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  1. Waiting for launch day/whenever FAQs etc. It was actually FAQed in 2.0 as wording isn't the best for this edition or previous honestly
  2. Warscroll was erratad to disallow this
  3. There is qustion when decisions were made, there is significant delay, especially now with commiting to print. Perhaps even earlier than before.
  4. Since unleash hell is in charge phase I would do it with Ironclad, no gain for going with Arkos in such situation
  5. Think of caps as maximum change possible. So first add all modifiers and then apply cap. So if you have +2 to hit modifier, and enemy gives -1 it's +1 net.
  6. Since you pick spell for each wizard, from lores that are available to such wizard AND universal enhancments can be used by any army this appears to be correct.
  7. Wording of fly high vs new movement rules?
  8. Depends entirely if requirment for it was fulfilled. So if you take say Tyrant as general Ironguts are battleline for all rules purposes, and so can be reinforced 2 times.
  9. That would require interpretation of "maximum unit size" by unit type ie. warscroll, and not actual distinct unit you play. And I would argue latter makes more sense in this case, as you are adding models to distinct unit.
  10. And mention 3 wizards, when in reality there are 2. Tough getting some thing or the other wrong is fixture of those articles
  11. Just to add to @PJetski, as you can see they simply take on the proper role
  12. I realized that Stabbas defending against shooting with 0 rend will only get 5+ save. So darkshards or similar high volume of rend 0 attacks will punish them. Thankfully vs rend -1 or more still works as usual. But it's bit of nerf right now
  13. Like most of articles, I mean without points you can claim almost anything. That being said they should mention Boingrot Bounderz (instead of Fanatics) for whom CA +1 to hit with their 4+ hits means 25% increase in damage. Fanatics unfortuantely die to Unleash Hell as was mentioned earlier in thread, and now we can be sure of wording of that CA, so RIP.
  14. Any video reviewing core book that came out today? And like I said for all intents and purposes. IIRC it's worded that double reinforcment counts as 2 reinforcments
  15. Of course, that's why Gitz would probably choose this triumph instead of +1 wound or reroll charges one
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