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  1. I mean if you talked about say 2-3 dmg I would agree, I see we just have very different benchmarks for "bit".
  2. Assuming 15 warriors with halberds (so they can actually hit), then 10 Mymidesh have almost twice damage (vs 4+ or 5+). Against re-rolled save, or 3+ it quickly becomes very lopsided with significant advantage to Painbringers. So it's not "bit" of damage.
  3. Essentially Disengage references only normal/retreat move explicitly. Garrison doesn't move, and neither would vessel using fly high as it's redeploy which doesn't fall under normal move. EDIT: there is lot of added language, which doesn't references rules directly in skyvessels warscroll. In case of disangage and garrisoning models I guess it was to preempt questions about that. When it comes to fly high it again looks like essentialy saying "yes, indeed you can use this to flee combat". It's just additional text.
  4. Right now FAQs for KO is without its designer commentary for some reason, but units inside ships don't care about retreating from combat. They don't count as charging, running etc. either. In case of fly high they themselves didn't made move. I don't remeber how it was with ships, but Disengage itself only mentions movement and Fly High is setup.
  5. It's in core rules. Also there is excerpt that names normal moves as those which are not charge or pile-ins, which shows that pile-ins and charges are moves just special kind of those. Both of those are absolutely clear.
  6. Look at picture where they have everything shown in reveal article. From base size to his height he clearly fits Ogor size. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/3SwUaDjRAgLM2F5D.jpg
  7. Yeah it's option, just folks need to be aware of rules implications. Yeah, hence word slightly, orruk ardboyz have something similiar with their shields. As for Doomfire Warlocks, well Sigvald would be good here🙂.
  8. So you will have to roll one by one. Or rather if f.ex from 20 aelves you had 5 inside 12" of general, and incoming damage is more then 5 (or generally number of protected models) first you would roll 5 FNP rolls at 5+, and if f.ex. they all failed the rest would be on 6+, and you would have to remove models that were inside bubble. Slightly annoying, I wonder if it will stay that way or there will be some FAQ?
  9. Perhaps using Bloodwrack Shrine can be considered. For 160p you get behemot for scoring in Focal Points, she is actually similar to Hydra and Kharybdyss in melee on top of that she has magic (1cast/2 dispells), impact hits, 7" MW aura in hero phase and MW anti-horde shooting. She can't get bonus to cast like Sorceresses and is kinda slow, slightly less resilient too at 13W/5+. Of course her inclusion depends if your army is big enough for 1/4 requirements. But actually if you have one, and runs Kharybdyss/Hydra you should strongly consider the swap if composition rules allows it.
  10. Yup, as Slaneesh Allegiance but not Hedonites keword tough so they don't get exploding hits on 6s anymore.
  11. Nah, but I think it's firts "normal" ie. not Warcry unit that got those as standard. And I wonder if this portents things to come.
  12. Well they don't have S2D keyword so ->allies
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