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  1. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Yes, the second quote is only about the link between Grand Alliances and smaller factions within them. Army building or more specific choosing you faction is not a two step thing anymore, like in the previous edition. Now you choose once and that's it and they've been rather clear about it. Defaulting back to Grand Alliance abilities was killed with AoS 2.0 as well and they even made an FAQ entry to make absolutely sure it is understood (ergo, only factions that have no abilities of their own can be faction-x and still get GA abilities). Factions and army allegiance in AoS 2.0 has been a hot topic several times on this board alone (with the same results every time) but I guess players are just so used to how it worked beforehand. The funny thing is, the current iteration is a lot clearer and arguably more elegant (no more cherry-picking or abusing battleline-ifs...).
  2. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    The former and they always know their warscroll prayer in addition to the picked blood blessing.
  3. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    An Everchosen/StD update or merge will still be mortals only. I wouldn't expect an LoN-style battletome either as Chaos sub-factions are not lacking models and Skaven are a very different kind of chaos worshiper. Not to mention that lore-wise mortals consider Beastmen and Skaven to be lesser than themselves and really, the ratmen deserve their very own book (there the LoN-style would make sense)
  4. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    I can't really blame them on that one. It was a very early battletome, long before GW had figured the direction of battletomes and AoS as a whole out. I'm hopeful that we will see some kind of undivided/generic/mark-able Chaos-tome next year. Something to properly represent the legions Archaon has fostered over the centuries.
  5. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    Yeah, that setup has been around for a while but it doesn't really fit my playstyle. I kind had my fill on death stars and semi-death stars from my 40k days. The community/hive mind more or less expects that Everchosen and StD will merge somehow. If Darkoath takes part in this or will be an entirely new faction is everyone's guess. My personal dream would be a simple merge plus new Darkoath models replacing (something GW rarely does) StD Marauders. In contrast to Warriors or Knights (which seem timeless), they've aged terribly and building them should fall under Geneva conventions. So, some keyword shifting is not unlikely but obviously one should take these whispers with a grain of salt as there is currently no substance to them.
  6. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    Yeah, Tzeentch has taken quite the beating over the last couple months. With Skyfires being changed again, there could be even less Archaon/Tzeentch in the future as they heavily relied on a big unit of them. Tbh, I don't consider Archaon a damage dealer by default. As I play Nurgle with a lot of Marauders, he's mainly a force-multiplier with enough rules to scare my opponent. But that might just be me, as I'm personally not a friend of those rather one-dimensional lists that charge him asap or focus on him doing well. (although, these lists can be a lot of fun)
  7. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    Depends on the allegiance you are running. Archaon has the 4 major chaos gods keywords. Meaning he can be a part of an Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch or Slaanesh army (and Chaos/Everchosen obviously) without being considered an ally. This wouldn't work if your army runs StD allegiance, as he is missing the appropriate keyword and he's too expensive to be taken as ally (same for Beasts of Chaos and the like). If he is part of a god-specific army or anyone he shares a keyword with, he'll be able to make use of any allegiance abilities. Like, he'll get the 2" movement bonus from a Slaanesh Seeker army. (note, Varanguard cannot benefit from allegiance abilities, as they are missing the keywords and must usually be taken as allies. Exception would be an Chaos or Everchosen army.) Due to Archaon having the god-specific keywords as well as mortal and daemon, he's extremely flexible. Usually pretty much any spell/ability that checks for keywords in his host army works on him.
  8. Xasz

    The Rumour Thread

    Nope, dead silence.
  9. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Probably not, Tzeentch is lacking mortal units (like medium or heavy infantry) of their own to carry a mortal setup and the StD lists were too reliant on Fatesworn. You could play StD with Fatesworn as Chaos allegiance, which would probably be not half bad, but it kinda defeats the purpose of your question. I really hope they don't skip over mortals like they did with Tzeentch, in a potential Slaanesh battletome next year.
  10. Xasz

    2k event coming up - Blades of Khorne - whats good?

    Maybe take a gander into the faction specific sections or threads of this board?! Like:
  11. Xasz

    Why I don't like 'best army' style tables

    Just to make sure, I'm absolutely fine with the current format. If the format changes or not doesn't really matter to me, this is already a great asset and darn interesting. Just wanted to provide some ideas, as the comments have been mostly questionable. And 100% this. I like that the sample size is already nice and it will be increasing.
  12. Xasz

    Why I don't like 'best army' style tables

    Damn this thread is a pile of hot garbage. There is pretty much no chance that a data set for warhammer could encompass everything every player wants to know (that goes for pretty much any data set, even in science and that's ignoring how dirty most of the data and databases are...). It is just not possible, at least not if you want to be able to interpret the data at the end of the day. That being said, a bit more granularity could be an improvement. Although this is dangerous in itself, adding archetype names, in the same style MtG handles it, could lead to confusion and you have to come up with some naming conventions. (multiple views is an elegant solution, if the table is accessible in like google-tables) There is something similar for Twilight Imperium 4 and while there will never be complete data, it is really interesting to see and talk about online and with friends. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1908461/races-tier-list-ranking-help-collect-data As AoS is changing more frequently than boardgames, it would be a boon if the data would be divided into time-frames or eras. I can see it be done either yearly for each GHB release or from major release to major release (meaning battletomes, we would be in the BoC era right now). There would be still a place for the current, aggregated table but the changes through time would be more apparent. (pretty much coming back to multiple views, but now in consideration of time) Overall, I really like this kind of data and two things that people seem to forget here, is that A a data set always has to be interpreted (like honest-wargamer did, good video btw) and B all this was made by someone in his free time. Improvements could surely be made and there are some good suggestions here, but a lot of the criticism is just dismissive at best (LLV seemed a bit thin-skinned as well, but I can relate. Never feels good if you put effort into something and get questionable "feedback").
  13. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    Personally, I think Khorne is currently the worst host allegiance/army for Archaon. There should be either Slayer of Kings synergy or one with his rather unique command ability. Nurgle has strong synergy with the latter, Slaanesh somewhat with both and Tzeentch destiny dice are just nasty. Khorne on the hand, has very few interesting command abilities, plus Nurgle and Tzeentch can push Archaons attacks or wound rolls in a similar way Khorne can. On top of that, you cannot really squeeze in a Murderhost or Gore Pilgrims alongside him. I found Khorne to be rather reliant on strong battalions in my games. That being said, someone played this at EGGS: I do not know how far he went, but the idea is interesting. I'm convinced that the moment Slaanesh gets a battletome, it will offer another and competitive play-style besides Tzeentch and Nurgle. Although it doesn't seem half bad without one either. I've seen a well placed Archaon/Slaanesh list with tons of chariots in recent tournament results.
  14. What are the horizontal dividers for?
  15. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Archaon / Everchosen Discussion

    Haven't really thought about combining Archaon with Khorne, at least not all the way. The Bloodstoker and Juggerlord have always been pretty convenient allies for him though. Would be nice to hear what you brought and how the game went! Concerning Marauders. they are just incredible tar-pits, especially with Nurgle allegiance but there are certainly other ways to play the three eyed king. I've recently built 40 of those dreaded Marauder models and that's definitely something I'm not doing ever again. If I ever feel the need for another unit, I'll probably follow some suggestions from the interwebz and convert Poxwalkers with some leftover bitz. Other than that or if you are not feeling the nurgly type, maybe corrupted Free Peoples?!?