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  1. I have fun popping a unit of 6 out of a gravesite 9" from an enemy unit and then charging in. I think maybe the Chronomantic Cogs endless spell would help give them that extra bit of charge distance to make them even more potent coming out of the grave.
  2. That seems like the way to do it.
  3. That's a lot of buying! I'll probably try to find the Nighthaunt half of Soul Wars on eBay and hope that works. Thanks!
  4. Soul Wars comes with 5 Glaivewraith Stalkers, which have a unit composition of 4 models and comes with 4 Grimghast Reapers, which have a composition of 10 models. Does anyone know of the most efficient way of getting these units to the correct model count without ending up with extras?
  5. What about the Spellportal to increase the range of Curse of Years by a bunch?
  6. Thanks, not sure how I missed that!
  7. I don't see where it mentions Curse of Years. Could you point that out?
  8. https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/age_of_sigmar_legions_of_nagash_errata_en.pdf The Legions of Nagash errata has dropped for second edition. One of the big things I've noticed is: Page 60 – Legions of Nagash Add: ‘The following units may be selected as part of a Grand Host of Nagash, Legion of Sacrament, Legion of Blood or Legion of Night army and gain the appropriate faction keyword: • Chainrasp Horde • Glaivewraith Stalkers • Grimghast Reapers • Guardian of Souls • Knight of Shrouds • Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed • Lord Executioner • Spirit Torment’ Additionally, errata for allocating wounds with The First Cohort Ceaseless Vigil and the necromancer's Undead Minions has been tweaked a bit. Page 90 – The First Cohort, Ceaseless Vigil Change to: ‘Before you allocate a wound or mortal wound to Nagash, you can pick a friendly Morghast unit from this battalion within 3" of Nagash and roll a dice. On a 3+ the wound or mortal wound is allocated to that unit instead.’ No more trying to negate the wound with Nagash, then sending it to the Morghasts before trying to negate it with them. Lots of other tweaks as well.
  9. Like a couple others have said, definitely magnetize your mortarch so you can swap between all three. Essentially gives you $240 worth of value in a $80 model. You could also try to magnetize the morghast heads and armor so you can switch between Archai and Harbingers as needed, but either way, the halberds are the way to go for their weapons. Get the battletome for sure and the General's Handbook, then just a bunch more skeletons.
  10. Awesome, all that totally makes sense. I have a First Cohort list put together with 40 skeletons and 10 Grave Guard so I'm trying to figure out whether I should try fitting more GG in or save room for at least the Spellportals. First Cohort gets expensive considering just Nagash and the battalion tax is pretty well half a 2000 point army itself.
  11. Is 10 skeletons better than 10 Grave Guard? I know it's less expensive so there's potentially more room for endless spells and such, but 10 Grave Guard can still output some decent damage right?
  12. What's your list look like? Are you going to add any endless spells to it?
  13. Yeah, it definitely helps with Death heroes being a bit squishy.
  14. Except when the general dies, you pick a new hero to become the general. So keep a handful of heroes around and you won't run into this problem. The restriction that your general has to be close to a gravesite definitely dampens the power of the ability though, but I think that just balances it so it doesn't get too crazy. Overall, I think summoning in LoN is fairly balanced and shouldn't cause too much trouble.
  15. Drujeful

    AoS 2e previews

    That does seem very good. They'd be able to make it in from the back territory. I wonder how well other armies summoning will balance in that case.
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