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  1. Start Collecting! Khorne Bloodbound Goreblade Warband Wrath and Rapture (sell/trade Slaanesh) Skull Altar (maybe with a priest or proxy for now) Play some games. Then, priests, Judgements of Khorne, Bloodthirsters or whatever you find interesting and suites your playstyle/tastes. Trying to get some 2nd hand Khorne stuff from the retired Start Collecting boxes (they had a priest, 10 Blood Warriors, 3 Skullcrushers) or the old starter kit (Khorne vs SCE, which is now the Goreblad Warband but the starter had more Blood Reavers) might be reasonable for a good price. For what it's worth, competitive Khorne lists all follow the same core build. Mortals for battleline (e.g. chaff) and support (Bloodsecrator, priests...), while daemons are the actual "working parts" of the list (mostly Bloodthirster, sometimes a unit of 30 Bloodletters as well). The models in Wrath and Rapture will provide you initially (combined with the Goreblade Warband) with enough models to get about 1k points and later they will often suffice for your summoning needs. Furthermore, with both boxes you get a wide range of models, to practice painting and see how they function on the tabletop.
  2. It is not only about getting the double turn yourself but your opponent potentially having it. The latter sometimes cannot be prevented or played around. With my melee focused army (Khorne), I am pretty much forced to play a setup with as few drops as possible. I cannot let my opponent decide who goes first but even bringing such a setup is no guarantee. If worse comes to worst I have to decide to play overly defensive "around" a double turn and lose slowly or go for it and take my chances in not getting double turned on 2 or 3 (a bit of an over exaggeration but the point still stands). There is regularly nothing that can be done against the double turn except "thoughts and prayers". The problem is, that the double turn in a vacuum doesn't seem that bad in its current state and some armies are even somewhat resistant to it, but you have to factor in so much more (e.g. scenarios, types of armies, drop counts...). Either way, it can be really polarizing. From winning hard to losing hard or from winning to outright smashing your opponent, neither of which feels satisfying to me (from the tournament I recently attended, 2/3 of my games were decided by getting or not getting the double turn and drop count). That being said, some interaction besides rolling a die could go a long way.
  3. This could come straight from https://www.reddit.com/r/thanksimcured/ There are armies, board states and what not where you cannot and could not play around it and it will be the game deciding factor not matter what (at least if you are actually trying to win). Personally, I am not entirely sure what to do with the double turn mechanic. I am convinced that it should remain and it is not the worst but it will need some "massaging" in coming editions. One thing I can see and thought about a while ago (dunno if it was mentioned already) is extending the Command Point system and intertwine it somehow with the alternating turns. Like, you can spend CP to "steal" priority from your opponent. Possibly only if he cannot match your "bid". There is a lot that can be done to keep double turns in AoS and make it feel less swingy/random. Either way, each system obviously has a downside and it will be interesting to see how AoS will progress in the next 5 years.
  4. Subjective opinion but I'd argue that MoN is currently the worst god-specific chaos faction. Slaanesh >> Khorne >= Tzeentch > Nurgle, with only HoS being able to consistently contest the top tables since their release (and kinda being the faction to beat as it turns out). I think MoN is a lower tier 2 or good tier 3 army. Maybe. That being said, the models are awesome (Glottkin and Blightknight especially). The biggest chunk of my collection is khorne-related but I couldn't resist buying some Nurgle stuff.
  5. @Chris Tomlin are the lists available somewhere? EDIT: nvm, missed the sentence about you releasing them a week after/when you got time. Just really interested in what the top 3 Khorne players brought and what to expect from the new faction to beat (HoS).
  6. At least strongly concerned. I remember the summoning disaster from my 40k days all too well (was it 6th or 7th edition? or one of the .5s? everything between 5th and 8th is kind of a mush tbh), partly the reason why I lost interest in 40k. All things considered, I think GW did an ok job with the summoning rework in AoS. There were some extreme spikes (e.g. FEC) but they got "fixed" or people learned to play around them (e.g. LoN). Slaanesh currently stands out by a huge margin. As others already pointed out, you get rewarded for nothing i.e. you get rewarded for doing what you would do anyway (arguably the same for Khorne or Tzeentch, but generation is limited) or play overly reckless without "a risk" (having an army designed about taking risks is fine, although not my favorite, but there should be an actual chance of failure involved) I was expecting a similar rule for Slaanesh that was (for some reason) implemented into, and only, Khorne summoning. Ergo, you can only summon a single unit per turn but neither the Battletome nor the FAQ brought such a change for HoS. Which is still weird to me, why have one of four factions that share a design concept work fundamentally different? I think capping HoS at 5 summons a game would be significantly easier to balance and might lead to less frustrating game play, while still retaining the summoning theme (you would still get big units or a KoS, just not all at once) By the grace of lord Archaon, I don't even want to imagine what their non-allegiance prices could be...
  7. You can pretty much staple Skarbrand or a generic Bloodthirster onto any mortal list and it would instantly get significantly better. As it stands, the current BoK book is even more polarizing than the previous iteration. Daemons provide the main damage dealers and mortals bring chaff, supporters and "cheap" battalions (at least in terms of competitive lists). You could swap out the 30 Bloodletters for 10 Skullreapers in the list I posted earlier. Then it would consist of pure mortals except Skarbrand and one BToUF, should be a rather competitive setup.
  8. I'll be attending a tournament this Sunday with this list. I think it could be considering a slight variation to a list that's been floating around for a while now. Overall, I prepared about 4 lists (Archaon, Tyrants, Tyrants with another battalion and this one) and I found that it provides the best balance between threats, utility as well as number of drops. (at least that's how I determine my lists, like giving everything except chaff a "weight", summing it up, counting ranged units, prayers, drops, initial CP... and then compare the stats) Before we had to turn in our lists to the TO, I debated switching 5 Blood Warriors and 30 Bloodletters for Bleeding Icon and 10 Skullreapers. In the end I decided to commit the former variant, as I wanted a unit with a big footprint AND model count but there is a valid argument for both versions (e.g. Bloodletters have rend and synergy with Reapers of Vengeance while Skullreapers have better saves and are easier to move around...). Another consideration was the extra CP vs Bleeding Icon. After the first test game I decided to roll with the extra CP. Although it didn't feel necessary, it felt more versatile than the Icon (it is my favorite prayer visually though ) Sadly, I didn't have a whole lot of time to prepare, i.e. actual games. I played about 2 in the last couple months (one of them with an Archaon list), so I am not expecting any outstanding moves on my part. I'll probably be spending tomorrow rereading the played scenarios, practicing some deployment and fixing a couple models. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky but either way it will be loads of fun! PS: there are some wild lists, like someone is bringing Free Peoples with 120 Handgunners or IDK with 24 eels O_O
  9. The difference is, that StD and to be honest Everchosen do not really have a book to begin with. On top of their poorly aged Warscrolls. Regarding Khorne, that the new book was't going to be good news (however one might interpret this) was pretty much expected from the start. Now you either deal with it or shelve the army for now, the choice is yours. Either way, this is the Slaves to Darkness topic.
  10. Personally I am not a fan of how BoC handled it. I hope they explore something different or enhance the existing system as I don't want BoC and StD to feel samey.
  11. What they do with the marks will be interesting. I can see them retiring it completely, similar to what you suggested. Another option, that I already posted here I think, would be adding a fifth mark for Archaon/undivided. Only an undivided army would be eligible for the allegiance stuff from the book and so on. The newer stuff e.g. Darkoath or Warcry cannot be marked at all. Which might indicate that marks are going away, that just low corruption chaos cannot be marked or that the marking mechanic comes from allegiance stuff/battalions. Overall, I'm really interested in what they decide to do with it. There are a lot of possible design decisions and a considerable amount of freedom compared to god-specific armies.
  12. No point in being senselessly negative. We know nothing and considering the current state of StD/Everchosen it can only get better. The only difficult part is the wait, it is entirely possible that a book is not even coming this year but early 2020.
  13. Furies and Untamed Beasts have something going for them but I don't see them being an auto-include or something like that.
  14. To be honest, the moment Warcry was announced for summer there was no way that a battletome would drop around the same time frame, at least for me ("rival" product that might take sales away from the boxed game, now chaos enthusiasts have to buy Warcry to get their fix). End of 2019 is now a pretty good guess I would assume. Some build up with a couple of "good" armies and then Archaon starts his campaign. Concerning squatting, I think StD and Everchosen stuff is rather save thanks to Warcry, art and books, at least the non-resin part.
  15. You shoot them. Celestar spam is one of the worst match-ups for Khorne (or ranged focused armies in general for that matter), regardless of what he is bringing. The more characters or big dudes he has, the better for you (at least in my experience). The Khorne player either has to rush you or play straight for objectives and nothing else. You kill about 1/4 or even more of his army every single turn without him being able to interact...
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