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  1. I just removed the socket where the ball joint would go in, flattened out the bottom of that “ball” exhaust a bit, filled the “ball exhaust” with green stuff and attached the magnet there.
  2. You can fly high instead of making a normal move. Zilfin allows you to make a normal move in the hero phase. You can use zilfin to fly high in the hero phase. had the zilfin rule said move in the hero phase or “move as if it were the movement phase” then you’d be right. RAI and RAW you can fly high with “always a breeze if you look for it.” This was also played like that on GW official stream, confirmed on air by rules writers in the room.
  3. You cannot cast that spell on the soul grinder because he isn’t a mortal. Or else a soul grinder would make it into every one of my lists
  4. You’re being snarky. Tell me. How would you play a Barak thryng army outside of a KO army? You CANT. That’s the difference between a faction and a sub faction. @Sttufe I have found thunderers completely underwhelming. Certainly don’t feel they are worth ~25 points each.
  5. You are allegiant to Kharadron Overlords, with Barak thryng being your skyport (sub-faction). Barak thryng is not a faction. You can choose thryng when you are a KO allegiant.
  6. They are allies because they don’t have the KO keyword in a KO army. Look you all can play however you want or house rule whatever you want that’s fine. No skin off my behind. But to say I’m squeezing fun out of something as @Phasteon said...I mean I’m just following the rules.
  7. The point is the booked was rushed. It’s clear when you look across the book and find multiple aggregious examples of sloppy rules writing. I thought the FAQ/errata would fix a lot of these but it is what it is. Take a close look at the command ability for the dirigible suit endrinmaster and the endrinriggers repair ability. The endrinriggers repairs happens at THE START OF THE HERO PHASE, yet the dirigible suit endrinmasters command ability to allow them to re-roll the repair rolls can’t be used until the middle sub phase of the hero phase (IN THE HERO PHASE). So he can’t even use his command ability on them.
  8. In the CoS book...the sylvaneth/KO/stormcast gain the CoS keyword AND the keyword of the city. This book is just written very poorly.
  9. azure is not a substitute for reading core rules. They don’t gain the KO keyword. So if your army is allegiance KO..all units in your army must have that keyword. If not they are allies.
  10. Just keep in mind that because the duardin units don’t gain the KO keyword only 400 points of units can be taken..as they are allies. So the real limit isn’t 1:4 it’s normal allies rules.
  11. Pardon me while I blow your mind, but you can fly high in a CoS army. That’s a warscroll ability, not an allegiance ability. Same for embarking MARINE units. So you can have 15 thunderers in an ironclad teleporting around blasting things in a CoS army.
  12. @Zplasha very clever list! I really like that somewhat elegant solution of fitting the witherstave and one last gift in. I honestly hadn’t thought of that. Looks like your going a max debuff list along with the healing. Have you considered a lifeswarm instead of the cp? You won’t really be needing the re 1s to save command as that’s the pbs locus. I doubt you’d use the rr 1s to hit as it isn’t a damage healing list either. Same with grandfathers blessing (GUO). And you’ll start your first turn with 2. Think maybe 2xd3 healing on one of the pb units would be nifty! @sharang2 haha. Thanks man. I think you’re looking into this to hard. Battleshock doesn’t come into play with the command ability. Add up total wounds dealt that phase, compare to bravery, of greater they take an additional 3 mortal wounds. Then battleshock happens. And yes even for a single model monster you would use the bravery. Single model units will never suffer from battleshock.
  13. Even though the lord of blights can give the blightkings a shooting attack, ironically his command ability is very very good on large sized units. Like plaguebearers, marauders, plague monks etc. my intention in the list above was the make the 1 unit of plaguebearers -4 to hit in shooting and -2 to hit in melee while kicking back mortals on 6s to hit. So a unit hitting them normally on 4s would be hitting on 6s but also doing mortals to themselves on 6s...likely doing more damage to themselves then my unit...and I would then get to heal via battalion. my opponent however removed over half the unit with a single spell so it didnt work as planned the lord of plagues model is so iconic I feel everyone should own one. You can use him as a champion of a blightking unit if you like! Or as the lord of plagues. Rr1s to hit is nice on Kings. Normally it’s worth the 60 extra points for the lord of afflictions who is killier, more survivable, flies, heals and does an aura of mortal wounds
  14. @sharang2 i think with a LOT of converting the death guard stuff could serve as Nurgle rotbringer. But the blightking kit is so legit. A pro tip is to get a bunch of cheap liberator legs and you can make a fair amount of extra blightkings with the extra torsos and bits they give you! I’d wager you could make even more just smashing a whole liberator kit with the blightkings box. my latest list had no marauders because I wanted to try and challenge myself and build a competitive list using only the maggotkin book...and not “grand alliance nurgle” with slaves to darkness, monks, etc.. Marauders have some of the most insane synergy with abilities, spells and buffs the nurgle book has to offer. It’s probably our best hammer unit and can be the best anvil unit in the game with an ability or two. those maruaders I showed above I was going for an escaped/abandoned prison vibe. Forging a narrative of an abandoned prison. Disease, despair, spread throughout. That attracts nurgles attention. He sends some of his followers to free them and they pledge loyalty.. hence the jumpsuit vibe. Going to strip and repaint my second unit with like a powder blue scheme for jumpsuits. Will be dope.
  15. Of course! Happy to. I added trees (sylvaneth bits) to keep on theme with the rest of my army. But the shields, horn blower were added from the skeletons kit. I also cut off the chem tanks and any grenades they were carrying. In terms of gw sponsored events.. I was on the warhammer TV stream at adepticon with these conversions. This means warhammer community team members inspect and approved my army to be on their official twitch stream. Nobody (opponent or TO) has ever even wary of these conversions! Hope this helps! While I appreciate the kind words, @Crowvus! I’m hardly the best Nurgle player. Just happen to go to a lot of events and like to keep a dialogue going!!
  16. Care to share the list your going to bring? Or rather do that after the event?
  17. Took this list to a casual competitive game (a casual game against a close friend who is also honing tournament lists) and got absolutely smashed by his Ironjaws. Gordrakk, 5 brutes, 6 pigs, 10 ard boys, 15 ard boys, warchanta, wurgog, shaman. I made a few mistakes but when I put the army on the table and looked at it I said to myself...wow that’s it? It looked decent on paper, synergy, but just had absolutely no teeth. And I don’t mean offensive power I just mean nothing that scared me if I was facing against it. Allegiance: Nurgle- Host of Chaos: Munificent WanderersLeadersGreat Unclean One (340)- General- Bile Blade & Doomsday Bell- Command Trait: One Last Gift - Artefact: The Endless Gift - Lore of Virulence: Favoured PoxesLord of Blights (140)- Artefact: Mucktalon Poxbringer Herald of Nurgle(120)- Lore of Virulence: Glorious AfflictionsBe'Lakor (240)- AlliesBattleline30 x Plaguebearers (320)10 x Plaguebearers (120)10 x Plaguebearers (120)Units6 x Plague Drones (400)BattalionsTallyband of Nurgle (160)Total: 1960 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 240 / 400Wounds: 116 I’m going to tinker and fiddle. But I’m quickly realizing why I moved away from just straight maggotkin. Kind of a shame as I’m putting a LOT of time into a big GUO conversion. Tree growing out of him with roots and compost spilling out of the belly instead of guts. WIP pictures added.
  18. Damn that’s a lot a kings!!! I like the list. Perhaps a bit character heavy and the lack of bodies being an issue for objectives. But that’s just my personal playstyle I also don’t rate the plague cyst very much. You can be the blessed sons sub faction and just plug in blight cyst for rend on all those blightkings! Swap the lord of plagues for lord of blights and your good to go!
  19. Whoa! Why did I think PBs and drones were keyword bold this ENTIRE TIME??! My tallyband list just got 120 points cheaper. HAH! @Peegee How about going 1x 9 drones and using those points to rearrange the points. The second set of drones wouldn’t have a reliable locus anyhow.
  20. Great list and great idea! I think the tallyband requires 4 units of plaguebearers though.
  21. @DynamicCalories Nonsense! You are on the right track. And Nurgle is a great tool to have in a team tournament to be able to absorb a hard hitting alpha/aggressive list. You’ll do great! Let’s dive into that list. First off, if you’re including just ten kings in the list, I would definitely go with spume over the harbinger. I think spume is so overlooked in modern nurgle lists. He effectively doubles your summoning in turn two by being the enemy territory, makes you opponent deploy differently, gives you an option to immediately threaten backfield objectives, and with a native +1 to charge needing an 8 on the dice with ten kings turn one can be amazing. He can also go toe to toe with any hero in the game being able to remove a weapon profile every phase on 4+! And his attack profile is surprising Killy at 4 attacks 3/2/-2/2! if you’re going munificent Wanderers you might want to stack debuffs on opponent and also stack revives on yourself to really maximize that reflect potential! There are a couple options to synergize in this way. I think tallyband is finally back in play! Combine with emerald lifeswarm and they could be reviving 2d3 each turn! Lord of blights is great on plaguebearers. Especially if you go spume over harbinger. He can hide behind the GUO to! Gift of contagion fecula has another similar effect and favored poxes! Stack those debuffs! Redundancy is my favorite playstyle. lastly I think Be’lakor is such an unbelievably good ally in almost any nurgle list so consider him for sure. Everything he does is good and loses nothing by not having the nurgle keyword as he could have it to begin with! Don’t hesitate to ask more questions or even pm if you like 😁
  22. Thanks for the kind words! Although I take your point about using a lot of slaves to darkness units. I’m making a pure maggotkin list perhaps one or two pieces from outside (but staying within a self imposed 400 point limit) to really show maggotkin is ok. Will report back 🙂. Sure a new book would be nice but I think Nurgle can be competitive with tight play.
  23. There is no need to apologize my dude. We are all in this together. You have identified the problems with pusgoyles blightlords exactly. And this they don’t see much play. But as you also correctly identified, the models are absolutely ACE. Nurgle’s strength isn’t doing damage. It’s debuffs, resiliency, and attrition. Get on objectives and outlast the opponent. We have access to a few hammer units in other books (plague monks, marauders, chaos knights etc.). Drones are the Maggotkin hammer. They have a lot of attacks, fly, fast, shooting attack. But most attacks hit on 4s so can be quite feast or famine. I think your best bet for a fun yet competent list is going to pick one of those big centerpiece models, add some battleline (plaguebearers Or blightkings Or some mix of the two), add a hammer unit as that seems to be a focus of yours. Sprinkle in a caster/support character/fun unit. And do your best. Look to the Pestilens units, slaves to darkness units to expand your options.
  24. @rosa Well in your first post you didn’t now which maggoth lord you wanted. And I think you were confused at to Nurgle’s strength as an army is. So I tried to point out synergies that exist between the units you like. Especially because you said you aren’t a tournament player. Usually that means you would play units that you like the look of or/and want to paint. The only models in there you didn’t list is Festus and the lord of afflictions. I figured if you like the pusgoyles you would like he lord of afflictions. As I tried to explain in my post, the models you like are a little all over the place. The reason you couldn’t come up with a list you like (probably) is the synergies don’t overlap much with the models you want to include. Here is a list for you, simply using the models you listed. Allegiance: NurgleLeadersGreat Unclean One (340)- Bile Blade & Doomsday Bell- Artefact: The Witherstave - Lore of Virulence: Favoured PoxesBloab Rotspawned (240)- Lore of Malignance: Gift of ContagionLord of Afflictions (200)- General- Command Trait: Grandfather's Blessing Festus the Leechlord (140)- Lore of Malignance: Gift of ContagionBattleline10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)30 x Plaguebearers (320)2 x Pusgoyle Blightlords (200)Units3 x Beasts of Nurgle (240)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 147
  25. @rosa Welcome to the garden! We are here to help! If you are not a tournament player..what models do you like the most? Nurgle’s strength isn’t doing lots of damage but taking it and chortling. Sitting on objectives. Debuffing the enemy. It’s a denial army. Glottkin is a force multiplier. He is generally better with blocks of larger numbered units. Guo is a support piece, and a good caster. Three of them in a thricefold befoulment list is fun! blightkings are great! All around they do some decent damage and have a lot of wounds! Synergize VERY WELL with harbinger of decay. Maggoth lords are great models with interesting tiles, but IMO, really over coated points wise for what they bring to the battle. Bloab rotspawned is generally considered the best and synergizes well with beasts of nurgle. plaguebearers are tough and durable bodies.
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