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Community Answers

  1. Something-something Chaos Ascendant?!
  2. There is an argument for MSU, but the list as it stands is build around buffing a big unit with as much stuff as possible. Overall the list has legs, while not being without counters. I'd like to see someone recreate that performance in the coming weeks/months. Gives competitive StD players maybe some hope.
  3. Sadly, that makes it a little bit less impressive.
  4. Yes, like many other effects/rules in AoS, the unit can target itself. The Varanguard will probably use their first activation (or another unit in close vicinity) to activate the +1A from Bloodmarked and make use of it in the same turn through an additional activation. The math behind that unit is pretty sick. It's fast, can be teleported, rr1 to hit, +1 to wound, rr its 3+ save through the sorcerer, ignores spells on 4+, 6" pile in if needed, additional activation through lords/warscroll, potential ward save from shrine (+ rr charge or other buffs through prayer), if they ever get wiped out 3 dudes can come back on a 5+... and whatnot. Their damage is really scary as well. I wish their was a stream or something, I'd really like to see how he moved around the board (especially the squishy parts of the list).
  5. The Mark of Khorne is pretty cool though (+1 to wound is rather rare). From the podcast, the unit of 6 never died (they were talking about Failure is Not an Option and if they ever came back as a unit of 3, they didn't have to) Although I don't know which armies/lists he had to fight.
  6. Thoughts on the list by Marc Brookes that won Hammertime III? 3 games, n = 35 Source: https://tabletop.to/hammertime-iii
  7. Watch this: Generally, Khorne is a bad starter army despite being advertised as one. Khorne cannot do all-comers (especially not on a competitive level) plus all lists tend to be rather specialized/gimmicky (Archaon setup, 4-5 BTs, Marauder spam) and always have at least one to several hard counter. It's usually a 3-2 or 2-3 army in tournaments.
  8. It has already been stated that they are very versatile and reasonably priced point-wise. Another way to look at units, is considering the alternatives and there are few to none. Namely, StD Marauders and min Bloodreavers. If you don't want either of those due to points or synergies you are left with Flesh Hounds and only Flesh Hounds (assuming the list wants to be more on the competitive side).
  9. It's not a 'fix one thing' problem, but it might help. Hordes tend to outclass medium and probably even heavy infantry in terms of durability and offense more often than not, especially in an era where unit/model wide buffs are the norm. They are often just better and more reliable from a mathematical standpoint. Not sure how I would approach the problem or if there is even an elegant fix possible within this edition (they already tried to make it harder with the whole "be wholly within" jazz). I'd probably try to implement some unit type special rules, e.g. non-monster cav gets +1A on charge, infantry could get an armour bonus or something, please don't quote me on those or argue about balance these where off the top of my head... Either way, as mentioned it will probably require a new edition and the paradigm shifting away from buffhammer to finally see some shock cav or non-horde infantry.
  10. GW is really bad at making non-horde infantry competitive or at least somewhat reasonable. This has been a problem in AoS since forever with no change in sight. (another one would be non-monster cav, which is almost always sidelined as well) A general rework for those types is in order, just updating some warscroll is sadly not gonna cut it anymore.
  11. It's not... All of the units have a star because the changes were pushed through an FAQ + Vorgaroth wasn't even in the GHB2019 or do you have a special edition the rest of us doesn't have? Furthermore, it shouldn't be against the rules, as the points are usually readily available through Warscollbuilder which is totally free and endorsed by GW.
  12. So, not much has changed. I think some ppl here are still new to Khorne, we exist in borderline depression, only broken by our occasional screams dedicated to our favourite patron. Except for some outliners, the army has been 'meh' since forever and it probably always will be, due to Khorne/melee armies always having the potential of becoming super oppressive, if the numbers shift in the wrong way. That doesn't excuse half of the current book being non-existent on the table, I mean the last time mortals were actually strong in a somewhat competitive setting was when old Sayl with Skullreaper bombs was around. That's now what, 3 years? BoK 2.0 being a straight downgrade didn't help either, like, no one that actually played Khorne was looking forward to the update. As I said, nothing has changed, again. So it's at least another year of Tyrants + X or priest spam while being able to compete with fewer and fewer armies with each upcoming release. That's like Monday for an invested Khorne player. @shadowgra If you want to move out of a ****** neighborhood, you should probable drive further than one block.
  13. I figured as much. The only thing I found so far, that seemed somewhat enticing, is some Archaon Plaguetouched list from Sweden. Which is fine by me, as I played a similar setup before the book dropped but it's just Archaon and Marauders doing their thing, again. The book is such a letdown (from a powerlevel perspective, the new models, fluff and artworks are great!), it rivals my constant displeasure with BoK.
  14. How did the book/lists develop in the past ~6 months? I was initially disappointed and shelved the idea but did someone figure something interesting out (from a competitive standpoint)?
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