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  1. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I'm okay with the idea behind it, it's just very, very strange that out of all thinks we get a wizard tower and khorne spells. I've also read the lore update on some book reviews and it's mentioned several thinks are changed in lore aswell. It's just again that I can't wrap my head around who made this happens. What I do like is that the magical axe works, I also agree with you that there is enough to be said for what we got. While it really feels out of place for me I personally think that the magical axe even is a must thake, so are 1 to 2 Slaughterpriests, Re-rolls are good! I hear you and I really think the magic tower and spells show that appearantly GW didn't know what to do with Khorne AoS either, so just made something for them which they have made for all armies. There are some serious moments where Khorne units will be able to dominate a single combat. So in that sence the beserkers are there. But yeah, we likely should be playing Slaughterpriests with Endless spells, because we got a free tower that makes that really reliable. Lorwise I feel the new new stuff doesn't match Khorne at all. But from a competitive standpoint you can still largely do what you wanted. My biggest miss is that there somehow arn't more Battleshock ignoring characters or rules. The idea of Khorne warriors being mad with frenzy and flee at the same time is just strange. Stranger even is that a Khorne Lord on Juggernaut, Skullcrushers and Mightly Lord of Khorne still don't have the Daemon Keyword. While their Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh counterparts do... Go for it. I do think that screens of Reavers arn't all to interesting, but screens of Fleshhounds most certainly are. 10 reaver units in the back for Objective purposes seems allright. I'm not worried about Battleshock too much either, enough daemons, just think it's very strange when we look at what armies have the immunities now and what Khorne armies are supposed to represent For Bloodwarriors you could certainly do that. Though I do think more often pockets of 10 are ideal. Being functional at those sizes is their big advantage in my opinion. Gorefists are just very nice now!
  2. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    It means that in your turn the bearer fights at the start of the combat phase before any other combat occurs basically. It thus also menas that in your opponents turn the bearer fights at the start of the combat phase before any other combat occurs basically.
  3. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I hear you, though as can be seen on the Warscroll, Blood Bind changed significantly, so it's either a 4", 5" or 6" push. Not the full movement, so it's less effective on very speedy units by comparison. A small change but noteworthy. The way I see it Slaughterpriest and Bloodsecrator are a good choice for every army. They just both usually buff a unit or add to the offense. All in all I can see it working out. But by large focused on the cheaper units. While I often feel I'm almost alone in liking Bloodletters a lot, 30 for 300 is perfect for me. In addition their Bravery 10 comes in handy now and being able to fight again with such a mass can really shift a battle in some key turns. I just really like this. As mentioned above, where before we had army wide buffs, it now changed to more unit buffs. To me this still means we are competitive but you will have to find the combinations for that unit to work out very well. If you want to go heavy Bloodthirsters, it's better than ever, if you want to go heavy Slaughterpriests, that's better than ever too. The only two units, who's Battalions I'm not impressed with are Skullcrusher's Brass Stampede and Bloodcrusher's Blood Stampede. By large because these units work, but not so much when you need to be able to have models within 1" to benifit from that impact hit. Without doubt Skullcrushers can be great, but I'd rather use a unit of 2x 3 or 6 of them in a Slaughterpriest heavy army due to Bronzed Flesh being amazing on them now.
  4. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    As I read it we can spam Blood Boil and Blood Bind. At least the Warscroll doesn't mention it. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/AoS_Slaughterpriest_EN.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2QVV5cHmbEe3B-svP_tCmU7J_I1Vp-RJ-ElJGWiIYLGGc5JApCLGmgrtg But we can't spam the additional Blood Blessings? The issue with the reviews these days is that they are much more thinking about their NDA with GW
  5. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    As above, you can, but it doesn't add up/stack. In addition, while you do get the discount, I don't think 40 Bloodreavers are really worth thaking. 20 are, with Meatripper axes, and smaller pockets of 10 are aswell. So why not the 40? Well, without Battleshock immunity and thaking Blood Tithe into consideration, they are, in my opinion best used as fodder or objective huggers. On the flipside, 10 Bloodwarriors with Gorefists are good now. A lot of other units became slighty cheaper or easier in use, so I feel the 140 point units are often the focus of 'what is good'. I think the real reason unhappiness occured is simple; Khorne got a Wizard Tower and Magic Spells. It's litterly what nobody asked for but what we simply got. While our Slaughterpriests and Magic Spells are certainly great, the whole reason it doesn't gel well with many is that it's often mentioned in lore from roughly the last 30 years that Khorne (especially in Fantasy) favours melee combat, 'simple slaughter' and despises the use of magic or basically anything that isn't close combat focused. This makes the new release very ironic, comedic and not really in the positive sence for lore fans. I fully agree with you that we are still great in close combat, and mainly due to our magic and abilities can continue that. I must say it's weird to have Battleshock largely removed for Mortals however. In that sence I think the Wizard Tower could have acted in a different manner aswell My perspective on new Khorne is: - You will have to like the Slaughterpriests and Endless Spells, they are our 'gifts' in this new book. Not using them kind of defeats the bonus we get from our Allegiance. It would be like not using a Herdstone while you are Beasts of Chaos for example. The same applies to the Hosts from my perspective also. The allround army buffs available (small as they seem) is what keeps us around. - We can focus one unit to be an amazing powerhouse. It's just that as an army we are less of a wave of continious attacks. Battleshock playes a role in that part but even more larger is that as an allround army we've become significantly slower, due to how the Bloodstoker is limited and the Wrath of Khorne's Command Ability is gone. - You can focus much more specialized if you really want to make a particular unit work. We have a bucketload of Battalions, all of them pretty much focussing on one type of unit. It will make that particular type of unit work well. As before, I pretty much like everything that doesn't cost 180 points (which is 90% of the book or something). Reasons being: - Skullcrushers can be a tarpit but otherwise are very hard to keep into the bubble; - Skullreapers have some great offense but so have Bloodletters and the difference between them now is smaller than ever. Rounding it with the pro's and con's of this army: + Way better ranged support than ever, from Endless Spells to Skullcannons with Wrathmongers + Options to heavily focus on one type of unit you really like, the diversity in Khorne armies from my gut feeling should massively increase + Actual acces to a good MSU unit with cheap great smaller heroes - We are slower as before, we can kamikaze Bloodthirster, but otherwise the army as a whole is significantly slower - If you want to kill Monsters (or named characters) with relative ease you have to really commit to it, which can bite you - Despite diversity, my personal top competitive view on Khorne is the same as it used to be, you either go 'Gore Pilgrims style' or 'Bloodletters/Bloodthirsters' All and all I'm not sad, mad or upset. Do think this is the funniest Khorne release ever though. Cheers,
  6. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    The best part of this version of Khorne is that you want 1-2 Slaughterpriests in every army for sure. I mean I can't stop smiling about this design. Whoever thought Khorne needed a Wizard tower and Khorne magic is absolutely having a laugh right now, but I love it
  7. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I do think it's absolutely hilarious that my current army sketches either focus on Khorne Magic axes and logo's or some Khorne shooting.
  8. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    You could do that, or re-roll ones or let him fight again etc Speaking of him: https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/AoS_Bloodthirster_of_Insensate_Rage_EN.pdf There are ways for him to obtain the reroll 1s but his Command Ability changed, same with WoK's being changed.
  9. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Looks like a great start. Here is my approach to the new edition: - Get the Khorne Tower - Get the Khorne Judgements - BT IR is likely the best BT now, due to massive acces to rerolls to make those heavy hits work - Bloodwarriors with Gorefist actually are better as the double axes now, as they finally have a reliable MW output, altough on defense - I believe using a Skullcannon or two, with Wrathmongers is one of the best routes to go now also because overall we've become slower, so need to force opponents out From my perspective he pro's and con's are: + Most stuff got cheaper + A single unit has acces to being able to hit much harder as before + We now have ranged support - We got slower - You're more likely to commit to Daemons for Bloodthirsters OR Mortals for Khorne Judgements - We're less dominating in melee combat as an army
  10. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I like the newer variant for a more all purpose use. Not to mentioned the ammount of Command Abilities we have for him to get him there or fight again and brutally kill w/e. The way I see Skarbrand is that he wasn't nerfed, just got a different role. But his MW output remained, which matters the most. Same really with Bloodletters, their MW output massively dropped, but at 30 for 300 it's still very functional and within the right Host/Battalion absolutely better as they used to be. What's the most fun about the Hosts stuff is that we basically got what I hoped for. The big Battalions became the Hosts, with a twist. Meaning it's basically choose: - Daemon unit fights again - Daemon unit gets incredibly fast - Mortal unit speed buff - Mortals who like to kill Monsters Save to guess which 3 I like the most I just think we'll see more dedicated hero support per unit. Instead of one Bloodstoker/Bloodsecrator doing the work for many (to the point where we don't need to fill all hero slots) same really applies for a Slaughterpriest if you want to use him for support. From my perspective an infantry game is most certainly a great plan for Khorne, but as it's significantly slower as it used to be the mandatory inclusion (at least for now and me) would be a Priest + Magic Axe, for the simple reason that not gaining anything out of the Khorne tower just isn't a smart move. The key is to look for abilities and Command Abilities who don't specify an enemy, that's about half of them. To me these certainly look good enough. From being able to move up a Bloodthirster (IR) very fast to fighting again with a blob of Bloodletters. I hope we'll see the Wrathcannon joke stick, we kind of need it. Other than that, what I like is what doesn't cost 180 points really. To come back to Skullcrushers for example, they are 180 points, you might aswell thake 2 Khorgoraths if points allow it. Then, while I do love the idea of running 6, I also know that that's way too cumbersome with their current rulesset to make functional. In the context of big units, it doesn't get much bigger and faster than that for us, but it doesn't fly. Meanwhile a BT IR can preform an incredible trick that they can't Good book review, I'm there with you in terms of Battalions. I really like Murderhost, I think Gore Pilgrims is still very good. I'd say 1 Slaughterpriest is a mandatory inclusion, 2 are great to use. I'd say it's about equal to the number of Khorne Judgements you might want to use. First comes the axe and the other two are good also, this depends a little on your local meta really.
  11. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    You might be right. I personally think that Games Workshop decided to bring it back more in line. I can also see why on a Warscroll basis they 'nerfed' Khorne. Reason being that adding 'Free Terrain' and 'Endless Spells' in an army that coped perfectly without it is a reason to weaken things. Lorewise I don't think power/effect matters too much. In that context I feel Stormcasts do way more in lore as they currently competitively do. Likewise, from a Order perspective it would then mean Daughters of Khaine versus Legions of Nagash would have been the main scary battle. This isn't the case. Khorne just changed, a lot We recieved a massive buff in our ranged offense, focused on Slaughterpriests, spoiled with amazing Endless Prayers and obtained a Terrain piece that can actually hide a Bloodsecrator, or other key characters. With this game a massive watering down of the melee combat functionality. However I will be the first to say that it's certainly still there. As mentioned before, the stuff I like is pretty much everything that doesn't cost 180 points. So why am I not huge on Skullreapers or Skullcrushers? - Because I feel Bloodletters at 30 and a Bloodthirster IR do pretty much the same, but are easier to fit because it prefectly fits the mandatory units. So far my only critique is that pretty much every Khorne unit does something similar now, moreso than ever. We did absolutely gain some amazing ranged offense, but most Khorne fans (I know) wern't really asking for it. Because Khorne is more of a warrior aspect and less of a Priest/Gunman aspect, but the latter is where the massive buffs are applied. Absolutely, Skarbrand is a great unit. He did lose his special character hunting functionality but became a much more allround all-kinds-of-units wrecking ball. I love it. Skulls for the throne of skulls! Yep I feel ya, there is a gigantic difference between 24" and 16" within. Based on this it's also the infantry units I do like, but also fully expect the competitive Khorne focus to at least spend about 33% of army points in what I'd call ranged offense. Included in this ranged offense is: - Bloodthirser IR - Skullcannons with Wrathmonger combo - 2-3 Slaughterpriests with Magical Khorne symbol and Magical Khorne axe I know some are fans of the Skullcrushers, largely due to the 3+ save, but what I like is the stuff that forces opponents to come to us rather to drive them away. A Bloodthirster falls under that because it can fly. Both Skullcannons and Slaughterpriests fall under that because that ranged support needs to be taken out if you also present either 20-ish Bloodwarriors or 60-ish Bloodletters. Truely Bloodletters are back in my competitive book. Well it's fair to say it's practically the same... The only reason I think they changed it like this is that visually it feels more realistic and forces the unit to not fiddle with one model way in the front and others oddly in the back. Having said that I'm not huge on this type of cav anyway. I really like the large sum of this list. The only thing I think would improve it is dropping the Skulls and focussing on one or two big infantry units and/or that Skullcannon inclusion that is amazing with Wrathmongers. A big hammer like 10 Skullreapers or 30 Bloodletters presents a massive distraction and tank that can plow through. A Bloodthirster is a great choice for this purpose too. Basically anything that forces your opponent to come seems like a key role in this newer slower Khorne.
  12. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Oh yeah can't make it out from the pictures either. So probably is a army wide Command Ability when you pick that host.
  13. Killax

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I do, but we can't just post it here. On the general. Extremely short review on the book; I like everything that doesn't cost 180 points
  14. Killax

    Red Elephant in the room

    The Skullcrushers are still missing a Daemon keyword The Mighty Lord of Khorne with Fleshhound is still missing a Daemon keyword The Khorne Lord on Juggernaut is still missing a Daemon keyword The fun don't stop, Skullcannon edition
  15. Killax

    Current State of the Armies

    The current state of Blades of Khorne: