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  1. Dolio

    Winter Onslaught


    Could you sign me up for both days please? Cheers! Ryan Hawley
  2. Hi, Can you please add me to the list? Thanks, Ryan Hawley
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Maggoth lords came down 20pts.. obviously changes nothing.. Would be significant if HoD command ability was free and not a CP sink but I don't see that changing until new tome The tree etc all needs changing to only affect friendly Nurgle units.. Since we get screwed against pestilens, nurgle s2d etc
  4. I went to my first tournament at the weekend - I went 2:3 and finished 19/36. I took Blessed Sons Blight Cyst with LoB, HoD, Festus, Gutrot and 40 Blightkings. Knife to the Heart - Gloomspite Gitz (Squigalanche) - minor loss Starstrike - KO - major win Battle for the Pass - Ogor Mawtribes - major win Shifting Objectives - Tzeentch (Changehost) - major loss Places of Arcane Power - Khorne (Baleful Lords) - major loss First game I planned to get the minor win but made some mistakes - confident that I could have beat the Squigalanche if I played a bit smarter but the other guy really knew how to use his Manglers. Second game KO went first, flew up into the sky with two Ironclads, landing 9" away from my front line and began a looong shooting phase - the Blightkings weathered the storm though and after that initial shooting phase I was able to take control of things. Third game I wiped out the entire Ogor army at start of turn 4, I think first few turns he really got worn down by the Blessed Sons MW on 2+. Game 4 I had no chance against the Changehost - first turn he took the centre of the battlefield, screening a lot of flamers with 20 Pink Horrors that I just couldn't chop through in time - while each turn he was pretty much flaming a unit of 10 Blightkings per turn - no matter how many times I would replay that battle I think there is no way I could win! 5th game was against 5 Bloodthirsters on Places of Arcane Power, so I knew it was game over and just tried to max on secondaries - on another scenario though I think I would have had a chance, but when all 5 Bloodthirsters activate together its rough! Overall, the games I won it was thanks to the BKs being able to weather the storm, but the army did lack some punch and was noticeably an anvil with no hammer. I am wondering if a Drowned Men Afflection Cyst would be competitive, with either a 10-20 chunk of BKs at the home objective (or 30 PBs with this heavy shooting meta)? I have a warshrine and some marauders though, so maybe I should get a Glottkin!
  5. Hi, could you please sign me up for the tournament? Thanks, Ryan Hawley
  6. If it is 58.3% success and 41.7% unbind then it would be 34% chance of going through (you multiply 0.583 by the chance they DON'T unbind it, not the chance they unbind it). So 0.583*(1-0.417). However, that is not taking into account the chance you roll an 8 (or more), leaving them an even smaller chance to unbind - I could be wrong but I think the actual chance it goes through in the end (not taking into account any +to cast/unbind) is 44.8%. I know I'm being a bit picky about it but if I am correct with this then its worth realizing 44.8% is significantly better than 24.4%. Have not looked at this before so admit I could be wrong and apologies if I am!
  7. Is the only way to get this warband to buy the full Core set?
  8. Any tips for playing with Bloab (in 2k)? Do I want to spec him with Rancid Visitations and get him up the front to anti-horde + debuff their wizards, or he will just die and I should spec him/play him more defensively?
  9. Dolio

    Objective control

    Thanks for the quick answers! I assumed it was that way but I never saw any hard evidence of it in battle reports so wasn't completely sure. Makes sense to me now that you say it why you might not want to completely abandon it - and I had not thought about that baiting idea, thanks. Dolio
  10. Hi, I am struggling to find a clear answer anywhere about this. Do I retain control of an objective if I move away from it? Move battle reports I watch on youtube, everyone seems to keep units on objectives even if they are not in danger of being stolen. The rules state: "At the end of each player’s turn, you must check to see if either player has gained control of any objectives. To do so, you and your opponent must count up the number of models you have within 6" of the centre of each objective; you gain control of an objective where your count is higher than your opponent’s count. Once you gain control of an objective, it remains under your control until the enemy is able to gain control of it. A model can only be counted towards gaining control of one objective per turn. If one of your models could be counted towards gaining more than one objective, you must pick which one they are counted towards that turn." To me this sounds like once I have taken an objective, even if I move away from it I still control it for the whole game, unless the enemy takes it. What is correct here? Thanks!
  11. Not what I wanted to hear but thanks for confirming that for me!
  12. Does anyone know of any way to give our Blightkings +1 to hit to counteract any -1s we get?
  13. Hi all, I'm trying to make an 800pt army for a doubles tournament and I am happy with 520pt of it as: Harbinger w/ Grandfather's blessing and Witherstave (160) 40x Marauders w/ Axe & Shield (200) 5x Putrid Blightkings (160) The other 280pt I am torn between three options: A: Sorcerer (120) + Jabberslythe (160) B: Bloab Rotspawned (240) + Soulsnare Shackles (40) 😄 Verminlord Corruptor (260) + Suffocating Gravetide (20) Im new to AoS but played WHFB for a long time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, not only on the three options above but comments on spells/artifacts too! Thanks
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