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  1. You should maybe add some bitz to his waist and hip regions. Hiding the conversion "lines" and giving the model a bit more of a "whole" feeling. Like, another weapon (axe, sheathed sword), satchel or fitting Khorne stuff (icons). Just whatever feels right and doesn't overload the model. Either way, great job.
  2. The Lord on Juggernaut lost his one viable combo (Gorecleaver MWs), which made him reasonably reliable. On top of that, he got more expensive. Therefore he will always be overshadowed by other options from now on. (unless, someone miraculously finds another, similarly reliable setup) It's not even a discussion at this point.
  3. Rule source for this? EDIT: nvm found it. Forbidden Power, so there is a good chance it will be ignored for matched play and tournaments (as it should be).
  4. No, the latter. I am assuming that they already have their GHB2019 points, books that are released in proximity to a new GHB are rarely changed if at all. At least as far as I am aware of it.
  5. Most likely, none. The battletome is too fresh and the GHB was probably already in the works when it dropped (e.g. potential changes are already in BoK). The one thing we can hope for, although rather desperately, are changes via the big FAQ in July.
  6. This has been critiqued since the last battletome came out. Luckily GW listened and took away the multi-unit summoning from Khorne (and only Khorne) so we'll waste points there too!
  7. To be fair, Nighthaunt is probably the second worst battletome-faction, right after KO. In my last game against them it pretty much felt like nothing he did mattered. He got the charges he wanted, he got the double turns he wanted and I still won without breaking a sweat. Which I sadly cannot attribute to my "elite" playstyle nor my own army.
  8. It's unlikely that these will find their way into matched play.
  9. Damn that's depressing. Spear of Shadows is pretty much my go to recommendation, if someone wants to delve into AoS lore.
  10. You left out the best part. For some messed up reason Khorne now has a slight but impactful deviation from all other gods concerning summoning. While they are able to summon multiple units with one activation, Khorne is limited to one. We expected this to be the new standard for all upcoming god-specific armies, due to all having the same base rules for summoning (only resource used and quantity is different). Jokes on us, Slaanesh remained pretty much the same in terms of summoning an can still summon multiple units (like the others). (Some suspect that outdated/draft pages got printed for Khorne and GW is just rolling with it...)
  11. Nope. The most efficient use of Blood Tithe depends on several factors, especially on your ability to read the board state correctly. It is impossible to maintain an argument that one ability is better than the other (at least in this case) due to their highly situational nature. Blood Tithe is actually one of the few khorne-specific things that can determine how proficient you are really with that army.
  12. This. Another thing is the "epic" request for non-modular unit sizes... abolishing the incremental system is one of the best things AoS has brought to Warhammer. Back to Khorne. I'll probably try the Archaon + Khorne list from SCGT for my next couple matches. I always had a lot of fun playing with everyone's favorite warlord and despite my initial reluctance, Khorne seems to be a better host for Mr Everchosen than ever before. My Bloodthirsters (3 + Skarbrand) are here as well, so it's time to get them stomped by Slaanesh and all the Order armies. Another thing, I kinda had to reevaluate the judgments. I've recently got my own box and their base-size is one or two sizes bigger than I anticipated. Especially the gorgers can block a considerable amount of space without counterplay for 40 points.
  13. Then they "telegraphed" stacking is back on the menu as well... 🙄 /s Changing DoK or Celestar will actually not change a whole lot for Khorne. Skaven, Fyreslayer and maybe Slaanesh will remain completely unchanged and are starting to leave their mark on the scene (all of them are arguably bad match ups for Khorne).
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