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  1. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    Maybe, I'm all for it. Just wary of wish-listing.
  2. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    Seems a bit much. I'm more expecting a single kit for the Marauders. Meaning they have either multiple weapon options or, what I find more likely, have x special weapons. The newer kits seem to be less about building archetype-X or archetype-Y but more about the mix of special weapons (talking about something similar to Tzaangors). Concerning centerpieces, I can see another medium sized unit, like another chariot. Although this would mean that a single army would have 3 types of chariots... other than that, I doubt we'll see something really big, as that's Archaons job and besides him there are several models that are waiting for their turn in the limelight. I think the days of chosen are numbered, it's just too awkward to collect them and I'm not even sure if GW will replace them. With updated Marauders, Varanguard and all the generic chaos stuff they seem kinda out of place and will probably not leave behind a gap. Speaking of Varanguard, I hope they'll be a more integral part of a new book, another model for these guys would be awesome (and seems rather likely, yeah). On another note, I really recommend reading Scourge of Fate (and Warqueen) to anyone that is interested in Chaos. Scourge of Fate is not a big book but there is a lot of world building for the new Chaos Wastes, the Varanspire and especially the Varanguard. Like, how do they function, what is their job, how the they recruit new members (seems to be different from circle to circle), what are their believes... really interesting story (and shows that Darkoath are rather intertwined with the rest of chaos, especially StD/Archaon in this case).
  3. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    You choose them at the same time you write your list. They come with some restrictions or preset stuff, like first artifact must be X or you have to take command trait Y but for that you get some additional rules, sometimes a special command trait and/or some battalions have different conditions. It's a bit like a keywordless subfaction.
  4. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    It will "just" be Stormhosts/Temples for Khorne, meaning Goretide, Skullfiend Tribe, Iron Horde, Eight-blooded, Brazen Butchers, Axes of Skarbrand... to name a few. Personally I'm fine with that. Maybe there is more but I would just wait, it's not unlikely that we'll get the first real teaser this or next week.
  5. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I'll keep it short as this is not the right place. This was not meant as a jab at the US scene, the event or the players, somehow people always seem to see it that way... My problem is that internet people tend to become overly giddy with excitement when an unusual army performs in an event. While this is awesome (and congratz to the players!) it can usually be explained with standard deviation (happens a lot with swiss) or other factors, like experience of the player e.g. Dan Ford or competitiveness of the scene. It's no secret that the UK scene is rather well developed compared to others. In Germany the AoS tournament scene is only starting to form for like half a year now and there has finally been a call for a German ETC team. 40k is the big cheese in Germany and it's been for a while (with some lows), same goes for what is visible from the US scene. All the big events started as 40k tourneys there and just recently added AoS and/or other systems into the fold. These side events often tend to be a bit less competitive than the main course (again, no offense just observation). It's rather likely that linear lists would have a lot more trouble in an overall experienced scene. Furthermore, #attendees != competitiveness. I've been to events with ~10 people that were absolutely brutal in comparison to >50. I guess my comment is more a reminder that lists alone rarely mean anything and that there are a lot of factors to consider (how developed is the scene, size, experience, swiss, tables...) and that single results often mean very little. To make absolutely sure, this was not attack on anyone, the dragon looked awesome and all the top players played probably really well.
  6. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Remember that the LVO, or a lot of the US for that matter, seem to be rather 40k focused. Results and lists should be taken with a grain of salt.
  7. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Probably within the next 2 months.
  8. Xasz

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    As others have already mentioned, the Allpoints or Eightpoints is absolute chaos territory. Especially as the Varanspire, Archaon's chaos citadel and throne, is situated right there. It's pretty much what Ayzrheim is for SCE, just for Chaos. I really wonder what they are going to do with this game and lore-wise. As it stands, chaos worshippers and especially lords of chaos are driven to the Varanspire when they get called upon by Archaon or his servants to prove themselves worthy of joining his Varanguard ranks (Call of Archaon describes this process and trials from the PoV of several lords) That being said, they might change lore and manipulate it in a way that even non-chaos characters/bands might be feasible. The arena setting was my first impulse as well. Especially as something like this pops up in many stories that revolve around our favorite bad guys (especially frequent in Khorne stories). Damn, now I'm more hyped than is good for me, over something with pretty much no info out there.
  9. Xasz

    The Rumour Thread

    To be fair, just the same couple guys that cry every time. Especially one of them is notorious for opening "whine-threads" that get closed within a rather short amount of time. It should go without saying but one should always manage their expectations... I for one was rather surprised, more announcements and a lot different ones from what I anticipated. Kinda interested how all of this plays out on the tabletop and schedule-wise.
  10. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I am somewhat surprised, I expected Khorne 3.0 coming early 2020 at best. Lets hope they elevate mortals to their rightful place instead of being just a side note (support) for the few daemon models. (and Valkia/Crushers finally getting their daemon keyword 🤐) On another note, the endless "spells" seem fitting, at least on first glance. Two of them look a lot like an area buff/debuff, while the axe looks a lot like some bloodthirster is splitting reality for a second (****** slap from the other side!). Would be a bit awkward (not-khorny) if 2/3 or all of them would just be mortal wound sources.
  11. Xasz

    The Rumour Thread

    I like those Slaves to Darkness rumours, I guess it's hibernation time till summer. 😮
  12. Xasz

    Darkoath wishlist

    Yeah, I expected a stand-alone book at first as well but to be absolutely honest an integrated book would be for the best. Except DoK, these small-faction books had only questionable success. Look at KO or Idoneth, they came out and went directly away. DoK only holds their own because they had a nicely sized model range to begin with and sadly their sheer powerlevel keeps them around. Considering actual wishlisting: combine Darkoath, Slaves to Darkness and Everchosen into one book add some additional Darkoath units a light melee unit a short to medium range unit (bows or javelins) maybe as dual kit? at least one additional character, a shaman or priest would be nice retire StD Marauders of any kind to the legacy section retire Chosen models and replace them with either Varanguard on foot or a new heavy infantry that has a similar look make Varanguard matter Chaos Mark system survives and there is fifth option, either generic Mark of Chaos or Mark of the Everchosen Varanguard hero? at least two tables of artifacts, spells etc. "low corruption" and "high corruption" bring back reworked Everchosen battalions add battalions that revolve around Darkoath, so people can focus their army more around them revisit StD battalions (one for mounted army setup, one for infantry setup...) summoning rules, but more limited in comparison to the god-specific armies --> no access to greater daemons Endless spells and own lore, maybe some kind of shrine as terrain feature but the latter doesn't have to be forced own our throats imo Add named characters except Archaon, even generic ones would be fine like they did with Vhordrai rework warscrolls, so units actually have synergies with one another I'd like if the models would keep their flexibility regarding keyword but there should be enough reason to play this allegiance instead of Khorne, Nurgle...
  13. Xasz

    Darkoath wishlist

    I highly doubt that Darkoath will be stand alone. They would just end up being an army with one aesthetic and very limited choice of models, remember Kharadon? I feel GW will play it save and with Everchosen and Slaves to Darkness they have the perfect setup, fixing 3 armies with one book. As OP shares this sentiment, I'm not sure if they will change the marks. I kinda want to keep them but in recent time GW made quite the effort to separate allegiances more and more. Either way, I could see the birth of another mark or general passive for this mashup. Mark of the Everchosen, pretty much the passive ability of Varanguard, so the units can decide each turn which god-keyword they have. Will be interesting to see what they'll be doing to the whole marking mechanic. I'd like it to remain the same, with some tweaking but I can see GW go into a totally different direction. I feel like this army will have some kind of summoning for sure but with more limitations, like not being able to summon greater daemons except for some Archaon shenanigans/battalion. Endless spells, allegiance tables (like one for less corrupted-> Marauder/Darkoath and one for more corrupted characters) and so on are a given and there are several battalions from Everchosen and StD that might return with a bit of fixing. Add a couple Marauder/Darkoath battalions and there would be a nice pool to choose from. As a side note, Warqueens have been shown, in the lore (Malign Portens, Warqueen), to be often in command of not only naked-dudes-forces but rather a mix. With occasions of Chaos Warriors and the like pledging fealty.
  14. Xasz

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    ... and another one: I don't want to read too much into this but these tutorials are coming somewhat out of the blue.