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  1. It's not... All of the units have a star because the changes were pushed through an FAQ + Vorgaroth wasn't even in the GHB2019 or do you have a special edition the rest of us doesn't have? Furthermore, it shouldn't be against the rules, as the points are usually readily available through Warscollbuilder which is totally free and endorsed by GW.
  2. So, not much has changed. I think some ppl here are still new to Khorne, we exist in borderline depression, only broken by our occasional screams dedicated to our favourite patron. Except for some outliners, the army has been 'meh' since forever and it probably always will be, due to Khorne/melee armies always having the potential of becoming super oppressive, if the numbers shift in the wrong way. That doesn't excuse half of the current book being non-existent on the table, I mean the last time mortals were actually strong in a somewhat competitive setting was when old Sayl with Skullreaper bombs was around. That's now what, 3 years? BoK 2.0 being a straight downgrade didn't help either, like, no one that actually played Khorne was looking forward to the update. As I said, nothing has changed, again. So it's at least another year of Tyrants + X or priest spam while being able to compete with fewer and fewer armies with each upcoming release. That's like Monday for an invested Khorne player. @shadowgra If you want to move out of a ****** neighborhood, you should probable drive further than one block.
  3. I figured as much. The only thing I found so far, that seemed somewhat enticing, is some Archaon Plaguetouched list from Sweden. Which is fine by me, as I played a similar setup before the book dropped but it's just Archaon and Marauders doing their thing, again. The book is such a letdown (from a powerlevel perspective, the new models, fluff and artworks are great!), it rivals my constant displeasure with BoK.
  4. How did the book/lists develop in the past ~6 months? I was initially disappointed and shelved the idea but did someone figure something interesting out (from a competitive standpoint)?
  5. It would change less than you might think. The problem is not (only) that those are cheap, low impact heroes and slots are scarce in an army that tends to be more hero/behemoth heavy but at the moment they don't have anything worthwhile to buff (at least in a more competitive context, which is my position and that might not apply to everybody!). The Bloodstoker once could buff daemons and some other stuff. We've seen him in the past in many more lists than with the current incarnation of BoK (sometimes bordering on being an auto include). Furthermore, it doesn't help that their abilities are often highly conditional and short ranged... it's so much easier going for 2-3 priest and a Bloodsecrator and then fill the 5th and 6th slot with something outside of mortals. They do their job, no matter what. Point being, mortals are currently left to their own devices regarding their lists (if we are talking true mortals) and they have some major design flaws. PS: I had a lot of hope for Slaves to Darkness and the possibility of salvaging some of their units, but sadly, while the book offers a lot of world building and pretty pictures, it was dead on arrival rule-wise.
  6. It's possible, at least if I'm not overlooking anything new. 5 cheap Thirsters with Tyrants + minimum Brass Despoilers (Lord and 3x Gors), that's 1980p. Another way would be forgoing Tyrants and pressing everything into a Blood Hunt battalion. Somewhat besides the point but it's a choice after all. For a 4 Thirster Tyrant setup there are the above plus min Murderhost or Dark Feast. For a 3 Thirster Tyrant setup Gore Pilgrims is available as well. Just to list the more reasonable options out there, for the sake of discussion. Personally, I dislike that battalions can be deployed as a whole. It leads to drop-wars and (at least in my experience) having 4+ drops feels godawful.
  7. @drkrash How do you feel about Baleful Lords? I am like one BT short for a complete list and on paper it seems like an even better fit than Reaper+Tyrants for a monster mash setup.
  8. Azyr is often inaccurate. As far as I am aware, you can legally do what I outlined.
  9. The "best" (and arguably only) way to run it, is to use Grand Alliance Chaos. If you read through this thread, you should already be aware that you cannot mix Khorne allegiance and Bloodmarked (in short, battalions and all units that are encompassed by them count as allies unless the battalion itself has the faction keyword). You could technically run Everchosen allegiance, but there is just no merit in doing so (except if you really want those Varanguard battlelines). With GA:Chaos, you will have a lot more freedom regarding your battleline and units. You pretty much build your Bloodmarked Warbrand and then staple Archaon onto it.
  10. The former, he's ready to go turn 2. The purpose of the 'second round' part is most likely just to discourage players from arguing that he had no combat at turn 0, an undefined state or before he was taken out of storage and therefore is incandescent turn 1...
  11. Have less drops than him. Alpha-strike him as best as possible Control where his units can come down. Don't lose priority. Roll well.
  12. It's part of the basic model if I remember correctly.
  13. I applaud your optimism but except the weapons and a pair of hooves there is not much left after building Skarbrand. You'd have to improvise the whole torso (Skarbrand uses the generic one as base), wings and a good portion of the leg area. (I've build him recently and have the remaining sprue sitting in front of me...)
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