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  1. Well I guess they channel lightning or something. At least it appears their rules and lore aligned, well depending on who you ask ofc. Depends what you want to do. They are not as resilient to MW, and memes aside Chaos Warriors fight better. They can easier be used to grind and blunt attack by resisiting and lowering numbers of enemy attackers. Tough maybe with conjunction with Curse in Idolators as that gives +1 to praying?
  2. I get what you are all saying re: background/rules, but that's exactly why putting too much hope in WD patch seemed off. It just was stopgap measure (for additional battle tactic mostly), we saw just that with SoB.
  3. Finally Ogroid with Mark, and Warqueen and Cultist too. Nice. As could be expected looking at SoB WD changes we got strategy, tactic and battalions, and Mark of Chaos patch as extra. I honestly don't know why people were hoping for some indepth rewrite, there lies road to dissapointment.
  4. That could also be understood that you can not benefit twice, as in when Vanhel's is used only one pile-in your skellies or whatever would get bonus attack.
  5. They are very effcient in terms of effective wounds per point, and quite fast. That makes them very annoying obstacle for your opponent to remove.
  6. Yes! Admirals, I again cordially invite all of you to join our correspondence with GW regarding Flying Transport rule. And if you are so inclined perhaps in asking for additional clarification regarding use of Disengage with Fly High, where implied intent of new ruling suggest that Fly High needs Disengage to allow for shooting attack, but RAW of FAQ does not fully support it leading too unnecessary confusion. Please adress your inquiries -as I did- at below address: aosfaq@gwplc.com Have a fantastic and profitable day!
  7. Like @ArkanautDadmiral wrote new universals plus Belakor thingy. This wahapedia page is outdated and for 2.0. If you enter from main page and go to KO you will get current rules. And it was definetly intended with new triumphs, they vastly reduced re-rolls as main part of design, and guild triumphs are probably at least in part to offset changes to core triumphs. Otherwise re-rolling saves along with all out defense would be busted.
  8. BR: Belakor does not say that! It just says you can use BR:Belakor triumphs in addition to any other triumphs you can use.
  9. Previously he targeted enemy unit and anyone attacking it got +1 to wound rolls. Now he can target own unit to give them +1 to wound rolls. So he could buff potentially several units if they were attacking one marked unit, and also it could stack with other CA.
  10. That's why I wrote again yesterday to GW asking for clarification on Flying Transport. And I encourage everyone to do the same.
  11. Tough many see bit in parenthesis as only reminder, additional info not part of rule per se
  12. Many would argue that Archaon required urgent change to somehow limit slightly dude (as whole not necessarily this ability). However similar ability in Ogre Mawtribes was also changed, so it may very well been more about removing re-rolls.
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