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  1. Gotta say I am not convinced guys, I mean maybe intention is different and it will be FAQ: Core Rulebook p. 229 "Units starting a normal move within 3" of enemy unit can either remain stationary or retreat". So just by starting within 3" and choosing to move you are automatically retreating. And granted while Gargant makes it`s move it can ignore models, it`s however never specified that it ignore this rule.
  2. Reroll of 1 for some of attacks vs. MONSTERS? If so you just need add 16%, as that is gain for rerolling 1s either for hits or wounds.
  3. It so happens that Kraken Eaters so Bundo, can kick objective 2d6 if they are 1" from it in hero phase. And yes it`s on warscroll.
  4. From what we saw they don`t have good damage output, but they are reliable. They weaknessess as single models can be covered by other units when they are allied - so maybe someone will come up with interesting list. Though I suspect not tournament winning quality.
  5. Was looking on Kraken Eater ability since he does less damage, than wrote 250 words about possibly sometimes breaking coherency of enemy. Than I realised that you do ability after pile-in so enemy, even if halved will remove casaulties from normal attacks from one of halves reducing impact of this ability. Anyway table of results of Stuff`em: Kraken Eater (STUFF EM) NO KILLS 1 KILL 2 KILLS 3 KILLS 1 WOUND 7% 39% 35% 19% 2 WOUND 29% 46% 21% 4% 3 WOUND 70% 26% 3% 0%
  6. D3 are not that inconsistent, D6 however are, but those gargants have only 1 such attack. With lot of (mostly 3+ to hit) attacks they are actually pretty consistent. This consistency is increased by high rend, though as noted earlier their damage is unimpressive (achievable by 250-300 point units) I have to disagree, how much more can you have beside warscrolls? It`s base upon which other rules are than added, maybe SoB are some sort of exception that gains additional 75-100% efficiency but I highly doubt it. I usually dislike early doom-saying, but that is because in my experience people don`t even do math, and sorta eyeball warscrolls as beyond any hope, not too mention that there are many unrealeased warscrolls at such stage. Here however we have quite possibly all warscroll rules, and math adds up. It`s not that people expect Megas too smash Seraphon, KO, OBR whoever, it just looks like they will have problems with even weak units and armies. Right now f.ex you can throw cheap infantry, hold each one for 1-2 turns (or just sacrifice chaff), and with other half of your army take objectives. GW decision to put lot of 2 dmg attacks on them wrecks them vs. Coalesced Seraphon to such degree that this may be actually almost impossible matchup. Maybe their capability to still deliver damage when wounded vs other armies will help them, full army would be 140 wounds that`s not small
  7. Clearly it`s Kharadron Endrin using dark matter for increased performance!
  8. At least volley gun on my Ironclad is attached with only drop of super glue - it`s easy to just snap off as it`s not melted together - I am truly master craftsman🙂 And my 2 gunhaulers are one of each so I am good there😅 But going forward (and with Ironclad) I will definetly need to install magnets.
  9. Usually rifles due to range they give you, and frigate as less survivable wants to keep some distance. And generally what @Kramerwrote - solid advice. I personally often use frigate more as hero delivering tool with Admiral and Endrinmaster, often accompanied then by 5 Thunderers which quite often, after taking objective with firepower and hammers will disembark next turn. Due to sympathy for mixed weapon Thunderers team (which I call A-Team🙂) they were quite often used in my battles, lately with my brother using Seraphon I moved to 4 rifles+1 fumigator. And in general if you plan of dropping thunderers to help you secure terrain fumigator is always worth looking at with it`s 3" -1 to hit bubble in melee. Large (10 or more) mixed thunderers team can however achieve good results, if it`s f.ex. moved closely thanks to 2 consecutive moves in Barak Zilfin it will be in range of all it`s weapons. Than after disembarking can be, due to combination of fumigators, aethergold and quite good number of wounds, not too mention short range firepower be quite a problem for your opponent. Though this usage of them plays best with "in your face" additional move I mentioned in my previous post, and hence it`s best with Ironclad. One thing about frigate is that I would look into magnetising main cannon, as I sometimes think about using skyhook, but I build it with more powerful skycannon, but skyhook gives you +2 to charge and sometimes that looks like good deal for my "bring me closer I want to hit them with my hammer" ideas.
  10. Well I play 1500 this days with my brother (we are competitive but not cutthroat so YMMV). Ironclad will actually have less firepower than frigate+10 thunderers (480pts vs 460pts) if firing from beyond 12", though after closing within 12" it`s back on top. Of course you can put more troops inside Ironclad, but so you can move f.ex 2 frigates to one point. This possibility is impactful when thinking about using one of extra moves (Ziflin, Mhornar, and Cunning Fleetmaster Admiral in Custom Port or in Urbaz). This can allow of devastating one flank of the enemy in initial phases of battle. But it`s really putting everything on this move, more so than in 2000 pts battles as this strike team makes more % of your army. Though of course with enemy army being smaller it can be easier to achieve desired results. I wouls say when going for Ironclad -especially so in 1500- you decide on basing your strategy around that piece. With frigate + troops you get more flexibility and resilience (holding objectives!) to some degree, but lose more what I would call breakthrough capability. But if you want to go for those extra move strats Ironclad does that significantly better than frigate. I personally like Ironclad in gimmick builds, though sometimes still powerful in right situation. It can be oppresive to your opponent so it kinda discourages me using it a bit. My for fun list(probably also most dangerous of my gimmicks): CUSTOM PORT: D3 Gold, Settle Grudges and There is no trading with some people 3* Arkanaut Company (2 outside battalion, rest inside Iron Sky Command) 2* 3 Riggers (one in each with Drill) and that`s it for troops😃, one company probably deployed inside Ironclad, poor troops on tiny legs trying to grab objectives while Ironclad+crew has all the fun Ironclad with Dealbreaker Ram Admiral - General: Cunning Fleetmaster Endrinmaster of foot, or rather in ship Navigator with Illuminator Flarepistol Khemist with Caustic Anatomiser It certainly has weaknesses etc. like I wrote I am not 100% into destroying your opponent, I suppose that goes closest to that. Since it`s 3 drops and usually my brother`s lists have more I am realtively sure of going first. Ironclad goes 10"+D6 rerollable run forward pre battle, you than have another 10" (with run if you fancy using up your footnote). This can easily put you much closer than 9" of fly high, which gives not only better charges but also more shooting (Khemist is great at that range). You shoot (flarepistols gives you rerolls, also can use up additional gold you got from your Skyport on Ironclad for reroll to hit& wound), you kill one unit charge second (probably best to charge away from center of enemy lines) maim it and profit🙂. Unless of course all your firepower don`t kill all 6 rockgut throggoths, and only charge away from center makes you survive double turn😜
  11. I suppose there is langauge barrier at play here to some degree, but qouted part - especially part underscored - is really uncalled for IMO.
  12. Thanks. Is there chance for some after action report later?
  13. With how things are going (slowly) maybe in a year time, hopefully. It`s in Warsaw itself or somewhere around?
  14. From what I understand it`s buffs from Heroes that makes Witch Aelves so dangerous, so that is probably your answer.
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