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  1. You guys have been so incredibly welcoming to a new wanderers player, so thank you for that! I scored 60 glade guard and a way watcher for $60. I also have $260 in store credit from winning a painting competition at a GT with my nurgle army. Thinking of loading up on SotW and eternal guard/WWR boxes. Could of the WR/SotT. Looking to fire the waystone pathfinders. Im so excited! A little sad to hear GG aren’t that worth it! They are such nostalgic models!
  2. Well gravesites aren't terrain so they are unaffected by the setup rules for terrain. Other then that.. I think its pretty basic restrictions. Nothing on the board edges (gnaw holes will get faq'd) nothing near an objective, or another piece of terrain. Its not that restrictive IMO. How is it fair for a gitz player to drop that big fething loonshine right on top of an objective and block me from being able to get models on top of it?
  3. Whats so agregious other then it totally effs with faction specific terrain.. which will ASSUREDLY be faq'd?
  4. Well thats a nice little lightbulb moment for me! Here is a comparison with Bestigors. Minimum size, no blades. Centigors are 2-5 Bestigors are 4-8 But the bestigors are 40 points more. No blades on both, at max size centigors at 10-16 30 bestigors are 14-21 Blades on both, at max size. Centigors 47-59 Bestigors 33-43 So basically it comes down to centigors are faster and better recipients of blades. Bestigors do more damage without blades. Its the classic question of higher ceiling, or higher floor. But the centigor's strength is spell based. And there is zero way to buff casting on a Rotbringer sorcerer so its not onnly 50:50 if it goes off but then there is unbinding. I think using centigors as a turn one putrefaction missile has some serious legs (HAH). 10 of them are only 160 points, you can position your sorcerer our of unbind range, buff em up load up the kegs and send them off.
  5. I didnt play the depraved drove list. Or even get to play against it. I played a pure nurgle list, but entered your fine BoC thread to ask for tips on using bestigors in an otherwise nurgle army chock full of blightkings. I find the pestilent thong to expensive for my liking and want to use the besties as allies, along with the shaman for the taurus endless spell. I didnt think discussing my nurgle army would be relevant here.
  6. Played a casual game against a new-ish player last night. Used the following list: Harbinger of Decay (160)- General- Trait: Grandfather's Blessing - Artefact: The Witherstave Gutrot Spume (140)Festus the Leechlord (140)- Lore of Malignance: Blades of PutrefactionGreat Bray Shaman (100)- Allies10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)5 x Putrid Blightkings (160)5 x Putrid Blightkings (160)4 x Pusgoyle Blightlords (400)30 x Bestigors (300)- AlliesBalewind Vortex (40)Wildfire Taurus (80)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 400 / 400Wounds: 163 He had 10 sequitors, evocators, evocators on dracolines, farstriders (guys on foot with hand crossbows), prosecutors, lord celestant on dracoth, gryph chargers and the lord aquilor. I obviously wasnt pushing hard as he is somewhat new to aos.. but a long time WHFB player. I ran the blightlords right at the block of sequitors. I just wanted a stress test. The four of them wiped the unit in 3 rounds of combat. And thats with him RR all saves. Only losing 1 blightlord and half wounding another. the +1 to wound from the wheel was clutch because it helped push more wounds through with many of the attacks being 4+ to hit. Pestilent breathe on the harbinger was great as well to add some damage output. I normally run with the papas blessing, but this was far more useful. He was able to bring the entire unit back and charged the blightlords again. I lost a couple more until the pestigors came in and wiped out them, and the gryph chargers, and the aquilor and a unit of nearby liberators who got caught in the fray. Cant wait to try this in a more competitive setting.
  7. Well it's hardly an ad as Im neither an employee nor a paid sponsor. Its more of a customer testimonial. As well as direct response to a question that was asked.
  8. If you subscribe to Best coast parings you can see every list from every event! only 5/month with amazing support. @gmulroney It's WELL worth it for just the fact you get access to SO MUCH list content. And you can basically keep up with events as they happen and watch specific builds or lists rise and fall. So if you are wondering how a list is doing you can see it's standings change, which lists it faces, which it won against which it lost to.. etc. HIGHLY recommended. I played a Nurgle army with Glottkin, Harbinger of Decay with the Witherstave (12" bubble enemy RR 6s to hit), Gutrot spume, 40 maruaders and 30 blightkings.
  9. Ahh yes. A potent attack! Another option I thought of was just using Lauchon to ferry my goats across the board. 60 point endless spell! thats a 21" move with d6+1 run and charge.
  10. I was at Triumph! Boy was I 2 dice rolls away from going 4-1 with Nurgle!! but alas I went 2-3. Won Players Choice Best Army though!! Fun event. Wish I would have been able to play this list. I played a slaanesh list that eventually won the event, but no this one. Depraved drove is buffed by being near a hero with an artefact, correct? Any reason to take butt loads of ungors and not more bestigors? Bestigors look amazing on paper.
  11. You could get extra attacks from Glott. GUO requires the demon keyword. I agree on all fronts. Perhaps I will try it out.
  12. I hate to interrupt this very robust conversation with a somewhat selfish question. But I'm gonna do it anyways >_< I have a Nurgle army and I LOVE the pestigor sculpts. I cant justify adding in the pestilent thong battalion at 200 + two units of ungors so that bestigors get the keyword. But adding in a 30 goat unit of besties, and a bray shaman and Wildfire Taurus to my Nurgle army sounds delicious. They arent exactly point and click, but they seem REALLY good. Blades of putrefaction (7+ to cast, pick a FRIENDLY unit and 6+ to hit is MW in addition to damage) is a nurgle spell that works on bestigors. And its not unmodified to hit. Hoping to wreck face with this combo. Any tips on how to use bestigors to their fullest potential outside of a BoC army? The rest of the army is blightking heavy, some of the blightkings on flies as a tarpit (28 wounds 4+/5++/5++). Will the bestigors, shaman and taurus be able to hold thier own as an independent group? Is the pestilent thong worth it?? Thanks for any and all help in advance goat bois
  13. I hear ya! I’m not willing to use 360 points to basically get then30 bestigors access to the wheel. Only two of which affect them (stage 1 and 2). Both blades of putrefaction and fleshy abundance both work on FRIENDLY UNITS, and don’t need the nurgle keyword.
  14. Glott should be priced at 360-380 I think. Horticulous at 200 starts to look good. I think a bigger shot to the arm for nurgle would be a reduction in summoning points across the board. It should take 2-3 turns to be able to summon ten plaguebearers. The whole tier level should be shifted down. 7 points should get you 10 plaguebearers, not 5. Horticulous and drones should be 14 points, not 21. GUO should be 21 not 28. ETC. Would love to see the Lord of plagues rule (corpse ridden mulch) applied to all nurgle units as an allegiance ability. (if any models were slain that turn in combat, add the number and dice roll together. if its 7+ receive on contagion point. )
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