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  1. Add in a Bray shaman for the +3" of movement! Well worth the 100 points right there! You could also buy the wildfire taurus for 80 points (lol). Since endless spells dont count towards the ally cap, you would be right at 400 points. Also, they dont need the tree to run and charge so no need to buy the pestilent throng battalion. In my experience using them (was only a few weeks, then decided on the contorted epitome...mainly because of the conversion opportunity!!) They were insanely good! The only issue was that I could never get all thirty into combat. But 20 at 240 (vs 30 at 300) wasnt as efficient. So you NEED to have a CP in your pocket for inspiring presence. Also keep in mind that Centigors are like a nurgle missile! 14" base move, add three from bray shaman, run and charge. 5 centigors is 80 points! 10 wounds. 4+ save in combat. Best part is they have 4 attacks a piece and can CHOOSE to have an automatic +1 to hit (any target..not just 10+ models like besties). So 20 attacks that do mortals on 5s, move move 14-17", d6+1 run and charge for 80 points. 4+ save in combat to! I think Ill be experimenting with more beasts of chaos, possibly even a pestilent throng after NOVA. Perhaps maybe after LVO for the new ITC season (as Im a total SUCKER for ladder rankings and such..My goal is #1 nurgle for ITC this year)
  2. GUO, 2x poxbringer, 2x 30- plaguebearers, blightkings, 6 drones. Thats a dope start dude. Thats 1780 points. bilepiper and scrivener are so bad in sigmar is comical. unlike 40k where scriveners are amazing. Plague monks are good, but they shine in skaven armies with a plethora of battleshock ignoring rules. If you want to do the demon thing, a lot of people run the thricefold befoulment battalion thats 3x GUO. Lots of magic. fun army to play. One of the more competetive nurgle build ATM. only downside is it requires 3 GUOs lol. One of the most fun aspects of sigmar over 40k IMO, are the endless spells. Dont be afraid to incorporate some of those into your army! Some might be a bit tricky to use or see the value in (spell portal being a prime example) but if you get the hang of them they are a lot of fun and powerful!
  3. AoS rules must be read to the WORD. The words used are VERY purposeful. At one point, the rules for nets in grot units was literally "a few models in this unit may be netters." You may be unfamiliar but the literal definition of a few is precisely three.. even though colloquially its used as an unspecified number. MWG has amazing battle reports and the style, and production are great. But they are notorious for getting rules wrong. So it bothers me when they go on "rants" about problems with the game without having an expert level knowledge on the rules. Its irresponsible. Edit: I certainly didn't mean for that to be a GTFO message. Just that any gaming is better then no gaming. You should make the leap into the mortal realms! Its a great game and even the competitive scene is filled with chill people. Hope I didn't come across as rude @Zplash! Was not my intention. 50% win rate for EVERY faction means the game is "perfectly balanced. " As close to a 50% win rate on any faction is what be be strived for. Plus or minus a few points probably a function of dice rolls and player skill. Nurgle is not underpowered, or overpowered. A few units have higher then expected points costs, but nothing holding them back from winning. Nothing pushing them to the top tabled either. I will see what I can do about upping that 47.7% at NOVA next week!!!! of course, my homeboi's in this thread will be the first to know
  4. @Kociboss Ahh yes. Mini Wargaming. Battle reports and rules critiques from people who don't understand the rules. The point in the video you are talking about starts at 11m45s for anyone who wants to back me up. They claim for every banner they have in the unit, they get +1 save against shooting. However reading comprehension will win the day. The rule states (emphasis mine): So even if they had 1000 icon bearers, they would only get +1 to save. So you are correct.. you are entirely wrong. Have fun playing 40k! Glad you are sticking with it!
  5. Well you could still take the grandfathers blessing trait for a one time re-set or push forward. And still.. is one caster with no bonus worth those points in a 1kish game? I'd say not. Sigmar is not as reduced a game in terms of builds as 40k is. Nurgle isnt "bad." They have a 47.7% win ratio on honest wargamer. Not sure where you heard this. And I have no clue what 2+ save goblin spam is. If you are referring to Gloomspite Gitz faction, I dont know of any 2+ save spam, nor do I know of how you could possibly have 2+ save grots. But Nurgle is a fun army to play, with strong build options depending on your meta. Plaguebearers and drones make up the core of nurgle demons list.
  6. How about: Allegiance: NurgleLeadersHarbinger of Decay (160)Gutrot Spume (140)Battleline10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)Units3 x Plague Drones (200)1 x Beasts of Nurgle (80)Total: 1220 / 1250Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 116 Good shot at a triumph. Could split one of the units of kings into 2x 5 in order to cover more objectives. Take the unit of ten with gutrot. Harbinger can trigger the drones locus, if you are able to be nearby. Allegiance: NurgleLeadersHarbinger of Decay (160)Lord of Afflictions (200)Battleline10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)Units3 x Plague Drones (200)Total: 1250 / 1250Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 110 This list starts with a command point. Nice for botched charges. Or nice realm commands (if playing with realm rules) or even the new commands (RR 1s on the drones buffed by the locus is reallllly nice!) Could make the list fighty by making the LoA the general and giving him the Virulent contagion trait ("adds" one rend to all his weapons, including that of the fly.) The fly's bell would be rend 3, his spike would be 3/3+/3+/-2/d3 damage! and the mouthparts would get rend to. Rustfang artefact would be even more deadly. Obviously the witherstave is the best artefact in the entire book. The LoA also activates the locus on the drones, and allows nearby (7"... NOT wholly within) rr1s to hit. A bit more fighty. I happy to help if you dont like either of these. Have any models you want to use in particular? How do you feel about no magic?
  7. Thanks so much guys!! I’m glad I changed the position of the chain from around his neck to around his arm/mace with the other chain. Looks so much realistic. Appreciate the kind words 🥰 Quite pleases with how it turned out!! follow me on Instagram: @alexandria_arborist
  8. Ummm yeah. If scoring was based off wounds this list would be so much more effective. Instead of counting as ten, they would count as 41!!! And a unit of 40 marauders with fleshy abundance (not in this list obviously..) wouldn’t count as 80!!! My list can tank an incredible amount of damage. Between making opponents RR 6s to hit and/or wound, the multiple DPR (damage prevention rolls), the massive amount of wounds in the blightkings units, healing.. also making units strike last in combat is added protection.
  9. Well Im wrong.. in a sense and your post helped me. I thought the poster was referring to like a buff, not a warscroll ability. Maruaders are one, Centigors can give themselves +1 to hit automatically but are also +1 to BE hit (because they are so drunk LOL), Bestigors get +1 to hit if attacking units with 10+ models. I have 180 points in my list I'm uncertain what to do with FOR NOVA GT. My three realistic choices are: Festus (with blades of putrefaction) on a balewind (2 casts, great native spell, massive damage spike potential with blades) Great Bray shaman with the wildfire taurus (for more strike last options, and Devolve can be and amazing spell for pulling off an objective, kiting Hearthguard..) 10 chaos warriors for guarding home objectives (especially in knife to the heart, total conquest, focal points ) Rest of my list (which I've posted before) is Harbinger, Spume, Contorted Epitome, 10 kings, 10 kings, 10 kings, 40 marauders, chaos warshrine. I think Festus and the balewind is the best option.. but I want to use my Wall Street Bull so much!! What are your opinions?
  10. Chaos lord on demonic mount can give +1 to hit to chariots and chaos knights. That is ALL as far as I know.. including all allies.
  11. If you have not opened them at all, you could take them to a GW store and do an exchange! There are also various Facebook groups for swapping.
  12. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/age_of_sigmar_generals_handbook_errata_en.pdf Some of the dark elves have been officially removed from valid matched play.
  13. Yes, I went to the event STRICTLY for practice for NOVA as they played in Aqshy and the three missions day one for NOVA GT. My gaming group is 2nd overall on ITC, with several of our members in the top 20.. and I do well in our meta. Last year at NOVA GT I came in 3rd with a similar nurgle list. So we will see how it goes! Festus goes on the balewind. Its mainly for the extra cast and increased range. but the extra visibility is nice. I will stop kidding myself and probably put blades of putrefaction as his spell. I thought squall might be nice for steady consistent damage, but I dont think thats going to make a huge difference. So Im going to go for the "HOLY GAK those marauders just did 25 mortal wounds" potential. I cast realm spells with the epitome first and foremost. Inferno blades is broken, so casting that every turn. And usually stoke rage (+1 to wound rolls, +1 to charge rolls). Or as you pointed out, overwhelming acquiescence. In Shyish there are spells for -1 to hit, immune to rend, immune to spells, Im not tied to festus.. but I cant think of something better to spend 180 points on.....if anyone has a suggestion im all ears.
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