 'we' or better put players mean with balance. My thake on it is simple however; To have design be made in such a way that from an army build standpoint several armies work with similiar restrictions for skill (point cost) and have several armies be able to preform tactical moves in a similar manner (unit design). While balance most certainly is tied to Matched play talk most of the time, it's just as important to introduce it into Narrative and Open plan. Where with Open play it's often easier to agree on X units and heroes to bring with you. In Narrative play the balancing factor comes from a scenario, objectives or even an outside third player acting as a dungeon master, this last aspect can sometimes be removed and a deck with random effects can thake its place. What is key to understand for this concept has to do more with the social aspect of gaming. However a lot of it often get mixed up and is tied to a game's result. But this is probably also because not all 'wargamers' are actually such social people. Because the intention of balance is to have both players start out on equal footing. Often one of the two is a better tactical player, and this can mean that the outcome becomes the same, even if players would switch armies. Key designs I think for AoS are tied to balance are: - Unit point cost for 'power', we all know certain units or Battalions are slightly underpowerd - Unit design, also if it's free, free scenery to all and Endless Spells to all are a great way to balance this game - Correct unit design, in some armies certain Warscrolls have all the Keywords you'd expect, due to lore, others don't have those Keywords at all despite it being mentioned in lore Hope this helps you figuring out my thake on it. Balance in short is restrictions, restrictions force people to get creative and this means every game can start out on equal footing/known pro's and cons, which improves the social activity of wargaming.
  10. Killax

    Khorne Army List Help

    I wouldn't go for 3 Battalions at 2K. Either way I believe you have too few units for Murderhost to be applied. I don't think Brass Stampede is worth the effort these days either. So in addition to the above advice I'd rework the list, go for Gore Pilgrims and try for something with more mass. You have the MSU units down, but in these sizes they do little.
  11. One unit of 10 can be amazing and so can 2x 5 be. In either case I would say that 10 of them are sufficient to start out with. Their usefullness really depends on your list, host and possible Battalion.
  12. 105 would be weird. But 100 should do. Still nothing amazing but a way easier fit.
  13. It is. We don't really do Khorne things either, as our biggest plus actually comes from the not melee orientated Slaughterpriests, with the not endless spells Khorne Judgements. Again, there is nothing linking the lore to this army, just nothing. They didn't even bother to change the Wrathmonger lore to reflect their current design. Somehow they still drive opponents into a frenzy aswell, killing friend or foe... They don't do this, they used to... I don't think 10 Bloodreavers are actually a good deal at 70 at all. I agree with you that Wrathmongers are pretty good with Skullreapers. We have some decent units in a vacume, but we litterly cannot do anything against ranged offense currently. Those Adepticon lists for example are capable of eating any Khorne army alive. What we do have is Tyrants of Blood, which can be very scary if the opponent doesn't run any meaningfull ranged attack units. So that aspect of Khorne I'd say is still somewhat scary. Though as we know, Bloodthirsters go down quite quickly. Stuff like Bloodreavers or Wrathmongers funnily enough is lethal to Bloodthirsters for example, regardless if they actually strike first or not. There are many more things that again prove how little the designer was interested in doing this Khorne book. Valkia is described as a Daemon Princess, or half Mortal. But does not have both Keywords. Juggernauts are mentioned as Daemons, but neither the Khorne Lord who rides it or the Skullcrushers have both Mortal and Daemon Keywords. Khul cannot lead the Goretide and have bonus abilities, despite it being his army. Mighty Lord of Khorne and Khul both have a Fleshhound, treated as a mount this time, and still do not have both Mortal and Daemon Keywords. As before nothing really good has actually come forth of the the Khorne book updates lol. I guess the only thing that's sort of scary now is that we indeed can run 4 Bloodthirsters and if your opponent wasn't prepaired he's going to lose Key units. Maby. I can assure you the only things for Khorne I expect there is that Tyrants of Blood will cost 180 and Bloodreavers might go to 60 or a bigger discount at 40. The last 3 years the Skullcannon has been utter useless since AoS' inception. The sad thing remains is that Khorne has no ways to move up quickly. I was under the assumption that this was purposefully done because the Skullcannon became a viable unit for a week. Though after 3 years of Khorne updates appearantly someone decided one week of Skullcannons being okay was enough. Meanwhile 9 Warplock Jezzails in Skaven are cool and 3-4 Bolt Throwers in Stormcast are cool. Nice.
  14. Slow armies suffer from this, we can't really interact due to that wonderful FAQ. We basically can work against Magic, but need opponents to basically not shoot. Consider Slaughterborn with Goretide, hope to survive and not have opponents be able to teleport or quickly move said ranged units. 6 Skullcrushers could help too.
  15. Old advice: bring some ranged support with Wrathmongers and Skullcannons New advice: we don't have any good interaction. The best thing we can do is likely 2x 10 Blood Warriors to scoot up with Goretide Comman Ability and hope your key stuff sort of survives and your opponent can't screen these Blood Warriors.
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